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Official Notifications

THE following notifications appear in Satur day's Government Gazette: — APPOINTMENTS.-George Milford, to be messenger to the Southern District Court, vice

WiUiam CaUaghan, resigned ; Ernest H. Webb to be Captain of No. 1 Battery, Q.V.A.; Joseph H. Adams to be Captain of No. 1 Co. Q.V.R.; John James Came to be District Inspector of Sohools; and WiUiam be Music Instruc* tor. under the Department Of Eduoation. The names of members of the Sohool Committees at Yaamba, Eaat Warwick, and Young, are pub lished ; A. M. Francis is' appointed a member of the committee for the Btate sohool at Banana, vice Edmund Morey, resigned; The name of John Rule, Arcturus Downs, is stated to have been inadvertently omitted from the new Com mission of the Peace, published nearly two months sgo. Bebionatioks, Etc.—The resignation of the undermentioned gentlemen as magistrates of the territory, has been accepted; James Hutton, Yaamba ; A. H. Rourke, TownsvUle ; and D. L. WUUams, Glenlee. It is notified that F. N. Beddekis discharged from the office and func tions of a magistrate of the territory of Queens* land. Reserves. —The undermentioned blocks of land have been temporarily reserved for the pur* poses named in connection with each: —loo acres, Dugandan, as a camping reserve on Teviot Brook; 920 acres, on Bingera run, as a reserve for timber *, 570 acres, South Colan, for timber ; 480 acres, on the Condamine River, at crossing of main western road from Dalby; 288 acres, Laura River, as a poUce paddock ; 40 acres, Franklytt Vale Creek as a reserve for water. Tenders.—Tendets aro invited for the erection of a lighthouse at Low Island, near Cairns; a telegraph office, Westwood; platform exten sions, passenger Bhed, and porter's cottage at Milton ; and platform extensions and passenger shed at Toowong.

Mb. W. G. Bailey writes us as foUows: — In the telegraphio column of The Courier of 16th February appeared the foUowing telegram from "our own correspondent" at Maryborough: "A meeting has been convened at Tiaro for Saturday, to consider the advisability of asking Mr. Bailey, M.L.A., to resign his seat" As I could not imagine a reason for this, I wrote to a resident in Tiaro, asking for an explanation of the telegram. I wiU quote from his reply, whioh I only received this morning. "As to the tele gram which has appeared in the Southern papere, I vouch for ite incorrectness. Ab far as I can fathom, there has not been, as far as Tiaro is con cerned, Bueh a thing even mentioned." I should not have troubled you with this correction if the telegram only concerned myßelf. Twice in a few weeks I had met my constituents, and if they had wished to denounce me they certainly would not have waited until I had turned my back. Such conduct would have heen neither manly nor honorable, and very different from the fair play which I have always received from all classes in the Tiaro district. On their account, then, I ask you to insert this. [We have sUghtly abridged the telegram of Mr. Bailey's Tiaro friend where he deviates from statement of facts into matten of opinion.—Ed. Q-]