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NOTES.-By "Sirdar."

The change of venue to the seaside couise at iJeagon »here the meeting of the sandgate Jockey Club will be run oil this (¡Mtuiday) alternoon »ill doubtless be appreciated by raeegoera and a bur attc dance may be lojked for In audiuin the racing promises to be of a decide l'y interesting description, and the '103. ot the local equine foiccs ivnll be bidding for lresh lionouis Ino coure» is reponed to be in c\cellent order and uothin" lias been left undone to insure the coimoit of pattons A complete train service Ins been arranged lor and trains v»ill lease the Ccnti ii St itron at 10 45 a m . 1J.3Ü and 1 li p m Only passenger lor Deagon will he allowed to travel by the 1 17 spe nil «Inch mil only stop at Brun wick street and Lugle Junction The ie tuin faies ha\e been h\ed at Is Od lu t class and Is second class Joint ticketn including admission to the couiae will be issued at lloma street Central and Brun* wickstieet statiuns at 4s first class and 3s 6d second akws return A winner rr two in ty come fiom the following -














Nominations are invited up till the re nutation houi on Monday next for the half a dozen events to be decided at the Bi isbane Jockey Club s meeting on Satur

day ii h instant

I he Gladitene Turf Club have issued a very attractive progiamme for their an meeting to be held on august 30 and 31 Comprised therein are a dozen events-six on each day-and the prize » * rooney distributed totals £230 The bill

*ot fire 13 as follows -rir»t Ja} Tri ii Bandicip of £10 j furlongs First V\ el tei Jlanditap of ¿15 7 furlongs. Glad stoneUUtf Club Handicap of ¿SO VA mile 1 irst Hack. Handicap of £15 6VÍ. furlongs, Dl. tuet Hate Haudicip ot £1j 7 furlongs Bompa Handlet p of £20, 7 furlongs Second day 1 lying Hand cap of £20 6& fin long» Second Had Han (heap of £1j 7 fui longs , Town Plate (handicap) of £40 I mile Second Wei ter Handicap of £15 CV4 furloi g5 , Pub heans l'urne (hindicap) of £15 7 fur longs Culliope Handle ip of £20 5 fur loi ga N0111 n itions for Üie Gladstone Handicap and Town Plate close vuth the secretan Mi T De Lacy Kellett on August 14 and (lie general entry falls due on August 24

Hie Bnsbane Joel ey Club are out wiJi the piograuune for their r\liibition meer inc. to be held at \lbion Par] on E\lubi tion Daj Wedneadav August 8 Half a dozen events are comprised therein nnd the prize money totals £175 The pro grimme is as follows -IViol HanJicip (for horses which hue not won a nee of the -value of lo =ovs ) lo sovs 5 fmlo içs, riving Handicap 40 sov s 6y. furlo ig->

Graduation Handicap 20 sovs, 0 furious, Welter Htimlicip 20 sov» O1/, furlongs , Aovice Handicap 20 »ovs 5 furlong Puk Handicap W) sovs 1 mile Norm nations close on Tliui dav August 4 and the weights are pronu ed for the following Monda)

Mr W Hichirl«on'8 adjustments for the QTC Winter Meeting will not be declared until Tuesday neat , , t

The* following are the- tiTflesi of the scratchtngs registered jesterday for the Sandgate Joel ey Club h mectnn this after noon -Ml engagements Fiscal at 10 am and Gozard at 11 50 Pj'ng Han dicap Dearest at 10 55 Dan Oconnell nt 12 0 clock Si ndgate Jockey Club linn (heap filen Bernie at 10 55 and Alexis at 11 0 clock

The Nobleman mare Calala resumed ber % ovase to Sydney by the steamer Wyandra j estorday

It transpires that Chivalry, who is en gaged in the Ascot and Flying Handicapa at the QTC Winter Meeting is ident cal with the New Zealand horse of that name whioh rcoentlj arrived in Svdney Chivil v is a five year old black gelding by Con queror from Justice

