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Family Notices

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[In order lev guan, «rainst imposition notices of i

Biribí Marrlsg«, and Deallts ni ist be uiillientl

caled 1 v sonic respectable person to en«« re th ir

Insertion 1

Birtl M trage Death Bereavement 1 Alemorialn

and INn eral Notices up lo 0 lines 1 extra lines

I »I wl


À I"! T 1\ (nee Gladj s Hu tee 1) - On the Sill

August at 77 Geelong road Footscrav the wire o,< 1 light «rrgt. U A Austin (Pont Cook)- i jn (la'-k Alan) )

BARM H -On the "ill =eptcn her at AA raevale

SpnogxaJc to Mr an I Mn, I co Burker-a


IHTON (nee Jean McCaleum) -On the lilli Sept

, at Tie Lima private I ospltal Mooroopnato

Air and Mrs AV II (coi Hcrdsto vn A illa

loolainba - a datghter (Annie 1 llmbeth

JlllOOh-S (nee lucj Aldridge)-On He 14th

August a! fiunstalTiiuge sister AleColl « \ x1 vnte lospltal Bolindarv road Burxiool lo Mr .nd Mrs Walter Brooks ol «uinuier Hill roal So ith Camberwell-J inufcl ter (AAmifred


BYRNE. —On the 12th September, at Nurse Car-  

penter's private hospital, Brocker, 310 High   street, Windsor, to Mr. and Mrs. Birt Byrne, of     Malvern road, North Malvern —a son. Both well. CHERRY (ner Grace Down). —On the 6th Septem-  

ber, at Moriston private hospital, Station     street, Fairfield Park, to Mr. and Mrs. E. J.

Cherry, Alvie, via Colac —a daughter (Beryl


CHRISTOPHERS. —On the 6th September, at

Ljmlwood private lospital K\ahn.m to Mr sol Mrs H M tiristoplen of hvnbram til E s >-a «on v

COII P.S.- On ti e 3rd September at I J-nfoood

nrtvale lospital hjabrain to Air uni Mrs .rank Collins ( lengarrv Merrigum-a son

COOPER (nee Alarjorle irantome)- On the 11th

«cptMnhcr at Altona Nurra french s private hospllal Kerang lo Air a I Airs li I Cooper of Loci slea Ivorooii-a laughter (Norma Mar Jor e) Hoth well

CORREII -On the 6th «ci tendier at Cilbiirn

îrl ate hospllal 1 urou tlie xilfc of I Correll jure longwood-i daughter (Margaret lena)

DAA (nee Te-slc Nairne)-On the 6th ««ptember

at Nurse Atcl erson an) (eddles private hos pltal I el uca to Air and Mrs Gordon A Day i laughter (Hoth well )

DEMPSEY (nee Bessie Sherburn).—On the 6th    

September, at Sister Rathjen's private hospital      

Canterbury, to Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Dempsey—a    

daughter (Dorothy Kathleen).  

1 AM 1 (nee Ivy Hanson) -On the Oath August

at st Andrew s prlv He hospital Aliddle llrlgh ton lo Air ml Mrs Stan H farle B3 Glen hui tit rered I Iwood-a daughter (A alerte)

FAULL (nee Ida Budge).- On the 6th September,      

at Nurse Leek's private hospital, Ararat, to Mr.     and Mrs. W. J. Faull, of Ben Nevis - a daughter (Mavis Isobel).

