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ALLORA, Wednesday.

Mi M lein, the Government l'oultiy Expert ddivercd i lecture hcie on Vlon day night Tiieic was i fan attendance of townspeople but owing to the threaten

ing state of the whithu \ei) few fanneis I weie present Mi W Deacon in nitro ¡ ducing the lectuier dwelt stiongl) on the j fact that although m in} people in the

district had gone m systematically for egg I producing ind table sorts of birds, the i lick of an outside mail et had caused io

suits to be unsatisfactor) '

I he total qiuntitv of cream sent from I the locil rillw lv station chume, Vpnl w is 0J7 em» containing 4060 c, ellon» »S2 cm

repiesenting 3318 gillon» weie consigned to "Millhill and 37o cms equal to 1048 tallon» to 'loowoomba lhe»c ligures »how i shoitage of 30 cans, oi 127 gallon»

of creim compired with the returns of I the piececluig month but exhibit in ill cieasc ovei that of the corresponding month of last yeir of 57 cans, oi 203 gil


Genenl sjtisfiction Ins been expre»»cd at the decision of the Land» Dcpiitment to hold the loitlicomiug ..ile of Goom buri i lindo in Vlloia instead of Warwick is Vi IS prcviou»lv irringed Thl» ictioii is laigelv due to the efforts tnaele by tile Ala)oi ind several of the leading towns men who induced Ali Grayson Al L V to take the matter up

Alu/e his again idvanced in price and 1» 10yd can now be obtained locill) Hie crop however is in nu ii) pi ice» vu y scanty and little is vet being offered Practicilh no business i" being done in wheat and 2» 8el is the top price offeicd with Alanitoba at 3s 3d with i good de ni md Many of the 1 irget farmer» still ¡void coi_idoraiile quantities of grim, but it is probible should the price advance to 3s that the greater part would be quickly

cleared out

A. considerable quantity of wheat Ins now been sown pnncrpall) Manitoba and Baltic Red although i fe* faimers haye already planted areas of Budds Eirly ind otliei soft w neate Generally spealong work on the farm» is in a very backward condition and it is probable that the bulk of the wheat crop will be put in at a much later period than was the case last



i\ir F Wechiier «en oí Bender is still in a somewhat precarious condition m spite of an operation

Several refreshing showers haie fallen o' late and the field*, are green Grass is growing «and if the frost holds off foi some weeks -there should Ibe considerable growth Prairie grass ia sponging up m



The quarterly meetm« of the Waggamba Shire Council adjourned from 11th Instant, wa» hdd on 25tlh instant Ml the member» were present with one exception Mr Harry Marshall, of Murrrgeran, was unani

lnously re elected chairman After some chscussion, and the defeat of several amendments the clerk and foreman were both rcaippomted for the year at last y_rrB salaries, the voting being 5 to 3 The question of -the usual allowance to the dhainrnan caused another division the vote being passed by 5 to 2 The pnckl) pear nuisance came up lor consideration and several sums were authorised to be spent upon its eraxh<_tft>n j_ various localities, trader the supervteion of __ nearest resi dent member. The foreman was n_trocte4

to report upon tihe growth of the pest on various roads and reserves V further pro- test aras m ide against the sale of portions 122 to 123 pansh of Goondiwindi as being injunous to the mtM-esU, of travelling stock and it w is decided to mai e ippllca

tion tlimt the 1 mil in question Hliould he proclaimed a camping reseive x lit, clerk yi is instructed to foin aid a copy of tie icsolution to the niembet toi the di tnct, Mi \ If 1 Bilton J ettcis fiom tho I inds Depntnient wcie deilt vvitih »ug jesting ttiiUilniant Of irej. in the et-c ot lue îescive hltuitctl at A in-ilwanna land ivy mm Vleinw i and Bioonilield (Ino) \» leards the three Dist it ins decided that my iltet ition i/iculd be ob jected to Tn the eise o* tlhe two liter, the dei ailment s proposal» viere lyced to with modification It wan decide i to a-k the Kind Column cuwnet to recommi nd the ineliuion of a piece of i leant Clown land in in adjoining iet>eivc on Brigalow tieek the council tmdertj.kiiig to I cop it bee of peal Jjust veil s v dilation waa ulopted foi tho eurient yeai V "eninl rite of %d in the pound the same a» last yen was struck Vt i speciil meeting uludh folloyyed the general meeting a new by Hw leguliiting the mana0einciit of lout!* ind leseives u is finallv confirmed A second speen! mcctinc, called to (leal with the question ot liitwosin" i wheel taN fell through ind the uiattci was al len ed to lap-*


Much sympathy la fell foi the I ei J, Willuns and Mi Williams (Congrega tonal) who leceutly lo-sl then only on ni Sydney the eiu»e of death Inn,; typhoid fevei Hie decciscd was studying medí

cine ind w is about to "o up foi hit, final

ci iimieition

Airs Robert the wife of in old identity on the Downs died tt Goombungee and w is buned In the Mciingandan Cemetery by the Rev G II G ubi (I utliemn) Only i fow week-, tgo Ali mel Aire Borgert cele bratctl then "olden weddin,, in iccount of y hioli appeued in the Oucc.nt>l.iiidor

I ortv y ears igo tiley 1 mded in Queens land ind it once icmoicd to the Barling Downs wlieie Alt Boigcit w is in the eni ploy of Ah II itton buteliei of loo woombi sub eiuentlv Mi Loreert und lus wife took up fminne,

