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(From Saturday's " Government Gazette.") |

Appointments.-As district registrars of births, deaths, and marriages, li. Morris, at Thargo- mindah, for the district of Warrego ; -W, - G. .Moran, nt Cooktown, for the district uf Cook ; F. C. Burne, ut Thursday Island, for the. district of Somerset. V. W. Thiel, to be a warder and baker in the prison service ; Dr. K. Bl Ormerod, to

be medical officer ¡ti Bouliu. To be iissistànt district registrars of births, deaths, and marriages : Constable T. Reddall, ut Atherton ; Constable .1. Kenny, at Watsonville ; and Constable J. il'Kier iiaii, ut Mount Garnet (ali m tile district of Her- berton) ; Constable U. Smith,-at Mungana and Constable .1. Ford, at Tate (both in the district of Woothaknta) ; Constable E. Conway, at Surat, for the district of Balonne ; Acting-sergeant P. Griffin, at ïetilba, for the districts- of Balonne, Darling Downs North, und Maranoa ; Acting-ser- geant It. 11. Alford, at Burketown, for the dls tiict of Burke. To be members of-divisional boards : V. Roache, llauhlnla ; II. (!. Barnard, Duaringa ; II. li. Harbord, Hann. T. J. Byrne and .l.'M. Whyte, to be auditors for the divisions of Boulia mid Ubi Ula respectively ; R. Crouch, to

be a female warder at the Nornianlpn prison ; ' 0. W. Watson, to be chairman of th'e board of

the division of Waggamba. To be members of ' school boards : Cumberland, J. Barnsley; Duaringa, \V. Carson, A. C'omollattc, L. C'orkill, II. Fraser, and V. l'eatey ; Mount Morgan (Girls' and Infants'), T. G. Cornes, J. .Dally, C. Edwards, S.

.1. Richards, R. Hoekett, C. Williams, ami J., Wilson ; Soiitlibiook, J. Droney and W. G. Vickers; Walloon,. J. .Dale,

,Tenders. Accepted.-New, police buildings',, War ,wick, J. .Longxvlll', .,£3753 ; alteration*,', pojît and

tetcgrapli office,' Thursday Island, Messrs.' -"Byers dnd Young, .d10. ' "'

' Tenders Invited.-Removal of ' rubbish, Govern- ment buildings, Brisbane, 8lh June ; new post and telegraph office, Esk, 20th June ; new portable cells at police station, Mount Garnet, 20th June ; new armoury (brick), headquarters, Q.D.F., Brisbane, 22nd June ; new playshed, at Watson- ville Slate school, 20th June.