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GUNNEDAH STOCK REPOBT.-June 28,1879.-We have had a week of changeable weather. In the early partuf the week it was warm and fine, from which it turned to rough, borterous, and windy, followed by rain, 40-lOOths falling, when the wind rose again, blowing off all sigas of further ruin ; and the weather now remains fine and warm at day, and sharp frosfs at night. On the 21st, 110 fat cattle, Doyle's (Killarney), passed for Tamworth, in charge of Mr. R. Tudor ; and through the weak a mob of fat cattle (Bagot's), from the Mionie, for Maitland, We hear Mr. J. G. Darke is travelling down the river with 1600 merino wethers, from Wellingrove, going to Goolhi, having been purchased by Mr. Iredale. Namoi ndependent.


has not been anything of particular note in the direction of the weather to report since our lust ; tho days have been fine and bright, and the nights cold. To-day has boen cold, cloudy, and dull, and we ap- pear upon the eve of another downpour of rain. A few good showers at the present time would not do any harm, although we are told tint a comparatively short distance out of town there is no lack of luxu- riant feed. The only stock movement, locally, that we have to report is the paBBing of Mr. C. S. Byrne with 1,000 heifers, the property of Messrs. Robertson Brothers, of Colac, from Bethanga, Victoria, going to Commongin, Bulloo River, Queensland, lately the property of Messrs A, Boss and Co. They cross the river to-morrow, a nasty job now it is so high. Barwon Argus.

DUBBO STOCK REPOBT,-Thursday, June 26 - The weather recently hna boen rather changeable. We have had up to Monday night frosty nights and mornings ; but on that day a few drops of rain fell, and that night or next morning there was no frost. Tuesday looked like rain-black clouds drifting about, and a humid wind blowing. The country round Dubbo looks well. There i», more especially back from the main coads, plenty of feed, and stock of all descriptions are doing and looking well. Pre- parations for shearing are already being made. In most uf the sheas the shears will be in operation in August, and, f:om all we can hear, there will be an excellent clip. It ia expected to be heavy and clean. The English telegrams tell of an improved market, and there is, therefore, every prospect of better times for the pastoralist, On the Macquarie tbe country looks well, there is abundance ot ford and water,-and, of course, stock are as well as , they could be wished. On the Bogan, matters are 'looking firat-rate, Plenty of feed and water, and no grumbling. On the Castlereagh, matters pastoral could not well be batter. On all sides, feed in abund- ance, and stock in prims order. Mr. Buchanan com- mences shearing, at the Warrana shed, next month. On the Marthaguy, Merri Merrçi, and Duck Creek, there is nothing to grumble about, The Dubbo Dis- trict stock items are as follows :- Cobb and Co.'a fat

cattle from Yowah, in charge of Brown, passed through on Monday ; they were cleaned out here by the agent, Mr. J. S. Brown, and the pick sent on. A lot of store cattle ( Kutledge's) are en route from the south to Gunningbar. 2.4U0 prime fat wethers (Ronald and Co.) are going to Sydney from Neben. 175 fat cattle (6. D Lane's) have left Yo w«e for Syd- ney, in charge of Lawrence. There are few cattle leaving-the boegy state of the bash preventing mu«tering.-Dubbo Ditpatch,

MELBOUBNB LIVE STOCK MABKET.-Fat Cattle: 1600 carne forward, the greater portion of which were of second and middling quality, only a limited num- ber of prime and good having been yarded, The market opened brisk, and best sorts were in firm de mind at tally late rates, while medium quality were also better competed for than last week. Best pens of bullocks sold at from £10 to £1110s ; a few extra te £14 ; good ditto, from £8 to £9 ; second ditto, from £6 to £7 ; inferior, from £4 10s ; prime pens of cows from £7 to £8 7a Gi ; good ditto, from £5 10s to £6 10s ; second ditto, from £4 10s to £5 10* ; inferior, from £2 10a. Messrs. W, and J. Raleigh have sold 26 bullocks, averaging £8 19s, for Messrs, C. and J. Degraves, Airly. Messrs. Dal. Campbell and Co. sold 20 bullocks for Mr. A Cameron, Fasse Fern, from £7 2s 6d to £8 10a, averaging £7 18s 8d ; 21 bollocks for Mr. W. Mont- gomery, The Heart, from £8 15s to £8 2a 6d ; 22 cows for Mr. B. Desailly, Emuvale, from £3 17s 6d to £4 17s 6d ; 23 bullocks for Mr. J. Johns, and 13 bullocks for Mr. W¿ P. Phillips, at quota- tions, Messrs. John Geo. Dougherty and Co. sold 4£0- viz., 116 {hillocks and cows for 'Mr. R. Kain, Wooregee.Jto £7; 99 bullocks for

