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.Lady Forster Presents Prizes.

t.I,LrOλG Juesdav - HIL innbilitv I j muna to indisposition ot lim 1 xcellemv '

tlie Governoi-Gcncial {Lird Tointir) to

be pi.i_.nt ineint i busv du for 1 idy I,

Lor.tet it Gtelong vi.tcidiv «lien Hu Jxtcllcniv diatnbutcil tilt sill lol nure» and house cup at tin. (lu lone, Colhgc

Bpcech da^ ' Jlcforc the break up ÍUIIL lion, I at!. lorstcr, «ho was atti ntl d bl .upturn PiUIuvcis was receivi 1 b> tin. Council ot the College III tin. tliin_riiiin at the Mechanic« Institute Iii hu utlili_«*. to the boys, Ladv lorstei t-presse I HIL Governoi Gcncr ii a dtep rc_rct anil dm appointment at not being able to attend On lu» and her own behalf, ulie extended jfngratulatioiis on the íepoit of the year J work » Indi shone 1 that dee lonj, Coll-gc was holding its omi both 111 work and 111 sport with the other grut hihools with which it compete 1 m spite of its inmibeiB bung .maller than n .my of its uvale Referring to the honour board which Hhe bad sctn 111 the hall Ladv lol

Bter said that she lclt phe could epeak as a mother greatly blessed-the names uf tw© Bono were inscribed on the honour rolls of two of the greatest publie .chook lo those boys of Geelong College on the threshold of manhood she appealed that they should carrs out with thom into tin. world the ideals put before them in their


Hie sport« prizes wcic handed o\er bv Ur \\ W Hope présidait of the Old ( ollcgnns As-Oiution Mi 4 \N Han y viLopnncipal »ho is lctirni. from the staff aflet 19 years micLLSsfuI senice to take no a poflition in lasmann TI is pre sciiled by the ihau-nian ol the council (Mr Slanlc\ B Calvert) with a special resolution expiessing tin touncil s apple tuition Hie eslcun of the boys ivis re v<iled 111 the presentation of a handsome nlvei hotwater lettie and stand ind HIL f,ift of the Old Collegi ins association was a wallet of notts I id> Torster lum lied with the Pnncipal of the College!- Kci

r W Rolland) anti Mrs Holland ind inspected the college and grounds


A head roastci s annual ltpoit is T

pose n nocesmrv pall of speech du} but the real annual ttpoit of n school is not a thing thut can fill a newBinper column 01 wearv an audience It IB a romance that would fascinate us if we could read it nn folding, aB it would, the change that lim taien place III the life of even box, his gain or loss in physique, in imitative, in wisdom, 111 charattei

All in ordiual v litad linster can do is to lecord tlian_cs that are outwiid and MHibk the notable events of the vcai in that little world of school winch often for Acts how little it is, and far uioic often

finis to lealise its endless influence

I his veai s íepoit has to chronicle a greit loss 111 the de iib of Mr Charles Shannon the Lhairman of tilt council ever since the Geelong Cnllt_t became a public school 1 inn glad that his name is engraven deep on 1 « liege foundation stone foi he is one of those who bv then foresight laid the foundations of whnte\cr future the college nuiv have and to his long-continued labour ot love coming gi ncrations will owe a debt as long as the school endures Onlv one man was thought of as Ins successor-Ins friend, Mi ^tanlev Calveil who as bon riccetary both of the council and Old Col

legions1 Association, had made the welfare of the school almost his chief ann in life He does not need fo win the goodwill and aiToction of the munal, the mastci-. and the btv« for thev hn\o long boen his

the mercase in numbers that marked the jubilee year has been maintained and the college has bud 111 102_ a iceord number of Bcho'ius anil perhaps von, as well wishers of the school may be glad I« 1 now tint the cniolment of boarders for 102.1 is ihcndv 111 c.ress of (hat of anv pit \tous jeir

lins still leaves 11s the smallest of the L,rcit public schools of Victoria T hope MI »In ay s »hall be M\ idtal is a school not |Ttat in numbers but ¡,rcal in (he i|iiiihlv of its average boy 1 rent in its povvei of developing individuality, great in that uphill fighting indomitable team spirit that belongs peculiarly tn a small Behool for ever matched ogiiust larger ones

