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By OLD BOY. Tho League.

The first semi-final of the League competition  

will be played on the Melbourne Cricket Ground   tomorrow, the teams being Essendon (second)     and Carlton (fourth). These clubs have met 59

times in League matches since the League was formed in 1897, and each side hits won 29 games, the odd one being drawn.

Essendon evidently like Melbourne Cricket ground, for Mr C. C. Mullen tells me that they have onlv been beaten once there since Septem-   ber 10. 1910, when in a wet day semi-final they       were outclassed by Collingwood. Including finals, the "same old" has played 19 premiership     matches on the Melbourne cricket ground since that day, against Carlton, Collingwood, South     Melbourne, University and Melbourne, and they

have been successful in winning l8 of them, the   exception being in 1915, when Melbourne (who were in the four that year) caught them with a weak team and won by three goals. Essendon and Carlton s last meeting on the Melbourne Cricket ground was a memorable one as the red and blacks put up the greatest performance in their history in winning the match in the last few minutes with three players short. F. Shea waa injured in the first minute of the game and was useless until the last quarter, when, strangely enough he won the game for Essendon, as, although he only touched the ball once, it was for a mark in front and a goal which put the side ahead. Kirkwood, who had been sent in Shea's place on the wing was also injured, and practical!y useless throughout while, with only three minutes to go and four points between them, Cameron, the champion of the season, came down in a crush and broke   his leg. Although Carlton were attacking, and only wanted a goal for victory, Essendon's 15     remaining players managed to hold out and win     the day, and. as it turned out, the premiership of 1912, for the following Saturday the 'Dons scored a comfortable v ictory over South Mel-   bourne, who had the two chances.

Essendon will be without their half-back, Far- rrell, tomorrow. When in June Essendon were un-   beated [sic] and looked certain to head the list, Far- rell knew the first semi-final would be on Sep-   tember 23. He expected Essendon to be resting   to-morrow, so he fixed the date of his wedding for   to-morrow afternoon. All efforts to alter the date   have failed, und thus Farrell will be otherwise en-   gaged when Essendon take the field. Hunter has recovered from his injury last week and the team will be chosen from the full strength.

Carlton will have McKenzie absent to-morrow,   owing to a sprained ankle, but all the others are well. J. Greenhill talked of coming down to help his old club in the final, but he cannot get away.   The committee has raised £130 for the Eli Elliott     fund, and has boen able lo hand that amount to Mrs. Elliott and pay off the balance of purchase    

money of her house.  

The semi-final of the junior league, Essendon v.    

Fitzroy, will be played prior to the League