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AMATETJE 'CLUB'S MEETING. 'Mr. C. Mitchell Eides Treble.

AVARRNAMBOOL, Wednesday. - Sand- wiched between the t«o days of the Warr- nambool Racing Club's bummer meeting, the Warrnambool Amateur Turf Club held its meeting to-day. The weather was line and cool and the attendance satisfactory.

Of the-12 entrants in the Tiial Stakes, Kennaitd was chosen as favourite, and found supporters pt' even''money, ii'iul^hé won comfortJCuly by a;length.;^ Kinnaird is .owned by JJç. G. J. Officer., of. Kilmorey; lístate, 'Woolsthorpe, u member oí^ihe committee, and a steward. Kinnaird tviia ridden by, the owner's son, .who made' his first appearance as an amateur rider^JHo ?yvas applauded on vcighing-inY The thro

'starters in'the Unrdle Race» were ridden by the Lindsay brothers, and All Tartan,' ridden by Mi". James .Lindsay, 'owner ,01 Aberbur, Stitch-in-Tnnc, and Daunton, was made an odds-on favourite. Though« he jumpcd_ratherbadly'at first, he won com foitttbly by live lengths from Gitchic. All Tartan fa owned by Mr. Jairiea TJiçkson,' a member of the lotumittecof tub club, and is trained locally by J. McCulloch. Gitchic pulled up lame. -,

.Tarana, who won at Mornington recently was the elect of backers for the Summer Hnndicap, and justified their confidence by winning without effort by a length and a quartet. Gay Bird and Scandalous were equal favoutitcs for the Flying-Handicap, and Gay Bird led all the wuy, "bealing Scandalous by a length and ii half. Mi'. Mitchell's Stellosis was the elect of backers for the Flying Stakes, and he duly arrived, making the owner's third win .for the, day.

Details:- . . y

TRIAL STAKES,." '* "...U ,.. '-Of .-30. Six furlong»., s\

KINNAIRD,'G.-J. Oniccr'« brig,--hy Klrigs

burgh-Calyx, 10.7 (Mr. O. Ofllcer. lull.) .. FRANCE. F. V. Dcsailly's b m, 10.11 (owner) Mn.LE FLEURS, R. A. D. Hook and 1'. 0.

Robertson's eli g, 11.0 (.Mr. O. Mitchell) .. . ' Only three starters. Betting.-Ev em KIN- NAIRD, 6 to 4 agst Millo Pleurs, fi to 1 agst France. Won by a length, with lour lengths between second and third. Time, 1.20.


Ot £65. Two miles and C8 yards.

ALL TARTAN, .1. Dlckson's eli in, by Junot

Klrkora, 10.7 (llr. J. Lindsay)

Other starter.-Ingilla, 10.11 (Mr, W. S. Lind- say). Betting.-2 to 1 on ALL TAIWAN, 3 to 3 agst Cítenle, 0 to 1 agst Ingllln. Won by five lengths. Ingllln fell. Time, 4.1}. ' SUMMER HANDICAP.

Ot £05. One mile.

TARANA, F. .1. Mitchell's bk m, liv Moun-

tain King-Skyland, 13.4 (Mr. C. Mitchell) PARUPA, William Moffatt'« b g, 11.1 (Mr. T. i Lindsay) .

"EATHER MOORE, F. T. Sadler's br g, 10 7

(Mr. F. T. Sadler). Other starters.-Heil Mac, 10.7 (Mr. W. ( Lindsay); Almádena, 10.7, carried 10.11 (Mr. 1

Hanlon). Betting.-2 to 1 on TARANA, 7 to 2 ngst'Parapa, 6 to 1 agst Heather Moore, 10 to 1 each agst Red Mao and Almádena. '-Won l*y a length und a quarter, witlitthrae lengths between second and third. Time, 1.J3. .. '.',

. PONY RACE. , . . ' Of £20. Five furlong«.

CURLING STAR, A. McLean's b White , Star-Curlans, 10.7 (Mr. .1. LIndsuv) .. .. FRAGMENT, F. V. Desailly'« b g, 10.7 (Mr. . F. V. Desailly)..' IRMA FOX, W. R. Cummlngs'6 g g, 10.7, car

. ried 11.4 (Mr. .1. James) ..... .,3

Only three starters. Betting.-5 lo 4 agst Fragment, 0 to 4 agst CURLING WAH, .1 to 1 ngbt Inna Fox. Won by a neck, with two and n half lengths between second and third. Time,


I Ot £30. Six furlongs.

