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Eht ¡Brisbane Courier.




Theatre Royal.-Tod Holland's Vaudeville En-

tertainers, To-night.

HiR^ Majesty's Theatre.-The Universe Picture

ConVpiui}," To-night. '. ' !

- 'Centennial Í Hull.-King'« American .Picture

sco|ie, To-night,

ilsjliibitiioti Ilirildlng.-Albert-street Cliurch

Girls' Guild, To-night. SPORTING.

Iutcistute- Cricket.-Ness- South Wales v.

Queensland (second day), Soon.

South Brisbane Jockey Club.-'liaces, To-night

at 8 o'clock.


Mossra. Isles, Lose, and Co., at the Mart, nt

11 a.m.: Soap SS'orks, Freehold Properties,

iinci S'illa Resudence.

Messrs. King, Cribb, and King, at their Rooms,

at 10.30 a.m.: Unredeemed Pledges.

Messrs. Cameron .Bros., at their ¿tart, at 11

a.m.: Tramway Shares, Suburban and Seoiidc


Mr. A. S. Phillips,.at the Booms, nt li'a.m.:

Household Furniture.

It is prohalble that the private land agency system will he abolished early in January next.

Twelve additional rangers are to he ap- pointed at once in connection ss'ith land taken up under prickly pear conditions.

It is understood Hint the Government has in contemplation the establishment of branch land inquiry ofiices in Sydney anti


The hearing of the -Warwick Election petition-ivan continued on Saturdas«. The sitting (member, Mr.' G. P. 'Barnes, M.L.A., Was amongst the -witnesses examined.

At täie Q.TJC. races on Saturday, the Southport dlandicaip waa svon ?by 1'ight assTiy, «willi Olive Leaf second, and Moree


At ¿he Rosehill races on Saturday the Parramatta Mile was won by the Queens- land . horse, Plunder, in a. field of eleven.

The interstate cricket match ibetss-een New South AYales and Queensland' was commenced on Hie AA'oolloongabba ground on «Saturday. Queensland scored «106 in the first innings, and when stumns were drawn .Xesv South AA'ales had lost ««ne svicket for 80.

The City Amateur" Swimming üub held a carnival in the Dock, South Brisbane, on Saturday afternoon. The Club Champion- ship (100 yards), with Hie "Courier" trophy, was won iby Ü. UI. Corrie.

The Royal Queensland Yacht Club held a series of races in the iIuin¡lton-Lybtcn reach on Saturday. The General Handi- cap was «won iby Thalia and the Auxiliary Yachts' Handicap by Sunbeam.

A tornado swept os'er the SouHi Canter- bury, district (N.Z.), rasing everything in its track to the ground, while huil as big as duck eggs fell

The final day of the Australasian Lawn Tennis Championships dress- u record crosvd at Sydney on Saturday. Alexander 'de- feated Dunlop in the final of the singles, and Dunlop and Alexander easily de- feated AArilding and Sharp in the doubles.

The half-holiday ipoll at Bundaberg on Saturday resulted as folloss-s :-In favour of Thursday 'being retained, 1320; for Salurd-i«'; «63.

There is a big runh of gas ooming from tbe extinguished Roma bore, .and a strong smell of kerosene pervades: tile place.

There has been a beneficial fall of rain over practically the svhole of New South AVnles, the North and North-ss'eslern par- ticipating nio-'t in the doss-npour.

The Miners' Eight Hours Bill^haa pa»»ed tliroug'h its report stage, despite strenuous opposition in the House of Com- mons and outside, osving to fears that the reduction of output will greatly increase the cost of coal to consumers.

The "New York Times," after examin- ing the Uos-erntnent papers relating to tim Panama purchase, admits that they do not reveal that any money was paid to

America lu?.

The Council of Tndia has passed a Sedition Bill, the native members warmly acqiescing. It is stated that the influence of an organisation of 15,000 volunteers in Eastern Bengal i-, greatly fostering boy- cotting, arson, aud terronsation.

It is ri'i>orted that Germany is negoti- ating for the purchase of the Berlengns Islands, near Portugal, and that country

is alarmed.

The United Kingdom Aeroplane Club has formed a league to encourage the in- ventors of aeioplanes.

An important meeting of representativos of various parts of the Empiie was held at the Mansion House, London, and dis- cussed the question of cheaper cable com- munication between the various parts of the Empire. It was decided to- recom- mend low-priced, easy, end uniform means of telegraphic connection within the

Empire, and it was resols'ed to ask the Government to convene a conference of postal authorities of the States and de|»en dençlcs of the ICmpiie in order to promote a svider recognition of the policy of State

owned and conliolled cables.

Earl Minto, A'küroy of India, emphasises the fact that personal and public security in India is dnngeroti'dy thi-eaitcned, anti calls for stern measures to terminate the apprehension (mel hiddcti danger svhieh is crippling the daily life of the people.

Mr. Asquith, speaking at the National Liberal Club, invited his party to ti eat the power of veto held by the* UOIIM« of Lords as a dominating issiie, declaring that he strenuously declined, except in the ease of a great constitutional emergency, to accept dictation from an irrespoiifibic assembly regarding the proper moment to dissolse Parliament.

The Chairman -of the P. and O. Company staten that the Australian passenger traflic is le-(s than it was eighteen years ago, mid is one of t'he company's greatest disapitointnients.

Lord Northcote, who is returning to Eng land from Australia, via America, WHS a guest of the Pilgrims' «Club, Nesv Yoik. 'Ile subsequently nailed in the Arabia for England.

The Durna ¡has agreed to a. foreign loan, and in consequence it is reported thnt the Austro-Kiiesian situation has impros'ed.

Wales defeated the "AA'allabiea" nt Äsviin.«ca. on Saturday, before 30,000 spec- tators, iby a . penalty goal and two tries lo tss-o tries. The "Kangaroos'' played a drawn game with the English Non-hern Union, the home side scoring tss'o goals six tries, and the Australians five goals and four tries.