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Studio Gossîpl

SUCCESSFUL debuts tor Frank Worth as direc-

tor and Rex Rienits as script writer have brought these two Australians into the forefront of outstanding newcomers to the British screen.

Worth has been chosen to prepare a film for one of the Government's three

sponsored production groups, it will be a full scale thriller on popular lines called "Mr. Wrigley's


Rex Rienits's play "As- sassin for Hire" has been doing so well as a film (he wrote the film script him- self) that producer Daniel M. Angel has bought his adap- tation of the Mark Twain story "The Million-Pound Note."

THE Danes are reported to

be indignant at Holly- wood's choice of Danny Kaye to play their national hero, Hans Christian Andersen, the fairy-tale writer.

AN underwater screen

sound in samba rhythm that goes "Bobble-obble-obble, Gloop-glut-gloop," is starting to haunt British cinema-goers. Ealing Studios devised it a« a signature tune of an indestruc- tible cloth which -Alec Guin- ness, playing a humble re- search assistant, invents in his new comedy, "The Man in the White Suit."

It is now being issued as a song, with lyrics by script- writer T. E. B. Clarke.

PRODUCER Billy Wilder,

who successfully brought Gloria Swanson back to films in "Sunset Boulevard," plans to revive the comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. The pair have been in semi-obscurity since their popular days of the thirties, but audiences have responded heartily to their old films now being released on


THE simultaneous produc-

tion in England of two big American pictures, Wait Disney's "Robin Hood" and M.G.M.'s "Ivanhoe" has brought a windfall to the hard hit smaller fry of the indus- try. They are the unemployed technicians and crowd per- formers, many of whom have not earned a day's studio fee in months.

Now every eligible male extra is busy enacting the mas- sive battle scenes which form the highlights of both pic

JANE WYMAN'S long-sup-

pressed desire to sing and dance in a film will be gratified in "Famous," in which she will co-star with Bing Crosby. Miss Wyman recently appeared with Bing in "Here Comes The Groom." ALAN LADD and John

Wayne have agreed to appear together in one of Ladd's first independent pro- ductions, "Shadow Riders." Filming will probably not be- gin until later this year be- cause Ladd has two commit- ments to fulfil first, "Botany Bay" an.! "Shane."

LEADING feminine role in

i Paul Soskin's "Secret Plan X23," now in production at Pinewood behind locked studio doors, goes to Mary Morris. Producer Soskin thinks that under Roy Boult ing's direction this Fiji-born actress will emerge as one of the foremost British screen


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