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The second cup tie match of the West

Moreton competition under the above   rules, was played on the Pineapple Grounds   between the Eskgroves (Brisbane) and the Royals (Ipswich). A large number of spectators witnessed the match, amongst whom were many ladies. The teams were as follow - Eskgroves: Goal, P. Shaw ; full backs, C. Martin, C. Shelley (captain), half-backs, J. Jaggs, B. Lyle, F. Moate , forwards, T. Hanck, R. Brims, J. Inglis, F. Waddington, A. Morrison. Royals:   Goal: V. Harrison ; full backs, J. Kitch- ing, A. Hamilton , half-backs, T. Gillow, T. Follett, O. Watkins ; forwards, W. Wright (captain), A. Dobbie, J. Johns, G. Marsh, J Dawn. Both teams were well repre- sented. Shelley winning the toss elected to defend the top goal Wright kicked off, Jaggs returned. Inglis did a run and shot Harrison saving. Marsh and Wright now had a run, but were blocked by Shelley, who passed over to Hanck. Hanck shot, and the ball bounding off a Royal a corner re- sulted. Moate taking the kick, the Royals cleared and the ball was taken up the field, but soon brought back, and from a scrum   in fiont of the goal Brims scored first goal. Kicked off, Johns and Dawn took the   ball well up, and passing over to the left wing Marsh shot, but ball went behind. Kicked off, Dawn got possession, and from a nice shot scored. Inglis and Wadding- ton did good runs, but Kitching cleared the line. Soon after this. Inglis scored the second 30.1I Good plaj was now snown on both bides, Moate as half-back playing a splendid game backed up by Martin Prcim a combined îun down tho field Hanek shot over to Brims, who scored the third goal. Play was now exciting, hoth sides showing great combination, and the 'Royals regis-   tered their second goal. Kicked off the  

Eskgroves soon had the ball in the Royals' territory. Inglis passed to II-im-T u

scored the fourth goal RoyolJ T_-'

away with a rush,l"h___edI vS.T"1? Dobbie, but Shelley ^earei^nill'fV^

kicked tor goal, but Kitching was »n there and cleared «his goal-hne L>n o U after half-time was called, the score stand-

ing Eskgroves, 4 goals, Royals 2 goals.

After the usual spell the game was re-

sumed. About three or four m-?nutn, r re" ithe start Brims 'scored fotT pi^,£rom Kicked off, Royals 'brough!: ho bafl Tn up, and Marsh scored. Playlmr f'.L ,eI1 tbe Eskgroves' forwards kept the ñlf r"' ft little while in the Royals« tn¿1 ,or

Hauch passed over i0 Ä from »' to Morrison, who shot over the bar Ä

came away with a run, and passed" ,

over to Wright, but Martin ¿ oPpe, \ ,_

nicely. Soon after Marsh tadTl

goal, the ball going over The Estove-,

had a comhined run, aud Hanck sin? I?

Harrison cleared splendid^'Ä^

«ame again, hut Wfitkinibeing h,"dv cleared the line. Morrison passed over to Inglis, who shot for goal but mi-L,i

The Royals now livened up, ___ 7iSl by Wright, Marsh, and Johns, kent tSÎ brisk in the Eskgroves' torrUon^ SheIle? Martin, and Lyle being conspicuous The" Eskgroves time after time kept prWin_ ho Royals' goal, but were unsuccessful for a time, until Waddington, beaüng Kitching, nicely centred to Hanck who scored. Play was very exciting, and Follett kicking well down the field, Dawn had Í try, but failed to score, the ball going be- hind. Morrison had a run on the left but Hamilton blocked. Waddington cot possession and passed to Inglis tho b-ll going behind. The Royals had another splendid run, but Lyle and Moate were-close handy, and cleared. From this till the call of time play was very even, both, side« showing splendid combination, and when, the whistle was blown the score stood

Eskgroves, 6 goals ; Royals, 3. It would be unfair to mention any individual player, as every member of both teams played really well. Mr. J. Logan proved a capable  


Wellingtons v. Milton.--Played at Milton,

and resulted in a win for the Wellingtons by 3 goals to 1. Both teams-played a good