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  • maryc2 24 Aug 2014 at 10:18
    Was Arthur Ernest Icly Dwyer's first Christian name actually 'Arnold? Ther person who died Qld 1951 was named Arnold, with the same parents.

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(Photos by Tosca.

MAJOR W. T. DEACON. Second in Command.

CAPTAIN H. R. P. DURHAM, Transport Officer.



MAJOR W. B. NISBET, Medical Officer.


CAPTAIN A. B. CRICHTON, Quartermaster.




(Photos by Tosca.















LIEUT. GREEN (Supernumerary )

LIEUT. C. COWLEY (Supernumerary.)

LIEUTENANT C. PHILP. (Supernumerary)




7. Bailey, Arthur, care of Right Hon. Lord Glannsk, Crick Nowell, Brecknockshire, Wales. 8. Decent, Thomas Fox, care of father, Lucas Road, Burwood, N.S.W.

9. Wienholt, Arnold, care of father, E. Weinholt, Queensland Club. 10. Livingstone, George Frank, care of Mrs. D. L. Livingstone, Tarraville, Uippsland, Victoria. 11. Towner, Alfred George, care of mother, G.P.O., Sydney. 12. Cuming, Percy Richard, care of R. G. Rogers, Brabant and Co., Brisbane. 13. Brown, David, care of William Brown, Riveredale, South Pine. 14. Beatty, Wilson Dacres, care of father, Collaray, St. Lawrence. 15. Morrice, George, care of Mr. Corfield, M.L.A. 16. Henry, John George, care of Captain A. Henry, Herbert River. 18. Hobson, John Earnest, care of James Hobson, Caboolture. 19. De Lancey Forth, Nowell Barnard, care of mother, Warrnarabool, Victoria. 20. Rowe, Frederick James, care of Mrs. Rowe, North Pine.

21. Moore. Thomas Peat, care of Mrs. T. P. Moore, Marathon Station, Hughenden.   22. Remfrey, George Harold, care of Fred. R. Bourke, New South Wales. 23. Jordan, John, care of Mrs. Jordan, Shield street, Flemington, Victoria. 24. Kingsmill, Herbet Cyrus, care of Mrs. Kings mill, 51 Wigram-road, Glebe, Sydney. 55. Anderson, William Albert, care of James Anderson, 94 Park-street, West Brunswick 26. Cottam. Robert Henry, care of mother, Nor folk-road. South Brisbane. 27. Howard. Harry, care of Walter J. Howard, Eaton Moor, Manchester, England. 28. Richardson. Robert, care of mother, Con federate-street, Brisbane. 29. Barnett, James, care of Wm. Barnett, James street, Maryborough. 30. Smith, Albert, care of father, Bowen 31. Gardiner, John David, care of John Gardiner, Aberdeen, New South Wales. 32. Browne, William, care of mother, Yangan. 33. Yaldwyn, Hamilton Saint Clare, care of father, P.M., South Brisbane. 34. Robertson, Arthur Campbell, care of Mrs. Robertson, Coralin, Brisbane.

35. Mathison, William, care of P. Mathison, Pal- merin-street, Warwick. 36. Boyd, Robert, care of Wm. Boyd, Villers- street, Kingsholme, Brisbane. 37. Worrall, John Peter, two sisters and brothers, Mount Morgan. 38. Burn, William Castle, care of G. H. P. Burn, H.M.C. Maryborough. 39. Bell, Malcolm, care of Mrs. Florence Bell, Logan Road, South Brisbane. 40. Whyte. Albert John, care of Mrs. Rebecca Whyte, 2 Brougham-street, North Melbourne. 41. Thomson, James Rieby, care of Mrs. Mary Thomson, Burrier, Shoalhaven, New South Wales. 42. Bernard, Richard, care of Wm. Hamilton, M.L.A. Brisbane. 43. Smith, Clarence Sydney, care wife, Pine street, North Ipswich. 44. Grimes, Thomas, care of Michael Grimes, Templemore, Tipperary, Ireland. 48. Leach, Albert Forrest, care of Mrs. Agnes Leach, Fernberg-road, Rosalie. 46. Hackwood, Charles Wesley, care of Palmerin- street, Warwick. 47. Suter, George, care of Mrs. Suter, Palmerin- street, Warwick. 48. O'Connor, Daniel Patrick, care father, T. O'Connor, Barton Estate, Bulimba, Brisbane. 49.—Thomas, James, care of Mrs. M. Thomas, Longreach.

