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í Hie permit ami umpire commitlco ot Hie Vic-

torian Football teague met «c»tcrday evening. Mr. Charles Ilraunloir (Geelong) «in, re-elected ctiulrman, -,, v , ,

A letter was reccl.ed from J. Elder resigning his poillion as umpire after 1C seam' service. It was decided to ask him to attend the next meeting of Ufe league, ««hen it is proposed to recognise lils service« to the game in a tangible

"1.'Drummond, the Collingwood captain, applied tor a permit to transfer to Williamstown, pro- ducing a clearance from the Collingwood club. In this the reason for granting the clearance ««.as "he haï been fppoiuted coach to the VII. llauistown club." 'Ihe committee, following a decision made last «ear. decided that tilla «as not a tmfheient rearon, and referred the matter back to the Collingwood club.

M. J. Abernethy, the champion centre player of the public hchools last .«ear, applied for per ini-slon to pla« ««Uti Melbourne. He lives at .Shepparton, and ha« been a homler at Wesley College for nome vears. In ansiver, to questions, he said that he had been living lu bl. Kilda lerrttor«- bincc tile beginning of February. ht. Kilda claimed that under the district residential scheme ho ««a« eligible only to pla« for ht. Kilda. On behalf of Hie .Melbourne club It wa» staled that a« a st.ident Abernethy'« residence ««a« that of iii« pirents, ami that an lie Is «till a student, though not lit Wesley College, lie mu«t bo legardcil as a lénifient of Shepparton, lind therefoie an far as the lamguo «ros. concerned carne from unallotted 'territory. The committee acceptr-ll Ulis «levi, and Abernethy will pin«; with Melbourne. j:


Ho!lo.v!ng otc the (Mures of the Victoria» Junior Football Associatioir for the ensuing

season :

51a«* ,".-Prahran «.. Williamstown; Xorlhootc

Footscray; Brighton «'. Carueitic; South Melbourne «., Kew; Pi eaton «'. 'Yarra« Hie; Port Melbourne v. North .Melbourne.,, , s>.

May 12.-Wllinnvtnuii «. Port Melbourne; Foot- scray «. Preston; Carnegie «. Kent South Mcl hoiirue «?, Prahran: Yarra«ille «. Ihighton; North

Melbourne «'. Northcote.

May 10.-Fonts^rav «.. Williamstown: Cnrneirfe «', South "Melbourne; Preston i. Ke«i : Yarns Ule «\ Poit Melliotimc; Jtrightuu i. Ngrlhcotc; /Prahran v. North Melbourne.- ', - , - ." ,.; ;, ' Jliv.CC..-Wiliainslonn v. Ken; North MellKiuiiie .'. Footscray; Prutou v. Carnegie; Yarraville ,v* South. Molbourne.; ..Hiightou.v.. Port Melbourne^ Prahran v.'Xnrthcote.. :, ; » / : . .«>"??

June '.'.-Williamstown \. ilrlghton; Fcotvcra'

Yarralitle; North Melbourne «.. Carnegie; Kew v. Northcote: South Melbourne v. Preston; Prahran

«. Port Melbouna.

Juno !»._Curin_ie v. Williamstown; i-'oullr Mci bourne v. FooUcra« ; lie« «'. Yarraville: North colo i. Port Melbourne; I'lahrnn «'. llrightou;

Preston v. Xofli «Jclboiirnc.

June 10.-Williamstown v. Ple-stou; Port Mel- bourne v. Footscray; Yarra«tile v. Carnegie: Kew \. Prahran: Scrlb Melbourne v. ístutluote;* fîrtg'a ton «'. Ncrlh Meibourne. " ' '

June SS.-NV.rlH Melbourne '«. Willamslown; Footscray «. Kew ; Carnegie v. Prahran ; - Port MellKiimie v. South Melbourne; Northcote v. Yaua lille; Preston «. HneMon.

June 3l'.-Poit Melbourne «. Picatoli; Wllllams tovii «. Yarraiille; Prahran v. Footscray; Car- negie ^v. Norl' ttrtgh,ton «\ Kew; South Mel-

bourne*«. Noith Melbourne.

July 7.^-Ptei.ton \. Prahran: Williamstown v. Northcote"; Feolirriiy «. lïtlghtnn; Carnegie v. F'ort Melbourne; l«e«v «. South Melbourne; North .Melbourne 'v." Yarraville.

' July H.-r-sou'h 'Melbourne v. Williamstown; Curia-aP,- v. F' Port Melbourne «. Kew; Prahran v. lan ivtlti'; North Melbourne \; Tlrigh Ion; Northcote v. Preston

'-July ".'-Williamstown v. l'raliian; Foatsci-ay v.rfuiitli Melbourne;-|«"e«« v. Carnegie; Port Mel- bourne v.-Yurniiilla.; Northcote «. Ilrigbton; 'North Melbourne «'. "l"resion. . ' i

Jîiîv 2í.-^Yarratlll«i|U Preston: Port Melbourne «-. Williamsto««»; i-ooUoni« «. Prahran; Northcote v. Cainciite; lie««' «', Suit h Melliutiriic; South Mci bourne'C. lirlejuou. «

-''August i.-Kew «T Williamstown; Footscray «.; Ficstoii: Carnegie v. YarraillloiiPoutli Melbourne v.'. Port Melbourne.:!llrlglitun r. Priihiiut; Northcote

\. North Melbourne. , '

August 11.-Brighton v. Wllliainstoivn; Footscray «. Northcote: Carnegie «. Freston; Yarraville v. líe«: North Melbourne «'. South Melbourne; Port

Melbourne «. Prahran.

