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Visit of Commissioner Hay. \

Cormnissioner and Mrs Hay, accompanied by Lieut,-Oolonel Horaklns (Xatfonal Young People s secretary) and Staff Captain Ironie (private tee retan), are clue to arrive n Brisbane by to nights mail train The visit of the Anny s Commissioner is for the purpose of officially opening the newly built Peoples Palace, erected by the Salvation \rmy, at the corner of tdward and Ann streets, which ceremony will take place at 3 o'clock on Tuesday afternoon The same evening, in the Army Temple, Ann street, his Excellent^ tlio Governor will preside over tho central annual meoting in connection with the rescue and prison gate work Commissioner Hay will present the roport, and Mrs Hay is to address the meeting This lady has had many years' experience in the Army a 6lum work in London The IPremior (Hon D F Denham), the iiayor of Brisbane (Alderman H J Did dams), and tbo Bev. Dr. iMerriugton will also (be present

I met a maid one winter's night,

The loveliest maid I know,

I popped the question "With delight,

She answered " Ves, " so slow , I married her, and then I'm sure,

Groat happiness was mine,

She guves ine Wood»' Peppermint Cure,

Tor colds it is divune *

Wanted 10,000 people to attend Kedron Park Races featurday, in aid of Genet al Hospital *