FORREST (nee R Rice) - On the 31st August at

16 Orrong road, E St Kilda, to Mr and Mrs J Forrest - a daughter

GILBERT -On Hie 2. th August to Mr and Mr«    

A Gilbert Ro(hlc) .Imar-a «on (Arthur R Iph)

GREGORY -On the 7th September to Mr and  

Alis s o Gregore ol Tarella Cobram-i .-on (Geoffrey 1 c vis)

GREIG (nre Miysle Macfarlane)-On the 11th  

«eptetuber al Qui-tsai e irlvate I o.iitnl Dan elciong road AAinelcor to Mr and Air«, "Norman Creip Ctinjah Acland street St hilda- r daugbter (Patrltia Marian)

GRIFFIN (nee 1 lie Al ellington)-On the nth  

September at Nurse Lennon« private hospital Fawkn r street "toutli Aarra to Air and Mrs IT ( C riffln of (K1 Moore street-a "ou (Uenrj I loi d ( eorge)

HILL (nee Daisy Anson) -On the lilli August at      

Fimeo vn ate 1 o pill! Daylesford lo Air anl Mrs Al C Hill Vincent street Davlcsford -a daughter ttiolct Edna)

HUMPHREY -Oi the 27tl August at their re«!    

lence it Mordialloc to the wife of Mr OTU Humphrej -i daughter (\.llene I dvn)

INNES (Bean)-On the 21st August at 'Bel

tari« private hospital Newtown to Mr and Mr« (lorien M innes Geelong-n «on (Rav

mond lan)

JONES (nee Elsie Ward) -On the 13th September

at Nurse' Pcstell s private hospital Kyneton to A|r aud Mrs I-es Iones-a «on Both xvcll

JONES-On the Ulli September at Mlllrov

Ird Avenue North Brunswick to Mr and Al 1 R I nts-x daughter (Mildred Hazel)

LAITY (nee Winifred Pearce London)-On the

1 eh September at finchley Finch 6treet Malvern Ile wile of Mr Hubert l-iitv Mai tem-u so Both well.

LAMBERT. -On the 10th September, at Sisters

Willis & Biggs private hospital, Coburg, to     Mr & Mrs Louis S Lambert, of "Elsinna"    

38 Vincent street, Coburg -a son (Ronald Louis).

LANDMANN -On the 12th September ut fcdllng    

loi jriiate lospital the wife of M Land mann chemi»t Auburn-a daughter

LORENZ -On the 4th September at Condah rail  

way station, to Mr and Mrs M Lorenz-a son (Kevin Michael).  

10 nix -On the Stli September at Cloxellj Can

I c TI grove Alalvern to Mr and Mrs J Loton -a son (George)

MAYO-On Ile 4th September at Slater

Smethurst s Ilirtlc ' private hospilnl. Too« roi gu rp 11 T Al tlvern to Mr nn I Mm Francis r Ma o I) Park road South Camberwell-a da gilt T nbelmi Doreen)

McINTOSH (nee Alice Glen) -On He "4tll August  

t 8 Hphin street Newport to A4, and Mrs A Mcintosh-a son (William George Albert)

Both well

McNAUGHTON -On Hie 6th September it Bols

laie 11' Power street Hawthorn to Mr and a d Mrs Chas R McNaiiihtou-a. son (Russell Norman)

McPHEE -On the 14th September at 104, St. Kilda    

street, Middle Brighton, the wife of J. C. McPhee -a daughter    

MERCER (nee Floss Ruff) -On the 2nd Septem  

ber -at "Lochiel" private hospital, Hampton street, Middle Brighton, to Mr. and Mrs. E.    

Mercer of 3 Andrew street, Westgarth-a son     (Robert John) Both well.

MORREY -On the 11th «veptember Iff., at

Keru New toad street Caulfield to Mr ond Urs ( 1 Morrcj-a daughter

MORTON -On the 25th August, at Castlemaine  

to Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Morton-a son (Harry   David).  

