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Charlton Wins Over 440 Yards.

SYDNEY, Sunday - Possibly never in the history of swimming in Sydney has so much   interest been taken in any match as that   between "Boy" Charlton, the youthful Manly   swimmer, and Arne Borg the Swedish champion of Europe and holder of several world   records. These two youthful champions met on Saturday for the first time. The Swede's  

wonderful record of achievements in the water

have made him a notable figure in the world's   swimming history, while Charlton has been the idol of New South Wales since his wonderful performance last year when he broke the world's     record for the half mile by more than 19sec. A crowd estimated at 8,000, saw the Australian   representative win the event by yards from Borg, with Moss Christie, the mile champion 15 yards away third. The winner's time for the 440 yards   was 5min, 11 4-5sec, equalling Borg's world's         record. When Charlton took the lead in the race and forged ahead of the field the demonstration was extraordinary. When Charlton left   the water the cheering burst forth again. Borg   rowed him the full length of the baths. In the centre of the baths Borg stood up and called for three cheers for the victor, which were given with enthusiasm, and were followed by three more no less hearty for the Swedish champion.

Borg was considered to have the best chance after his wonderful 220 yards swim on Friday. A fine start was followed by an instant attempt by Borg to set the pace. Before 50 yards had been covered Borg was two yards to the good. Coming up the second lap Charlton appeared to gain slightly on Borg, who was still setting a very hot pace. By the time the end of the second lap was reached Charlton was a yard behind Borg, and when the pair had gone 250 yards   they were on even terms with Charlton going as strongly as ever and Borg appearing to tire. Charlton had now settled down to his stroke, and forged ahead, having an advantage of two or three yards when he turned for home. Charlton sprinted away from the remainder of the swimmers in the last lap, and won by 20 yards. Moss   Christie was 15 yards behind Borg, followed at an interval of four yards by E. Henry.      

Frank Doyle won the 220 Yards Junior Championship, and K Kirkland easily accounted for   the rest of the field in the 100 Yards Back-stroke   Championship of the State. The State Country Championship was won by W. R. Miller (Wagga), with J. Small (Albury) second and H. Boag (Bangowlah) third. The 100 Yards Championship   of New South Wales was won bv Athol   Coppleson (Bondi) from E. Henry. Kirkland and Henry tied for third place.


By defeating Borg in 5.11 4-5 Charltont equalled     the world's record established by Borg at Stockholm   in a 25-yards basin last year. Charlton's     performance on Saturday proved that he is one of the worlds best over the quarter of a mile, for the Domain baths are 100 yards long, and the advantages gained at the turns in a small bath are obviated in a bath of the Sydney Domain type.        

All of Borg's best times were recorded in short baths, as he is an adept at "turning," and he     will undoubtedly show himself to greater advantage when he swims in a 30-yards basin. In   Melbourne he said that he expected to do better at the City baths (33 yards) than at the St. Kilda baths (75 yards), where there is no 'kick-off."    


Owing to a disagreement between the Richmond Swimmtne: Clnb and tot. \ ictonan \mateur ¡swim ffiA2*!aSon the «chrduled sport* meeting at

"SPSS ÍSlSiiSíf Aï th. victorian

Anateur Swimming Association tho Hithmonl Swimming < lub applied fir mrmisnion lo Çandurt ita annual sports meeting on tho tïtrning o \\ed ncs'aj Januao ir im that evenhu: the \jc toran ladi« \mateur Swimming Asnociation will hold combined swimming sporti* at the City »atiis

arrival at tlu KiOimml Baths on SitunHj how erer intend ink competitors and sprctttors vrm toll that Ile sport* would not bt held mell »»mt »»"«.«v.!. -ant«! tri conlurt their (.porta A\edne«laj érenme and the\ were going to do

e> did no1 swim on festunla) afternoons. The club intends to hold the meeline "

i cicning

It lias been dec! l**d to conduct the Melbourne on tebmary 1(1 at the St Kilda Baths and on I c1 mary 20 and 23 at the City Badi» Tho Tag mmian section of the championship will be held on fccbruarj .2 C and o-two da>» ahead of tho pre yious arrangements The New Soutn Wales State «iiamninnNiiin« nt present being contested in Sydney

important b-aring upon the wier

Hiarlton Bore, mnotitora.

Mr \. Horton has neon appo ntcd chairman of the council of tlio \ ictorian Amateur fewmiraing Association Mr G Maynard resigned at a nxent meeting when thn proposed ama!tarnation of Hie

ahlj considered

On Uic wide teach at Middle Park a short OIl

Unce north of the Middle Bark Hat M the Middle

eather conditions tho official o peni ni. of the ... was delayed but arraogLinuils liare now boen made fir It to take place next S a tardai after noon comroencink. at half tust 2 o clock lhc club

? ? - ? "jBtantial club

lemonst ration n two diving boards and i

l18ud(cap teams nice children s handicap Itckch aportA, ami life-saving demonstra"

IU be iirencntcd for all ctents

1 ntries for Hu erents to be contested at the am ual aquatic b\ orta uf the Mid Ho Park Balbi I ife stiTing mid ¡swimming Club must be lo Igcd with the M*civtar> (Mr K Metcher) btfore January "¡I lhc sports will b held at tho Middle i arfe Baths on 1 obruarj y The programme Includes tin f Hawing érenla - '00 lards Handicap learns ltace (four in U am) 50 \ard» Open Handicap (men) fiO \arti* Han Hean liol h Uhcc (under 10

" "-??*- '. ..... . unen) Open

it. Handicap (l imnnnL -rentre

--.--.-- .-- --.- -d at the last iiiLv*....n of tiie t jLtormn AiuaU ur S vet mm i ni. Association the -'--.- --. afllllated It intend» to

cntlon to the nuUration of


\n oien-ftca swimming meeting will be hold by the Park Surf Bathing < lub at Mcgregor street

Middle Park on ffttmar> _t> ilien will be «coi fo boys, girls and adulta Ihe lark club has mo jf the best dlvini. stands along tilt, Melbourne forcshnrt and fre m this stunl the races will be



Tîeiently i womens swimming club was formed at Collinkwood anl ho successful hare the efforta of pflldala N»en tliat » sports metting at which the diring championship of \ ictoria will be contested in to he held un lanuan 20

U a general meeting on Wednesday night tnc (luhroom ut the Abbotsford baths was crowded*-and keen Interest wis taken 1n the discussion on apph cations from several mea for admittance to the club «s bon members ibeso applications hato been induced bj the fitt tliat the men s swimming lIuo at \hhotsford dechres that under the \ A fe \ ml« members an» debarred from affiliation with the Boyal 1 tie Sarum Society The outcome of the diicUsAion was tin* it waa decided that men could join as honorary members but hare no toIco

* " ee tings

¡ular life sating clawi larc been formed and .- . «netted tliat at least 30 candidat« will shortly present thtmselres for examination iu lt Ii a fe awards I