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k Keen Interest Shown.

With tlie last or the pru Hire frames played ';

Saturday, Hub* arc settling down to work In turret, and Although hundred of recruit* have been trifd, it will he found when the teams ?ike thc field on Bilui day that there will not be. mnrh alteration in the personnel. Country Havers, ' who came to Melbourne with creal reputations in their own districts , have been thoroughly tvied out, hut In the majority, of instances have not come up to League standard, sni will depart whence 'they came, disappointed mrn. There has aUo been an Influx of players from other State;., ami thc chief hope of strengthen* mg Victorian football Is in these players, most of whom nre capable exponents of thc game. Whethrr it is pood for football generally that the best players from other .States are being lured by attfswtivf offer* lo Virlorlu ia a question tliat ran bc veil thrashed.out at. the next ince ting- of ihf AnMralian Koot ball Council, but meanwhile tilt niling bodies in tim other States have tlie lemedv* lu their hands by refuting clearance*. *.

VoMnwinR tip thc comments made in' these column* , last weet: .regarding "thc question of country coaches, tin* Association discussed the subject at -onie length nt its meeting on Monday (¦vniinx. when « motion by the ? Geelong dele -ale (Mr, ti. Johnstone) that thc question be reviewed at the next conference of tho League Bivi Association, with thc object of making thew jihyrs obtain clearances, was agreed to. Pele. pl« considered it ridiculous, nnd a menace to the game, that Mich exorbitant pay uh is nt present bf ins offered simula' be given to players to go

to the. country. ' .... to

The _e*t.ons in both thc League and Association 5* e»en on Saturday, when Mme interesting-games ire scheduled. The programme it as follows:?


Fitzroy r. Carlton, nt Fitzroy.

t>rndon v. St, Kilda, nt Essendoi.

Stn th Melbourne v. Collingwood, at South Mel



Richmond, at Melbourne. Geelong, a bye.


Geelong r. Hawthorn, at Geelong.

VixiL-crav f. Northcote, .at Footscray,

\orth Melbourne v, Tbrt Melbourne, at North Holborn!"*. ? ¦ .

Itruti-wick v. Hrlghlon. at Drunswick.

Williamstown v. I'rabrati,"ut Williamstown.

Mp] bourne arc indignant ut tho suggest iou that th*rr is friction between thc committee

members regarding the election of thc committee bi the football members. -Mr. Andrew Mantle liiii on Saturday that Melbourne were differently unistituted to thc other league clubs, ns they vcr*1 merely a bmnch of the Melbourne Cricket Club. A few years ago there were no foo thu ll infiniters, but some followers of the club made a request through Um cricket club that football >.f_!ioii tiekots should be ironed, Ute reason given being that they would secure admittance to the *iand and so be In loucli with the players, and ilw have .thc right of entry to 'other grounds. Ihf matter was brought up at the annual meeting nf ihei:ri{*rt club, nnd the president (Mr. .Justice Cussen) said that although be would (akc thc sporting- view and put it before thc committee. Thc request, was' granted, and ??The new football members admitted to the stand to watch the club play. 'This entailed a sacrifice bv tljc cricket members, and opposition from any oiuvof them would bare been fatal. These mom bm bad the right of entry to other grounde with their cricket tickets, but with thc advent of u fonthill ticket this privilege* was withdrawn. After one ye».r, a further request was made thai the football members should vote with the cricket members in electing the football committee. Ariwi Mr. Justice Cussen took the sporting view. The subject was discussed at u conference of the cricket and football committees, und this request was uIm) granted. At the commencement of the next stamm, when reforms were in tho air. jj> agitation to change thc football management was net on toot, and numerous meetings of the reform party were held. As these were not con- ducive to harmony or thc best interests of thc club, the cricket committee rel ne Un tl,

rided to withdraw thc privilege of football members voting for the election of thc committee. Th* present agitation is con- fined to a few supporters who have lately joinM tlie football club, and who are trying hard io ffcitrc complete control. Amongst the players thrre i* complete harmony, and Mr. Manzle said hf never felt more hopeful of having a fine, sys- tematic side. It is likely that thc team will visit Sydney during the .eason. The ^election of the,C3 players ii causing much embarrassment, ¦mia meeting of the committee will bc .held thh evening to weed them out, and on Thursday rvening the committee will entertain the players st tea. after which tim vice-captain, who is likely


