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Steady« Girls, Here Is


Law for ti

. -Says

William Larmer

VES, it is true at last, what .*- the fans have waited for.

Peter Lawford, THE Peter Lawford, one of the most prom- ising and debonair of the new young Hollywood film star bachelors, is due in Sydney next month to play the leading role in

the Fox Technicolour Australian film, "Kangaroo."

Lewis Milestone, a top American film director, the man who made "All Quiet on the Western Front," "The General Died at Dawn," and "Of Mice and Men," arrived here to direct the film last week.

Hotel accommodation has been reserved for Mr. Lawford at a well known pub, so that his fans will have plenty of opportunity to line up and watch for him as he comes and goes during his first week or so in Sydney.

Eventually he will move to a flat. The studio shots of "Kangaroo" will be made out at the Ealing Studios at Pagewood. Part of the time Lawford will be on location in some bush town not yet selected.

TI IS arrival here will coincide , *-I'with the screening in Sydney of M.G.M.'s romantic comedy, "Please, Believe Me," in which Peter Lawford has one of his best parts to date, co-starring with De- borah Kerr, Mark Stevens and

Robert Walker.

This is a picture which is certain to enlarge'his already not incon- siderable legion of fans. (I am now

one of them myself). 1

I thought he was not bad, some ' time ago, when I saw him with

Esther Williams in "On An Island ]

With You," but now the boy has 1 definitely made the grade.

' He has a real chance in this film

to display his English-public-schocl

toned-down-by-world-travel charms

to their fullest.

In "Please, Believe Me" he takes the part of Jeremy Tayler, a young and handsome millionaire playboy who is travelling from Europe to


His lawyer, Mark Stevens, travels with him to prevent him falling a victim to designing females.

When they meet up with De- borah "Kerr, in the Queen Mary, cr one of those things which ferry people across the Atlantic, both the millionaire playboy and his lawyer fall in love with her.

Then the fun is on.

Peter Lawford is only on Fox for "Kangaroo."

With 25 films to his credit, in- M eluding "The Boy From Barn- S ardo's," "A Yank at Eton," "Mrs. I Miniver," "The White Cliffs of I Dover," and more recently "The j| Red Danube," M.G.M. regards 1

young Mr. Lawford as one of its |

wisest investments. 1

Born in London and educated M in England and other countries, m Lawford, who is the son of Lt.- M

General Sir Sydney Lawford and ñ Lady May Lawford, has a back- m ground which makes him admir- M ably suitable for the rich young m man' about town role. i

Peter Lawford in a romantic scene with Deborah Kerr. ||

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