The two Mostyn mares Dreamer and Drought are under marching orders for New /elland, having been purchased by the Maonland sportsman and breeder Mr G G Stead who intends mating them wi'h fis champion ure Multifoim

Word comes from the suter State of the death of the thoroughbred stallion Gndir n (Xenophon-Dutch Oven) who wa» in ported from England in 1897

His Majesty King Edward has sold his chaser Moiffaa who proved such a disappointment to lum Moiffaa is to be u ed for hunting purposes

Word has been received in Melbourne that nine horses including two rncehor es whose nimes were not given, were lost by the steamer Hy nie tus on the way to Colombo Mr R M Ivenna'B horses Fit7 Grafton The Master Dea, Bonita, and Airlnch and Pennant, Olynthus and Jacque» the property of Dr Hart, arrived

m splendid health

With «0 many important events ahead that useful publication Messrs J J Mil 1er s Sporting Pamphlet comes to hand at an opportune time It gives the placed and unplaced performances of all horses engaged in the A IC Metropolitan and the Caulfield and Melbourne Cups no fewer than 237 different horses being

treated as well as complete lists of im portant classic events of the spring It does not however, deal solely with the turf but gives the latest record perform anees in neaily every branch of »port

1, Our Rockhampton correspondent tele

graphed last evening as foflrwsll-The prize-money distributed at the Rockhamp ton Jockey Club's Spring Meeting amounts to £200 The programme is as follows - First day Opening Handicap 15 sovs

Fust Grass fed Handicap, 8 sovs , Spring

Handicap, 25 sovs.; First Hack Handicap, 12 sovs.; September Handicap, 20 sova.; Wind-up Hand.eap, 20 sovs. Second duy ¡ Flving Hand.eap, 15 bovs.; Second Grass feü ^fajndicapt S .sovs.* Fitzroy Han- dicap, 30 sovs.; Second Hack, 12 sovs.; Port Handicap, 20 sovs.; Faiewell Handi- cap, 10 sors. Nominations close on Sep- tember 3, and rnlie weights will be de- clared on September 12. «j

The totalisator speculation on the Grand Prix de Paris, wbioli was won by the Car- bine colt Spearmint, was unusually grea't, .?90,120 going through the machines, as against £49,880 for the corresponding race last year. Major Loder invested £7000 on Spearmint in tike iotalisatoi-£5000 on the straight-out and £2000 on the place machine. Although Spearmint only re iturned at 'tine rata of 10 to 9 on straight out, his supportera on the place machine drew at the rate of 10 to 8 on. These were the enclosure returns; outside Spear- mint i^bumed 2 to 1, small French backers patriotically sticking to their own ?horses. There iras heavy tolnK'sator bet- tong on tile other events, the turnover for -tilie day being £206 309'; producing £16.504 for divi-ion between bhe race fund and charitable objects.

At the recent New Zcalnnd Raping Con- ference, the chairman (Sir George Clif- ford; ftnted that never, perhaps, in the long lristorv of racing was any country better supplied with the means of sever- ing from racing every objectionable ad- junct. New Zealand had sufficient owners of probity in whom the public have con- fidence, and they have means of innocent speculation winch can only harm the stupidly reckless. They lind a board of control in the conference whose stendy aim is the removal of abuses, and they i eject the bookmaker and the professional gambler from courses. For the full realisa- tion of their ideal of clean sport, the conference only asked for the effective execution of the law, which they had a just claim to demand. Mr. G. G. Stead's proposal to exclude the putting of those m arrear with their entry and acceptance money on the forfeit list was lost by 14 votes to 20. The mover argued that the payments should be in cash. It was de- cided that no jockey under 21 years of age, unlf-sa in the regular employ of an owner or trainer, or who has not ridden twenty races in 'the previous year, shall be entitled to receive a jockey's license, and a further proposal that; the metro- politan committee may refute to approve lillie programme of any ohib using a totalizator which - permits bookmakers to bet on its course, was also agreed to. By one vote, a proposal in favour, of.jockeys' fees being payable at scale was lost.