White by 18?25 to 8?n, good form was sliowti bv Moore, a rover from Prahran, nnd .lames, a short, thick-set wing man from (Jolden Point. Peck anti A. Wilson were opposed on thc wing, and it in thought that the latter will do well half-for- ward, The Abernethy brothers, nnd Morrison, a bi(t follower, are certain to be included in,the vide, und Collins is also doing well, although he raft Corbett at his best on Saturday. The latter i_ coming to Melbourne to live permanently this w*ffc. fo will bc able to train regularly. 'Allan hid his first run, but is a bit on thc slow side; btu Harker, who wae also having his first run, kided four goals. Coy Is showing improved

form full hack.

llefnre i crowd of about 10,000 people, Carlton plaved their last practice match, Tlie punic was ih' best of th. tw.«. of try-outs, thc high narking, long kicking, and accurate goal shooting Iring -i Kt.*urn. Tin! cid playcs nre ufaiWitng eiwptionally good form, Roromeo ami Duncan playing particularly well...Teams reprinting the Hi-if. md ibo HU-.- nh'd vv:i.uV captained nv Cloirr and Boromeo rospccljivelv, played. Shortly n/ler, thr conmieiicom^tftiowrir,}. was hclncdvolf the ground with a sprained nri$le. but as lie will w>K have complete*! His -residential 'quuliflcition iimil the fifth nntrfi.' ito -"ill baye plenty of time to reriip( m'.«. MoK*!n*ic, Morrissey, end Hufsell har. (heir first mn, the hitlcr-luving been kept out with a l.nnw.l fl milder Ivon*. Dick, who comes with a great-reputation from Tatura, was unable tn strip i/.vlnp tova broken rib. Thc reelection mminitteo mei-on Sa I ut dav evening, nnd redut-cd the;ll* t, ,Tf)-..ilaVtr«,-HM thc eeerebrv (Mr. Ttec*. Hum. said .tiwi- it was* very difllenlt tupk, fwine to there being so many good player* avail* iblf. Kaus* and Hlarkmore wtro each tried full link, and both .hat'*''tovell na to still lei vi* it oren .*,_ t<: who Will be "thc best mun fur the pjtion. Of tr.e.nvv iit-nv Brew (Newman Col* Iffifl, a rover; -Pringle-(Tasmania). Knell (Bruns wick) .nn-1 T, platt lu'rol'sh) played well; *hil_ Milkens, toole, .Bolt, Pritchard, and MeUtchle showed best, form of tho .old plavcrs. The mrwt siit-ceivfiil goabklckers were:?Blues? Mibatchie (3), .ind Bell tit) ..but (pr. Hie .'Blue _iiil MMt<_f, Duncan w.n in ('cadly form, und.yot sir. RtMlt. The game-tndiil in a draw, thc h-mcs Iteingi-niuep, 15.10,'to H-10. ' All last year's 1-larprn. with the" exception of Johnson, wcrj again Included, and vf Ph'the following'new men 'linke up th^ ;'.0-..-Pi-i:i.;i2 (wins will not he available imii! tb- fiMirih matihi. Uar* (fmm South. \u<

tr.dia), who, owiiur to residential quallftditions will .int. plan- niitil n id way through the s.-'a.wn; fioodrkk, Blackmore, Brew, McMahon, Snell, and White. There are hones'that Faust -(Brunswick Jinwr*) viii be.iiiclndeil later. Clover bits dhcii elerted eoT-h'and capiTiin.: .-¦ ¦ i- >_ .* ¦ ¦ ?