MULLETT (nee Ruby I ewla) -On the 30th August  

at llenlv peri ate hospital Caulfield to "Mr anl Mrs II J Mullett-n son («".Ulam Lewis) Both


MURRAY-SMITH -On tlie «th Sesitembcr 102«  

at Stormont Orrong road Toorak tile wife 0 AA I) Mtirrai -Smith-a son

NUTTALL (nee da Fonte) -On the 30th August      

at "Lister" private hospital Queens road St     Kilda to Mr. and Mrs D Nuttall Middle Park       a son (John William)  

PEARCE - On the 30th August at Mt Wise Mer

ctr roid Alalvern lo the wife ol AA R Pearce

1 ion

PORTER (nee Helen Burghard) -On the 8th Sep-  

tember at "Glenere", Hambledon street, Haw- thorn to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Porter - a son.

PORTER (Nellie Cnv) -On the 9th Septcmlier

at Hopetoun private hospital hlhtcrnulok to Mr and Mrs. A AV Porter 28 Al 1er street

Oiulflell-o sou (Lindsav Arthur) Both well/ ROBINSON (nee Kitty Forsyth) -On the 10th September

at Nurse Thomson's _ Private Hospital    

Ulah Drummond Geelong Road Footscray to     Mr and Mrs James P Robinson Hillside     Truganina- a son (James Forsyth)

noah (i ce Laura Drinkwater) -On the 10th June

at Dall lair pm ite hospital Manlj N S AV

m Mr an 1 Airs A J Rose-a daughter (I aura


Jin -On Ile "th September to Mr and Air» Ham I Rowe of Narina Murraj street U lfic! 1-a son (Francis Darroll)

RISHTON -On ti e Uth September at "Surie Car

perler » iris ile hospital Brooker 310 High

«trret windsor to Mr and Alni R G Rushlon of ¿; eamorc i,roie Ripponlea-a son (Brian

loll l

fcrDDON -On the "th September at * Kia Ora

Nurse Jackson« privntc hospitil Heidelberg roal lvoihoc td Ir aid Mrs Donald Sod Ion of Arden Greaves street Ivanhoe-a daughter

(Mavis Lsrne) Both well

SITtAA AN (nee Jen 0-iket) -On the 3r 1 Septem

ber at Sumner private hospital Brisbane to Air and Mis I J Shew in Commercial 11 ink lAoolloongubba Brisbane-a son (stillborn)

SMITH (nee I lo I innett) -On the tlth September

at Nurse Caugluv s private ho pltal to Air and Mra Keg nald smith of 15 Huntlej street Alooi ee 1 onds-a son

STIfinlll (nee Alnnc Bal ling)-On the 18th

se! ember it im wood private h spita! t Mr and Mrs It ( Sterrctt AVnndsworth

Í3 Prince s street heu-u daughter (Slilrlev ! I- ne)

1RFBIICO (nee Iva M.ud Crabb) - On the 30th

August at Nurse Hutchison s private hospital

Re "dale Svdnej to Mr nnl Mrs heiwari Trrbilco-a daughter (Marie nma) Both lolng

iori ER -On ti c 12lh September at t ort Uiza

Iel south linca to Mr and Mrs J O A cglcr-a son (still! orn)

WAA (I ee Annie 1- It-sim ns) -On ti c 10th Sep

lember it 2. Bowen street last Prahran the wife of A G AAuj-a daughter (Jojcc Muriel)

Both «cell

TVFVBORN -On the Oth September 102" to Mr

anl Mrs T F AVcnbom hinanook Albert rtroct Mid Brighton-a daughter

«IllbLFU (nee lvv liol ling) -On the Oth Septem

lier at Alirburton Sanatorium to Mi (late AU) anl Aim I AA heeler ot AAarburlon-a di ghbr On ) Both well

KICK-; On the 5th September 19"" «it AA ee

roona private 1 nspltal Brvson street Cauter erar«, to Mr and Mrs. J li AA Icks of Hart hnl 1-s.ex roal Surrey Hills-a son (Douall 1 redcrlek ) Both well

AUCKS -On tlie «Slh July ni Colchester CHI

ton Bill to Air ml Airs C W II AVickx-a daughter (premature)


