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The South Brisbane Municipal Council were called together for a special meeting at noon on Saturday for the purpose of electing a Mayor for the year. At ten minutes past 12 o'clock there were present the retiring Mayor (Alderman P. Nott), and Aldermen Davies, Jonas, and Duncan. Alderman W. Stephens, M.L.A.,. was un- avoidably absebt at Nerang. Alderman Foley was also invisible, though in the building earlier. It transpired that Alder- men Babbidge, Blocksidge, Garsden, M'Dougall, Phillips, and Currie were dis- cussing the position in the Mayor's room. At twenty minutes past 12 Alderman


on behalf of the aldermen below,   entered the chamber and requested the aldermen in the Council Chamber to adjourn for a quarter of an hour, during which the position could be discussed in caucus. Alderman Jones, as returning officer, desired, however, to hold the meeting at once, and do the formal business, and the others pre ilent supported him. The thirty minutes allowed under the Local Government Act was on -the point of expiring when Alder- men M'Dougall, Blocksidge, Phillips, Garsden, Bahbidge, and Currie entered aha (took fhein seaty The attendance-book having been signed, Alderman Jones, the

returning officer,, announced the remilt of

the recent elections.

Mr. Hill, the town clerk, waa thoa moved Into the chair. He pointed out that in the pa&t'it had boen the custom of -iho council when electing their Mayor to profiose a member, and if a second one waa favoured hla name was put in *he form of ai amend- ment, <and the vote taken In the usual way. In the City Council, howevor, acting under legal advice, It Tvas the custom to receive the names, in the form of nomina- tions, each nomlnaiblon being submitted to the members until a majority vote had ¡wea

obtained, the nominee being then declared


Alderman Blocksidge then moved (hat the council adjourn for ten minutes, la order to discuss tho question. Alderman Phillipe seconded this. Alderman Babbldge sup- ported the motion, pointing out that he understood there were two aspirants for the chair, and the difficulty was increased hy thevahsonee of two of the aldermen. Alder- man Currie, as a new alderman, favoured the adjournment in order that ihe might Obtain Information on the question. On the motion being put, seven aldermen voted for it, and It was declared carried. The whole of those present then left the cham- ber, with the exception of Alderman Jonee

¡Seats were resumed at 1 o'clock', and Alderman Phillips nominated Alderman Garsden for the position or Mayor. Alder- man M'Dougall seconded the nomination.

The retiring Mayor, Alderman Nott, was nominated by Aldermen Jones and Duncan. The nomination of Alderman Garsden, on being put, "Nias voted for by Alderman Phillips, Currie, Babbldge, Blocksidge, and M'Dougall. The latter pointed out that It would bo desirable ii every alderman voted, and Alderman Garsdon's own vote was then recorded dn .his favour, making six votes, and a majority of the ten aldermen present. Aldermen Garsden was thereupon declared elected. After the result ¡had been declared, Alderman Garsden was then lead to the chair by Aldermen Phillips and M'Dougall.

The newly-elected Mayor saM he realised 'that ho had been elected because of the claims of his ward, No. 3, and he accepted the position with some diffidence, because of his ail-health. He had placed himself in the hands of his friends, however, and would

devote his best services .and qualities to the


Several of the aldermen present, including e\-Mavor Nott, congratulated ifche nawly elected Mayor, and the meeting for Monday

having haen announced, th» prooseâlngs