Messrs, Smith Brothers, Gundagai, to £11 15s; 40 do. for Mr. T. Brown, Tangambalanga, to £9 17s Öd; i31 do. for M'Lees, Brown's Plains, to £9 ; S7 do. for Messrs, Graham Brothers, Rutherglen, £7 10s ; 20 cows for Messrs. J. and J. W. Bowman, The Ridge, £8 7s 6d, the top price of the day for cows ; l8 bul- locks and cowa from Wangaratta, to £6 17s 6d ; 17 cows for Mr. R. R. Milne, Whorouly, £4 17s 6d ; 16 bullocks and cows for Mr. James Irving, Eskdale, to £8 10s ; 16 do. for Messrs. Connor Brothers, Bow* man's Forest, to £7 17s 6d ; 11 bullocks for Mr. Ney, Tallangatta, to £6 12s ; 9 bullocks and cows for Mr. Doubled ay, Wodonga, to £13 ; 6 cows for Mr. M. T. Graham, Jerilderie, £3 17t 6d ; 7 bullocks for Mr. P. Mooney, Wangaratta, £10 2s 6d; and small drafts for Messrs. Lowe, Greenham, and Imraa. Meesrs. Bttersbank, Eaglestone, and Mann have sold 48 bullocks for Mr. 0. B. Fisher, Jancourt, at from £9 10a,to £11 10a, averaging £10 13s 9d; also 199 bullocks tor Césars, Dunn and M'Kinnon tu £8 '2s Gd. Messrs, King and Cuningham have sold 33 bullocks for Mr. P. G. Klftg, Boisdale, to £7 17s 6d, ;average £7; and several small lots for Measrs. Holmes, M'Intosh, and''others. Messrs. Powers, Rutherford, and Co. sold 4| head for Mr. W. E. Power, i Powers-court, bullocks at ifc'6 14s, cowa at £3 10s; 12 bullocks for Mr. S. Swan, stratford, at £7 13s Gd ; a

^mall lot of bullocks for Ar. W. Poole, at £6 13a 4d.

Mess s Peck, Hudson, awl Rayner have Bold 103

light cows arid bullocks fir Messrs. O'Donnell and Mates, Bringenbong, UppelMurray, bullocks to £8 ; averaging £7 7e 3d ; cows"£5 13s 8d ; 30 for Mr. J. M'Donald, Albury, bullocks averaging £6 16s, fw« £6 10s 2d ; 20 for Mr. D. Clyne», Upper

affra, averaging £7 8s ; 31 for Mr. M. Mackin- tosh, Buaby-park, to £6 12s 6d; l8 for Mr. D. M'Cole, Maffra, to £8 ; 11 for Mr. J, Carr, Stratford, to £6 10s ; and 30 for Messrs. Howson and others at quotations. Messrs, Ryan and Hammond bave Bold

l8 bullocks from Mewburn-park, and a small draft from the Werribee.-Fat Sheep : This market was supplied with 15,192, only a small proportion of which were of prime and good quality ; such sold at last week's rates, but second to inferior dessiiptions were dull of sole ata reduction of from Gd to Is per head from late quotations, Prime crossbred wethers sold at from 16s to 18i Gi ; a few to 21s; good do, from 14s to 15s ; second do,, from 12s to 13s ; in- ferior, from 9s 6d; prime merino wethers, from 13s to 14s 3d ; good do , from 11s 6d to 12s Sd ; second do,, from 10s. to 11s; inferior, from 6s; very few ewes offered, such sold at proportionate rates, Messrs. W, and J. Raleigh have sold-1,925 ewes and wethers, from the Lachlan. Messrs. Dal. Campbell and Co, have sold, on the station, 3,9(10 ewes and wethers for Messrs. Ho watson and Strachan, Tarrawong. Messrs. John Geo. Dougbarty and Co. sold 1,700 wethers for Mr. G, B. M'Kinnon, Goonambil, to 14s 3d, and the highest average of the day for the num- ber ; 1,000 do. from Cargelligo station, and drafts of crossbred wethers for Messis. Funston and Highett at 22s Gd, the top price of the market. Messrs. Etter shank, Eaglestone, and Mann have sold 500 crossbred wethers from the westward, at 16s Gd, and a Bmall draft from the Loddon at the same figure, Messrs, Powers, Rutherford, and Co. sold 509 crossbred wethers and ewes for Messrs. T. and A, Chirnside, Werribee-park, at the highest average of tho day for both SPX*«8 ; 202 crossbred ewes for Mr, James Mal- colm, Oirig ; 359 do. for Mr. Scott, Poowong ; 122 merino wether» for executors of late Hon. George Harker, of Lilh dale ; and turned out 406 of Mr. R. It. Woolcott'* to View-hill. Messrs. Peck, Hudson, and Raynor have sold Mr, A. Campbell's wethers at 12s 9d, and a lot of Riverina stores at 7s 6d. Mr, George Howat has sold 681 wethers for Messrs, Knight and Lydiard, Koorongah, and others. Messrs, Ryan and i) ammond have sold 1U00 wethers from the Murrum- bidgee, 440 crossbred ewes tor Mr. J. Bell, 742 cross- bred, and merino ewes and wethers from Gipps Land.