GAY BIRI), E. .1. Mitchell's br g, by Popin-

jay-Vervain, 11.5 (Mr. C. Mitchell) .

SCANDALOUS, V. V. Dcsnilly's, 10.7 (Mr.

r. V. Desailly). Ul-TAR, A. McLean's br ni, 113 (Mr. J.

I Lindsay).^

Other starters-Academic, 11.5 (Sir. .1. .lames); Red Mac, 10.7 (Mr. 11. Hanlon). Nialia, 10.7 (Mr. T. Lindsavl Betting.-Ti to 4 each agst GAI BIRD and Scandalous, 10 to 1 agst others. Won bv a length nnd a half, with two lengths be- tween second und third. Red Mac \vas fourth, and Nialia lust. Time, 1.17t


Of £40. Five furlong»

STELLOSIS, r. J. Mitchell's ch g, by Cos

. telle-Nemesis, 12 0 (Mr. O. Mitchell) .. .. 1 LENA DALE, T. McKollar's li g, ll.B (Mr. II.

Hanlon). - BERRAMBOOL, W. Moflatt's di li, 10.7 (Mr.

T. Lindsay). 3 i Other starters-MisB Emblem, 10.S (Mr. J. Lindsay); Mille Fleurs, IOS (Mi. W. Lindsay); Betting.- 5 to 4 agst STELLOSIS. a to 1 ngst Miss Emblem, 7 to 2 ngst Leuu Dale, 5 to 1 tf-' Berrambool, 10 to 1 ngst Mille Fleur». Won .

a length, with two lengths between second and third. Mis-, Emblem was fourth mid Mille ¿'leurs last. Time, 1.4.



KYABRAM, Wednesday-Tile Kvnetoli- 'Jl'rf Club held u meeting today in' hot weather". The takings umounted to £83. Detalla:

Halidlcnii Hack Race. Five furlongs.-J. laiev's Kuma, by Eminence-Mnrdeehii, ¡?V2 (.1. Haley), 1; Allan Mac, 7.12 (F. Croppl, 2; Woodbird, 7.10 (Whatley), ¡I. Other stnrler» Queen Bess, Shy Girl, ¡tamboon«. Betting. « to 4 on Kuma. S to 1 ngst Queen Hess, 0 to 1 agst Woodbird, 10 to 1 agst other.. Time, l.S.

Kyabram Handicap. One mile -L. Moodle's Freda, 8.1 (Fallon), 1; Yantabulla, 7.0 (What- ley), 2; Prince Tnlgar, 7 0 (Clarke), 3. Other starters-John Mettus, Count Noose. Betting. 0 to 4 ugst Freda, _ to 1 ugst Falgar, s to 1 agst Yantabulla, 10 to 1 oust Count Noose, and others. Time, 1.42 4-3.

Handicap Novice Trot. Nine furlong«.-Golden Bazil, SO yds bhd (Connelly), 1, Elsie Balli, 2. Other sUrters-Dora Voyage, Victor Darli, Bronzit, Rio Ponto, George Wilks, Our Voyage, Spring Alto, Hill Style. Bronzit was disqualified for second place for galloping. Time,

Handicap Triul Stokes. Five furlongs.-Sun farno, 0.5 (Fallon), 1; Noorong, 8.0 (Seddon), 2; Montrcne, S.10_ (Whatley), 3. Olher starter Queen Bess. Betting.-2 to 1 each ngst bunfarno and Montrcne, Id to 1 ngbt boorong. Time,

1 3 3-0.