I have to thanl the staft of the school 'or the mannet in which thei have carried thoa heavy les.eligibilities and for ii they have done in addition to their ordt

nary work 111 the interests of the boys I thank the prefects also for their loyalty and co-opcritiou

There will be one change nest vcar that calls for verv special mention We are is j 011 know losing our vice-pnnclpal Witii out any seekingVif his, Mr Harry Ins been called to the beat classical mastership in lasmaina, and vic congn I ula te him on the high honour tint has Deen paid him, and wish him ever} success m a position vi here Ins conspicuous ability as a teicher of clas

síes will have full scope But our con (.ral.ulntioiiH ire mmgW with reglet for (lus change means a loss of a master vi ho foi a period 01 vcars larger thin the whole life of most of mu presenl bovs has given to the school a lonscientious and loyal ser vice ti at can seldom have beemsurpassed in the histor of the college

\. c vv le exceptionally for untile 111 luv mi, on our staff another trusted semor mus ter who if his war service be included has

icen equally lone a strength to the college and Hie council v is not slow in decidme, that in Mi A II MicUoberti M 4 it

lud the very man for tho v icant vice I pnnciprlship Air MacUoberts Ii n g1 id J to say, lins accepted the appointment I

I he semor Latin clisses will be taken nett ven bv Mr 41111 .ait MC, MA Dip ]_i whose classical gifts will now find full opportunity, of exercise Mr Mac roberts will til e over the senior English and a new master will relieve Mr lilt of I he semor fr tub and Mr MacRobcrts of his classes lu commercial principies.

\\i art itill milmp additions to our buildings Mut» last speech dty a new sleep-out li is 1« n limit at Wamnn and this has mule possible the formation of a ji mor hoitbc It ins been a great ad v uit-çi? for the voungor bovs to have a b irding school life of their ow 11 w ith more ! tatle I s ij en ision ind with hours of st idv and sleep suited to (heir agc Vdditionp to (he Fenior house hue eil ibled tin to próvido more comfortable quar leis for ("he domestic staff and Jar er kit

is and pantries 11 d n new dury These improvements have grcallv facilitated the work of the staff and perhips have aomc tlunt, to do with the fitt ti at we bnve no domestic problems at tlie tollege But far more important than anj buddingB haB 1 eui the appointment of Miss Addison its nntion of the college Probablv many mt thors 1 on know from letters home some

limT cf Miss Addison 8 personality, but they can haidh realise, _s Mrs Holland md Iib with whit scrupulous caro whit self sau thorne, «itieiice bj dav and if need I 1 j nidit nu 1 with wini humour and in nghl al o atti 1 tis to the health and the ¡ne\petti d demands of our large family Hu-, jem tin ne» sanitorium verv nearly piovid 1 white elephant but it his justi

lie I its t.istcntc bv checking the spread of

hicliupo. which caine ti us just at e.

¡mun mon time

1 shjnld bli to (oii(,i iluhte the boya wl 1 pissed tilt interim díate and leaving i -.minutions mid espceiailv I ¡J Doyle, 1111 I It \I leinillan \ j A ibtrl, and 4 Itofliv fit thur Miti.i-in 111 the leaving

li itiour exaiuin liions

\\c lu e no1 ii prtsenl any outstanding t-eiiius 111 the suitor 1 lisses bul the work cf tin 1 tho ii his impiovcd 111 quality and we «lull hive u lueei numbei, 1 think, passing the publie e .animation, of 1022 than we have hail fn home vears

