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The following matches In the seventh round of the electoral competition were con- cluded on Saturday :

Valley v. Toowong.

Though the Toowong team tailed to equal the big totul made tne previous week by their opponents, they nevertheless gave a capital exhibition of batting last Saturday on the Exhibition Ground. Voller played a very fine innnings of 80, his cutting and driving being veiy clean and well timed, and he only gave one chance (a very diffi- cult one) towards the close of his innings. Both M'Millan (who made a long stay îor 35) and Colledge (who made 30 in finished style) gave him great assistance, and lalor in the innings Higgins hit up 26 very ra- pidly. Several other batsmen assisted ma- terially, and the score reacned 251. Adam- son achieved far the greatest amount of suc- cess with the balli 'and It is worthy of ndte that Dr. Macdonald caught the three top scorers off his own bowling. Aprleqded is the score and analysis":- °,' ; '

Valley-.-First Inning's..:.'/.v.( 830

Toowong.-First Innings. "'

J. Clarke, c. J. P. Smith, b. Jones. 9

R. Doran, c. and b. Cuffe. l8 W. C. Voller, c. Macdonald, b. Adamson 86 J. MacMillan, c. Macdonald, b. Adamson 35 G. Colledge, c. Macdonald, b. Adamson.. 30 J. Shield, c. J. P. Smith, b. Adamson.... 10 P. 'C. Sansford. c. Jones, b. Adamson.. 7

x. o. oupbiuru, u. joues, u. Aamiiïou.. i

A. E. Webb, l.b.w., b. Adamson. 11 J. Higgens, c. and b. Jones.i 26 J. Chalk, c Adamson, h. Jones.? 3 Bolton, not out.? 0

Sundries.*... 16

Total .251

Bowling for Valleys, Cuffe took one lor 54, Jones three for 01, Adamson six for 71,

South Brisbane (No. 2) v. Nundah.

Though in this match at Nundah the home team after the first day's play were 50 runs to the bad when each aide had completed an innings, they succeeded on Saturday In wln^ nlng the game by 10 runs - a very creditable performance. The chief scores and analyses are as fol- low ¡-Nundah, first Innings, 89 ; South Brisbane, first Innings 139 ; Nundah, second Innings 131 <T. Byrne 45, A. Donkin 38, J. D. Leary 12, L. Evans 11); South Brisbane, second Innings 71 {Marshall l8, R. Lewis 11). Bowling in South Brisbane's second in .nlngs, Byrne took five wickets for 28,

.M'Gllnchey one for 19, J. D. Leary two for 6, and L Evans none for 7. In Nundah's second Innings, W. Lewis took one for 27, R. Lewis none for 10, Shipway five for 58, Hallett one for 15, and A. H. Austin one for


North Brisbane v. Ipswich.

This match was concluded at Ipswich, on Saturday, North Brisbane winning by ^sven ?wickets. On the previous Saturday Ipswich made 78, while North Brisbane compiled 117 for six wickets. Continuing, the Norths brought their score to 129. Bowl- ing for Ipswich : W. Campbell, no wickets for 31, J. M. Campbell four for 27, J. Lyon« four for 27, E. Watson one for 19. Ipswich dn their second attempt made 72. Hewitt took five wickets for 34, Miller one for 13, iB. Graham two for 16. North Brisbane hit off the 12 runs required for the loss oí three


Toombul v. Enoggera.

Played at Enoggera, Toombul winning -by an Innings and 32 runs. Scores : Enoggera, 22 and 40 (Tate 15, M'Glnn 10). Toombul, 94 (A. D. Graham 29. «. Chessman 17, J. Reid 14). The bowling analyses are not to hand, but Graham took eleven wickets, Davies seven, and T. A. Doran two at very small expense.


Woolloongabba B v. Grammar School,

This match, commenced on the Grammar School turf on the previous Saturday,' re- sulted in an easy win for Woolloon- gabba B by an, Innings and 32 runs. Scores -Grammar School, first Innings, 81; second Innings 105 (M. Parker 21, Joyce 21, Irving 31). Woolloongabba B, 218 (W. T. Fisher 84, T. Henderson not out 6«, H. Airell 21). In Woolloongabba's innings Drane took two wickets for 46, Fay two for 55, Joyce two for 26, Irving three for 21, and Sapsford

one tor 40.