50. Anderson, Hans Peter, care of C. S. Ander-   son, Yangan, Warwick. 51. Mann, John, care of T. Simpson, Haw-   thorn-street, New Farm. 52.--Mclnnes, Colin, care of mother, Station- master, Mill Hill, Warwick. 53. —Henderson, Edward William, care of mother,     Mrs. Baker, Annie-street, New Farm Brisbane. 54. — King, Ambrose Ernest, care of brother, Glass     Mountain. 55.—Smith, George, Hooper's Court, Knight's Bridge, London 56.—Harrop, George, care Mrs. Jas. Harrop, New-     market, Enoggera. 57. Ruttley, Charles James, care Mr. E. M. Patterson, Cunnamulla. 59. O'Donnell, James, care of Thomas O'Donnell, Post Office, Rochester, Victoria.     61. Castles, Joseph, care James Page, Barcal- dine. 62. Achilles, Fred., care of sister, Gumbenge,   Crowe's Nest line. 63. Dowzer, Nathan Esli, care wife, Black- mount, Tiaro. 64. Keilar, Alexander, care mother ; M. K. Robertson and Bergin, solicitors, Brisbane. 65. Culliford, Ernest, care of Mr. J. Oliver, care of Edwin Culliford, Brisbane Tramways Co. (Photos by Tosca.)

66. - Naylor, Walter, care of W. J. Naylor, Worthing, Sussex, England.       67. - Hastie, Peter Stewart, care mother, 53 Parade, Norwood, South Australia. 68. - McIntosh, Charles John, care D. McIntosh, Woodend Pocket, Ipswich. 69. - Coleman, John, care of mother, Mrs. H. C. Pert, Barcaldine. 70.—Rule, John Holland, care of R. Rule, Mil- vern Farm, Bundaberg. 71. - White, Ernest Albert, care of father, Wm. White, Mullumbi, New South Wales. 72. - O'Neill, John Joseph, Edward O'Neill, Ballina, Richmond River, New South Wales.   73. - McPherson, Alexander, care of Allan McPher- son, Ivory-street, New Farm. 74. - Young, Lionel Hugh Wardell, care of Mrs. C. S. Young, Ascot, Brisbane. 75. - Smith, Frederick Edward, care of Mrs. M.   Smith, Russell-street, Brisbane. 76. - West, John Henry Ernest, care of Mrs. West, Mundingburra, Townsville. 77. - Duggan, James, of Mrs. Duggan, Ken- nigo-street, Brisbane. 78. - Graham. Thomas Alexander, care of Mr. E. Graham. Musgrave-road, Red Hill. 79. - Power, James Charles, care of Jeremiah Power, Pomakho, Auckland, New Zealand. 80. - Raymond, Arthur Ernest, care of Mrs. E. W. Cowey, Spring-street, South Brisbane.

81. - Bolton, Henry, care of father, No. 2 Police Station, Regent-street, Sydney. 83. - Greer, Joseph Norman, care William Greer, Highfields Railway. 84. - Graham, Thomas, Clermont. 85. - Crawshaw, Robert Wilkinson, care of father, R. . W. Crawshaw, Chesterfield, Derby. 86 Turner, James Arthur, care T. Turner, Tooley-street, Maryborough. 87 Gillespie, James M'Bride, care of Susan Chalmer5s, care of David Bowman, Boundary-street, South Brisbane. 88. Searle, Frederick Henry, care of J. H. Searle,   Ruthven-street, Toowoomba. 89. McDonald, John Kenneth, care of Mrs. T. Gibson, Isabella street, Hillgrove, New South Wales.             90. Bancroft, John, care of mother, Ashton street,   Toowong. 91. Bruce, Robert William, care wife, address uncertain (? Lutwyche). 92. Gray, Arthur Alva, care of Chas. Gray, Barker's Creek, Nanango. 93. Stirling, Robert, care of mother, Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Victoria. 94. Burton, George Alfred, care G. M. Burton, 49 Malvern-road, South Yarra. 95. Chapman, James Francis, care of Mrs. W. Chapman, Ligar-street, Colac, Victoria. 96. Murphy, James, care of Thomas Marran, Newry, County Down, Ireland.