AnoTOMEY-ALAIL-On the 14th August 1022

>t Bent« Church Collins street Mcliioane -bj the Rci AA Bor an I MA B D Sldnej Bnhira third son of Mrs nnel the lite Rev

B Alotomc) ol Ad-liide to lesaie Aliy" onlv ia-BhU. ol Mrs an I tht late Mr Goor«? Al ile ol 'Morven Richardson street MI Idle- I ark

¿LLEN-PE1I -On tie rth August _T1 y Ht

Uewdnej of Holt Trlnltv Haloclav i Regii ild Clarence onlv son f Councillor T « ind the late Mrs Allei ol St K11 lu to ('la Ij s Sanli

elder ehughter ol Air und Mrs ( I col of l our la l street 1 ast St hil la

111 Al« -AA AL! AC! -Ol the 12th August HF»

it the Prcsbv-terlnn Church Coburg I v Hie Rev 1 Mathe »MA 11 I) William I s n of Mr and Mrs ni ike AA gg NSW to Marion laughter of Mr an 1 Mrs. A M AAallncc

Alston Munro street Coburg

CAilPllFUj-LlXlNARD-On the 2n 1 August at

¡>t A igustlne s I hur li of I nglanel B i ns i ck Jirnes Aitken vouigcst son of the late lolm UWpbcll Canung street North Alcllourne to uoroth fifth daughter of the late I rede rick it-t-tiarel at I Mrs C Lconanl of Chaprnun stree! Nortl Aklbnirie

cwniiL-Lonrr-in tie i«t Au,u«t it

.sjctlvo lut Chi reh Ardro SA Ij Rev

Ç 1 Tapp AAm «sUnlex llavson ol National Bank c11er sDn of Air anl Mrs IVm II Grnv Cjroptcll '?cacombe M Brighton to I lor rnc- Mm el cr laut,htcr ot Airs, »nu the late George 1 o Ige Ardrossan South Austral! I

CWIMORE-NORMAN -On the 19th July 1922

it the resl leuce of Air AV 1 Norman Gun toner by Ile Rev T W Runtlng Archiball 'onion Cashmore fourth soie of Mr and Airs A Cas! more ot Bacchus Marsh to lannv, retond daughter of Mr anil Mr« AV I

I y»« oi Ounbower lVeient address, Leitch


CLARKE- LEWIS.- On Iho 12th August. 1022, at

the Canterbnrv Methodist Church, bv Rev. A P. Binden, O.B E.. Leo, voungest sun of Mr. and Mn. S. Clarke. "Woodside," Wurrjcknnbeal, to IsalieIle, youngest daughter tv* Mr-, and lite late

D'ARCY—McCOY.—On the 15th August 1922, at    

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Eastern Hill, by the   Rev. J. M. Coyne, B.A., assisted by Rev. J. Ellis, P.P., Joseph, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs.   D'Arcy, Ballarat, to Eileen, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mr. T. J. McCoy, Gee- long.    

EAGER—WORTH.—On the lilli Julv, 1922, at the

Piesbylorlan Church, Paddington, N.S.W., bv the Rev. Grant Forsyth, Fred 7... uulv «011 of the late E. G. Eager and Mrs. Eager, Toledo, U.S.A., to Audrey, jnungest daughter of Mrs. I-, Worth, of Villlaud, 10 Barkly street, East


FALLA-ARCHIBALD.-On the Billi August, nt

Souih Yarra Presbyterian Church, bv the Rev. II. D.' Fearon, Harry Uland, only son of the late Andrew and Mary Ann Falla, of Echuca, to Winifred, eldest daughter of the late James and Mrs. M. A. Archibald, of Carlton. Pret-ent ad- dress, SOO Roma street, Brisbane.

l-.HELEY-IIARRINGTOX.-ISilverf Wcdding.l-On

tile loth September, 1"7, at St. Marv's, Kyneton, by, Rev. Dean Hegarty, John Haigh, youngest sou lalo Luke and Ellen Ilceley, of Yorkshile, England, t« -Kitt.*, daughter lute Luke and Jane Harrington, Kyneton. Al home 1ft and li. Pi osent address, 1" Morang road, Haw


