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, Mr.-Miller, the officer In chargo of the Normanton. Railway, who has boen on leave of abgçncev loaves Brisbane to-day to re- turn again to tho North.

At Moreheads Limited yesterday after- noon a presentation was made to Mr. A. C. Grant, who has sevored his connec- tion with Jho firm, and who is going to .travel. Mr. Morehead made the presenta-

tion, which took the form of an illumin- ated address on behalf of the staff from the heads of departments to the youngest office boy. Among those present were members of the staff who had worked with Mr. Grant for nearly n-quarter of a cen- tury. Mr. Grant, who was much touched by the occasion, feelingly replied, making kindly reference to the career of some of tho clerks in their employ-men who hau been long with tho prr-cnt firm, and with Morehead, .and Co. before that.

Mr. C. H. Barton, M.L.A. for Mary- borough, has for some days past been in a serious condition of health (says our Maryborough correspondent, under date 23rd Instant). He has hoon lying at his repidence for moro tlun a week in a state of weakness and suffering that has caused grave anxiety to those about him. The report as to his condition is to-day moro favourable, but It seems very improbable that he will be well enough to take his sdat at the time Parliament opens.

One of Brisbane's oldest identities in municipal life has passed away in the person of Mr. Robert Porter, whose death at his residence, Corio, Wharf-street, Kangaroo Point, was announced yester- day. Mr. Porter was one of the pioneers of these parts some forty years ago, and won a foremost place as a contractor.   Most of his work is understood to have been in connection with wharf and bridge construction, both in the Southern and Northern centres of Queensland. As long ago as 1868 he occupied a seat in the Bris- bane Municipal Council, representing Kan- garoo Point until 1870. He was again elected,to the council in 1880, was elected Mayor in 1882, and continued to sit as an alderman for Kangaroo Point until 1885. He was one of the oldest members of the Brisbane Board of Waterworks, from which he resigned only a few weeks ago, through failing health. He also ocupied a seat as Government representative on the Brisbane Fire Brigade Board for many years. He is understood to have been about 66 or 67 years of age, and he had been ailing for a considerable time. He always took an active interest in politics,

as well as in municipal matters, and was an ardent supporter of Sir Thomas M'Ilwraith. He was of quiet and unostentatious manner. He lived for many years on Kangaroo Point, and leaves a widow and grown-up family. The remains of the deceased were interred yesterday at Bulimba Cemetery.

The resignation of Mr. David Gardner, secrotary of the School of Arts at Mary- borough, has been followed by the ap- pointment of Mr. A. M'Watiers, of the staff of the Maryborough " Chronicle," to the vacant position. Miss 'Ruby Crystall has been appointed assistant secretary. Mr. Gardner's resignation has caused much regret, and he will he greatly missed when he takes his departure from the town for

New Zealand. rf<_,, . 4

Our Cairns correspondent wireä under date 23rd instant :-Mr. J. F. Hollis, man- ager of the local branch of the Queensland National Bank, who is leaving to-morrow night to take up the. management of ths Gympie branch, was entertained last night at a smoke concert, at which there was a very large and representative gathering. He was presented with a purse of sovereigns by the citizens, and an album of photographs by the Kuranda Tennis Club ; also'a dressing-case by the Blues Football Club, and an illuminated address by the local bodies and institutions.

Mr. W. H. Browne, Leader of the Opposi- tion, returned on Thursday from Sydnev, where he had been on private business. Mr. Browne looks bettej after his brief journey.

Our Murwillumbah correspondent wired last night as follows :-To-day being the last appearance of Mr. H. F. Roberts, Police Magistrate, owing to his promotion to Moruya, at tho close of the court pro- ceedings he was officially bade farewell by the local honorary magistrates, the lapai fraternity, and police. Mr. G. C. Halliday, on behalf of the lawyers, Senior-constable Kane for the police, and Messrs. Isaacs and Loder on behalf of the justices of the peace, spoke highly of the departing Police Magistrate. Mr. Roberts, in reply, thanked all for kind expressions, and alluded to the good feeling which had existed between him and all sections of the community. He paid a high tributo to the district.

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In North Italy the ratio ot children at- tending school is 11% per cent of the popu- lation, in Central Italy it is only C'^, while no more than 4\<> is the proportion in


To cross the Atlantic in four days a steamer would require to be 935ft. long, 87ft. wide, and driven at 30 knots by 110,000 horse-power. ; She would burn 1700 tons of

coal a day.

London's police is officered by four chief constables and thirty-two superintendents.

In Great Britain and Ireland there are now 7,672,848 houses and shops.