97. Miller, Andrew Reid, care of mother, 4 Downing street, Spring Hill, Brisbane. 98. Horsburgh, George Tuner, care father, Prospect-street, Maryborough, Queensland. 99. Townshend, Ernest, care of John Herbert, S. Kingstown, Newtown, Sydney. 100. Buckley, George William, care of father, Fernberg-road, Milton. 101. Rodd, Edward George, care of E. Geo. Rodd,   St. Thomas, Exeter, England. 102. Taylor, Frederick Maurice Burden, St.   George Square, London. 103. Cave, Alfred Noble, care of Wm. Cave, Baroona-road, Rosalie. 104. Knox, William, care of Geo. Knox, New- dart, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 105. Wilson, Frederic, care of Mrs. Wilson. Prospect-terrace, Kelvin Grove.   106. Johnson, Louis Victor, care of mother, pro-   bably London (address unknown). 107. Johnston, William Henry, care of Mrs. J. J. Johnston, Tantitha-street, Bundaberg. 108. Detmold, Percy George, care of Mrs. McMurtrie, Egoline, Albany-road, Toorak, Mel- bourne. 100. Rumbelow, William, care of W.M. Rumbe low, Sculthorpe-road. Fakenam. Norfolk. 110. Miller, John, care of Mrs. Miller, Woon- garra-street, Bundaberg.

111. Reynault, Matthew Henry care of Mrs. Howell, care of A. Hopkins, Boulevard, Strat- field, Sydney. 112. Perrett, Arthur, care of mother, Ketoonga, Kilkivan. 113. Stibbards, David, care of Mrs. Ada Stib- bards, P. O., Tamworth, New South Wales. 114. Dwyer, Arthur Ernest Icly, care of Tom Dwyer, Morven. 115. Garden, James Alexander, care of Alexander Garden, Serpentine, Victoria. 117. Hollis, Joseph Dowling, care Joseph Hollis,   Yarras, Hastings River, New South Wales. 118. Meek, Frederick Maurice, care of father, Rev. J. B. Meek, Rothsay, Scotland. 119. Thomas, Theobald Edmond care of F. J. Thomas, care of John Bridge and Sons, Circular Quay, Sydney. 120. Nattras, William Francis, care of Mrs. Hampson, Robert-street, Spring: Hill, Brisbane. 121. Watkins, James Augustus, care of father, Glen Exk, Howard. 122. Kennedy, Patrick, care of Mrs. Kennedy, Gotha-street, Valley, Brisbane. 123. Tucker, Henry Fredrick Wallace, care of Edwin Tucker, Minister, Baptist, Tombourine street, Coomera. (Photos, by Tosca.

312. McDougall, Alexander, care of Ewen McDougall, Thornybank, Lanarkshire, Scotland. 313. Lucas, Frank William, care of W. O. Lucas, Sandalwood, Goondwindi. 314. Reardon, Peter William, care of Miss S. Reardon, Oakfleld, North Shore, Sydney. 311. Mumford, George Stealey, care of John M. Drayman, sixth street, Ross Island, Townsville. 316. O'Sullivan, Francis, care of Father Patrick O'Sullivan, Ipswich. 317. Cunningham, John Thomas, care of Mrs. Bridget Cunningham, Macrae-street, Bendigo. 318. Taggart, Thomas Henry, care of Mrs. Taggart, Home Cross, Ballas-alla, Isle of Man. 319. Wales, William John, care of George Wales, Mount Pleasant, Mackay. 320. Hastie, Thomas, care of Mrs. Jackson, Bal- nagownie station, Mackay. 321. Cobon, Thomas, tare of Mrs. Cobon, Stan Hoe, Norfolk, England. 322. Busher, William James, care of Robert B., Kilmore, Wexford. 323. Thorn, George, care of Mrs. G. Thorn, Acacia-lane, Warwick, Queensland. 324. Smith, Thomas Hope, care of Robert Smith, Isis Downs, Ilfracombe. 325. Butler, William, care of Mrs. Butler, Hal- loran-street, Leichhardt-street, Sydney.

326. Payne, George Herbert, care of Steve Payne, Werandera, N.S.W. 327. Glover, John Edward, care of A. G. Glover, Wantley-street, Warwick. 328. Butler, Robert Thomas, care of J. P. Barnett, Blackall-terrace, East Brisbane. 329. Holpen, Archie, care of Worthy Holpen, Lindum, Hemmant. 330. Grogan, Martin, care of J. Grogan, Winton. 331. Derrett, Walter, care of William Derrett, Pa tea, Wellington, New Zealand. 332. Griffin. Louis Gerald, care of sister, Mrs. Nobbs, Croydon, N.Q. 333. Saunders, William Frederick, care of mother, Taunton, Somersetshire, England. 334. Bartlett, William Henry Augustus, care of Thomas Bartlett, Buderim Mountain. 335. Clark, Alexander, care of R. Clark, Isla Park, Yaamba. 336. Bourke, Arthur Clinton, care of father, Southport. 337. Morris, Herbert, care of father, Lodge Farm, near Tenbury, Worcestershire, England. 338. Black, Archibald Syme, care of Mrs. Black. 3 Braid Crescent. S. Morningside, Edinburgh. 339. Morrison, William Wilson, care of Mrs. Morrison, Port Germain, South Australia. 340. Shaw, Frederick, care of Mrs. E. J. Shaw, Hann's Paddock, West End, Townsville, N.Q.