Mr, Maybury, thc Richmond secretary, take* fxeepM.Ap ti« th*! statement that none of the i._w men is showing pood form, and states that, on thfl contrary, thc materbil offering is ni pood that uV »e.e*.fion con ir'ttec, vbich met yesterday morning, found it impossible to reduce, the number below VA, ulia will .ill bc kept on the train'-ng 1st for the r.tcM'iii. Tlure arc net many.vac.m ek_' to he filled, as tho only" abteutees nre S. Morris and C-arow (both i - retired) and Hall (who has gone to North Melbourne a* coach). Amongst the new men included in the list arr Griffiths (a hefty follower from Kalgoorlie), OjaIov (a smart wingman from, Tas- mania), McLcoo (from South Australia), and [5. Hislop (New South. '..Waiee). * In '¦et the prospects'are so good ..that Mr: Maybury ?ava that the vacancies could easily bc filled with fat erda lc nhycr*; who have already made-their mark. All these players have already received clearances. Brndv, wfio had one game last year, when he broke bis collarbone. Is also in thc Hst. Ttiehmond claim that Pringle, who is practising M ?out!i Melbourne, is qualified bv resident* to plij with lUclininml. l!o hod ? one game: w(th Hawthorn h*st .tear, so will require a itleaianee hoth from Hawthorn and Kifhmond before ticing, allowed (o ploy with South. There Ia a doubt ss to Tlfo'iinon 1 cUarlnL' him. Mctsaacs and -limw had a run ci. ?.tlurdny, both showing good form; md HiiRgard will bo Available, os soon .n ho recovers from an attack of influenza. G. > Hush, when training on Friday, camev down, heavily. srnl, injured'his knee sn badly.that it is thought hf will have t« pWc the" panie-np. *lle .is at present on erutches. In thc game on Saturday. «heu the Old Pla vera met thc-New.-.thc hitter led at halMmu*. bntlfaflcd to see It out.-.and wcro beaten by 11*7 to 5-12. Wjth the excep- tion of McIntosh, who again showed great lomb ro one stood out cortspicuoiislv, tho most notice ¦Me being James, G. Hislop, Branning. Grifl'tbs, Oakley, and Hughes. There i.« great enthusiiisiu inion;?* i th* stippcitcts, and It looks as. if nil previous records us to tb* sale of members' ticket* *i1l bo broken. Thc supnly pave out carly in the tcpti, arni fwh .supplies were exhausted on Fatnr:l:iy. Tlie rr.rkct club I* c.xten<lin? tho new frnee right lonti't'tlie ground, end much-needed improvejhenti to thc press-box are to Ito maila.

Tliere were 3,000 people at South' Melbourne,

when the Red; and"Vhtte bent South Melbourne, District by 1S--5 to .ti?G. The juniors no mateh for the. senior?, who put n strong side into the field, Tandv. captained South, while Pannam led the juniors," The best, players, were Joyce,. James, Roberts. J. Scanlon, and Billclt. The permit for .lames bas come through from South Australia," and will be dealt with by thc League ibis week. Member.' tiYkeis are Kelling freely, and already last rear's number has been exceeded. Hie captain and vice-enptaiu will be eleetcd on Thursdiiv evening. Matthewn was tried centre forward," where be kicked four goals, and Allison, full forward, got live. , Jlolwrts, a reornit from Traralgon, played his first (came, nnd chaped promising)v. Carah: rcifived u knock on the knee, which kept bim nuiet. but it U not. thought to bc neriom. The training lt*t I* to be cut down to .10 this week, the must likely nf the new men being Johnson, .Inyie. Bussell.

Jame*, and Roberts.

Collingwood uga in played a match between Bides selected from new and old plavers, the blue- birds beating the Magpies by 10? ir, to !^-10.

Charlie Milburn, .Jw ciwmpion sprinter, who for- merly played for North Melbourne, took the field on Saturday, nnd be. -with Carrismi (a wing man from the Deep Bock club). Budd (wing), und I ai wu (follower) wen1 tho best performers of thc recruits. Of the older brigade. K. Wilson, Tyson. Howe. I.inwood-f-mitb, K. Cock, Curtis, nnd Olynu dis- played ftpb'udid form. *llw secretary, Mr. Copeland, t>tut«!< that member.-i' tiekelti are (toing off well, a new i&suc having to be obtained. lie predict* u much utrunger «ide than last vear. The training list bas now been reduced to .10, three or four uf the old players hnvlng been dropped to make room 'or the newcomers, who are as follow*;?Uurri*oii that*). Hardie (centre), Ue, Rudd (wing), and Tiylor (forward), alt from Carlton district; Furnell, the Carlton man, .who needs a cleirancc; I j wo (follower) from Camberwell; Makpham, a forward from Wonthaggi District; Poulter (a policeman fmm Creenshnrvuph); Ucnson. who needi a clearance from Northcote; Garrison (wing), McCaramudi (a forward from Perih), tnul rMil burn.; v* .'." ¦ < ¦ , ' .¦¦',.