Open nntidictiu Trot. One mile omi -i half - Silent, mt. (Doolan), 1; Klnujc Bazil. !I0 yds bhd (Riddell), 2; Tom Bazil, 40 ids bhd (Biniou), 3 Other starters-Ella Baril, Mr Madras. Bizi! Bell«, "ctting.-O to 4 agst Klnlile Biri),' I''.to ¡1 each liest Tom Bazil and Silent. Time, S.MV

Plate/ Six furlongs.-Coleda, 0.7 (Whatley), I; Sunfamo, 7.5 (Fallon), 2; Woodfield, 9 8 (Peters), Î'. Betting.- 5 to 2 ngst Suufarnu. .1 to I ugst Colcdo, 10 to '1 agst Woodllcld

Pur«c. Five furlongs.- Jcdidah, 8.2 (What- ley), 1; Costume, 0.0 (Barrett), 2; Count Noose, 8.10 (Fallon), 3. Other starter-Alton Mac. Betting.-<1 fo 4- ngst .Tcdldah, 3 to 1 agst Costume, 4 to 1 agst Allan Mac, 5yto 1 agst

Count Noose.


SMART HOY WINS., HANDICAP^"... ". . COHUNA. We.liicnlis.-Th» Oolninn-Turf-Olub racsc nero held to-daj. There was a fuir attendante.

Details .

Trial Handicap. Six furlongs.-,!. Heine's Sword Swoon, OS (G. lisle)). 1: T Burke'« Kin?'» Thread, P7 (H. Brereton), -i; W. llorkliis's Hobin, 7.10 (I), -calle)). 3 Six other starters. Belting-2 to I eoch Hirst Sword Sweep and King's 'thread. Time, 1.17 25

Novelty Pony Race, l'uilr furlongs -McLaughlin's Hubs Rose, 8 4 (B McLmijhlln). 1: Muedin's Tim. 8.0 (li Groy), 2; T. Dale's Ordir Bo), 8.4 (Cantwell). 3 Nine other starters. Betting - 5 to 2 each iigyt Tim and Older Bo), 4 to 1 ngst Rub) Rose Time. 0 53. I

Cohuna Handicap Nine furlongs -J. Benco'B Rmart Ho), R.0 li. lisle)), l: S. Butcher's Scotch Pearl. 7.8 (1> - Zeall) ). ¿, It. Reaper's Countess Equador IIB (A Pilzsiinmons), 3 Betting.-Evens Scotch Pevrl. 0 lo 4 ftirst Smart ,Bu).:3 to 1 agst C'ounti_y Cqnador. Wun by thrce-lendtliB.^ /finie,

1 58 4-5.

(I|jcii lint It Itaei* lire furlongs-Morlo's l*rce foot, st IB. tiru)), 1. Hannah« Yuinmery, 0.10 'Hu rotuli), ;>. YWhb's Rniipiotte no (O lisle)), 3.

litllna.-r, lo 1 ni t l'rccfoot Time, 13 4-5

111-uuu.c Handicap Trot Ona mile mid a half - W. 11 Robinson s Black Pearl. 115 yds billi (.1. HohliiMin), 1. Belmont Stud rann'a Sonoelta (P. (ilasheeii). .>: Vallence's MclTluiu. scratch (.1. \ al- ienee), 3 Betting - Eiuis Scnorittu, 4 to 1 ugst Hine), Pearl, 'lime. 8 55

Flying Handicap Six furlongs.-Hannah's Von gerj, "O (D Zeally), l: Benuj's Sword Sweep, 7.0 ¡Ilaleyl, 2, Dorking« Hobin, 7.0 IE. Gath). 3 Butina.-2 to 4 ou Sword Sweep, 0 Ul 4 each ngst "onger) and Hobin. Hine. 1 lu 2t5.-, . 1. »

District Maiden Hack Race Five furlongs. Brown Opal, 1: Uaunatyue, 2, Barelli, ,1



?WARRAGUL, Wetlnesilay.-The meeting held to Jay wai well attended, hut fields were on the small side, though the racing Wits interesting. , Mr. W Cahill arte.! as «tarter. Details -

lllstrlel Novelty Pony Race. Four furloncs - Birdie, 7 3 (J. Harris), 1, Katinka. 7.12 1C. Smlthl. 2: Mahn. 78 (I.. Walsh), 3 . OII|rr stnrti r-,Garetin. 012 IO Cole). llottliw.Wi to I

1 Katinka, 2 to 1 acst Birdie. 4 lu 1 agst Pakall«,

Won by hslfia licidi-vvltli r»v. Time. 1)55

Five fiirliiiiiis.-t'arliitnelte. 7.7 ...._.: L)n Wreath. S S (b. Blom) 2 Oui) slatters. Bettina".-3 to 1 on ('nrinluuttc.

