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A Vanishing Opportunity,

The paucity of open spaces for the people, such as parks and sports grounds in the suburbs   is one of the features of city and suburban settlement which is often commented on by   visitors from the South to Brisbane (writes a correspondent). Week after week suburban pro-   perties are being cut up into 16 and 20-perch allotments, and no provision is made for the recreation of the hundreds of people who build in close proximity to each other. The result is that the streets are the only play ground for the children and young men and women,

who wish to spend an afternoon in the open country are obliged, in most cases, to make a journey by train or tram before reaching a suitable picnicking ground. Now we find that the only remaining ideal spot for park or recreation grounds is being cut up for sale in October Here there are about 40 acres of as fine a level   piece of ground as can be found for miles around Paddington Toowong, and Ithaca. I refer to the Bardon Estate, which is within 10 minutes' walk of the Paddington tram terminus at present, but it is pretty well a settled matter that the line will be extended shortly right up to Bar- don. The 40 acres I refer to are bounded by a creek bordered by splendid shade trees, with grassy banks, and clear water rippling over a pebbly bed, offering an ideal picnic ground, where, on national holidays, thousands of chil- dren and others spend a happy day. There is   room on this spot for football, cricket, lawn tennis and other games and all within a few minutes' walk of the tram. I am given to un- derstand that the whole of this beautiful spot can be purchased for £2000. This is an oppor- tunity that ought not to be neglected by the residents of the suburbs mentioned. Already hun- dreds of persons from Brisbane visit Bardon flat on holidays and Sundays. Once it is sub- divided every acre will be quickly sold. Trams, water, and gas are potent factors in effecting sale. The owners of the property naturally do   not look beyond their own interests in such   a matter. As the vulgar tongue hath it "Their troubles about open spaces for the people." It   appears to me that the residents in the neigh- bourhood ought by hook or by crook, to secure the, only suitable level land left in the district!   from the desecration ot closer settlement.