341. Birt, George Howard, care of G. H. Birt, sen., Unley, Adelaide, South Australia. 342. O'Connell, James, care of Wm, O'Connell. engine-driver, N.S.W. railways, Burwood. 343. Micklethwait, Richard Spencer, care of Mrs. Emma Micklethwait, Ackworth, Pontefract, Yorks. 344. Cunningham, Alexander, care of Wm. Cun- ningham, Downs Store, Clifton, Darling Downs. 345. Carter, Joseph Richard, care of Mrs. D. Campbell, Burnley, Lancashire, England. 346. Easton, Frank, care of Mrs. Elizabeth Easton, Wilcock-street, Red Hill, Brisbane. 347. Hair, Victor Arthur, care of John Hair, corner Sidon and Vulture streets, South Brisbane. 348. Boyle, James McKenzie. care of Jas. Boyle, Trafalgar-street, Woolloongabba. 349. Hetherington, Cecil, Somerville, care of Alex. Hetherington. Lawrence-street. Gympie. 350. Richardson, William Egbert, care of N. J. Cuzzens, Yarrantree, Cunnamulla. 351. Wilkins. William James, care of Mrs. Fletcher (aunt), Delce-road. Rochester, Kent. 352. Holpen, Frederick Earnest, care of Worthy Holpen, Lindum, Hemmant. 353. Vines, Charles Edward, care of Peter J. Vines, Tingal Hill, Wynnum. 354. Jarmain, Thomas Edward, care of Thos. Ed. Jarmain, commission agent, Stanley-street.

355. Queale, Oliver, care of Robt. Queale, Dor- noch-terrace, South Brisbane. 356. Robinson, Bugler William James, care of Wm. Robinson. Latrobe-terrace. Paddington. 357. Private Blakeway, Thomas, care of Hugh Albion, Greenbank, Cunnamulla. 358. McFadyen, Fergus George, care of Mrs. McFadyen, Nebo, Mackay. 359. Thomasson, William John, care of Mrs. A. Hack (sister), South Townsville. 360. Block, Joseph, care of Jens Block, Strathpine. 361. Richards. Thomas, care of Thos. J. Richards, Pimpama, Queensland. 362. Hood, Robert, care of W. Hood, Albion. 363. Lunn, Richard, care of John Lunn, C.E., Moreton Central Sugar Mill, Nambour. 364. Allen George, care John Allen (care of Allen and Edwards), Drayton-road, Toowoomba. 365. Bridges. Thomas George, care of T. Bridges, Zillmere. North Coast Line. 5. Private O'Brien, Charles David, Maryborough. 116. Dooley, Patrick Michael, care of Mr. Jeffreys, Yarrowvale, via Charleville. 250. Phillips. William Henry, care John Phil- lips, Mount Usher, Rockhampton. 309. Timewell, William John ; brother, H. A. Timewell, Durban, Natal. (Photos, by Tosca.

121. Brodie, Vernon Bissett, care of J.B. Brodie,   Ballarrill. Narrabri, New South Wales. 125. Hill, Victor Austin, care of wife, No. 12 George-street, St. Alban, Christchurch 126. Hutchinson, Richard Charles, care of B. J. Hutchinson, Wolfang, via Clermont. 127. Purcell, John Joseph, care P. Purcell, Mururundi. New South Wales. 128. Elliot, Arthur Bowen, care of mother, Villers-street, New Farm. 129. Costello, Martin, care of Mr. Shelly, Prin cess-street, Kangaroo Point. 130. Sherman, Charles, care of father, Geo. Sher man, Upper Tent Hill, Gatton. 131. Ellis, Aubrey Thomas, care of D. C. Ellis.   Ghurka, Boonigir, Russell goldflclds, Cairns. 132. Jauncey, George Essex, care of Mrs. Jaun- cey, G.P.O., Dover, England. 133. Rutter, Arthur George, care Wm. Rutter, Walhalla, Gippsland, Victoria. 134. Love, Arthur Ernest, care of brother, Mel- ton Love, Ulla-dulla, New South Wales. 135. Riddell, Charles Henry, care of Andrell Riddell, Henden. 136. Shearer, John Hooks, care of mother, Annetheley Post Office, Ipswich-road.