, 13 3 Handicap. Fire flirlonss -Pillan, li.ll" (8. Smlthl. 1: Gold Kit. 8.9 (V. Looker), 2: ("turalla. fi.12 (J. Harris). 3. Other »tarters-Glynil Bo, 7.7 (L. Walsh): llnivdy Lady, fi.12 (T. McKenzie) ; Misa Glyiim. 6 7 (G. Downey;: Shlelal 07 IT. Lynch). -Ilcttiiig.-Uren« Gold Kit, 2 to 1, »Bit Glynil Ho.Ti to 2 oust Comrade, 8 to 1 aast. Jlowil' 1-ti), 23 to I allst Miss Glynne. 1Q0 to 1 each açi ,l>lnto and tihlela. Won bj a lciwtli; willi a simili

Nov ico Purse Fire furlongs -Wim Wang. ¡10 (.1 Harrison) 1, 'laroterliie, 0 2 Hi McGlaslien), »; Klitrncr-, I" 5 (S Blom). ;t Olher slartcrs Scratchoi 0 4 l<". Cole): ileura», D2 (li. Marshall I; Dancing Girl, ¡1.2 (H Harwood) ; Flewbln. 0.2 (L Gough). Hettlns.-Kicns Wim Wang, 3 to 1 iw« Orilpui, R to 1 agst DanelUK Girl, 8 to 1 aitstiT-au uernic, 10 to 1 aast others Won li) two lotiaths, itth half a length hrtneen seroudand third Time,

0 2-5. Ocupus fell, and the sletvalds held an inquiry. The evldemc of tim other jockeys riding 11 the mee showed that Oulpus got on to M im IVanc's heels

14 2 Ilitmlluiti. Five furlongs,.-Moll) . Aumin. : ii'. Cou» t, Authentic, 71) (J. Harris!, 2 lli-en 7.12 II. Mch«nzl»>. ,'I. iii'-- - niela, 7 12 (.' Harrison). Lad) li

Wabli! : Gloria. (I 7 d' Smlthl : nn>Ri 1 enu, u 1 IT. Lynch) Belting-li to 4 on -Moll) V11111111, 4

.1 1 .«si Mi« liuiii, 5 to 1 ntnl Anibentli-, 7 tn 1 ngst l'hiimnels li) to 1 nant tithei- Won liv two ' utitb-,, willi lliiielruirttis Uetvvieu second and third

line 1115

Omi Nuitlli I'm.) Rue I'uur and .1 halt fur Innifi-Katinka. 7 12 IG Iioinie)). 1: Devon. 0 2 U Hobin). 2. Glrim Ho, 8-7 IS ilium). ,1 Olher «Uirters-Liltle Me. 7 10 (i^ Smith). Saucy- Maid, X12 (A. Atlklnsl. I'akslia. 7 S C1 Ljnrh), Mlsi Mary 7 5 IT Mclveuriei, Altllrntss. 7 9 H' Cole). Bettuil.' - 0 lo 4 ak_ llvvuii, 7 to I uB.l Gl)uu Bo. II lo 1 aiät aaiu) Maid. 8 io 1 agst Kjllnkn. 10 lo 1 acst others Won li) two Irnaths. with a Itiigth between second and third. Time. 1 1.



KMIN'I) and nil Imiglil races were held lo ilnv liv I lu hen-inglnli Racing

Club. Detail» -

Approved Saké» One mile - Politeness, I: Ml« 1'rnej, :' lli-itill, 3 Belting--, to « ag«t

Politeness. Dividends (for 100- £1/3/0 and 17/. "line, 1.4IJ

14.1 Ham!» Handicap live and a half fur- long«.-Bonzonctte,. 1 ; Indies' Day. 2; Schnap- per, 3. Betting.-ó to 4 on Uon-onetlo. Divi* dcnds-15/G, £2/7/, mid -1/5/0. Time, 1.10J.

