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[Herald.]- Mr Bennett, Commissioner for Roads has arrived, and given orders for the immediate construction of a temporary bridge, for which a great deal of the material of the old one will come into service. The flood has happily subsided, and no further danger is antici- pated. A punt is being constructed by two of our towns- men, capable of carrying five tons and is to be launched tomorrow. The bridge over Cox's River has not been   carried away, and remains uninjured. That over the Junction has been slightly damaged.-In consequenoe of information received here with respect to an alleged intention of the Government to stop the further con- struction of Western Railway at Solitary Creek, it had been determined, previous to the flood, to convene a meeting upon the subject. The loss of Denison Bridge precipitates matters, and today a preliminary meeting   was held, at which were assembled nearly every influen- tial resident. A public meeting has been called for Thursday evening next.

[Empire ]-An enthusiastic preliminary meeting was held at three o'clock this afternoon, Dr. Palmer, P. M , in the ohair, to organise a monster publio meeting, to be held on lhnreday evening The greatest determina- tion was exhibited to secure torthwith railway and railway bridge inlu Dothurat.

The Honorable Minister for Works has favoured us (Empire) with the following telegram, received by him

from the Commissioner for Roads -

On the roads the damages done are not so great as represented One end of the atone culvert at Weather- board was washed down, and part of the west approach to Farmer's Creek Bridge washed away, from the cnl verts being undermined There is nothing to stop traffics, exoept the Iobs of the Denison Bridge. On the Rookley Road the Vale Greek Bridge, lately built under Mr Dawson, has, I am told, been taken away. My reoommendation for a temporary bridge is in order to provide accommodation pending oonstruotion of an iron bridge for road and railway. 1 oannot reoommend a permanent bridge here of any other material.