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Yesterday at noon a special meeting     of the Hamilton Town Council was held in the Council Chambers Breakfast Creek There were present: Aldermen J. B. Charlton (Deputy Mayor), G. W. Dy-   son Holland, G. S. Hutton, John Irving, J. G. Appel, R. Chiffe, Mackie, C. E. Lever, J. W. Hecklemann and the town     clerk (Mr. H. Crouch)

The returning officer announced the re- sult of the recent elections when Alder-

men Irving, Dyson, Holland and Cliffe Mackie were returned.  

Alderman Appel moved that Alderman     Hutton be appointcd Mayor for the en- suing year. Owing to the state of the finances it was necessary that the chair-       man should have a thorough grasp of finance. Alderman Hutton possessed those   qualifications. During the current year the Mayor would have to deal with many important matters. The speaker also paid     a tribute to the late Mayor who had occu-     pied the chair for the past two years. The last election proved that the ratepayers were thoroughly satisfied with their con-   duct of affairs and they could now com-     mence this year with the satisfaction that

they had the approval of the ratepayers.  

Mr. Irving seconded the motion and   said that Alderman Hutton had succeeded well its chairman of the Finance Commit-   tee. He also eulogised Alderman Charl-        

ton's work and agreed that at the recent election the ratepayers had endorsed their


A letter of apology was here read by the clerk from Alderman Jackson who was           unavoidably absent from Brisbane, but who approved of the selection of Alderman


The motion was then put and carried   and the new elected Mayor escorted to the chair.

Alderman Hutton said he appreciated the honour of being a successor to Alder-   man Charlton whom he would endeavour to emulate. His task was difficult but with the assistance of his colleague he hoped to be able, at the end of his term to show nearly as good a record as that of his predecessor (Hear. hear.)

The following committees were then ap pointed :-

Finance Committee; Aldermen Heckle-   mann, Irving and Lever.      

Improvement Committee: Aldermen Hutton, Appel, Dyson Holland, Jackson,   Charlton and Cliffe Mackie.    

Health Committee: The whole council.  

Legislative Committee: The whole


Delegates to Local Authorities Associa- tion: Aldermen Hutton md Appel


The Mayor having vacated the chair and       Alderman Charlton having taken his place,    

Alderman Heckelmann moved- "That the Mayoral allowance be the same as last

year, £100."

Alderman Appel seconded the motion which was carried unanimously.  

The officers salaries were fixed as fol- low - Clerk, £225; assistant clerk £75.


At the luncheon which followed there were present --Mr. A. L. Petrie M.L.A., Councillors J. F. Maxwell (chairman) and   G. Morrison, Toombul shire; Councillor M'Nab (chairman), Stephens Shire; Alder-   men M'Clellan (Mayor) and Price, Wind-        

sor Town Council; Mr. A. M. Hertzberg   (president of the Chamber of Commerce)     Messrs. J. S. Badger, D. R. Eden, Dr.

Cohen, S. W. Brooks and others. The     ladies present included the Mayoress (Mrs.   Hutton) and Miss Hutton, Mesdames Dyson Holland, Irving, Cliffe Mackie, Lever,     Charlton, and Crouch and Miss Chapman.  

Mr. Petrie M.L.A. proposed the toast    

'The Mayor" and said that he was a gentleman of undoubted ability as a busi-    

ness man and the council could not have made a better choice. He was a very old   friend of Alderman Hutton and found him

always ready and willing to assist those

not as gifted as himself. Alderman Hut- ton would worthily fill the place of Al- derman Charlton. The ratepayers should   be congratulated on then selection of re- presentatives. Mr. Petrie hoped to see the town of Hamilton better lit in the near future. He coupled the name of the Mayoress with the toast, which was drunk with enthusiasm.    

Alderman Hutton returned his hearty thanks and said it was to him a very   proud day. He had proposed that the shire should be the town, and then had the pleasure of seconding the nomination of his old friend, Alderman Charlton as the first Mayor. He had been told that the reason of the recent election was that there was too much unanimity. The coun- cil were unanimous, and long might they be so (Hear hear. ) That unanimity showed that the members had no axe to   grind. As he had proved by a return sup- plied by the clerk, every portion of the town received its due share of the expendi-     ture. He hoped to be able to prove dur- ing his year of office that the ratepayers were justified in returning the three newly

elected representatives with such handsome


Alderman J. G. Appel proposed the toast of the retiring Mayor, Alderman   Charlton.

Alderman Charlton acknowledged the

compliment in felicitous terms, and ex- pressed his thanks for the thoughtfulness and hospitality displayed by the clerk's wife, Mrs. Crouch.  

The Mayor proposed the toast of "The Guests,'' which was responded to by Al- derman McClellan (Windsor), Councillor Maxwell (Toombul), Councillor M'Nab (Stephens), Mr. A. M. Hertzberg, and Mr. J. S. Badger. The toast of the " Press" concluded the proceedings.

In the account of the polling for the Taringa Council the figures given under the heading " Ironsides" were really the Brisbane figures, and vice versa.