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Under tho ugreoinent between the nineteen local authorities interested, ii standing committee whs uppobilod consisting of Hie .Afnyors of Bris- bane, South Brisbane, Sandgate, Ithaca, und Hamilton, and the. Chairmen of tho Shires of Stephens and Sherwood, to net in conjunction with Hie committee of the Brisbane Ocncrul Hospital for the ad- ministration ol' tim Wattlebrae Hospital for infectious discuses. Tho first meeting of these com- mittees took plncc yesterday afternoon in the South Brisbane Town Hall. Aldermiin M'Cullough (Mayor of South Brisbane) occupied tho chair, anil then: were also m-o Kontj.: Aldermen Buchaiinn (Mayor of Brisbane, M'Cook (Mayor ol' Ithaca), . r. l.unn (Mayor of Sandgate), Coun i-lllor M'Coskcr (Cliairman Stephens Shire), Messrs. .7. Stodart (chairman of thu General Hospital Committee), A. M. llertzbcrg, J. W. AVn-ssell,. Ii. O. Oxley. Aldonnen Garsdcn, and J. Ilnycs, and Mrs. L. (!. Corrio (mem- bers of the General Hospital Com- mittee), Dr. M'Lenn (superintendent), Mr. A. I'. I'nyno. (secretary of the General Hospital), and Mr. A. Louey (Town Clerk, South Brisbane). Tho notice of the meeting set out that it had been culled as tho Mayor of .South Brisbane ? intended to hand over his trust mid to usk the com- mittee to appoint, its chairman in ac- cordance with Clause d of its consti- tution, and also to (riva considera- tion to tim question of the ronova 1ion of I bo buildings at AVnttlcbrae. additional accommodation, and the equipment of tho buildings for hos- pital premises.

"The chairman, for tim guidance of those present, gave a resume of the circumst unces which lind arison from time to time since tho dissolution of Hie Metropolitan Joint Hospital Board in March, 3004. Owing . to innumerable delays it was not until November, 11)07, that an agreement was signed. This agreement briefly provided that a sum of £3000 should be contributed to place Wattlebrae in nu effective condition, Brisbane to contribute £42 ]0s. per cent, und the remaining locul authorities XÖ7 H 0s. per cent upon a ratable valu- ation basis. For the carrying on of ?the hospital- by the General Hospital ds. 3d. per day per patient to bo poid, the minimum contribution to be .U.'IOO per annum. The chairman asked Mr. Stodart'to give those pre- sent some idea of what was required

nt AVatt lebrae.

Mr. Stodart referred to the difli enlties which lind been overcome since 1902 before the present agreement had boon readied, and assured the local authorities t'hat the Gonoi'ul Hospital committee had been' actu- ated by no mercenary spirit. They de- sired only to nssist in making AVut

Ljcurno ti crouitnljle establishment.

Lust week he lind visited it, and he considered s that a moro dilapidated and neglected property could not be found. It had been nobody's busi- ness to look after it, with the result tlinl lhere was scarcely any fence left, and the house was going to pieces. The present buildings wore inadequate and unsuitable. They would have to consider the matter of providing bedrooms for the nurses and maids, kitchen, dining, and store rooms, bathroom, etc.. and a place for laundry work. The old-plague ward which stood on tho property was utterlv useless : however it como in ho erected he did not know, and he hurl soon bolter hospitals for kan- akas on northern sugar .plantations. It would bo mi act ot cruel ty to put, any one in such a place, whether ill or well. The timber in It might, however, be used. Then there was Hie Hock disinfeclor. which 1hoy 1 bought would be quite useless, and should he got. rid of altogether. There was also,-a morgue, which could not be 'ren'ched without pass- ing close to thcV'fißtieuts' ounrtors-a very unsatisfactory»T position-and Hie" thought it could be done " away witèi. H required there was a morgue ni the General Hospital. It- was thought the du If 'b\"i ridings which could be left slifnrttn'ft' would be a ... few of the outbuildings, and perhaps

a few rooms of the'old house which

might be utilised, ,,'f/h«,' whole ol' the ground required Iq'bo cleuned u» and attention paid lo the drainnge. There was n certain amount, of fur- niture left, by the old Epidemic Board, which no ono had since looked after, and it might be pos- sible to utilise .some of this. Jt was sutrgosteri Hint the administra- tive block should stand about where the old house now stood. The accomniodntion for patients, it was .suggested, might, be on the plan of the permanent tents or pavilions in use at the Brisbane Hospital. The original scheme submit tori by the i-omniillee in 1901 showed the need of fifty beds,- mid six of these pavilions would provide 'IS beds. Tile pavilions would need to be so iilnced ns to permit of one or iv.oro being isolated. It was suggested that the pavilions should stretch along the ridge, northward. in pairs, euch pair being funiiidied with a detached small building comprising a day room ami store apd closet and bathroom. A fumi- gating ' chamber and ti drainage system willi septic tunk should also bo provided. The formation of ground, roads, fences, gules, etc., re , tiuired attention, and there would

also be the internal cmiipnicnl. furni 1ure, linen, gear, telephone, gas. water. ' otc. Kverythimr. it was i bought, should be subie'cl to the approval of Hie Commissioner for Public Henltb. h\ roply to the chairman Mr. Stodnrf said the General Hospital Committee' would be willing to prepare an estimate of Hie probable cost of the foregoing work for the guidance, of the Stnnd ' ing Committee. AVIint ho had said

was by way of suggestion from the General' Hospital Committee, and now Ibis stage had been reuched it should not take long to put the place in working order. The Stand- ing Committee could rely upon every possible ? assistance from the coni m.ittce and officers of the General rfospitnl. The Chairman proposed the Mayor of Brisbano> as chairman . of the Standing Committee. Coun-

cillor M'Cosker seconded the mo ' lion, which was carried unani-

mously. Alderman Buchanan there- upon took- the chair., Alderman M'Cullouirb sui"»osled that an exe- cutive committee, consisting of the Mayors of Brisbane, South Brisbane, anti Ilhnen should be appointed, and i his; was «agreed to. It wus pointed out that the three'districts represented wore those with the lareest population. Alderman M'Cullourrli formally banded to Alderman Buchanan the signed copy . of the agreement, the deed of grant

of the reserve, and the signed cony of the lease to the committee of the Brisbane General Hospital.

A'otes of thanks wore accorded the Mayor of South Brisbane, anti Mr. A. Lenev. who lind acted as secre- tary, appreciative reference to their work being made, by Messrs. Sto- dart nutt -Ilnycs. TI was agreed that the Town Clerk or Brisbane. Mr. AV. II. O. Marshall, should act ns secretary pro tem. to the com- mittee. .