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Opening of National Broadcasting Station 4QR

ABOVE: The Conference of Australian Broadcasting Commission executives which was held in Brisbane before the opening of the new national broad casting station 4QR, last Friday night by the Postmaster-General (Senator McLachlan.) Left to right: Mesers T. W. Bearup, A. Jose, A. N. Finlay. B. H. Molesworth, F. D. Clewlow, E. Chappell, C. J. Moses (general manager), and Dr. Keith Barry.

ABOVE : The power board of 4QR. The radio equipment con tateto of a 50 watt oscillator unit, driving a 0.5 kilowatt radio fre quency ampli fier.

RIGHT : The chairman of the Australian B r o adcasting C o m m ission <Mr. W. J. Cleary), speak ing at the of ficial opening. On the right is Dr. A. a V. Melbourne.

RIGHT: The aerial mast of 4QR be comes a new landmark in the ever ohanginf skyline of the city.

ABOVE: The transmitter, designed to give high quality trans mission and to conform, to modern standards in regard to fre quency, stability, and harmonic radiation, is push-button con trolled, and the circuits are electrically interlocked, so that thft voltages cannot be applied other than in the correct â– equenea^