Freake and Rattr_i>5 again lcd sides at Fitwoy. wher«;^about..B,C00 njicttators :watt-lied.*tho' play. 'Hie game resulted " in a hollow victory for Kreake'c sidet chiefly owing to the fine forward

ntovfWflt.'1 *Thev mnuopnlisfHt thc'forward play.' Parra lt's pa sr I ria being perfect,' Tie ktckeil four, I;a«li and Kr«akc five, while Johnson got three o» tbe other tida.,_gzi_U played fate flat ^tme.

and Iii In Mod form; Warna, did well on the back Jins, while' Rattray1* marking and kicking sserc above Hs* ordinary., Atkinson playej.a strong and vlgoroiss game, hut 1'arratt was too clever lor him. Humilton, tins follower, has Im- proved considerably, and should make stood this season, and Molan, wini will piny on thc lack linc with Atkinson mid Tarliottom, is in rare fettle. The best of the new players are Watson, a police man'from Northcote; Tarlwtl6m, a line mark and Iel -foot kick, who ss-ill. play eentre half-back; Held, un all-round mar. from tbe Juniors: Michael, who beat both Keller anti Williams on the wins;; Dickens, another linc wing man Irons Preston; mid Deslandea and Theobald, rovers from the Juniors. Johnson, n rover and forwar-1 trosn North Mel bourne, ls also in (rood form, and if cleared bv North Melbourne will probably be In against Carlton on Saturday. Bryant is improving; with even* came, anti besides markintr well Reta rid of the hall quickly. Rattray is almost certain to be captain, but there ls mindi Interest in the election of a vice-s-sptain, three candidates being nomin- ated. It ia likely that Atkinson will be elected.

lleclons has several new players, hut the principal recruiu are to be called up from thc second .eighteen. The coach, nert Tavlor, bf Fitzroy, han been putting the men through some hard training, nnd he is confident that svlsen thev take the field fer thc premiership matches thev will »hosv ont well. He purposes giving the men as Isarsl work aa possible during training nights in order to (lt them for thc biz matches, iThe last of the practice snatches before the opening ol the season was played on Sattsrday between teams picked fromtbe senior 18 and some of the secossd IS. Tlsey were under the captaincy of llert Rankin (nines) and Bert Taylor, the coach (Blue ami White). A good match was witnessed. Many of the men showed great promise, and the committie -are confident that this season the club will put in some (rood wosk and Rive the public some first-class foothill. The plav was ol an open nature throughout.. Rankin's team was victorious, soorlnir 1S emla ll hehlnJs (I5!> points) to Taylor's 10 coals S behinds (65 points). The RV1?'"'?.?? w_-e:-Psir Illues-Hogger (4), Mills. '??>? IL Heming (.1). K. Fleming (2), Kearney (2), and Coghlan. Joni-:, and Oates (one each). For the Blue ami Whiles?C. Bankin (6), Keane (2), and Mcflregor uni). lehmann tone each). Amongst the best players were Bankin brothers. Taylor, stevcii'on, Plane, Dagger, ' Coghlan, and Mcnirgiir. Members' tickets are reported to be going off well, and the committee expects that the season will be a record one in this direction.

1 ho ht. Kilda ground w"» very hard in parts, nnd re .utrea flooding before players can shosv their true form. Thc (rame between the first and second eighteens was keenly contostetl, nnd the scores were in no svay an Indication of the play, the juniors at. times showing svstem.'due in a measure 10 Improved coachlnir. Tile final scores were:? St. Kilda, lil (toals IS behinds; Second Eighteen, 3 goals, i helilnds. Of the new players tried bv the seniors, l.enlte (from Fitzroy), full back, showed up brilliantly, while Sullivan (roving) Is a decided acquisition, but he bas vet-lo be cleared by New South Wales. Of the old plavers, James .(rov- ing), Carr (centre), Tymms, Lamplough,, and Jen- kins (following), Harper (hack), despite the fact that he roamed too far, Moyes (forward), and Ile Caris (wing), particularly In the latter hall, were the most prominent. Of the juniors, Horsley, Cor don. Bea. N. Osborne, and O'T/earv showed (rood form. Tlie final selection of thc iii players will he made on Thursday evening. The social com- mittee entertained the players at Warrandyte last week, when on cnjovable time was spent. . Several fnoth'illem' events were held. Dave MeNamnni winning (lie lone-distance kick with a beautiful 70 yard shot. Wells Kirke won thc shooting tor goal competition, and Harper ibo ninning with the ball event.