lui nilli, to Hu ttiUluor life ot the col kgi 111 lim bud i-Oid le mis 111 tin held m nerv branch ii spoil nuil though their vietoins hive not bein mam tilt \ have rut up s in vin tim pi 1 foi manies and given then oppomnts mam unMuus mo- ments Jlie loillml tilín was (he fastest ind il=vtrc_t wi hive had fot a lon" lime md no one whi saw it will soon fotç.ct then liilliant fidit igaiuivt tin channin n team ol tin veil 1 lu 111 inner in which the tilley ha_ bun iii] to compete at all 111 li \el ti mis willi the huge Melbourne s hod', is j most e Mt 101 din u v feature of imbil s boil spoil I In fict that we li ive ample pluvlnc, fields it our ven doors lia., ititainli homitlung to do with Hist but annthei re ison 1 linn!, lies in the pluck of the bovs themse'vea, mid lil the sportsmanlike «pint 111 which they have lougut out every contest

J he nu st important function of the year was the iTirmemorition service at which His i tilleiiev tile Karl of Stradbroke uti veiled Hit I ia"h I ililcts on which are cn gravid the ti inn s ol the Old Collegians who tool pint in t'ii (mt \\ III the

honout roll nu ludes un mints ot those «ho c,ivi Ultu lives '01 tlmr tountrv

Manv ol its felt that we had ncvci been piesput at 1 more nnprissiv« service Tin lil if-uificrnt brass iceords aie a memorad lint time itsilf < 111 hardlv distrov Thev j wen in put olilv of tin Old Collegians vv 11 nu mon ii .uothei ] it t is a fund to pi(ivide foi tie «dilution al the tolltge of tin sons ii those who fill Another is the «letlion if 1 ineiiional wini in the new hospita'

Manv L,iftK to the M hool fioin Old Boys md it'itr w ill be atknow ledged later The endow nu nt fund opened last vcar is grow ing mil invone at anv time can contiibutc anv sum to it ind if it grows even slowlv ii will some div make our future fiom the finan j ii point of view quite secure, and j enable tis to do serv ice for the community j whith is at present beyond our power

I I am sony to ictord the death this year

of Dr Alec Timms, an old collegian, well known by every Abotonan boy of his d_y

us "Shako" Timms, the great Geelong foot-

baller 1 was nmarod to discover, wlion I

n Btiident in IMinbuigli, that the ii mons j Scottish iiilernatioinl Kuglij player, per I Imps the Imcst centre three quarters Scot

lind pici had was no othci linn Shako

'iimms, who tim-, on tun snip of the I world, and m iciy ilifïeicnt Kinds of font I hull, Ind nltimed nu outstanding position IT«, w is nu lucie ipiliumaii, hut with Mich btlf iiciiiiee nnd gcnerosit} did he HCIK til «ho nixded hw hell) tint lh< "luteful people of his distiiil lia\t tiectel i nie

mon ii in his honour

1 liking of the sutec^s in spoil of old collegium) W V Mac mill in continues to broil mili, ie«tdi, till tennis piPiiiicrship of Aictmii was lion lu u foin tompo'-pd «litncl} of old bojs of the school, ind 1

li ni ki s lus one of the pan who won tin. doubles rlmiiipionsliiii of Australia

\\ e haip to congiitulate "Mr Justice Leon on his being ippoiulcd deputi court nidge of Y ictoriu, mid Ah I J Battye, B A , hh IS, on leinung » degree rale!} giien by the limn Mt} of Alelbournc, tint of Doctoi of Littcis Coming to a jonngir genention MC have to congratulate T Al Burne!, MB B S on securing the < sit and Beanpv Bcholnihlnjis in snrgeiy obtain ing lust ellis bonoum in medicine and otlici subjects, and coming second out of nil the studmts of his yeir in the dais lists J J Tait secured his Ar b , T. T Mackai mid A K Lee then M I) \\ K TeweJl Ins Al Se , T ]) lîogcrs itt lined his II fee nilli hnnouiH A 1? Aloreton his B A , and J H Frbahns his B C L Some of our old bojs ire canjing on furthei Íirofossional studies in England and Scot and, and seveial are preparing for the al my and for the lilli

