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(From the Chronicle of Thursday.)  

Tiu CARDIH- SVWMILLS, LAM MACQLARIK-On Monday last, the new steam sawmill at Lake Mac- quarie, the property of Messrs Cumming and Lane, commenced operations, and during that day the ceremony of naming it tho Cardiff mill was per formed b} Miss Williamson-daughter ofMr Thomas Williamson-a ladv resident in, and well known b} Visitors to, the locality In the evening the occasion was celebrated by a supper, at which success to the new enterprise was not forgotten to be toasted In close proximity to the establishment are found ?vast quantities of hrst-class timber, and the facilities af- forded for supplying not only S}dney, but our own district with hardwood, pine, etc., are not to be sur- passed in an} portion of the district Thejueans of transit for the sawn stuff ore of course, as every one must know such as must in every way conduce to the success of the spirited proprietors and there is ev ery reason to believe that a career of prospentv awaits them in the busrae&s they hav e entered upon

TIN FitoM Tin. OBAN MINE«-On Monday morn ing a quantity of tra-19 cwt. 1 qr 17 lbs -smelted at the Burwood works, from ore, the produce of the Oban mines was shipped by the Morpeth to Sydne} There were in all six large blocks ol, apparently, a

most excellent metal

SUDDEN DEATH IN THE BUSH NEAR WISEMANS FERRY. --On the 18th ultimo it was reported to the police that the body of a man had been found lying in the bush at Maroota, of which the following was the description given :- In height he was about five   feet eight inches, his build was stout, his hair black, and his clothing consisted in a black cloth coat and trousers, he had on blucher boots, and a drab Cali-

fornian hat. At the inquest there were produced certain pawn-tickets for goods pledged in different   names and at different times, with Mr Bonarius, of Newcastle, but nothing to lead to identification. From inquiries made at Newcastle subsequent to the holding of the inquest, there would appear to be

but little doubt that the unfortunate deceased was a compositor of the name of Thomas McFarlane, who   was lately employed on this journal and also on the   Pîlot, but was discharged from both on account of intemperate habits. The verdict was an open one, no evidence having been adduced to show how the deceased came by his death, but the jury were of opinion that it had arisen from exposure to the sun.

THE CO-OPKRATIV L STEAM TUG COMIWSV. -The half-\ early ineetmg of this compan} was held in the compon} a offices, on Tuesda} last Sir Henr} Finch managing director, m the chair There was a large attendance of shareholders. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed Tho report was read, and called forth a lengthened dis- cussion, but was not adopted The meeting then proceeded to the election of a director m the room of Captain Bloomfield. For this office there were two candidates-Messrs. W K Lochhead and Booth, the former of whom wat elected The meeting then adjourned to Tuesday, the 13th rast.

At the police court, on Tuesda}, Thomas Ken ned}, John Gavin, Joseph Point, and John Gale, seamen on board the bng Alexandra, were con- victed of hav rag combined to impede the navigation of the said brig and were sentenced to twelve weeks hard labeur in Maitland, gaol, and to pa} ¿1 12s Od costs On the following da} Henrv Quinlan, chief officer ot the hng, was convicted of the same offence, and sentenced to the same term of imprisonment, with court and professional costs, ¿.2 8s bd It ai> peared that while the bng was being towed out to sea by the Bungaree, the hawser was cut off, and she was thereby placed m a critical position, in which, if bad weather liad come on, she would hav e been in extreme danger