HOCKlNO-McCALLUM.-On the nth August, at

last Malvern Congregational Church, bv live Rev. II. S. Joyce, Richaid Keith, fourth »on of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hoiking, of East .Malvern, to Dorothy Janet Eliaabetlt, only daughter ot Mr. and the late Mrs. J. W. Mccullum, of Mal- vern. Present address, "Dan-t-bryu," Jessie

street. Rust Malvern.

HOLLAND-LAR-OUH,-On the Suth July, Iii!,

al the Pre-"".terian Chuich. Wycheproof, hy the ? Rev. I.*. Rankin, ' Leslie nobert, sou uf Mr. and

.Mrs. Robert.llolland, "Poumon," Norman street. East- Brisbane, to Nellie In Ing, only daughter of the late J. H. Lnrniotir and .Mrs. lalnnour, "Lauderdale," ; Wycheproof.

HUDSON-BREWSTER.-Oll the "th July, lit

"Mororo," Oxford street. Malvern, bv the Rev. ,1.' (1. sterling, Hurold .Maxwell, second son of Mr. undNJfrs. A. G. .VI. Hudson, late of Bal- larat, to Ruby Gladys, second dutighter of Mr. (lilli Mrs. Wi A. Brewster, of Merton Pork, London. Present address. Lake View, Griffith,


LUCAS-GRIFFITHS.-On the BUi August, by

Rev. Dr. Egryn .lone«, William Murray, only son of Mr. add Mrs. W. J. Lucas, of Hawthorn, to.Emraii J.*, third daughter of the bit« Mr. nnd Mrs. R. . Griffiths, of Williamstown. Pre- sent address, -Floren-,, Elizabeth stieet, Mal- vern. At home. Friday, Saturday afternoons, September 22,.23.

MARSHALL-GlfillS.-On the luth- August, at

Preston, by-tha Rev. W. II. McCook, Charles »". elder BOH at Mr. \V. W. Marshall, of Pits ton, to Alleen youngest daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. Arthur Gibbs, of Preston.

MATIIEWK-DORSON.-On the 5th August, nt

tim Presbyterian Church,- Burrumbocl, hy the . Rev.- R. Jones, Alee Matin sou of Mrs. ?.. 1,. Mattoe tr--. mid the late Mr. M. U Mulhews, to fîfrtni'Io, second daughter of Mr, and Mrs. W. J. Dobion, "Waikare," Bnrriinibcct.

NEWNHAM-FEGAN.-On the 15th July, at St

Paul's" Church, of England, Fairfield, by the Rev. J. J. Booth. John H. Newnham, third son of Mr, and Mrs. Newnham, of Waverley, Gillies street. Fairfield, to Fyvie, eldest daughter  

of Mr. and Mrs. Fegan, Kia-Ora, Rathmines street, Fairfield, and granddaughter of Mrs A. E. Klmpton. Station street, Fairfield. Pre- sent address, Yanac, Victoria.

SMITH--BRENT.--On the 19th August, at Pres-

byterian Church, Sydney road. Brunswick, by   the Rev. E. H. McLean Shugg, William Douglas, second son of Henrietta and John Smith, Esq., of Allard street, West Brunswick, to Dulcie Florence, third daughter of Ellen Brent, of Wallace-street, West Brunswick. Present ad- dress, Allard street, West.Brunswick.