This mtiodiiccs a question that pet plews mnni pircnls, and is of gieal interest to me-the future occupation of their sons I am glad to sa} that tlie numbci of cm plo>ers who baie isUod me to lccommend applicants foi pointions is increasing, and maní boj s desiring i commercial course baie found openings io Geelong At the licginuing of (he vear tile middle behool and senior srhol 1rs ivcie asked whut career, if nnv, thei had in Mew, and were told the subjects ncccRpar} for their respcctiic courses Flic time table hy the self snci i (icing laboiu of Mr Crichton, oin scnioi sen nee master, ivas planned to suit the le quin.mellis of evcrj piofeSBion the hois

had chosen

In additior to this as part of the lecture si stem of the school, a scries of addresses Mas gt\en bj men who viere nuthoilties in their own subjects Ihev gnie to the scnioi school a clear idea of Mirions pi o fessions, and at the end of the lectures were kind enough to ans« cr the questions of hoi s w ho vi ere spcciallt interested, and to pi omise them further idinc jf needed To thom and to the main other lcclureis ii ho spoke lo the school during the year, 1 am ior) dceplj gratelul We )m\e con tinned in \anous other wavs to link np the school with the life of the commmuli

llic boys of the preparatory school Imp, under the charge of Air Nicolson, wsitcd most of the leading industries of the tow n, and it is wonderful how much thej hale obsetved and remembered It was very good of the proprietors or managers of so

i factories to gue lins time anil teach . to oin hovs But I am not able to bclieie that the ordinary public school iiunculuni is drawing out siiuVicntly the energy and nullullie of oin middle form bo} s It is sometimes thought tint is bojs are growing icrj lapnlly at this age thei hare the less enprgy foi mental de iclopmonl Subjects also hal o lost then novel!j, and, of course their increasing difficult i demands more conieiitratcd

(lort I do not think we should even if w e could, level the hill difficult} to m ike i plav wa> across ii, but I feel tint bins w ould hal e mot e he arl for the lull if their own spirit of entptpiiso could be more fully enlisted in Hie climb ¡bonip schools aie trying with a iar}ing measurp of FIIC

ess lo exchange the ordinary timetplile oi a fixed amount of work, called in as signmcnl," which a scholar contracts to do in n eel Um period L"ach subject has a loom dei o ted to it, willi one or more mas leis, specialists in that branch of know ledge,, in charge -V boy can go from one room lo another as he ht-es mid when lip cannot undeistand some difhculty, «an seek help from ihe master One adiantage of tins pinn is that a boy who IH good at one subject can get thal port of ins assign mont finished quick!}, and ii ill hnic mon- tillie to spend at some other subject al which ho is biekward The gi pat est objee tion to it is that the mast« s arc almost crushed with the laboui of miking out lind checking (ho assignments

3 proposo next i ear to begin with the co opciation of the staft, something much less IPiolutionary-an occasional period when

tlie boys, with a inaBtcr as adviser only, lv w air undertake m their own uni some work, > suggested to them and approicd b} them o I nave time to give ion one illustration «

only of what is being done in this direc

I tion and what might be done One of our ,

¡old bo} s who is non senna, the 1 muire m | I Uganda hu» otfeicd in annual prue for the

bist i«sai upon a topu of Impciml mtei j i «I 1 ellon as the subject this jen I Should Indi i Hine bclf foiernnicnt I \\ illuu the 1 input The bojs who eu

tried foi thal CSMI lompctition are pn b abli toda} the hist luloinic 1 people in (..celling on tint pirtitnlir question lhei 1 will take foi llie irsi if their lives an

interest in tin )iobl ni if Indi i and per

hups uni of thom m_i some i'nv sale mil 1 \ustralun ( ahmet from mill ing i fatal