137. Sturgess, Arthur, care of Harry Sturgess, Chinchilla, Queensland. 138. Murray, Alfred Douglas, children, Prospect street, Kangaroo Point. 139. Crisp, Herbert Edward, care of Wilmot Vaughan, Ansfield, Tambo. 140. Perkins, John Joseph, care of B. Perkins, Blandford, near Murrundi, New South Wales. 141. Matters, William Adolphus, care of George P. Matters, Shank-street, Gympie. 142. Greenaway, James Herbert, care mother, West Hanney, near Wantage, Berks, England. 143. Plowman, Alfred, care of Mrs. Plowman,   46 Metropolitan-road, Enmore, Sydney. 144. Robertson, Hugh Clive, care of mother, Mrs. Jas. Robertson, Glenalire, Colac, Victoria. 145. Kelk, Eustace, care of father, Lindum, Hemmant, Queensland. 160. Markwell, Edmondstone, wife, 3 Jordan terrace, Breakfast Creek, Brisbane. 146. Corner, Robert Henry, care of Mrs. J. Corner, James-street, Waterloo, Sydney. 147. Lynd, James William, care of Mrs. Stent, Hunterville, Wellington, New Zealand. 148. Cunningham, Joe, care of John Cunningham, Wellington-road, East Brisbane.

149. Ross, Claudius, Ralph Mackenzie, care of father, J. H. Ross, Redcliffe, Banna. 150. Hamilton, John Henry, care of George Hamilton, Parkinson-street, Albury. 151. Herkes, Robert, care of Robt. Herkes, sen., Glen Luvis, Dingo Creek, Manning River. 152. Herth, Harry Roy, care of Mrs. A. Herth, Viotoria-street; Spring Hill. 153. Weatherley, George, care of father, John Weatherley, Hendon. 154. King, Charles Ernest; care of mother, Mrs. King, care of Lundie, the Manse, Toowoomba.   155. Micklem, Lionel Offley, care of L. Mick- lem, Norrsybury, New Barnets, Herts, England. 150. Volkman, Thomas Paul, mother, Mrs. Volk- nian, Rossa-street, Spring Hill. 157. Barton, Lionel Salter, care of. Mrs. R. C. Barton, Toweran, Bundaberg. 158. Murch, Albert Charles, care of John Murch, Huntington, Holmer, Hereford, England. 159. Barnes, Charles Grafton, care N. Barnes, Dyraaba, Caseno, Richmond River. 161. Watson, Walter Henry, care of Mrs. H. P. Watson, Mountain View, Roma. 162. Wilson, Joseph Stephen, care of Mrs. E. Cockerill, St. George, Queensland.      

163. Gardiner, Alfred William Gabriel, care of   Rev. J. Gardiner, Woolloongong, N.S.W. 164. Bennet, William Charles, care of Alick G. Bennett, Broadway-street, off Logan-road. 165. Durack, James Edward, care of C. Durack, Telangaluk, via Blanoral, Victoria. 166. Giltrow, William, care of Mrs. F. Giltrow, Goondiwindi. 167. Sacre, Edgar Thomas, care of father, Earl street, Thompson Estate, Brisbane. 168. Huston, Robert Ernest, care of Mrs. B. Finn, Prince of Wales Hotel, Clermont. 169. Schipkie, John Charles Fredrick, care of Mrs. A. Rodger, Kelvin Grove. 170. Maddock, George Hamilton Sydney, care of Rigby D. Maddock, Warwick. 171. Cudmore, Henry Carrington, care of H. D. Cudmore, Victor Harbour, Adelaide. 172. Brickwood, Robert Hugh, care of Mrs. Brickwood, Red Hill, Gympie. 173. Kelly, Michael Augustine, care of father, Mortimer Kelly, produce merchant, Tenterfield. 174. Anderson, Robert, care of Mrs. Jas. Nicol,   Camperdown, Victoria. 175. Simpson, David, care of David Simpson,   blacksmith, Norman Park.

176. Howe, Samuel James, care of Mrs. G. Howe, Ladbroak, Red Hill, Brisbane. 177. Jackson, John, care of J. W. W. Jackson, P.M., Springsure, Queensland.   178. Hannan, Michael John, care of John Hannan, St. Arnand, Victoria.   179. Nolan, William Patrick, care of Jas. Nolan, Broken Hill, New South Wales. 180. Downie, James Duncan, care of mother, Given-terrace, Paddington, Brisbane. 181. Maitland, Rhys, care of father, F. Maitland, 18 Primrose Hill road, London, N.W. 182. Myers, Alexander Stuart, care of Mrs. W. Myers, Murwillumbah, Tweed River, N.S.W. 183. Kelly, William, care of Wm. Kelly, Enockroe, 184. Broatch, William, care of G. Broatch, Thwaite, Ruthull, Dumfries, Scotland. 185. Bennett, George Henry, care of Mrs. E. Byrne, Appin, New South Wales. 186. Parker, Martin, care of Mrs. Parker, care of W. E. Kerr, Excelsior Ridge, Charters Towers. 187. Murray, Henry Baylis, care of V. J. Murray, Leitrim, Lytton-road, Bulimba. 188. Clarke, Arthur Hill, care of Miss Edith Clarke, care of Mr. W. E. Hill, Lytton-road 189. Bugler Yorston, Allan Bell Renton, care of   Jas. Yorston, Inkerman-street, South Brisbane. 190. Private Wildie, Walter, care of G. H. Wildie, stock and station agent, Cunnamulla. 191. Bugler Maries, Leopold Bapist, care of Mrs. W. H. Pilanger, Carl-street, Thompson Estate.