'Die ground was In fine condition at Kssendon. where plenty of svatcr has been used. The seniors played the Juniors, and had it runaway victory, the scores being 20-S (o 3-13. Stockdale had a day out, kicking nine goals. He is iii great form just at present. In addition to Stockdale, Callahan, Irwin, Maher. Adam, Campbell, Jen* kins, and durden all displayed good form. Kssen- don also look advantage ot the holiday on Mon- day to plas- a same between sides led by larker and laing. clever football was shown; of the new snen Ilnves (Melton) Cutler (Wonthaggi). Maller (Seymour), Taggart, Missen; Johnstone, and Rothwell impressed. Thc game resulted In a win for Barker's side liv 11-14 to S-9. There ls still some doubt as to Ogden's intention, as he has not so far applied for his clearance, but was a notable absentee on Saturday. Thc training list was cut down to .12 on Saturday, but a further reduction will' shortly be made. '

Footsorav reports that the prorvects were never brighter. Practically all of last season's players are available, und willi about is) men striving for admittance thc selection of the final 25 will he hard. Players who have thc best chances on their present form arc 0. Woodmi-n (rover), from Yarraville, who ls described as a second Bason; W. Woodman, his brother, a half-back: Booth, a 6ft. Sin. fullback from Swan lilli, and a great mark and kick; Bowen, a big follosver from Bal- larat Imperial; Mullens (forward), frons Essendon Juniors; and Pemberthy, a wing man from the Footscray Juniors. Only about live new men are, however, required. Of the old players, nowell ls quickly getting into form, mid Norman lord, .lonsson. J. (Merson, V. Samson; Hansen, Doolan, Dillon, McCarthy, usu! Kason are also showing out well. Good support is being given by the council, and in addition to thc improvements mentioned last week n 9ft. fence is being erected round thc ground, taking in another 40ft, and a motor-car enclosure ls being made. The Tramways Board I« duplicating the tram track so as to give a better

service to Hie ground.

The fleelong Association team played a team selected from thc combined juniors on Kardinia Park oval and beat them easily. Thc proceeds of Ihc gate vVent towards helping thc juniors. The inntrh was the last prior to meeting Hawthorn on Saturdav. Season tickets have gone off well, and the committee expects the season ta oe J profitable one. The new plavers arc shaping well, but tho team is lacking In system. The attendance at the commencement of thc game numbered about 400. Before taking the field, members of the Association team elected Vic ' Buchanan captain. P. Martin . who wm elected vice-captain, lind charge of thc team In Buchanan's absence. Both earns were changed ot half-time, the svhole ot thc members ol the Association training.list'trtlng.port In thc game. Only for a few minnies at thc beginning ot the first quarter did the juniors in ^any «W-?«»rt -tneir^sitnofflxe.Tlay *f»«.'Wr» *?} wtiire^and

thc half-time scores"were:-Assoria ion,-10 goals 11 liehinils (72 points); Juniors, :i goals 4'he

nins) i (22po nts)! With new, tho team, the

, ninrsr bemne 'offensive ; in , thc, third quarU -

WIddlson. shortly "'ter the hall «? O""""?; got his thirst goal. The younger beam scored one Ure point, for Ihc quarter than their " ."'': »? the term ended :-Associatlon. 12 t0"1'?.^, '._.

pits?"";* i« £^...1 ps? «$

were:-Association: Martini (i), \\orren J«? .?? usn t") Pitcher (2). Cooper, Cesar!, I. "U*"';

lunion! W ddison (3). Carey, ?°?.>r°n;_Cf J?,'


Armour, and Elliott ployed best. ¦