mistake in oin relatiens nilli that countn 1 he boys lound there w i1- a re ii interest m 1 making up their omi minds on the ques

tion it issue, m condensing ind it ranging | their cxtnihiie material and in ccprtssini, ¡ it m thp best 1 iifelish at their command | Hie woil for that cs5.ii was probably the first piece of independent 1 estai cb work on a large scale thei had done 1 his leads one to think that ne baie sufficient his tot leal abiliti in the school to undertake the writing of biston \\h\ should not our liovs lilnij, ni i uti which foi \us ti ilia is coinpaiatiieli old be able to c, itlier fioin pioneers mil Irom eirl} manu sei nits and journals material for i len lcallable little book It would do our bois no hann to learn what their grandfathers endured m the carh da} s and Buch woik would increase then interrRt in histor} general]! ind give Geelong bol s a greater loie foi then home town

lou mn\ be inteiested to know that m his tstimilc of the lndnidinl bo} the tcachci is gelling a little help from science I he patient slud} ol the taubes of mental obsessions «nd abnorm il action, has piovcd thit PI cn in nonual life the instincts th it he bene lill the IPI c1 of conscious thought will plnv i larger pirt than ne bad imagined Ps} clio analysis has had many oi cr enthusiastic ii lends but it has taught masters a more patient charity and some times tuen to them i. (lue in dealing with the misten ol pel ».onalitv

ScicntiGc methods bait been introduced also into the tcstuig of generil intelligence Aftei thousands of experiments, educa tionahsts baie armed at what they con sidcr the stunduds to which noinnl chil

Iren should attain at am pirticular age A on can imagine how carclul!} the tests hive had to be tested and how wide must be the l inga of questions to coi cr the i anona kinds ot menial abilit} shown bj different childien But the tests have been becoming len bl icnr moie reliable, and 1 pioposc to libe the best s}slcm of such tests ne\t icar when judging the abdity of new boys One defect of the tests is that thty do not levcil Hie presence or the absence of persévérance, the will to succeed, and agim one docs not know whether the person examined is doing his best at the time These things can onli be learnt bv the usual slower methods of the cloRsroom

The Picparaton School descries^n para graph to itself Ils boys though the} intel as pirt of the whole college for

players ci cr} morning hale a distinct and ' vigorous life of their own ihev baie their " own timetable with shoit periods, their ( own excellent journal, their own libran, their own bouse matches, and cien then own terminal picnics, all of lliem speaking

of the wonderful intcict of the teaching ( Miff in then charges Pal tilts are begin i nmg to lose the old idea thal children

need less skilful teaching when Ihey nie 1 young and to iccoirnisc that m the years

between sis cud li u hoi s sense of light i and wrong is being fot mci his attitude t towards leaning bung determined, ind I his constitution bi mg built up oi damaged i Ihev nie tbercioie, diniaudiiig the moot ) simpothcfie teaching, foi hois of Huit age, j

and the healthiest niuionmcut foi stud! p m the wa} of airv classrooms and ample 1 pfennig fields Our Proparatori School is I an answci to thal demand, und the pin t chase and leielling of a lirgc aloa this

icr for the especial use of its hois has i made the ansnci len complete . t

And now I come to the plcisant duti of

thanking main people for mu\¡ guts to f the school Xliiec bciiitiful boats baie I been added to oui lan,e licet, n racing ' eight gneu b} His Merulana and li«

sons and two s ugle sculls giien bi Mis I Ronnldson We lime icccucd filio i'ifts

of books for the libraries, from Dr Koland <

AVettcnhall Air \ A W Hooper, Mr 1 Calvi rt, Air A Channon, Mr Howard i Sloane and from nioiivnious donors pie I tines from AIiss Shannon, Airs McFailand B ind Air Skenes trees for the grounds * from Air Alci Gnti Numeious prizes and I tioplnes hue been galen tins leal, and '

