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(By Telegraph from Our Correspondent.)

SYDNEY, July 27.

Mr. H. G. H. Sandeman, of Waverley, left   to-night for Mudgee, with a couple of blood   -hounds, to assist in the search for the  

black murderers. As the scent is now so old, Mr. Sandeman is not particularly san- guine of success, but he will do the best he can. It is expected that in fairly good country the dogs will cover twenty miles a


Over 100 constables and twelve trackers are now out searching for Joe and Jimmy

Governor, the aboriginals concerned in the  

recent murders, and it is proposed to swear in a number of special constables to assist in the work. The men chosen will be those with a good knowledge of the country in which the blacks are travelling.

The Colonial Secretary states that the blacks would have been declared outlaws before this, but it appears that the Act authorising the Government to declare mur- derers to be outlaws has expired.



At the Mudgee Police Court to-day Charles Brown, alias Jacky Underwood, was charged with the murder of Percival Mawbey, Hilda Mawbey, and a young woman named Kerz, at Breelong on Friday last. It was stated that while the prisoner was being escorted from Qulong to Mudgee he made a state- ment to the effect that he was in camp at Breelong with Jimmy and Joe Go- vernor. Jimmy Governor wanted money from Mawbey, but the latter would not give any more until the contract upon which Governor was engaged was finished, and Jimmy said ho would kill Mawbey. Underwood also said he stopped in the camp with Jimmy Governor's white wife aud child. Jacky Porter arad the black boy Jimmy, and Joe Governor, left the camp together last Friday night. Jimmy carrying a rifle and three nulla-nullas, and Joe a nulla-nulla and tomahawk. After the Governors returned to camp all left together, and when they had proceeded half-a-mile in the scrub the two Governors wanted to kill Mrs. Gover- nor and the child, but Jacky Porter and Underwood would not allow them to take more lives. Jimmy Governor's wife and child left for Dubbo, and Jacky Porter and the black boy also left the camp. The Governors and Underwood went off to- gether in the direction of Wailar. Next day, while they were eating their dinner in a scrub, some white men came up and fired at them. The Governors and he then made off into the scrub and separated. The two Governors said they were going to Wailar to kill all the blackfellows there, and then make for the wild nulla moun- tains and kill all the people there. The prisoner was remanded for eight days.