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FOR the second time this season the senior representatives of these clubs met to try conclusions at the Pineapple on Saturday. The St. Andrews were well represented, but the

Rangers had not their best men in the field, Farquhar and Paterson, two strong back players, being absent. Fowler, as usual, led the St Andrews, and W. Alison had charge of the Rangers. St. Andrews won the toss, and elected to kick up the ground with the sun at their back. At half-time the score stood— St. Andrews, 3 goals; Rangers, nil. The game was pleasantly contested from start to finish, and nothing occurred to mar its pro- gress. St. Andrews won by 5 goals to 1, and, bad it not been for the valuable services ren- dered by Waugh and Edgar in the Rangers' back division, the winning team would have secured more goals. Stevenson, who was in goal for the Rangers in the second half, also saved his side on several occasions. The passing at times was good, and not much selfish play was visible. Some excellent kicking was done by Waugh on behalf of the Rangers, and by Collie and Inglis, of St. Andrews. Fowler played a good game for the winners, his quick dodgy work with the feet being much admired. Brown and Shelley also worked hard, but the palm must go to D. Menzies in the matter of goal kicking, his shots being generally well timed. For the Rangers, J. and W. Cairns, McPherson, W. Alison, Lebeter, and Waugh worked hard In the field. It was pleasing to notice an entire absence of undue rough play, and good feeling was displayed on both sides. The umpires and referee gave satisfaction, SECOND ST. ANDREWS V. SWIFTS. This contest was played in Albert Park on Saturday afternoon, and was won by the former, who scored 3 goals to their opponents' 1. A sad accident happened during the pro- gress of the game to James Dow, one of the Swifts' team. It appears that three or four players were on the ball at the same time, and poor Dow, not noticing someone behind him, turned round, and in so doing was accidentally kicked in the face. His right eye was so badly injured that he will probably lose it altogether. He was taken to the hospital at once. BUNDAMBA ROVERS V. QUEENSLANDERS IPSWICH, July 31. Teams from tho above clubs tried conclusions on the ground of the former this afternoon The Queenslanders had to take on three sub stitutes to make up their proper number, three of the best players having gone to Brisbane to take part in the match with the Rangers against St. Andrews. It was apparent' from the start that the Bundanba team would win, M they kept the ball continually in the vicinity of their opponents' goal. Within ten minutes after commencing, Glasgow kicked first goal for the Rovers, and after a hard tussle Mat thewson obtained the second goal for the same side out' of a scrimmage. The last-named player also kicked the third goal for the Rovers, and Tonstall scored the only goal credited to the Queenslanders. The Bundamba men thus won by three goals to one. The mostpromi- Bent players were Glasgow, Gordon, Parker, and Matthewson for the victors, and Hudson, Tunstall, and G. Stephens for the vanquished. It is understood that a combined team from the Queenslanders and Bundanba Rovers will play a match against the Rangers (Brisbane) on the 14th August, either at Brisbane or Ipswich.