1ILB1L ltieadav

Theio H a horn f miine it Vngjedool ind Goodoogt It is luinotiicl tint one stoicl eepet his one big of li m which lie is ret llin^ it 4%d pet pound

K1LLVRN1V Monday

Vbout 0 Oin of tun fell hit lhuraday, ind lu» Imtliei nnpioved the land for ploughing tanner» ire yen busy prc IKiiing giound foi wheat uni barley and there is every piospect of i ven large aiea being cultivated foi these cereals The muiré crop now being huie»ted is up lo the neiige but the low prices ruling do not leave the growxii much profit V good many intend laying down large iieod m good urbiïictal gra-ses w-liich it is contended is the most ecomwiucal method of feeding dairy «toil Ihe de maud foi dany cattle io «till on tie in


Ali Hornley the cngincei in clnrgeof the Killai nev Boon lh io id pi ed through hat Saturdtyfiom Bnsbane lient metbv several piomincnt leoidento and ilthough questioned on tille prospect of the Coi era mont constructing the approaches lie lias unable to give my information ja to the intentions, of the department

ihe deputation appoinlesd by the Kill ai ney Boon iii Railyv-ay Jjcsiguc io wait on ilic Glengail in Shire Coumil last lliurs day, to urge the construction of the line on the guuantec principle tinned up m strong force About twenty delegate» re presenting the branch line destricts put in in appen mee and succeeded in inducing the council to approach the Alimster for Railways to urge the construction of the line It was. pointed out by the députa

ion tint (Ihe Killnrncv Boonaih line could le constructed for about £100 000 whereas the hue through Cinuiingli cm s Gap would coat about 1700 000 It iras shown that the diatanee from >\annck ?through Cunningham s Gap to Brisbane wis 121 in les and from A\ niyacl to Bns. bane y 11 Killarney and Boonah 12o milts The shue councillors lepresentmg the Killarney end intimated tint the rate- payers were quite igieeible to guarantee the cost of contstnicting ihe line from Killarney to Boonah while the line through Cunningh tm s Gap it was stated could only be guarinteed in pait-that is, lo freestone which is about twenty two miles

Although Kilhrnev is connected by telephone w lth W arw ick and the trunk line and tnal messages have been scut through the"serncc is not yet open to the public So fal there appears to be no piospect of the post and telegraph. ofhee being opened to the public The delay in lins matter is causmg great m convenience and dissatisfaction the build mg hiving been completed for over four


Ah G V Bill the delegate tppomted to pioeeed to Calm» to rcpie ent the I arméis Vs«ociation al the lgncultural confcience will leave on flth instant This is the Irst occasion that this di tncl Ins iicen icpresentcd

L VIDL1-1 W ednesdai

The members of Hatton A ii 1 irniera Pi ogress Association have decide 1 to join in getting luceme w lie it barky aid othei seed« uqinred This wa» ag-red upon it the lis* meeting when the pre- sident (Mr C I W /illman) raiaed the question jf Inline, an agent ir Brisbane to dispose of ni ii¿e eggs «Sec and thus do iw iv with the mid liomin One speaker who genenlly bungs hi» produce into Luidlo but his ieeentlv been taking nni/e mlc I owood said that bujcrs for cut un finn were fctnnc, I'/d ic»s per bushel Iii ni buy e s for the same firma wcie pinn" in Liidley and 1 mest Hill de pite the fiel that height from these pliecs vi is hicjiei than trom lowood He ii»! mentionel lint inothei lum which will el i llircslici in the ill tret vu givm" idy meed t nces to ho e «ho pitiuniscl then thresher \ftei further di-«.! «sion it w i decided to make this the piniupa1 business for net meeting

Vt the post office at 9 o clock this moilun,, the runfall foi the prenou» twenty foin horns via.« registered at IfT Hie ive i li« now shows signs of baring cleared up lhere w is no produce for yy ird to div on account of the heaiy


Ali J C Ahnns who met with aj

iccident at the end of last week throng» 1 is horse failing is now rapidly recover



A re vi ten ton chimney was succes»t«lly erected it the Mossman mill yesterday

Dengue is prevalent here The weather

is fine "nd dry


Vilior Day wa-, celebrated it L'rithMf* Schcol today when a picnic waa hew and j nzes distributed ,

Good progress is being made with tnc Union Bank buildings and the butter mc tory It l expected tint the lattci wiU be in worl mg order in four montis time.

Lamb rusim, is beginning to ieceive at tcntion here Ali G J Mlport has m purchased 750 ewe» ind intend» to breed lambs foi the CNport ti ide Air Allport Ins been dan ymg on a large seale on nu Mount Russell property but Ins decided to retire from that industry owing to toe difficulty of obtaining lelnble labour

The devastation caused by the recent ii» has turned tne attention of propertj

owners to the advisableness of erecting brick buildings Air »vans who vvas a leaw loser by the fire is contemplating erecting brick edifices to replace thoae de- stroyed _ ,


There are several fields of lucerne ready to be cut for hay but the weather has been so unsettled that farmer» have been afraid to cut and after the rain of ya tcrday it will be several days before any thing can be done in that direction

The Glengallan Shire Council has made a start to repair the road to Kulin*1 winch is very bad in place« ^^^

Printed and published for the Brisbane ><**W£

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