August IS.-freston «. Willlauiatuuti; Footscray v. "North Melbourne' Carnegie v. nrightou; Prahran v. lie««" Su.ith Melbourne «. Yairavillc; Northcote «. Port MVjourtie. , ,'

Angil.t 'ii. -WiH(aineto««ii «. Footscray: Carnegie v. Noi til ¿"albourne; Kew y v. Polt Melbourne', Iirlgltton v. South Melbourne; Yarraville v. Prahran: Treten v. NortlicOte. ' ' . '

September l.'-\.irraiille «. Williamstown; Fool sera« i. ( arnegic: Ki»' «. Urighkin;.Northcote v, tiMith Melbourne; Preston v. Fort Melbourne; North Melbourne «". IVahrln.

eVplriiiber ii.- Northcote «. Wllllanirtniiii :" Kew .. Footsiray; Prahran «. Cirnegic: Preston «% South Milbourne; Yrrravillc «. North Melbourne; 1 Port Mtlbournc « Ilnghton.

Mr.TRorourAN AMATtxns. i

M I delegates' meeting ot (he Metropolitan Ainitiut Kootliall .Usoc'alion. held at Wesley Clolbg», Mr Stephen vas appointed lion, secre- tan, in place ot Mr. W 1) Kennedy, w10 re- tired. Mr. It. Palm was rcappotnted assistant

sei retar,«.'

It «las decided (hal eich jeir (lie picmler leam In the 11 grade section should autovnatl.allv take Ihe place of (he bottom team in the A

sei tion.

tbe following fivturcs tor the seison have been



vt.'v 5- Collegians «. Old Melba.iiians. Obi "sro»ih Collegians «. Uti'venH« B, I'.talvrnwia. «. Hampton, linl«cr-ltv A «. Obi Aavlcnai.s.

May 12-Old .«.aticrian« «. Collegian«, Haiiipton « Imlve-klly A. lisiKurhitv 1! « Kiiternuic"., Old Milbitrnlans v. Old Scotch Collegians.

.May 10.-Collegians \. Old Sioteh, HMe'-nwii", «. Old "«lbiiriiiiius. I niiersll> A «. L'nltcn,itv 11. Oil] Xa« w ians l. Hampton.

Va> 2'.- Hampton « t ?illcgi.wt. l"ni«er-l(v li «. Old AinicrLiis, Old Melbmnlaiis «. University A, Old .scutch « ("Ihtcriiwlek.

June 2_C.illcgiaii-, «. p,'<tern««ick, 1 imcisil« A «. Old .scotch. Old Nuiierlmv. «. Old Melbur ulan«, Hampton « i"in\cr«lt« I! .

'.lune !>.-Uiihcisil« 11 «. Collegian«. Old Mel huml.ins v. Hamplon, Old Sioteh V. Old .\ ? ' Ians, Kls'cimrir", «. IIiil«eisllj \.

June If.-Collegians «. Unlieisltv \, Yaiieiians «.. Klsternixltk. liumptcii \ Smith, L"ui«crsil.v II v. Old Mclburukn..

II GUA nu.

VI... T. -lea 1 hers' Training I'ollige «. Mm. Iieenii, Old Caulncld rirainiiuiinns \. i:iw

Sandringham v. Flsternwlel. 1!, old Trliilt« Cram inn-iaus «. «lelbomue .Suliiiiiuni; Club

Mu« 12-Me'biurne Se. 1. Ttuclien, I'.h teni ««.lil: «-. Old "Irlnili. Klwnoil «. Sandringham,

Murrumbeena «. Old Caulfield

M iv 1!i -Ourheis \. 0|,| Cauinelil, S.indrlng. h. in «. Aiurrumbeeiij. Old Trinity v. Fluood,

Melbounie S C. «. KlslciiiMick

Va« 2'1-i:is(ern\«lek « Teadiers, P.lwood «., Miirriiuiheeua « old Trinllv, old Caul

field «. **anilniisriirtiii

June 2-Teachers «. Santrlngh nn, Old Trinlt« «. Old Caulfield, M.S.C. «. Murrumbeena, F.l'trnr

wirk «. F.lwnod. «

June a-i:l«vood «. Teacher«, Murruinliecnii v. Klsti-iiiwiek, Old Cnulfield « \|..s C , Sandnn"hum - Old IrhilH. , ' ur>n-lu'"

.Time J6.-Teacht . ., Klsteiiiwick wood «. Murrumbeena ,

On June ¡KI the second round of the home and

home matches commences.

A tontrlbutiiin of ¿C25 li 1, hem rciclie.l In the llrunsniil. Football. Club from Mr. Osmond

blnltli, Svdltc« road.