Flying Handicap. Five mid n half furlongs. First Division.-Brightacri-, 1- Waracre, 2: De- vice, 3. netting.-5 to 1 tight Cupid's Kiss, ti to 1 oght Brlglitucrc. Dividends-£2/0/0, £1/8/. and 17/. Time, 1 8J. «etond Division.-I'ord Shop, 1; All Irish, 2, Ayrantc. 3. Betting.-7 to 2 -g-,t All Irish, 7 to 1 ag-l Ford Shop. Divi- dends-£2/8/, 15/11, and 10/. Time, 1.17. Third DIv Ision.-Brow Laddie, 1, Hurry On, 2; Smart St ribo, 3. Hotting.-5 to 2 agst Maggie Chipilly, 10 to 1 agst Draw Laddie. Dividends- £3/9/, £2/14/6, lind £0/9/. lime, 1.10.

14.2 Handicap. Five mid a half furlong». First Division.-College Girl, 1; Little ri_, 2; Wywurri, 3. Betting.-10 to 0 on Meg, 4 to 1 ugst--College Giri. - Dividends-£1/8/, £4/7/(1, ond -Ç3/17/. '! Time,5,1,83. ..Second Division. .Broken Melody,' T;'WdVThqstJc, 2; I-ast Word, 3, Iletting.-41 to ,4i »rsl laid} Thostle, 7 to 2 agit Broken "-"Melody. . Di<idcnds--£l/7/, 10/0, and ',£3/1/. í Time, ino. -' ï

Novice Handicap.- AFlve lind a half furlonxs. Firtfpivlslon.-Curciio, .lit Punctilio, .2;''Watch King, 3., 'to 2 agst Lullaby, 6 to 1 agst Carene. Dlv-ideiids- «1/10/0, '£2/19/0, " and £1. .-Time, 1.10]., Second Division-Rill Rice, 1; Lord Pteropus, 2;'Silent.Ray, 3. . Betting. 0 td 4 ugst Alick, 20 to 1 tlgst BiU'Rice. Divi dendfi--£3/4/;' £2/0/, .und 10/G. Time, 1.11. t

Kensington Handicap.- One. mile.-Flrst.Divi sion.-Brown Bread, 1; Syd, 2; ¿tarben), .'I. Betting.-5 to 2 ngst, Srd, -10 to l"ögst'Brown Tirtad.- Dividends- ¿2/9/, 16/3, and £2/10/. Tlme.J 1.44.1 Socond Division.-Bawden Loss, 1; Neglected, -21 'Pruno, 8.. Betting.-7 to 2 agst Rowden Lass. .Dividend.- £1/0/6,- J7/fl,<| 19/.0. Time, 1.46}. á .



GEELONG, Wednesday.-Tlio annual meeting of the Geelong Cricket una Football Club was held on Tuesday night, when about SOO members of the club attended. Tire president (Dr. J. E. Piper)

ipied the chair,

moving the adoption of the annual report and balance-sheet, the chairman gave-a resume of the club's doings for Ilia year. He thought that the inct that' Hie second l8 had won the premiership was received very calmly in Geelong. Had it happened in^ other towns there would have been i mayoral reception. He referred to the positioi

of Geelong having the bye on the first playing Saturday of the season, and pointed out it» adran tagcs'mid disadvantages. Sneaking of the coach, -the chairman said Ulat Mr-Bert Taylor had been itifornicd that he liad no chance of obtaining a per- mit to Geelong tor tile 1924 season. He referred to the illness of Mr. Citarles Brownlow, and said that it wuiiltl be necessary to fill his position. In regard to cricket, the committee recommended that on effort should be made to begin turf cricket in Geelong again instead of liarlng teams playing in Melbourne. With regard to the outlook for the coming season, Dr. Piper said there were "" players who might come to Geelong tills year,

number of them were reputed to be tall, heavy, and fast, and admirably suited for'the

team. -" ~

The vice-president (Mr.. J. A, Theor), in second- ing the motion, compared several figures an the balance-sheet with those of previous years, uceount of the good play of the team, the i

at matches had Increased, and, together with the excursion trains, tills was responsible for the im

ved ilnaucfal position of the club, the debit ..-.imr been reduced by more Ulan £1,000. He thought that it was u shame, tnking into con- sideration the good work done by the president, that lie should be opposed for the position.