STONE- CAMERON.-On the 3rd June, at Holy

Trinity Church of England, Williamstown, by the Rev. S. Martin, Roy Golding, second eldest

son of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Stone, Northcote (late   of Williamstown), to Thelma Audrey, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. T. Cameron, of 68 Hannan street, Williamstown,

SULLIVAN-ROACH.-On the 29th August, at

Trinitv Presbt terian Church, Camberwell, hy Rev. R. VV. Mncattlav, John Rundle, youngest son of Mrs. II- M. Sullivan and late S. G. Sullivan, of Prospect. South 'Australia, to Clyda Gladvs, only 'duughlcr of Mrs. E. ¡J. Roach and late 'E. Vi. Roach, of Camberwell, Victoria.

WITHERS—MILLER. —On the 10th August, 1922,

at Christ Church, Acland street, St. Kilda, by the Rev. G. Pennicott, Sydney Edgar, third son of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Withers, of Nichol- son street, South Yarra, to Doris Marion, youngest daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. James Miller, of Lower Esplanade, St. Kilda.


BALDWIN. —On the 10th September, at Strat-

ford, Alice, fourth dearly loved daughter of the late A. G. and C. Baldwin, loved sister of C. G. and E. Baldwin, Mrs. C. Anders (Echuca), Mrs. M. Maxwell (Stratford), Mrs. W. Doyne (Bairnsdale), Mrs. J. Williams

(Stratford); aged 55 years.

BALE. —On the 14th September, at Essendon,

Annie Elizabeth, dearly loved sister-in-law of Ada Bale, and loving aunt of Bert, Norman (deceased), Leonard, Connie (Mrs. Huggins), Stanley, Thomas Huggins.

Peace, perfect peace.  

BEAR. —On the 9th September, at his residence,

Dalston, John street, Mordialloc, Charlea John, beloved husband of Emma May; in his 66th year. (Privately interred in St. Kilda Ceme- tery .on 11th September.)

BENUSSUi-Onthu 15th of September, at Perth, Western Australia, Frank, loving brother of Mrs. Vi'. Tuck, Nepean ruad, Ciieltenhunt; anti "voted uncle of ivy and Daisy, aged 4B years.

' While he lies in silent sleep,

Illa un-taory dear, we will altvajs keep.

Loved'by all.

BETHELL.-On Hie 15th September, at lils parerita'

«"dence, 09 Spensley "street. Clifton Hill, Abraham, (Son), the dearly loved only son of Abraham , uhd Jean Bethell, loving brother of ? Ara>,, Belle (Mis. A. I"rter), and Bertha (.Mrs. S. Morgan), aged 33 years. . ,.

With Cfirist, which ia far better.

UURKE.-On the 11th September, at her resi-

dence, Louise avenue. Mont Aïlicrt, Victoria, the beloved wife of W. A. I). Burke, and lov- ing mother of D. C. (Camberwell), R. E. (N.S.W.), and A. D. ; iilso beloved grandma of little Gwen nnd Yurjorlc. (littened pri- vately, 12th September, Oakleigh Cemetery.)

BURKINSHAW.-On the 12th September, at her

son-in-law's residence (Mr. T. J. Smith, Avoca), Eliza Ann, relict of the late William, and beloved mother of Emily, Claude, Alfred, Frank, George (deceased), Frederick, Adeline, Percival, Edna (deceased), and Henry South well, and dear stepmother of Mary Ann and William, late of Bung Bong and St. Kilda; aged 83 years.

Peacefully sleeping.

BYATT-EDWARDS. the 9th September at her late residence, 39 Clifton St Prahran, Esther Gill, relict of the late Richard Byatt, and Edward Edwards, dearly beloved mother of   Maggie (Mrs. Harris),, Catherine, Harry, and loving grandma of Maggie. Ernest, Betty, and


Dearly lov_J and deeply mourned.

CANNON.-On the 14th September, at the Al-

fred Hospital, Catherine, relict of the late George Cannon, Dunedin (N.Z.). loved mother of Maud Dymond (Rev. Frank Dymond, B.A., Yunnan fn, China), Gertrude (Mrs. Rodway, Jolimont), grandmother ot Frank Dymond, M.D., and George Dymond, M.D., Bristol (England), Katherine, Alice, Emslie, and Doro thy Dymond; Ruth, Kathleen, and Doris Rod- way; in her 82nd year. (Private Interment, Brighton Cemetery, Saturday, 16th September.) (Dunedin papers please copy.)

