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The Late Mr. Francis Henty.

The will of the late Mr. Francis Henty, of Merino Downs and Studley Park, has been proved in the Supreme Court, Melbourne. The will was made on the 22nd December, 1888, and

Mr. Henty died on the 15th January follow- ing. The testator appoints his nephew, Mr. Henry Henty, of Melbourne, merchant, and Mr. Nathan Thornley, of Melbourne, surveyor, to be his executors and trustees. He gives to his daughter Louisa his dwelling-house at Studley Park, with the furniture, plate, fix- tures, &c., in it at the time of his death. To his daughter Caroline he gives all the real estate he possessed in the town of Portland and the parish of Portland, and all the furni- ture, &c., in his house at Portland known as

Claremont; to his nephews, George Edward Henty and Walter Henty, sons of his late brother, Stephen George Henty, the sum of £250 each ; to his niece, Mrs. Annie Maria Bree, wife of Mr. R. S. Bree, £1000 free of legacy duty. He directs the trustees to invest the respective sums of £3000, £5000, and £900. The £3000 is to be held in trust for his three nieces, daughters of his late brother John, in equal shares. The income of the £5000 is to be paid to Mrs. Fanny Lawrence, of Launceston, widow of John E. Lawrence, during her life, and subject to her life interest the principal is to be held in trust for her children. The £900 is to be beld in trust for the three sons of Mr. Richmond Henty in equal shares. He gives to Henry P. Henty and Charles Henty, sons of his nephew, Mr. Henry Henty, £500 each. It is then directed by the will that the trustees shall, as soon as conveniently may be after his decease, wind up the business carried on by him in Melbourne under the name of James Henty and Co. While the business is being carried on, Mr. Henry Henty, the manager, is to receive £1200 per annum, but this is not to affect his position as executor and trustee, or his right to receive commission as executor. Mr. Henry Henty is to have the goodwill of the business. The rest of his pro- perty is equally divided between his three daughters, Louisa, Caroline, and Mrs. Alice Hindson, wife of Mr. John Hindson, of Shrub- lands, stockbroker, but a hope is expressed that some arrangement will be made by which Merino Downs shall be retained or partitioned between them. The real estate is valued at £156,640, and the personalty at £157,000, making a total of £313,640.