30u merino wethers and ewes from near town, and turned out unsold 1O0O merino wetbais.-Store Stock : Messrs, Dal. Campbell and Co. report the sale of the rollo winn :-12,000 ewes, on the Lach lan, for the Han. Gordon Sandemas, of Bonada ; 4000 weaners Bear Wagga ; and through the yards to-day, 690 crossbred ewes, from Gipps Land. Mesar». Etter shank, Eaglestone, and Mann have sold 14,000 weaners, in Riverina, at full market rates, Messrs Fisken and Gibson have sold 216 stud ewes for Mr, J. L, Currie, Larra, Messrs. Powers, Rutherford, and Co. hare sold 1000 ewes, crossbred, throe years old, in lamb. Western district. Messrs. Ryan and Ham- mond have sold, m account of Messrs. sanders, J ames, , and Co., Canowie, S.A" 361 two-tooth rams, at £5 6ä; and 160 two-tooth rams, at £3 3s. Messrs. W. and J. Raleigh have sold 700 merino ewes, through the yards.-Argus, June 26.-Richard Gibson k Co. report : Fat Cattle : About 16L0 head to hand. There was, as usual, only a small proportion o' prime. Such realized fully up to late quotations, but infe- rior and middling did not reach last week's values, the close of the market being slightly in favour of buyer». We quote-Prime beef from 21s to 22s 6i per 101) lbs. ; good, 20s ; medium, 18s ; Or, best pens of bullocks at from £10 to £11 10s, a few "extra to £14 ; good do , from £8 to £9 ; second do. from £6 to £7 ; inferior, from £4 10s ; prime pens of cows, from £7 to £8 7B 6d ; goodj do. from £5 10a to £6 10s; second do. from £4 iOs to £ó 10s ; inferior, from £2 10s. We sold 74 Bullocks for Mr. M. Nolan, Urana, up to £8 16s; 56 bullocks for Messrs, Robertsin Bros, Colac, up tj £14, and averaging £9 7s. 54 bullocks for Mr. W. Murphy, Blackwood Park, to £9 15s. 30 bows and bullocks for Mr. J, M'Kenzie, Hedí station, to £5 15s. 211 ows and bullocks for Mr. H. C. Öoj d, Goorram oddo, to £5 2s 6d, 24 cowi and bullocks for Mr W. Beatty, Bathunga, to £7, ciws averasing £5 15s 6d. 12 cows for Mr. G. W. Sejmour, Gundowering, to £5 45s, 10 bullocks for Mr. C. H. Barbour, junr., , Gundowering, to £10 5s. 9 bullocks for Mr. T. Sey- mour, Gundowering. 7 coirs and bullocks for Mr. W. Evans, Bethanga, to £f 6s ; and drafts for Mr. Dunn and others. Fatsheef).-A larger number came to hand than we have had fjr some time-viz., 15,192 ;

but good to primo qualities were scarce, and all such realised about last week's values ; whilst other descriptions met I a dull, dragging sale at a reduction of fullylls per head, without' a clearance being effected, sime 2000 being turned out unsold. We quote-Best merino wethers (SOlbs. to 541bs., with good skins), 13a to 14s 3d (a few extra prime 5Slbs., 15s), seconds 10s Cd to 12s ; others 6s Gd up; best crossbred wethers, 17s to I83 (a few extra up to 21s and ¿2s Gd); good, 15stolCs6d; seconds, 13s 6d to 14a fa'd ; others, 7s 6d. We sold 1169 wethers for Mr, H.T. Whitty, from Tarramia station; 930 wethers for Hon. W. J. Clarke, Bald Hill and Rock Bank estates ; 215 wethers for Messrs. Ritchie Bros , Gowrie Park. Prices ranging up to 18s 6d fur crossbred wethers, to Ila for merino

wethers.-June 25.

HAY 8TOCK REBOBT.-Wednesday, 25th June, 1879.-No change to report in the weather, which continues cold and showery. Some light showers fell on Monday night and yesterday, but at the hour of going to press the sky had cleared and promised

fine weather. The advance lots of the large quantity ¡ of (at stock now on the way to market have reached Mud district and stock movements aïe more fre- quent and lively. We have to report the crossing of three lots of fat sheep and three lots of fat cattle, at Hay Bridge, for Mel- bourne, during the post four days, as follow: -Saturday, June 21st, 3220 fat sheep fram Merungle for Melbourne, Mr. Scott in charge ; Monday, 23rd June, SOOO fat sheep from Coan Downs for Mel- bourne, Mr. John Evans iir. charco ; same day, 2100 fat sheep from Oxley statidh, for Melbourne in charge of Mr. S.ewart Matthews;£40 fat cittle, on Monday from Willanthry, for Meliourne, Mr. M'Intyre IP

charge ; 250 fat cattle froajBeemary. for Melbourne, on Monday, Mr. King in clftrge ; 156 fat cattle from Willandra, for Melbourne,' yesterday, in charge ot Mr. iV. H. M'Cormack.-Bipenne Orasier,