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It is notified that the Field Artillery Section, Q.R.R.A.A., will proceed to camp at Mundoolun, by road, on the 25th instant, for the purpose of carrying out artillery practice, returning t0 Brisbane on the 2nd April. The remainder of the battery will proceed to the same camp by rail on the 27th instant, returning on the 29th.

Major Chauvel has been appointed to the command of the Headquarters Band.

In connection with the Q M.I. (First Bat- talion) the following have been posted to their companies for duty, pending the com- pletion of recruit 'driW :-Aofclng Lieuten- ants F. O'Mcihony (D), A. W. J. Walsh (E), C. S. Cobo and R. B. Lawson (F). Act- ing Lieutenants C. S. Hing and C. F. WWlte have been appointed to the com- mand of E and F Companies respectively.

Cupltiaiin W. Clatworthy has been ap- pointed to the command of H Company, Mlcroton Regiment.

Miajoir C. D. W. Rankin Is to resume com

'pamd of the Wide Bay and Burnett Ra-


lu connedHon with the Darling Downs Rogllmenlt, the Hon. Captain H. L. Groom has been appointed quartermaster ; Captain J. Tolmlie is to command A Company ; and Lieutenant ~E. R. Thomas and Acting Lieu tenlanlt 0. C. Berge are to-be posted to the same coroipany for duty. Acting Lieuten- ant M. G. C. Pasco is to command B Com- pany, and Acting Llle.utenanlt-3 J C. Black and H. W. Foster have been posted to tho '(Ejarno comp.any for duty. Lieutenant B. "Ti^bè Cönlay is to command C Company, l'Jalá' Ü'euten'anlts W. G. Mayne and G. L.

rcÈflfjsital have been postefr to the company

for'duty. ,

J,wÁkltInR Lieutenants R. H. Dodwell and F.

Srofith have been posted to the Cyclist Company for tlii'tey.

Acting Lieutenants C. Petrie and H. H. Coldham are to cnnvmiand B and C Com«

ipanies, QML, Cen'tral district Acting

Lieutenant E. T. CurWis is to ceromand C Oimpanv, Porit Curtis Regiment.

The following appointments'- havo been irlade in connection -with the Fourth Bat- talion, Q'M.I. (Northern district) .-C Com- pany-Adting Lieutenant H de B Ander- son, to commhnd ; Acting Lieutenants C D. Darley an'd J. J. Palmer posited for duty ; D Company-Acltrtng Lieutenant W. S. 0. Warren, to oommBid , Actting Lieu- tenants A A. Sltaiines and J. B. Macmillan posited for duty.

.Adt'lng Llieultenaiilt C. R. Wood has been posited to tho Towi_villo Garrison Battery tor duty. ,

Adting Lieutenant A. E M'Creody is to corn'mand H Company, 3rd Regiment (Ken- nedy), and Anting Sergeant A T. Jackson has been pasted to the company for duty

Dl'eultonant J. Fowtrsll has been ap !pô1iiitea*'to command F Company, Senior Cidat'Corps.

Comimanding officers of corps stationed in the Southern and Centeil military dls vti'lilts have been asked to malro the neces-

sary^ arrangements for nssemlb'ing in camp of'contdnuous ttiaihlng on a date to be fixed hereafter (probably about the middle of May); ' All ranks are to be notified at once, (ln' ordcir tibst leave of ahcence mav be ob- tained by trrose men who hold situations under employers.