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(From Our Own Correspondent)



Richmond River shipping has been par- ticularly busy for the past twelve months, there being on on average no less than seven steamers per week (or one per day) exclusive of sailing vessels trading to the river. On Sunday the Tomki and City of Grafton crossed out and the Macleay crossed in. On Monday the St. George and Wyoming also crossed in. It is interest- Ing to note that not only is the Richmond River sending away its vessels with full cargoes, but in order to keep pace with the trade the N.C.S.N. Company find It neces- sary to keep its largest vessel in constant requisition. On an average the steamers outward Bound draw nothing less than 9ft. 6in. The Richmond Bar at present carries 15ft, of water, and the Inside channel 10ft. 6in. at high tide.

In view of tho proposed opening up of a shipping trade with Brisbane and the Northern rivers, it is interesting to note the large cargoes the outward bound Steamers from the river are carrying. The following exports from tho Richmond River and Byron Bay for six days (from 1st. in- stant to fifth instant) are not " specially selected," but are given as being the latest and only an ordinary week's exports : Per Cavanba, on 1st: 40,000ft. sawn timber, 53 pine logs, 1200 boxes butter, 6 cases bacon, 10 cases eggs, 2 casks tallow, 3 coops poultry, and sundries. Per Tomki, on 2nd : 11 bags maize, 12 bags bottles, 10 bags bones, 3 bags hides, 19 bags oysters, 3 bags seeds, 6 bundles skins, 5 bags beans, 4 bales millet, 66 cases eggs, 17 cases bacon, 4 cases fish, 7 casks tallow, 10 coops poultry, 109 hides, 19 hogsheads molasses, 1243 boxes butter, 21 logs beech, 3362ft. sawn beech, 54 pigs, 5000ft. boxwood, and large sundries. Per City of Grafton, on 3rd : 19 bags maize, 6 bags bottles, 4 bales millet, 5 cases eggs, 6 cases honey, 4 cases

fish, 3 coops poultry, 37 horses, 11 hides,   200 hogsheads molasses, 6 head cbullocks, 62  

boxes butter, 11 logs pine, 51 pigs, 13 pack-

ages sundries. Per St. George, on the 4th : 5  

bags horns, ¡Iii bags bonos, lu bags oysters, 1 5 bales millet, 11 calves, HO cases eggs, .->

cases ilsn, '¡aMJft. boxwood, ls,li>i;tt. sawn pine, ¡J casks tallow, 10 nags hides, 7UU ooxos butter, 10 logs ironbark, 'li logs blue- gum, 41 packages, 'I bales skins. 1-cr Dorrigo, ou 1th : Vi tons butter, (»JO

¡sleepers, II hardwood logs, ii pigs, .'" caus

cream, -1 coops poultry, w bagj oark, and sundries. Per Wyoming, on tub : i'il bags maize, l(i ca=es honey, 15 Dags bottled, 1 bale sk{ns, ". uag hair, 10 cases eggs, I» hides, l.u (Qgn pine, 1 packages sundries.

Per Tomki, on dtji : Oil bags maize, lu bags | hides, lj Dags bones, lil bags oysters, S

bags bacon, 0 bags heads, C bags potatoes, 1 7 bales millet, Ï bales skins, 34 cases o^gs, l

1C casks bacon, ¡T cases fish, 14 casks j

tallow, 2 casks lard, 11 coops poultry, 110 cases honey, K17 hides, 100 hogsheads mo- lasses, 817 boxes butter, -lu logs pine, RMuit. cedar, SuOOft. boxwood, 11 pigs, 12,487ft. sawn pine, and sundries.

It is rumoured on the Richmond that the North Const Company's new steamer Kyogle, built in Scotland expressly for tho Richmond River butter trade (which will arrive in Sydney this month), will probably be put in the Clarence trade, as she Is the only vessel the company has fitted up with refrigerating chambers, and chilling works for stock are to be erected at Grafton.