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A meeting of the South Brisbane City Council waa held j-esberelay for the pur- pose of electing a Mayor. There were pre- sent-Aldermen R. E. Burton, J. Davies, G. II. Schofield. T. W. Bouchard, M.L.A., G. Ii. Blocksidge, D. B. M'Cullough, A. Gillespie, J. B. Charlton. A. Shearer, G. Fish, J. Garsden, and A. S. Lang, and the town clerk (Mr. A. Lcncy).

The retiring Mayor (Alderman Burton) announced the result of the recent elec- tions.

The town clerk (Mr. Lenej') took the chair, and said he understood the arrange- ment would be that as each candidate was nominated a vote would be taken, and it would be understood that the candidate

voted for himself. . |

Alderman Blocksidge said the candidate would have to vote, or his vote could not bo recorded.

Alderman M'Cullougli moved that +he council resolve itself into committee to dis-

cuss the matter.

Alderman Fish seconded the motion pro forma.

On it being put to the vote those sup- porting it were-Aldermen M'CuHough Fish. Shearer, Charlton, Burton, and Blocksidge.

Tile town clerk said the voting was equal, and he could not give a casting


Alderman Blocksidge said it was very desirable that they should consider who ?should Ibis year be Mayor of South Bris- bane. It -was desirable, therefore, that tiley should discuss the merits of the can-


Alderman Charlton said ho supported the motion because, as new members, neither he nor Alderman Shearer had much know- ledge of the values of the different candi- dates. He did not wish to make a bear garden of the chamber.

Alderman, A. S. Lang thought they were not likely to make a bear garden of the place. But if the motion would lead to a. better discussion he would not oppose it.

Alderman Burton supported the motion. Alderman Fish said he thought it would be the best course to adjourn for a quarter

of an hour.

Alderman M'Cullougli moved to that


Alderman Schofield opposed the motion because it was, he considered, practically announcing to the ratepayers that the p"ace wo3 likely to be made a hear garden. He eertainl.v did not desire to say in uhe~com mitteo-room what he would not say in open council, ne thought the Mayor should be elected in open council.

Alderman Bouchard thought Alderman Charlton'^ reasons for an adjournment were sound, and he favoured the motion being carried.

Alderman Shearer said he would sup- port the motion.

The motion was carried, Alderman Scho- field dissenting.

The council, then adjourned.

At three minutes to 1 the council re-


Alderman Schofield said that in accord- ance with their previous arrangement he had a nomination to make. Hod Alderman M'.Tlougall lived there was a distinct ia

Alderman A. Gillespie,

Mayor of South Brisbane.

i Mrs. Gillespie, 1 Mayoress of South Brisbane. I

tention to give lum the chair He nomi

natcd Alderman Gillespie and w as s ire he would do ju6tice to the office (Ap phause )

Mderman A S Lang seconded the mo


The motion on being put was carried


The new Alajor was conducted to tht chair bv Alderman Schofield j

Udernnn Bui ton as retiring Maj .>r congratulated Udeiman Gillespie on Ins election He was sure the new Al ivor would do all m his power to advance South Bnsban« (Applause) There wis one ti ing a Alav or had to do and tlia was to studv the law (Laughter)

A A oice And the i tophet«

alderman Burton va d that bv studv in; the law a Mavor would avoid mistakes Ile was sure aldermen would support the new Alav or ( \ppla iso )

i Alde-iman Pish eongr itulate 1 the new I Alavor He could harcflj understand anj alderman being particutarlv envious of the position (laughter) If he were as mc eesaful as Alderman Burton had been be could be well satisfied

Allerman Charlton promised to give the Alajoi every suppent

Aldeimen Davies Bouchard Shearer Garden M Gullong» Lang Bloel^sulte and Schofield added their congratulations to the new Alayor

Aldctman Gillespie in replying saul it was with a great deal df diffidence that he took the position He tUanl ed alder men tor their confidence He hoped for the «mpport of aldermen and if ever he was in anj difficulty he would not be afiaid to ask his brother aldei-n en for adviCL ne was not much of a spci cr and believed that a chairman should never do mue i speaking He than! ed alderm n sincerdv for electing lum to the position

The .proceedings tuen terminated