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In connection with the disposal of the present site of the church and the erec-

tion of another suitable building, the   Wickham-terrace Presbyterians are not

letting the grass grow under their feet.   In July last the Building Committee ap-

pointed Mr. Claude Wm. Chambers, archi-  

tect, as professional assessor to assist them by drawing up the conditions for competitive designs for a new church at the corner of Creek and Ann streets -- the competition to be open to Brisbane architects only, and to close on 30th Sep-


The Building Committee required ac- commodation as follows :-Seating accom- modation for 500 adults, allowing 5ft. 3in. superficial feet to each adult, and aisles sufficiently wide to seat an additional 200 should occasion arise. Sufficient additional room to be provided also for organ, choir of forty adults, room for hydraulic ma- chinery, minister's and choir vestries, &c. Three entrances to be provided from Ann street, one to administrative portion and two to body of church ; also an entrance from Creek-street, with stairs leading to level of church floor. This entrance to also serve as an entrance to the hall. The latter to be provided under the church, capable of seating 400 adults, with direct entrance from Creek-street, and escape doors at side leading into same street.

Platforms and pulpits to be provided. Ses- sion-room to be provided at back of hall, and separate stairs at back of building for   communication to administrative block. A tower was recommended at the corner of Creek and Ann streets, but no galleries were permitted under any circumstances. Light, ventilation, and acoustics to have special attention. Materials to be used : - Brick and stone dressings, and internal walls to be finished in Portland cement, with Keen's cement finish. The treatment

of the Creek and Ann-street elevation to   be bold in character, and that at back of administrative building to be treated archi- tecturally in a simple manner. The total cost of the building, when completed en every respect, exclusive of fittings and furniture only, not to exceed £9000. A premium of £65 was awarded for the de- sign placed first, £25 for the second, and £10 for the third. In the event of the Building Committee deciding to proceed with the work, the architect whose de- sign was considered the best to be in- trusted with the preparation of the work-

ing drawings and erection of the building, with such modifications as might be directed, the architect to be paid the usual charge of 6 per cent.  

Fifteen designs were received, compris- ing ninety-three sheets of drawings, and to each was affixed a letter of the alphabet as a distinctive mark. After careful con- sideration the Building Committee awarded the premiums as follows:  

George D. Payne ........... 1 W. C. Voller ............ 2 Addison and Corrie ......... 3 The designs will be thrown open for public exhibition for one week, commenc- 'ing next Wednesday, the hours being from   10 till 4 o'clock. Tenders for erection will  

be called as soon as the contract drawings have been prepared. It is anticipated that   tenders will be received by the end of   November, and the work of erection started by the new year.

The Winton "Herald" states that one station on the line between Winton and Hughenden is paying the Railway Depart-i meat nearly £800 jmr month for the cart« age of water from Winton, and another grazier paid nearly £100 for water tor OM mob of sheep.