COURTNEY.-On the lilli September, at Cuuindd

Military Hospital, Brig.-encrai .Thomas -J. Courtnev, lulsLa mi of Elsie, anti father of Reginald V. Courtney, eldest eon of the late T. W. Courtney, Castlemaine; brother of Col. .lames ll.Äiitnt Lieut.-Col. Charles -V.; late Lieut.-Col. Willard E.; Isabella (Moreland), Wil-

liam W. (Cheltenham), and Em"t IÏ. (Queens-


CRAWFORD.-On the 14th September, at his resi-

dence, ail Regent "reel. Fitzroy, Aleituidor, the dear, beloved husband of Harriet Crawford, and loving father of l"uic (Mrs. Snell), James, Bessie (.Mrs. Fullord), William Henry, ami Henry Seward; ah. the late Alexander Crawford, low* [ ins hro-lher of Lizzie (Mr?. Stevenson), and

Annie Crawford, of Kensington; aged 7,i years, l'or ût> tear-, connected with "Argus" office. Belfast papers plt-asc copy.

CREK.-Jhi the 9th September, at Uxbridge pri-

vate hospital, James, loved husband of Lizzie (nee Miller), of Midlothian, Sydney street, Col-


DAWE.-On the 7th September, at Nariel, Fin-

ley (N.S.W.), from pneumonia, Alexander Daniel (late A.I.F.), beloved youngest son of the late Daniel and Durham Dawe, of Cod- rington. Port Fairy.

Dearly loved and sadly missed.

DE LACY.-At her residence, "Ingalara," East

Melbourne, Amelia, the loved youngest daugh- ter ot Francis and Mary De Lacy, and loving sister of Kate O'Doniiell. R.l.P.

DORL.-On Hie 12th September, at Horsham,

Leonard Victor, t)ie dearly loved youngest son of Air. and Airs. George Dove, of 2V.i Arness street, North Carlton. (Interred Horsham 13th.) DOUGLAS.-On tlie 11th September, at a private

hospital, Melbourne, Lionel, dearly loved son of Margaret Douglas, Retreat road, Oeelung, and the late Captain Charles Douglas, R.Î.R.

F1"\Vl*lll>.U .-On the Lilli September, at his resi-

dence, Murrabit, Robert John Floucrd.iy, be loved husband of Lizzie, and devoted father of Roher!, Fred., and Allan, aged Wl years.

FORDE.-On Hie 14th September, 'at her resi-

dence, 9 Hood street, St. Kilda, Catherine (Oil»-), the dearly beloved wife of Jack Forje, anti loving molhcr of Florence and Jack. It.l.P. (Privately interred.)

OAHAN.-On the 15th September. 1922, at her

residence, 32 Duke street, Abbotsford, Eliza, both, relict of the late J. N. nallan, and loving mother of James, Samuel, Elizabeth, Arthur, Albert, Gilbert, and the late »1rs. Bayley. West Australian napers please copy.

A patient sufferer at rest.

HALE (nee Maxwell) -On the 29th August, at

Gippsland Hospital, Sale, Alice, beloved wife of James Hale, Maffra, and loving mother of Elsie, Charles (deceased), Allan, Doris, Ethel, and Colin, and beloved eldest daughter of Mr.   and Mrs. McKenzie Maxwell. Stratford (late Maffra), aged 39 years and 10 months.

HARRISON.-On the 16th July, at the residence

of his mother, New York City, Roy Elliot, dearly beloved and only son of Millie and the late Harry Elliot Harrison, aged 24 years. Be- loved pal Jack Blacker, (Sydney papers please  


Deeply mourned.

