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THE MOUNT CLABA COPPER HUE.-A correspon- dent of the Maryborough paper gives a report of his journey from Maryborough to Kdkivan copper mines and back again In his jourae} he visited the Mount Clara copper mine and works From some local cause the smelting works of this turne are situated a mile from the mine itself, and on much lower ground, the actual mine being " some 560 feet higher than the works " A road frem one to the other has been coustructed, amid great natural difficulties. The correspondent then writes ' After examining this road on our way to the mine, we will now give a few particulars of the mine itself Tha shaft from which the ore at present is being raised is situated about half way up the Mount Clara (which is the highest m that distnct), the loue is run nmg nearly N ii E and SSW and has bßen'opened up in four distinct places, in each of which the lode is clearly defined of equal value and quantity The main shaft has been sunk into the side of the hill forty feet ût or* angle of about 45 deg The lode itselt seems as if it had, by some internal disruption, received a cant, which has re- sulted m the lode presenting the angle it does How- ever, there is one thing clear, there is a well defined lode, with a well formed hanging and lower walls, the upper one in places, is a strong formation of soap-stone The width of the lode is from 10 to 12 feet with great outcrops of grey ore owing to the position of the lode, composea of blue and green car- bonates, the quantity of which is almost unlimited In conversation with Copt David, we were informed that the ore would go from IO to 14 per cent We examined further parts of the selection and m almost ever} direction even to the depth of 100 feet below the main shaft on the opposite side of the hill, we discovered the outcrops of the main lode, and also Btrong indications of other valuable minerals "

MODÄT COOBA COPPEB MINE-The same corres- pondent wntes -Another fact I would mention is that the whole of this Kilkivan district has been taken up in mineral selections for a distance of over 30 miles At the Mount Coora, the works are pro- gressing, and the chimney was expected to be com- pleted on Saturday last I may mention also the discovery m the immediate neighbourhood of Mount Clara of a large deposit of first-class fireclay and limestone The bncks used in the flue of the fur- nace at Mount Clara were made from this clay, and from the trial already given proves them to be equal to those imported from Brisbane or Sydney

The first consignment of ore from the Victona Cop- per Mining Company arrived m Maryborough Sept 2 The samples we saw from the bulk consisted of green and blue carbonates, and certainly looked aa promising as an} we have seen m the district

The Teebar Copper Mining Company, and the Ellendale Copper Mining Company, have been regis- tered m the Queensland Supreme Court The Tee- bar with a capital of £100 000 in £1 shares, to work 160 acres m the Wide Bay Distnct, and the Ellen- dale with a capital of ¿85,000 in ¿1 shares, to work 240 acres in the distnct of Mount Perry Offices of both in Maryborough