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His Excellent »h« n"*".>*?&> 6 P-T

Hu Excellenoy the Governor returned this mL?,

1 rt Port <T Q"6011811«"1' hT»E ».«> H M S CÏ5

I »J?! ri0.necr1Lttr»vea o* Booby Wand on the 9th &.". Ä ? **!." 8t0re'J 'n the 0ave wera «?"*> I aid

the old wooden box used as a post-office renlsced b, ï«

iron chest painted red. Leaving BoobTîsWî. next day, hu Excellenoy and suite IpZtwZ days at Capo Yo, k The selected lor the new St

ment is on Albany Island, near on abundance of w«ter and good grass On the mainland good ojimtrj ,,, found, with running streams 1 wo rivers werediswereà emptyng themselves into Rockingham Bav On 7ft

banks of one the soil Is very inferior and sandy, but on the other much superior land was found, suitable for both agricultural and pastoral purposes The natives m


His I xcallonoy on bia homeward pasiage called at Rockhampton arid Maryborough, he also visited the Gladstone gold-fields, ot whioh there are favourable re-

ports ^

1 he steamer Murray had returnod to Rockhampton from Port Denison, having made quick pnBä,gea í,oti,

" , Saturday, 4pm

Irado brisk. Maize and potatoes firm, with an upward tendency. Pine timber has advanced in conse quence of the increasing dtmand The wool received M town during the week amounts to 400 bales Most of it is for direct shipment from this port

The steamer Queensland brought 12 ozs of gold trout Gladitono.for tranBiiUBsion to bydney

Iho wreck and cargo of the Jenny Lind have been

sold by auotion , the former for about £95, and the latter

for Ü64.

The Yarra Yarro Bails to-morrow morning, with tis

Breadalbane in tow.