192. Private Thompson, Victor Emanuel, care of J. B. Thompson, baker, Palmerin-street, Warwick. 193. Bugler Carter, William Robert, care of J. Gleadhill, Nundah. 194. Private Purves, Godfrey Liddle, care of Jas. L. Purves, Q.C., 19 Temple Court, Chancery-lane, P. Melbourne. 195. Strang, James, care of Jas. Strang, Bunya- road, Dalby. 196. Hanley, James. John, care of John H. Hill-   side station, Richmond River, New South Wales. 197. Beatty, Sidney Stuart, care of T. S. Beatty, Collaroy station, St. Lawrence. 198. Wagner, Albert, care of Mrs. J. Wagner, Grey street, off Brooke-street, Bowen Hills. 199. Barclay, William, care of John Barclay, East-street, Mount Morgan. 200. Perske, John Frederick, care of H. Perske, Townsville. 201. Christie, Robert William, care of Mrs. Thos. Christie, Limestone-street, Ipswich. 202. Maxwell, Francis, care of Bank of New South Wales, Adelaide.   203. Smith, James, care of Miss M. Smith, Silk stone, Ipswich. 204. McLeod, Donald John Roderick, care of Mrs. McLeod, Tailorville, Wanganui, Wellington, N.Z.   205. Boydell, William Pearce, care of J. F. Boy- dell, Moree, New South Wales. 206. Grieve, John Hay, care of Jas. Grieve, Ettrickdale, Kilkivan.        

207. Hore, Victor Thomas George, care of father, Eumundi, North Coast Line. 208. Gallaghan, John Joseph, care of Jas.       Gallaghan, Goodna, Queensland. 209. Holdway, John, care of John Holdway, sen., Croydon-street, Toowong. 210. Cook, Edward Christian, care of father, Cook, Omo, Ormiston, Cleveland Line. 211. Turner, Charles, care of Geo. Turner, Hope-   street, South Brisbane. 212. Peach, James, care of father, Upper Tent Hill, Gatton. 213. Hill, Onslow, Frederick Stanley, care of W. R. O. Hill, P.M., Mackay. 214. Caller, Albert, care of father, Taunton, Somersetshire, England. 215. Clark, Raymond Joseph, care of Joseph Clark, Harcourt-street, New Farm. 210. Rappel, John Robert, care of Jos. Rappel, Queenton, Charters Towers. 217. Skelton, John Telfer, care of Mrs. Skelton, Upper Avenue road, Mossman's Bay, Sydney. 218. Douglas, Theophilus Thomas Thomas, care of mother, St. George, Queensland. 219. Bolam, John Robert, care of Mrs. John Stevenson, Fernberg, Brisbane.   220. Bookings, Frank, care of father, Rocklea. 221. Vardy, Joseph Francis, care of M. J. Vardy, P.M., Court House, Campbeltown. 222. Lindore, James William, care of Miss Char- lotte Lindore, Mount Morgan.      

223. Pooley, Alfred Ernest, care of L. J. Pooley, Crown Law Department, Sydney. 224. Lamrose, George, care of Mrs. Lambrose Spring-street, West End, South Brisbane. 225. Baguetto, Eugene, care of sister, Victoria Baguetto, Gibraltar. 226. Smith, Arthur, care of John Smith, farmer, Nambour, North Coast Line. 227. Macrae, Donald, care of John Macrae, Fal- mouth-terrace, Buxton, Derbyshire. 228. Symes, Arthur Rowley Thomas, care of Dr. W. L. Symes, 74 Merrion-square, Dublin.   229. Henry, James Douglas, care of Captain A. Henry, Herbert River.   230. Gilbert, Richard Edward, care of father, Lloyd-street, off Kent-street, New Farm, Brisbane. 231. Whipham, Arthur Guy, care of Mr. Whip- ham, West End, South Brisbane. 232. Noakes, George Tanner, care of George Noakes, Albionville, Mount Perry Line. 233. Scougall, Percy Burdett, care of R. W. Scougall, Cassillis, Tiaro. 234. Lindley, Horace William, care of Geo. Lind- ley, Curra, Gympie. 235. Meredith, Charles, care of Mrs. Meredith,   Treaddon Court, Hentland, near Ross, Hereford- shire.       286. Flood, Luke, care of F. Moon, Kenmore P.O., Indooroopilly. 237. Sutor, August William, care of Mrs. Sutor, George-street, East Melbourne.

