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Resentment Seen  

The fifth, Mr. R. Hamil-

ton, M.L.A. for Namoi, contested the poll at

Bankstown because of the   electoral boundary changes in the country. He finished well back in the poll.

Labour officials believe the defeat of the sitting members is a direct result of rank-and- file resentment at the recent action of the Parliamentary

Labour Caucus.


The caucus tried to upset the decision of the State A.L.P. executive to refuse endorse- ment to four Labour poli- ticians for alleged breaches of

the rules.

Mrs. Quirk has been mem- ber for Balmain for 11 years. She succeeded her husband, the late Mr. J. Quirk, who held the Balmain seat for more than 16 years.

Mr. J. M. A. McMahon, who has defeated her in the pre-selection poll, is the manager of a family delica- tessen in Rozelle. He is 36.

Mr. Gorman has been in

the Legislative Assembly for   17 years.  

Mr. A. Greenup, who has defeated him in the Newtown- Annandale poll, is an alderman of the City Council and an organiser of the Shop Assis-

tants' Union.  

Mr. Dwyer became member   for Redfern in the recent by-


He has been defeated in the pre-selection poll by Mr. F.

Green, 48, former Mayor of   Alexandria.  

Mr. Baden Powell was   elected to the Wollongong seat last February.

RESULTS     Results in yesterday's ballots    

in New South Wales were: —   Auburn: E. Dring, M.L.A., 85    

(J. Keighery 25, T. V. Ryan 12, J. H. Hudson 8, G. Byrne 5, J. Holmes 2).

Randwick: W. M. Gollan,

M.L.A., 59 (L. T. Bowen 29).

George's River: A. J. Williams,

M.L.A., 108 (A. E. Abel 27, R. J. Kelly 11).

Redfern: F. Green, clerk, 405 (K.

Dwyer, M.L.A., 341).

Bankstown: A. Powell (railway

worker), 147 (K. B. Morgan

99). Candidates eliminated on    

preferences were L. Deering, C. McDonald, and R. Hamil- ton, M.L.A.

Concord: T. P. Murphy, railway

officer, Chief Accountant's office. 59 (J. P. Maloney 18, W. T. Fry 13, E. J. Guy 11).

Balmain: J. M. A. McMahon,

632 (Mrs. Mary L. M. Quirk, M.L.A., 619).

Coogee: L. A. Walsh, High

school teacher, 90 (N. E. Smith 16).


Newtown- Annandale: A. E.  

Greenup, union organiser, 246 (R. D. Gorman, M.L.A., 211). G. H. Smith. J. H. Henrickson, and C. A. Love eliminated on allocation of preferences.

King: D. Clyne. M.L.A. (R. J.

Kelly, second; S. J. Heap, third).

Lake Macquarie: J. B. Simpson,  

northern secretary of the Miners' Federation, 66 (C.

Nicholls, school teacher, 48).     Hamilton: G. Campbell, foreman  

carpenter, 59 (J. Anderson 49).

Cessnock: J. W. Crook, M.L.A.,    

65 (W. Brown 29, W. Bloom-   field 25).

Mudgee: J. Breen defeated Leo

Nott by 24 votes.

Bulli: L. B. Kelly, M.L.A., 301  

(H. M. Sweeny, 118).

Wollongong-Kembla: R. F. X.

Connor (furniture dealer), 78 (A. R. Baden Powell, M.L.A., 28, G. S. Parker 16, P. Hamil-

ton 2).

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