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A meeting of the South Bnsbone City Council was held at noon jester daj tb elect a mayor for the eui

rent jeir There v.ere presoat -Alder- men Gillespie (retiring mayor), J Allen, Hilton, Shofisld, Kejljn, F C Dent, Rosa, M Culloiigh, Downe, Burke Ste- phens, Savago, ana the town cleik (,Mr. A. Lenej )

There were also present Messrs J Allen, Hunter, and Bouchard, MM L A , the Hon A J Thynne, MLO, and seveial othei ratepajeis

The retiring Major took advantage of the opportunity to tliank all those citizens who had so oromptlj responded to tho lettei lie had Bent out in connection with the stuke trouble He expicsed his per- sonal indebtedness to all the gentlemen who, for the past fortnight, had woiked <-o hard night and day foi the liresenation ot pe ice and protection <f piopertj If thev had not come forvvaid and worked as thej had them would per- haps have no« been a dnfeient tale to tell in South Brisbane He also thanked ins I rother aldermen, all ot whom, he bt heved had b-en sworn in as special con stable» while he refcircd eulogistieallj to tile effoits of tlie eleik (Mr Leney), who kio "paied maher time nor tiouble, also the councils sr,iff "entraHj, foi the help thev liad givn ([¡ear, heal )

The Town Clerk took the chair and an nounced the cnndition-s of «lection

alderman M f ullongh nominated Alder man James Downe a» majoi He was not, he wid, lollowing the usual system of nomi- nating the senioi Jdennan He did not believe in such a eo-stiron system, and, in (act, was prepared to go ae far as to sup port the ebction >f major by popular


On a 'vote bnm¿( taken Aldermen U'GuUouttn, Allen, Downe, Ne\lan, and Ravage voted foi the nomination, which was therefore, la»t

Mdeiman StenhenB nominated Aldeiman Burke, who was, he oomted out, not on!} the senior alderman but a mon of wide experience and capaeitv, and one v/ho en joved the tonfidme» of all (Hear, hear )

Alderuwn Stephens Gillespie, Dent, Hil- ton, Schofield, Nejlan, and Ross voted for this nomination, and /.ldernnn Barlte wau decided dulj electel as major

Alderman Burke eiprts3ed Ina hearty thanka for the honon- done him He was proud to be mayor of South Brisbane, and would do his best for the citv during his term of office (Applai sp )

All of the aldermen tendered congratu lotions to"the newly elected mavor, and un adjournment was made to til« lommlttee room, where the toagle of " The King," 'The Major," and "The ex-Ma)or" were