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Tile South ¡Brisbane City Council met yesterday ito elect the Alayor for ensuing year. 'There wore present : Al- dermen I). B. Al'Cullough, R. E. Burton, - J. darsden, G. II. iSchofield, J. Burke,

G. Downe, J. ¡Davies, 11. Neylun, G. li. Blocksidge, G-. Savage, A. Shearer, and A. Gillespie, >

Alderman D. B, Al'Cullough, as return- ing officer at the recent elections, brieflv announced tho result of tho annual elec- tions.

Thp bown clerk (Air. A. Laney) then took the chair, and called for nomina-


Alderman Dowrie proposed that Alder qvn M'Cullough should be re-elected. There avère a number of important works to bo carried out m the Fourth AA'ard, _and .he thought .that Aldeiman Al'Cul ?^c,jtgtt',v should "have another term ' to see , the avorks wlu-h had

(been títnr[ed' r/rought to a iiioceseful

completion. Their Alayor had carried out ' jolis duties during the past year in a most

eatisfactory manner, and he had much pleasure in proposing him for ie-electioii.

Alderman Blockeidge suppoited the nomi- nation. In doing so, ho b.aid, he did not wish to cist ¡my .slight on the ability of any other aspirant- to the Alayoral chair. His- ienson for supporting Alder- man M'Oullou^h was practically that men- tioned by the proposer, in the first place he had never been an advocate of the Muyorahip going lound. Ho ]>ointed out -that Alderman Laiya had held office for ' three years. This year would be a veiy

heavy one, paiticuLuly in the social

line, and ab during the past year Aldei- man 'Al'Cullough had filled the position avibh ability and t-atistaction to the council in every yvay, he thought the council could not do better than re elect him.

Alderman Burton supported the remarks of the previous speakers. During the in- coming year, there were "some very im portant questions to be .settled, nnd the experience gained by Alderman Al'Cullough during the 7111st year would materially assist in doing the work this year. As a social man, Alderman Al'Cullough had been successful, and Airs. Al'Cullough had also done much.

Alderman Shearer opposed the nomina- tion, as he considered that the Alayorship should go round the avards.

Alderman Burke also opposed the nomination, and said that if any member of the council was fit to be an alderman, ho should be fit to be the Alayor.

Alderman Neylan also opposed the nomination. ?

On the nomination ¡being put it was defeated, Alldermen Blocksidge, Dowrie, Garsden, Al'Cullough, and Burton voting

for it.

Alderman Burke then nominated Alder- man ¡Schofield.

Alderman Davies seconded the nomina- tion, which ivas supported by Alderman Shearer.

On being put Aldermen Burke, Dowrie, Shearer, Gillespie, Garsden, Davie», Savage, Neylan and Schofield voted in favour of the nomination, and Alderman Sclrofield was declared elected.

Alderman Schofield thunKed the alder- men for the confidence they lind rejiosed in him. Ile would look for their assist- ance during 'his term of office, and he was sure that he would get it. He recognised that a good deal was expected of lum, 'and he would do his best to give them v every satisfaction.