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Mr. John Sinclair, one of the oldest and    

most respected residents of Brisbane,  

died on Saturday morning at his residence,  

Kangaroo Point. His death removes one   of the band of pioneers whose early his- tory is that of the growth and develop- ment of the State of Queensland. Like others who were then beside him, Mr. Sin- clair lived to see the fruition of early ef-   fort, and to gain honour amongst     later generations. ln 1854, he was engineer     of the steamer Boomerang, which brought         to Brisbane the news of the fall of Sebas-  

topol and of the Eureka Stockade. Later     he settled in Brisbane, and by quiet in-

dusty and far-sighted genius gained a high reputation as an engineer. In 1868 when Mr. Robert R. Smellie purchased   the Queensland Iron Works, he appointed   Mr. John Sinclair as manager of the works. Under the latter's very careful and       skilful management the works continued to   extend and flourish, and in 1872 Mr. Sin- clair was admitted as a partner in the     business, with which he has since been associated. This firm inaug-  

urated the iron shipbuilding branch of the iron industry by building the Louisa,    

a cargo steamer, which was engaged in         the Ipswich and Bay trade. In 1871 he     entered the Brisbane Council, and re- mained there till 1874, when he retired.     In 1876 he was again elected to the council, and in 1880 and 1881 was Mayor of Bris-  

bane. In the following year (1882) he severed his connection with muni- cipal politics. However, in 1886 and 1887 he was once more present   in the council, and then finally retired,   after about twelve years' service. He was a member of the Water Board for many   years. During his occupancy of the Mayoral chair the Royal Princes visited     Brisbane, and a copy of the handsome ad- dress signed and presented to them by Mr. John Sinclair is in the Brisbane       Town Hall. A large oil-painting of  

Mr. Sinclair hangs in the council chamber over the Mayoral dais. During     the later years of his life Mr Sinclair suf- fered from ill-health.  

The funeral of the late Mr John Sin-     clair took place yesterday afternoon to   the Toowong Cemetery. The cortege winch was exceedingly lengthy, left the de-   ceased's residence, Main-street, Kangaroo   Point at 3 o'clock. The chief mourners     were Messrs. Arthur Sinclair, Q.N. Bank       (son), W.S. Anderson (nephew), N. Sin-   clair Townsend (grandson), G.R. Towns-   end (son-in-law), Dr. Georgeghan (brother-         in-law), and W.S. Bennie (cousin).  

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derson, and Phelan). W. Gooley (Perkins and Co.), C, L. 13., and L. Birley. 3T. R. Kirke, P. Connor, S. Smith, A. Moon, K. M'Lcnnan, T. Shearer, G-.,W. and T. P. Potior, A. L. Raymond, Captam «lohn Davies, .T. Faulkner (Smith, Faulkner, and Co.). W. H. Ewinsr. ««-Mayor G-. Watson, ex-jlayor Hripwood, J. Ilipwood, jim., Supenntendent Hulton, and others. The Rev. Maitland Woods, of St. Mary's, Kan- garoo Point, read the burial service at the graveside. The coffin was of handsome polished cedar panels, with silver mounts and engraved plate. The mortuary arrange- ments were carried out by Messrs. Sillett

and Barrett.