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A special meeting of the ¿south Unsbane City Council ii is held it noon ycslcidai for the puipoeeotcliooslnt i Uiyoi lhere yveie preotut Udinniii V fe J-iaut 1 Gaisdeii R L Burton G Pish J Ling \\ Stephens G 11 Blocksidge V Gilli» pit 1 \\ Bouchard Al L A. G H Sthüfitld J Danes pnd D B Al Cul lough i hen ovas i lau -nuniber of speiU


Aldeiman Bloiksidgc the returning ofheer jnnouneid tin candidates who avert ictuinid it the recent dectaon

Hie toni dirk (Mi Louey) then took

die than

Vldirmaii J J ang pioposed Vlderman Bouchai I foi the position ond alluded in linns of praise to Alderman Bouihartl»


Hit mu ..ion w is Jo»t it being only sup ¡.cited by Aldennaii lish J Lang and .VI Culloiigli

"Vldccniiu fediofield nominated Alderma i D ivies for tht position oi Mayor He claimed tint tint alderman was a good representative on the council, and he held that he should be appointed

Air A fe Lang suppoi ted the nomination The No 1 AVaid was entitled to priority It lid been argued that Alderman Bayles tipi-cssed himself too strongly but lit lil ed a man who spol e lus mind and when na the (hair he thought Alderman Davies would lill the position »plendidly

lhe question yvas put and the motion supported by Aldernitn A S Lang lish

Stephens, Glilespii Boutliard feihofiekl

and Davies

As this constituted an absolute mojonty Alderman Davies was duly declared elect


Alderman Davies yvas conducted to the clmi by Alderman St'iofield ne thanked them aery much for appointing him at

Mayoi A man vv anted a good deal of 1 now ledge and ability to fill the position well He ivotild do lus best He meant to ktep a linn determined band on the ex penditurc und to keep it avitlun the re venue (Applause and Hear heal ) It yvould be lu» endeavour to do lus best to seo Hat tht requirements of the wards

were attended to

Alderman Fish A:ou avon t confine your self o your own waid xvill yon' (Laugh

ter )

Alderman Dxxie» «aid he xvoald do his best foi the whole city Hi» idea of a chairman xyas tint the less ne said the betta He hoped the confidence of the ratepayers would not be misplaced (Ap plause )

Alderman Bouchard congi attiloted the new Alayor upon his election lie (Alder mon Bouchord) had been proposed for the pos ticin but he was pleased to sec thot V ilcrn in Day n s had been elected and ht a» sured lum of his lovoltv

Alderman Fish observed that there xvere not anv men present who would envy Mdtrman Doyles his position a» the coun ci¡ yvas m straits at present He hoped howey er that they would get oxer the dim culties during the coming yeir without un duly oppressing the ratepayers The new Mayor yvould haye to be firm ai he xvou'd be sometimes subjected to tnais and ap prooched by cajolers (Laughto- )

Alderman Schofield expressed his plea Bure at the Alayors return He had nominated Alderman Davies and he could assure him of his lovaltv (Hoar hear)

Aldcrmin Gillespie said he was glad there had not been o recurrence of the proceedings of the North Bnsbane Aloyorol election as that sort of thing did not raise the »randanl of mumcipil councils He added that he did not thinl an aldermon should he appointed Alavor in his first term He congratulated Aldermon Davies

Aldtrmon A S Lang characterised the nroteedings nt North Brisbane as a fiasco Alderman Prall hod xxarned tue Miyor against cajolers and he (the speaker) could sav that there xvas no one he would hoy e to be more careful of than that alderman himself (Laughter )

The Mayor biieflv responded ond said that he would do n'l in his power to hil the position with dignity md impartiality and t<5 conseive the interests of the rate p-txers (\pplause)

The mpetmg xvos then adjourned until 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon