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I Mr. Anderson anticipates rain along tho

seaboard and over the -peninsula, probably extending inland to the meridian of Emer- ald, with scattered thunderstorms in other


The Civil Sittings of the District Court were commenced in Brisbane yesterday, before his Honour Judge Noel, and several undefended cases were disposed of.

Mr. James R. Dickson opened his election campaign for Bulimba by an address at the Bulimba School of Arts last night.

Mr. Barnes has refused to agree to Mr. Sydos's alternative proposals for a confer- ence of the two committees or a reference to Mr. Philp. ,

The writ for the Bulimba election fixes the nomination day for 7th February, and the election day for J6tb February.

The members of the Ministry are to bo sworn in to-morrow (Friday).

Approval has been given to three tram extensions in the metropolis-to Clayfield, towards Enoggera,- and from Melbourne street to Boggo-road, South Brisbane.

The Government have approved of a pro- posal by the Imperial Government to ap- point Sir Spencer Walpole as chairman of the Pacific Cable Board^

A reply to the message of sympathy on the death of the late Queen has been re- ceived from the King and the Royal Family.

The rcclassification of the State schools

is announced.

Arrangements for the special services on Sunday have been completed.

The commission of the 'peace for the year

is published.

The amount whlcli the Federal Minister anticipates will have to be handed back from the Queensland Customs and excise, receipts is £120,000.

Steps are being taken by the Queensland Riße Association to secure a suitable trophy for competition amongst teams re- presenting the different States at the meet- ing to be held at Toowone in Spntpmh»p

Mr. A. G. C. Hawthorn1 has been elected president of the Ithaca Shire Council for the ensuing year.

The Sherwood Divisional Board yesterday re-elected Mr. Sutton to tue position of president of the board, and Mr. Guyatt was

chosen for the same position on the Taringa


At a special meeting of the Toowong Shire Council held last night, Councillor the Hon. A. C. Gregory, M.L.C., was re elected president by 5 votes to 4.

At the Sydney wool sales yest^day the jjnarket was easier. Greasy wool brought

to O'/íjd., and scoured to 15%d.

The New South Wales Government have withdrawn the regulations imposed in con- nection with the outbreak of plague in


The railway revenue of New South Wales for the December quarter amounted to £1,052,399.

The various arrangements in connection with the Queen's funeral on Saturday, and the procession through London, are de- tailed In our cable messages.

Fahulous prices are being paid for seats from which the funeral procession may be


The King has directed that Saturday next, the day of the funeral, shall be observed as a day of general -mourning, and all busi- ness will be entirely suspended.

The mourning for Queen Victoria In Anfierica has been as general «md wide- spread as in the BritÍBh possessions.

All the colonial AgeSts-General have sent wreaths to Winüsor, and Earl Carrington, on behalf of the Commonwealth, has sent a wreath composed of wattle flowers and

arum lilies.

The Boer raiders in Cape Colony have been twice repulsed at Ouditshoorn.

Owing to the'proclamation of martial law Olive Schreiner and her husband have been prevented from leaving the Hanover dis- trict, in Cape Colony.

Four hundred Boers on Wednesday of last -week attacked 120 New Zealand and Queensland troops, under Major Tunbridge,, who were patrolling the railway line near Balmoral," fifty-six miles east of Pretoria, but the colonials maintained a steady fire, and prevented the Boers outflanking them.

Several other small engagements are re- ported in the Transvaal and the Orange

River Colony.

The Rand mineowners are paying £30,000 a month to 1200 mine guards.

King Edward was proclaimed at Pre-, toria with the usual titles, and also as Supremo Lord over the Transvaal, the pro- clamation being received with hearty


"The London wool market has lately been somewhat depressed, with a downward ten- dency in( prices, but on Tuesday a better tone was manifested, and there was slightly more competition.

.Mr. Reeves, ithe New Zealand Agent General, has made a presentation to Lord Roberts on behalf of his Maori admirers.

The Older of the Gartt-r was conferred upon the Crown Prince of Germany by King Edward at Osborne, with much ceremony.

The new century mission of the Free Churches of England has been opened In


Captain Arthur Lawley has been ap- pointed Governor of Western Australia.

The Duke of Yor(k is reported to be suf- fering from an attack of German measles.

The "Times" states that King Edward .will open the coming session of Parliament in person. ^

'Pike Brothers' new "iBon Ton" Ties, very latest idea in wasting neckwear. These are a very special line, and the first introduced In Queensland.*