238. Suter, Robert Ackland, care of Mrs. L. L. Suter, Warwick. 240. Doyle, Graham, care of father, Brookfleld. 241. Buglar Seldon, Robert, care of Mrs. Annie Seldon, Latrobe-terrace, East Brisbane. 242. Private Healey, James Joseph, care of Mrs. M. A. Healey, Alberton, Beenleigh. 243. Lehman, William, care of F. Jury, Yee- ronga, Brisbane. 244. Goodwin, David John, care of father, Camp Hill, Coorparoo. 245. Cousens, Harry Richmond, care of Clapham Cousens, Drayton-road, Toowoomba. 246. Stuart, William James, care of Mrs. M. Stuart, Vulture-street, South Brisbane. 247. Thone, James, care of Mrs. Hollman, Logan-road. 248. Helder, John Oliver, care of Alfred Helder, Mount Morgan. 249. Bowes, Charles Henry, care of Mr. Bowes, Morpeth New South Wales. 251. Bassamann, Arthur Clarence, care of Henry Bassamann, Grafton, New South Wales. 252. Bourke, John, care of Michael Burke, railway ganger, Tiaro, Queensland. 253. Eales, Francis Edgar, care Mrs. Geo. Eales, Wobngarra-street, Bundaberg. (Photos, by Tosca.)

254. Luxton, Charles, care of Mrs. L. H. Lux ton, Petoi son-street Wooiloongabba. 266. Ingram, William James, care of Mrs, E. Ingram, Landsborough. Victoria. 266. O'Brien, Jack, care Michael O'Brien, Catfa cart, New South Wales. 267. Ron, Reginald Roy Mackenzie, care of J. H. Ron, Redellffe, Banana. 258. Mulray, Richard, care of John Mulray, Mount Usher, Rockhampton. 259. Wills, Cedric Spencer, care of C. S. Wills, Minerva Creek. Springsure. 260. Blank, Richard Henry, care of R. E. Blank, Alton Downs, via Rockhampton. 261. White, Alfred, care R. White, Bogga- billa, New South Wales. 262. Lawson, Charles Henry, care of Peter Law- son, near Lismore, Richmond River. 263. Wood, Peter care of W. Wood, Denham street, Rockhampton. 264. McGladdery, William, care of father, Wm. McGladdery, Hall-street, Mount Morgan. 265. Livingstone, William, care of John M. Livingstone, Lismore, New South Wales. 266. Clarke, Thomas, care of Mrs. Bella Berry, Banana, via Rockhampton. 267. Robins, James Alexander, care of P. Larkins, George-street, Redfern, Sydney.

268. Malcomson Thomas James, care of Mrs. Thos. Malcomson, North Side, Mackay. 269. Devine, Donald, care of S. B. Williams, storekeeper, Alpha. 270. Soden, John Adams, care of Chas. J. Soden, Breffln-terrace, Sandy Cove, Kingstown, County Dublin. 271. Beatty, Frank Percy, T. S. Beatty, Col- laroy Station, St. Lawrence. 272. Luck, Guy Harold, care of A. J. Luck, Quarrie-street, Rockhampton. 273. Adamson, Charles Young, care of J. Adam- son, Neville's Cross, Durham, England. 274. McPherson, John Fraser, care of John McP.,   Rookwood, via Marlborough. 275. Sloan, William Christopher, care of A. B. McDonald. Grosvenor Downs, via Clermont. 276. Lovegrove, Arthur Sidney, Bollon, via Mitchell, employed ten years brother, Wm. Walter Lovegrove, N.S.W. Lancers, in South Africa. 277. Mitcnell, George M'Pherson, care of Wm. Wells, Hatwood Island, Clarence Rivter 278. Loder, Edward, care of John P. Sutherland, J.P., lnglewood. 270. Clancy, Peter James, care of father, Hay. 280. Shadforih, Ernest Holllnworth, care of father, F. H. S., Burketown.