J sincereh th mk tin donors t

Mr Walter Alacpliei sou the president in < 1921 of the Old Collec,i ins* Association, > lum giien a boarding, bursar} of í.50 a , year for fiic icars,-iud Dr W Hope, s our present president, has offered another 1 equally \alnablc burlar}* for two years

These splendid investments have made it . possible for Bevcnl promising country boya to bnvc the pnvile_e of a secondBrv edu-

ca tun

In conclusion on behalt of Mrs Rolland Hld invsclf, nny I sav how much we have ipprocnted the vvav that Old Collegians of ni inv diflerent tenuati ma li ive found time to come back to the old school and intro (luce themselves to us and give us even cncoiiiagcine it in then power On behalf of the whole stuff I -honl 1 ill c to thank the pemits of the bovs foi mitty most n i _eneioii3 lotta s of appreciation J met I hcid nuisttis bv the scoie m Lngland, and

ilhev all vv ni td me bolemnlv of the lurent,

but mv fears have been strangely dis ipponited Anv cnticisras tint luvt been ollere 1 hive been fciven m the kindliest dispirit ind have often proved valttiblc

I should lil e not less, but more discus sion with pirents AIv greitcst desire in life is to see ti esc liovs growing into the kind of men God meant them to be, and tint too, is voitr desire therefore we should worl together in the closest co-



iorrn Honoire \ I -Dux ot Collei..-1 li T Matnulkii Fn.llsll and Hilton-J R T Mac m liai IMKICK .ni Chemiitrv- Ii P Boyd

Form Ixm-r VI-1 O D C-implicit 2 H 0 Mach IT t A R 0 Collin "

rorra 11 pci 1 -1 J I Paterson 2 W If VV 11 opor . N A A \oung 4 11 I Boyes, r R J toto COW ]_"» 7 1 O H Hoeg

lorrnVb -1 <i C Thomas 2 W H ¡Sloane ¿ 1 h. «alter 4 \ K Daniel 5 N G


! erin Ml 1 lit V -1 J P Kcaya 2 L. A. minc vortli J T C Rusden 4 J 4 McLennan f, W L Ingptn C \ 1. YletUnhall 7 D J 0 Sullii.ui special prlr_ C D M_tldcn

form Ixintr V -1 K _ Mtlnlyre 2 F H Harry J M C McCalmnn 4 O i Higgins 5 J A. Itolii GDI Roadknight 7 G í> Grav 8 i lt. Ingpcii

1 orm Uppçr IV -1 T C M-Kim 2 I" O South 1 J T Murray I 1 E Hooper 5 T I_ Howard CAR «Toller 7 H A. Kauf

iona Middle IV -1 D WcC Doyle, N F Puer 2 A L B-illej 1 J 0 Coller

lorra IXJWCI IV-1 P S _ri_i*ade 2 .1 W v Ralla 11 special prize 11 I_ui_

form III-1 C latluv. 2 D Higgins 3,

G M Cochrane

I orm II -J Pomeroy form I-D Hay

¡special Prize -Fssay-U C ItatKav and H R Flüge Junior Bible-X (? Mrlntyro Hoard"!. Scripture-T h D Scott Drraing (senior)-H I Taylor Commercial Prizes Senior I P Wilson Jailor T C llusden Mukle-V O Atkins C-rpenti.-Senior I í blo-ine Junior K M Campbell toronastlcs Senior T O .ounL junior J O Tait. Dane li g-R. li Ronol Ison Pegasus Prire-W \ Maguire Dehating Society-fccnior A J H «ray junioi I) M Dlcksoi Dr Gus Kearaev Memorial I rl-C-C C Rusden TI e . cn and Roy lillovv Hcrsarj- v 1 Rei toul The Dr Baiter 1 ri-e-J it T llucmillan.

Special Ki orts Frites -Cricket PrÍ7C for Get e ral Profirióte! - V. I Rcntoul Tennis-Senior tramplonftliip F G Creel es junior champion skip W 1 ingpen ,