Mr. Basil Cullins (president) und Mr. Hoyle (sec- retary) gave an account of the affairs of the second l8 for the year. The questiou was asked, what was meant iiy it stnU-mcnt in the report which set out tint in view of recent eventb opportunity was taken to warn members not to ullovv others than the i-omniittec to ltuinngc the club's affairs. It was explained {hut two 'member» of the committee had waited on one of Hie players mid had asked him le. pla} during the season. He told them that football was it business with bim, und later on

approached the committee asking for more Ile lind come again ni the end of the season ami asked that members of the team be given more mnne} for the last matches, so that tiley would do their best. Hie insinuation wns resented.

Mr. li. A. McDonald, who has agreed to nominate for tile position of president, objected to certain of Mr. Tliear's lcninrks, hut was not given a hear, ing by member» He said that perhaps it wa» be cause of nn unfortunate incident thal lind octurred

in the management of the club Unit they vveie not

a position to cotignttultite tho first l8 on Inning the premiership.

'Hie annual tailiacriptiuli was fixed at 7/0, and 1/0 out of each subscription will be allotted to pay off tile Indebtedness incurred in sewering the ,cltlb property.

it was also tluldcd that the Lricket or football »ub.coinmittce shall not have power, without the consent of the general committee, to tlepose any captain who shall have been duly elected,

A medal for the best all-round player of the year was handed to the acting-secretary to be given to W. McCarter, who captained the team in the semi-final match. Great interest was taken in the meeting, which lasted about two hours.



4 cricket match between Hie slolf ol 111

"Hello-People" Lyric Theatre Company and the staff of Carlyon*» wai, played at the bt. Kilda cricket ground yesterday. Carl} on'» team, bat- ting first, made B3, the highest scorer being Carlyon, who made 40 not out. 'Hie bowler» wen»-L. Myers, four for 32; Wlckhum, three for 22; and J. Wellington, two for none. The "Hello People" team nia'de ICG:-L. Myers, 35, retired; C. Myers, 44, retired; Wickham, 22, re- tired; and Ockleshuvv, 33. The ''Hello People" team won by 101 runs.


BALLARAT, Wednesday.-Ballan met a .Balla-, rat team in u cricket matcli at the Eastcrft o.vnl Ulis aflernooii. Ballan, batting tlr-t, closet] their innings at six for 248, of which Ringles idade 98, E. Walters 88, and A. Walter» 33. Mcl/Cnn took six wickets for 48. At drawing of btumps Ballarat had lost nine wilkel» for 97 «¡Ullnder 34). . Bow ling :-Cooper, tlireo for/26, including tlio--"hat. trick"; E. Walters, two tor l8; A. Walters, tine for 10; B. Luv, one for 0; J. Callahan, one"for 21.



... tlie senu-tinal event in connection with the president'» trophy competition-knock-out condi- tions-It. Morton defeated F. Wimpole, 2 up und 1 to piny. The final will be decided on Saturday afternoon between Morton and I'. 11. Lciuann.


GEELONG, Wednesday.- Associates of < Barwon Heuels Golf Club played for their alp

spoon In delightful weather. Miss Bethcros v. the winner, with a score of S0S-78: with Miss Rutledge, 92-13-79, second, and Miss li. Chomlcy, 10G 2182, third, and Mrs. J. 1Î lletnllaik, 105 l8 87, fourth.


Wcll-maiclied welter-weights provided the major bout at the Stadium last night, when "Al" MeDonaiii (10.4), Queensland, met "Joe" Barnen (10.0.). Melbourne. This went the full IO rounds, the referee declaring it draw, in the other 10 round bouts "Harri ' Pearce (8.111) defeated "Bill}" Trevarrovv (8 i'.'J) by knocking him out lu me fourth round. Trevarrovv was doun twice In the second round, and at the end of the third round 'was very grogg} when he went to his corner. "Artie" Wiliox (7.2) outpointed "Juc!." Reynolds (8 4). This decision met with u mixed reception, although Wilcox finished well ahead on points. Six-round bouts were decided as foliovv ¡-"Young" McAllstcr (7.9Í) defeated "Young" Curley (7.12) on points. "Billy" Tyleil (8.3J) knocked oil! "Ted" Hill (8.7}) in the first round. George Jordan (10.111) knocked out Arthur Ford (11.4) in Hie fifth rountl.

Exhibitions of boxing were given by George Mendies nnd Ro.v Hickey, and' "Jack" Fiimey and George White, who will meet In (lie Stadium on Saturday.'- . > .