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'Jhe bummer sales liu»e nn nicsistiblc appeal lo tlie majority of women, nntl each >car the ciovrd of bargain-hunters glows __ and gathers for, the . "8 o'clock rush."

The doola ^open, and the ? crowd prestos forirard, quick-footed and keen-eyed. The tiue bargain-hunter knotts v»lint she wants, goes straight to the. department, and lias first choice, whije her less careful bister is waylaid and lured by a1 remnant table near the door. She, perhaps,'saves u few- shil- lings a raid on material while the othei is saving pounds in the frock, millinery or fehoc department. Hovrcv cr-to. each hei choice-and perhaps the true value of a bargain is onlj' to be i erkoncd by' the umount of satisfaction that it affords to the buyer» / . - r

The opening days of .the sales linvc «hovvn that the majority of the shops nie

offermg spme very real bargains.^ One |

shop "threw out" dozens of pairs of court and sandal shoes in tissues', satins/and bro- cades, reducing ihern frorä two to,.three guineas, to Iii/. Another shop had a table

K \\q\p\ \\t\ ul combimup patterned pilan tin jp willi pin in is seen îti tho dustt-oit Illu*

lr»tp-l iron I bodice innrl culWr und < uITh tut» of Uio tiptircd hill and the nu\et rout has u widr hip licit fastened with a coloured

wood bud le v

full uf silks, sutins, georgettes, and bro. nulos in every blinde unir design-all for .'l/ll Mild. In most cases they were re- duced from 8/ or 12/-and (he reductions

»vete leal, for one could remember ninny of' tlie stuffs nt their origiuul price. A .beauti- ful material culled chiuinerie "georgette,

Chtiinierie peorgcttc jil ilmond jjrocii nukes tliis delightful dinner frock, with itß!-quuinth Hin i tel bert he collar The skirt Ib Ue\er)\ draped nnd caught nt the waist willi slhcf rofscs fcihci roses also appear on one olio til der . '

?which lins been selling at 18/ to 21/ a yard, was for sale-time i educed to fl/11. The material is heavy -georgette, bucked with thin'ciepe eutin. It hus_ a1 perfect hang, and is unerubhablc. llallinson's American ?ilks aie also Teduced for the sales. Some

lof the Ivloka and Puff up in odd colours

nias be bought for Ö/11 instead of 27/0 Jvoshnnara ciept ind 1 hisildu also shot»

|r(duttiuiis m inn Cordurov citpe de

(hine, which mickes lovel» skirts ciope iiiKinoi cicpc lascelles and (repc elin'ji . nie all clieaper, und ciccllent plain figured,

brotadeil, nnd rinbossed georgettes ale to be ubtaiued most icasoiiablv Murocams, plain, crepe, poplin, und brocaded arc ap

V Ant tu fleta rose of lomcntionnl deslían makes mi attractive trimming for this tthndv hat of lemon rolourcd \edda Btraw Ihc vide brim lus u Jilling- of lemon georgette

preciably cheaper, and some excellent linos of crepe ile clune arc to be seen at bargain piices. T'uji silks in.pnttcrns and stripes, as well us plain grounds, aie moic plenti- ful, and much cheaper than earlier m the


Reductions in most cotton goods arc also keen, nnd toiles and sponge cloths, ging- hams, and muslins are io be obtained at quite pre-war prices. Some delightful Fiencli und American brocaded and striped ?v ojies iriay be bought reasonably. The voiles are of an eict'lit'iit quality, and owing to tlic.stnpings of i atine they ure given a

7 'lennis ft oiks hhould be nt* himple is pos

ßiblt in dcnign, for then thcj are edy\ for plav, nnd offir n> trouble in laiind» ring rhc froLk sketched above is of white (not crème) fugi

and lins a bilt und band running from nerk to linn of Rta green fugi The monogrammed pocket Is worked in green -wabbing feilk

certain "liod.v" which helps them preserve their frchhncsH and '"hung ' longer than the plum materials.

? On the whole it is the plain-surfaced materials in all departments that ure sub- jected to the greutcst, reduction. This is probably because there seems no likelihood of the popularity, of the patterned mate- rials ubutiug. Advance patterns of autumn matepuls from longland, I'Vance, and America show all over-patterns in a variety

Vi litt bet useful design for it lennis frock is tbib, with Its narrow hush belt and widelj landed siccus o'f brightly striped fugi. rlbc eolourfi-ptrike u bright note on the plain white fufci frock.

tity,dirigiie,''at'id;.,colonrs. Sometimes the ?colour'"pMJio material itself is hardly dis

icrniblni for« it- is covered witli ii worked design in eithci matching or contrasting -silk_ or r»»'óitlHr A-favourite pattern seems

tf> be the vandyke, lind a pilrliculurlv bcau ?tiful - sample of leaf 'brown cloth lind an all-over vuudykc pattern worked in deliglit

ful shades of silk toning from sand to tete de negre. Figure designs ure likely to be ns popular as ever, from the dull curven iigures of Tutankhamen design to tlie delightful piping Pans who iiguie the briar rose silks, llirds, beasts, and lishes, futuristic trees, impossibly golden moon«, immovable chariots, and all the designs that vic wondered at last season pionu«c to' be with ns again this year in-if pos- sible-brighter colours und queerer de-'


Stockings and gloves arc also .showing large reductions during the sales, particu- larly in odd lines. Hauy coloured stock- ings nie obtainable at reasonable prices, particularly in out-of-the-way shades. Some exti a fine -bilk ones in shades of red, deep pink, green, and mauve were selling last week ut a fraction of their original m-ice. licgular lines ¿how u reduction of several ponce in the shilling, and the wise shopper will take advantage of this. Gloves, too, are much reduced, and excellent sample pairs may be picked lip- during the sales

most reasonably.

For'the housewife there arc all sorts of

templing household bargains. "The price of sheeting, towelling, and all linen is. re- duced during snlctimc, nnd'sbo has a chance to replenish lier linen-chest at a time when nil linen goods arc reduced. Her v china, too, probubly needs replenishing, and the .shops arc making reductions on stock patterns as well as on job lines, so thal it ?»».ill be cheaper to make, additions to_ the tenset or dinner* service -paw than a month later.. Glass is much reduced, and excellent ware is obtainable at sale, prices. Some of the beautiful cut crystal ware is most tempting, .and the .price is. appreciably" loiverea during Hie sales. i

The neiv sunshades, designed for use in n motor-car, have been attracting, atten- tion lately. They are anude of excellent quality silk, nnd arc miniature parasols, measuring only abopt 18in..from tip to tip. Au umbrella in n car has "been, regarded us an impossibility, but. the .new parasols overcome all difficulties, and should.prove a boon to motorists. " ' * . ' ' ? > . .