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nPHE biggest party of the week before race

?*? week:-Miss Elizabeth Northcott has issued invitations for an "At Home" at Govcrnmeut House on Wednesday, September 30.

AND more and more

invitations piling up for before and during Race Week, which looks like being the gayest one for several years (The Budget?) . . . Including Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hcaly's cocktail party at the R-yal Sydney Golf Club on Tuesday, 29th; and Mr. and Mrs. Mal- colm Campbell's cocktail party for both their own friends and friends of their son, John, also at the golf club on October 5.

* . *

TWO events to-day:

The arrival, from the Argentine, of Dr. Carlos Guerrero, who owns one of the world's largest Aberdeen Angus cattle ranches-and who is also the father of 13 children. He will stay at the Austra- lia before going to visit Aberdeen Angus studs throughout Australia . . .

And the supper party to- night to be given by Mrs. Ted Keep and her son, Tony, for their young Eng- lish cousin, Diana Sturge, out here for a visit.

. * *

THOSE people already

taking off for the Royal Melbourne Show;

including two of Sydney's best horsewomen, Anne Campbell and Shirley Pye; and also going down, the John Boyds of Young (she was Diana Maple Brown) ... And John Nash nicely coinciding his business trip to Melbourne at the same time.

. * *

AND off to the snows,

before they meit: Architect Harry Seidler, who is a side-line keen skier, taking off this week-end, and fellow architect Bob Maclurcan and his wife planning to go up for the long week-

end . . .

And up there now, An- nette Dunlop, who when she returns, will make hurried preparations to leave for Melbourne, where she'll join the Borovansky Ballet Com- pany early in October.

. . *

TWO of the smartest

girls of the week. Sandra Bragg, who arrived back from a world tour with her mother, Mrs. Frank Bragg, of Aber- deen, last week, lunching at the Australia with Judy Crossing, on University vacation. Sandra wore a

grey flannel suit with a tiny white knitted colum- bine hat (minus the pom-

pom) from Paris, and Judy was in a navy blue suit with a small white hat.

. .* .

PETER, nine-year-old

son of conductor Walter Susskind, has been a keen stamp collector for the last two years. His collection includes a com-

plete Singapore Corona- tion scries, and stamps from every country his father has visited.

Last week Mr. Susskind received a packet of cor- respondence sent on from London by his wife. On the outside of the big envelope, with numerous stamps, including a 10/ one, was the message: "Please save the stamps. Thank you. Love, Peter."

THE huge success of

the exhibition of the Society of Interior De- signers at Woollahra Arts Centre-the line-up of parked cars stretches from Kedlcaf to Cranbrook every day-and their ex- tended closing until Wed- nesday ....

And that surely Austra- lian surcharge for "prefer- ential bookings." And one "Old European New Aus- tralian" being flabbergasted at paying 21/3 per ticket last Thursday for scats to "The Consul" next Thurs- day, and hearing of a friend who bought the ad- joining seats next morning for 15/3 each. Same theatre, same perform- ance, next-door scats and 6/ cheaper . ..

* * *

THOSE "gay evenings

at London's Cafe de Paris" that song-writer Robyn Teakle talks about, and meetings with Lena Horne ("sensational"), Maurice Chevalier ("charmingly delightful"), Frank Sinatra (" a very nice person"), and Noel Coward ("charming").

* . *

THE Coogee grand-

mother who went abroad for the Coronation -and missed it . . . Mrs. I. E. Swinson, who be- came ill on a pre-Corona tion visit to Switzerland and spent Coronation Day in Lucerne's sanatorium, St. Anna.

"But," she said, philoso- phically, when she re- turned in the Strathmore last week, "It's a beautiful spot, overlooking the


* * *

THE prediction that

Australians will prob- ably be the first to see the Queen in stronger colours. Her Majesty has already broken away from the pastel tradition set by Queen Alexandra and has chosen both bottle green and parma violet for her Royal tour clothes.

* * *

LONDON chatter:

Australian actress, Wendy Brunton Gibb, now Mrs. Michael Benge, has her hands full with her new baby son, Nicholas, and the mews flat near Victoria, where they live. She plans to resume work later . . .

And that surprise of Ballets de Paris, Roland Petit, now visiting London, is the song sung by baller- ina and slar of film "Moulin Rouge," Colette Marchand, in the com- pany's new ballet, "Cine Bijou," a satire on Ameri- can cabaret life.

The English translation of the song title is-"I've nothing on under my


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