281. Daniell, Hubert .lohn, cae ather, 22 lie i streot, East Malvern, Victoria. 282. Colville, William, care mother, Mrs. Foden, Princess-street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. 283. Daws, George, care Robert A. Dawes, Swir.ei head, Lincolnshire, England. 284. Poole, William Shortly, care of mother, Woodford, via Caboolture. 286. Bettany, Harry, care of T. Taylor, Brook field, via Brisbane. 286. Williams. Meredith George, care of Em and Williams, Allots, Queensland. 287. Bendall, Thomas, care of Fred. Bendall, Dee-street, Mount Morgan. 288. Leishman, James, care of Win. Leiahman, Mount Usher, via Rockhanrpton. 289. Alfard, John, Daka Station, Norman ton 200. Dodds. Edward Swnln. care of Owen G?orjre Dodds, Cudgen, Tweed River. 291. Daniels. William John, care of father, Eton-street, Toowoomba. 292. Richards, Frank, care of mother, Mrs. R. Richard?, Pimpama, South Coast line. 293. Crossman, James Knight, care of Mi». Lucy Grossman, Lowham. Somerset hire. England. 294. Montgomery, William Cumming, care of father, The Limes, Hadley Barnet, Middlesex. 295. Clarke, James, care of Mr. John Quinn, Nash street, Gympie.

296. Wright. Alfred Edwin, care of father, Eu mundi, North Coast Line. 297. Mitchell, Maurice ,care of wife, Mt. Morgan. 298. Mulholland, William John, care of James Mullholland, Killeen, Ayr, Lower Burdekin. 299. Yeatman, Frederick, care of Harry Yeatman, Ringwood, Hants, England. 300. Greig, William Frazer, care of Oeorge G., Grocer, Gray-street, South Brisbane. 301. Thompson, Hiram Prestcn, care of Hiram Thompson, Stanley P. 0., via Beechworth. Victoria. . 302. Peterson, Farrier-sergeant, Charles Fredrick, care of wife. Avondale Farm. Helidon. 303. Horton, Alfrer Robert, care Thos. Horton, 7 High-street, Devonport, England. 304. Grimman, Frederick, care of wife. Thorn street, OTonnell Town 306. Akred, James Allen, care of Mrs. Cotton, corner Allan and Water streeta, South Brisbane. 306. Goddard, Stanley Jansen Prince, care of B. D. Morehead and Co., Brisbane. 307. Frazer, Norman, care of J. R. Frazer, River- road, Toowong. 308. Melon, John, care of Mrs. O'Oonnell, West End Hotel, Barcaldine. 310. Welch, Herbert Henry, care of William W. Dadford, Buckingham, England. (Photos, by Tosca.


("Queenslander" Photos.)

58. - Lumb, John Foster, care G. Lamb, Esk. (Photo by Tosca.)

Sergeant-instructor W. H. Raymond,

Captain D. Persse White,

Sergeant-Instructor P. G. Sadler.

Rev. C. V. P. DAY, Chaplain to the   Imperial Contingent. (Photo by Wiley)

" FOLLOWERS." (Phcto by J. G. Challanda.)

START FOR THE INTERCOLONIAL SCULLS. (The nearer oarsman ie Slack.)

SPECTATORS ON THE BANK. (Photo by J. G. Challanda.)

THE MEN WHO PUT THE POLISH ON. (Photoa by Tosca.)     Captain D. Persse White, who acted as musketry instructor to the Second, Third, and Fourth Contingents, has played an important part in the " making" of our soldiers for service in South Africa ; and he has been ably assisted by Sergeant-In- structors Raymond and Sadler, who have likewise put the three contingents through their facings.





<»Queen,u»der•• pd0,0..>




PASSING THE CANDLE WORKS, TWO MILES. (Victoria leading. South Australia last.)




OFFICERS OF THE IMPERIAL CONTINGENT, WITH THE GOVERNOR AND LADY LAMINGTON. Photographed at Government House by Tosca. Front Row : Colonel Finn, Lieutenant-Colonel Aytoun, Lord Lamington, Lady Lamington, Major Deacon, Major Nisbet, Captain Crichton. Back Row : Captain Carroll, Lieutenant Kellaway, Lieutenant Butterworth, Lieutenant Ferguson, Captain Durham, Captain Joseph, Lieutenant Kemp, Lieutenant Hyde, Lieutenant Crichton, Lieutenant Philp, Lieutenant Parker.


A GROUP ON THE LAWN. In the foreground are his Excellency the Governor, Colonel Aytoun, Captain Farqu- har, A.D.C., and Captain Percy, A.D.C. In the background, behind Lord Lamington. are Captain Creswell (Naval Commandant) and Lady Lamington. (Photo by Tosca.