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Galaup Will Play In

League Test;

Came Yesterday

France's star Rugby League five-eighth Charles Galaup will play in the first Test at the S.C.G. to-morrow.

Galaup arrived from Toulouse via London by plane yesterday morning and trained with the team three hours later.

Galaup was chosen in the original team for the tour, but was detained in France for military service.

French team leaders yesterday said they had no doubt that Galaup would retain the place

reserved for him.

Galaup, who came to the train- ing ground carrying his gear in a military kilbag, said he was eager to play.

He is a trimly-built youngster, aged 21.

His white face and legs were in contrast with'those of his tour comrades, already mildly sun- tanned from the recent mild


In the Frenchman's final train- ing session, which, lasted for 45 minutes, Galaup handled neatly.

He showed some of the elusive ness which stamped his play in





C. Churchill (c.) Puig-Aubert (c)


J. Bliss - V. Cantoni N. Hazzard G. Comes

G. Willoughby J. Merquey

J. Graves R. Contrastin


F. Stanmore C. Galaup


K. Holman J. Dop


N. Mulligan R. Duffort H. Crocker E. Brousse B. Davies E. Ponsinet D. Donogbue L. Mazon

K. Schubert G. Genoud D. Hall P. Bartoletti

international games in the recent


Coach Samatan demon- strated to Galaup the Austra- lian method of playing the


Galaup probably will be out of touch for a while to-morrow.

He has not played football for 15 days, but he had some train- ing before leaving France last Sunday.

His all-round ability is held in high regard by the Frenchmen. GROUND DRYING

There were hopes yesterday I that the Cricket Ground field would not be so bad to-morrow as completely to prevent fast, open play.

The Bulli centre ot the field

was slushy^ and slippery yester- day, when club teams played.

It is certain to be at least "sticky" to-morrow afternoon.

Very little rain fell over the ground yesterday up to last even- ing. Curator Bill Watt said:

"If the weather is good, with sun and a drying wind to-mor- row, we should be able to roll the field by Monday morning.

"1 am hopeful that the ground will be in reasonably good condi- tion for football."

Lock-forward Gaston Calixte, who has a painful groin injury, was yesterday discarded from France's Test team calculations.

It is expected that half-back Josef Crespo and lock-forward Francois Montrucolis will be omitted from the team of 15 players tentatively selected yes- terday.

. Crespo's injured left leg troubled him yesterday, and he

did not train.

France's tentative 15 are: Puig-Aubert (c); Contrastin, Merquey, -Comes, Cantoni;

Galaup, Dop or Crespo; Duffort or Montrucolis, Brousse, Ponsi net, Mazon, Genoud. Bartoletti. yesterday Montru- colis played with the "reserves' against the Test team.

This left utility player, Rene Duffort, at five-eighth, and the team's "funny man." Jean Dop.

at half-back.

Last week against Sydney Duffort was five-eighth, witli Crespo half-back, and Calixte


Versatile 13st Duffort has played for France in "inter- nationals" as half-back, five eighth, centre, wing and lock.

France, however, may miss the services of the smooth, know- ledgeable Calixte.

Dop and Galaup were paired in international games in the re-

cent season.

The somewhat erratic 29-year old Dop has shown mixed form in country games on this tour.

But be has penetrative power, and, no doubt, with good support in the Test team he would be a more effective player.

The Australians yesterday had


a good workout, lasting for an hour, and, in the words of coach Vic Hey, they finished "fit and happy."

Interest centred on the work of bis centres, Gordon Wil- loughby and Noel Hazzard, who will be playing in their first Test.

With their weight advantage,

they could play an important - part under heavy conditions, pro- vided their handling proved safe.

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