HILL.-On the 9th September, 1922, at her

mother's residence. "Acacia," Chapman street, Summer Hill. Sydney. Chrystal Ada, dearly loved and only daughter of Mrs. Curnow, and grand-daughter of the late James and Jane Hill, late of Cecil street. South Melbourne.

HUMPHREY.-On Friday. September IS, at his

residente. 10 Grandview grove, Almadale, Toni

beloved husband of Alice, and loving father of

Mollie. Private interment.

JEWEL.-On the 15th September, 1922, at the re-

sidence of Mr. A. E. Bratley, Alford, Fyans street, Geelong, Alexandrina, widow of the late Edward Jewel, formerly of Ballarat, loving mother of Edward, Don, Thomas, William, and the late Annie and Margaret, aged 84 years.  

JOHNSON.-On tlie 7th September, at Caralulup,

Ann, relict of late William Johnson aged 82.

A colonist ot 76 years.


JONES -On the 9th September, at her residence,  

Portsea, Louisa, second daughter of late H. L I ami LnuUa -Iones (late Education Department).

KEANE. –On the 14th September, at 26 Austin

avenue, South St. Kilda, Muriel Clarabelle   (Poppie), the dearly loved only daughter of John and Isabelle Keane, and loving sister of Cedric,    

in her 27th year.    

A patient little sufferer at rest.

KEANE. –On September 14, at "Tintara," 26 Aus-

tin acenue, South St. Kilda, Muriel Clarabelle (Poppie), beloved only sister of Cedric.  

KLAWS.-On the 13th September, at t Kent road

Surrey HW«, Paulino, tho d(.arIy,beloved wife of

IVitz. ti. Kian-.. Privately interred.

LiïE.-On the 9th September, l!->->2, at WantlUuh

fetation. Ella Le«, the dearlv beloved wife of Lewin Lee, ag«;d .ti vears.

MoXAMAHA (Mack).-On the 5fh September, at

11 Ralston street, South Yarra. M*r>, beloved ?mnt of .1. McNamara. at Evandale, Tasmania,

Hest in peace.

-(Inserted by J. and K. Mcnamara.)

M1NK1ÏS.-On the llth Si-plemWr. nt hi- residence,

W-arildi. i» Spring road, Mab ern. Thomas Qir tliew M inert, J.I\, denrlv below d ha-Jiind of .SLLUV. Miners, and loving father of Currie (Mr*. S. P-airce, and Itov, al-o beloved brother of Mrs. N. G. Brokem-hlrc*, of Adelaido, »nd Mrs. M. C. Henni, of Malvern, and .if MM. G. S. Farrar (deceased), and MIN. A. .1. Cook (deceased).

"Be} ond tin» shadow»."

MOORE.-On the 14th ¡september, at Fairfield

Hof-pftal, Norman, the dearlv helo, ed nephew of Mr. and Mrs. J. Eullertou. loving «'oiisin of Tom and Jack, aged 2. j cari and 3 month*.

Our little darling. , *

MORRIS-On the 12th September, at his resi-

dence., .11 Merton street, Ubcrf Park, Wlllium, member uf the Hrm of Morriu Bro»., dairymen, Albert Park and Darnum. (Inserted by the em plo.vees of the finn as a tribute of etteem and

respect to a just niau.)

MORTIMER-On the Ililli September, at private

hospital, Hast MelhouniiV Charle« John,* dearly beloved hu al-uni) of KHvubeth Mortimer, law offices, Lonsdale «street. Melbourne, dearlv'loved fjitber of Joseph, (¡ladys, Francis, and the late Charles, aged 55 years.  

Rest in peace.

MOUNSEY.- On the 14th September, at her resi-

dence, Macedon street, Sunbury, Catherine, the beloved wife of John Mounsey, and loving mother of Frank, Alice, and Eileen.

NONMUS.- On the 15th September, at her daugh-

ter's residence, Exeter, Athelston road, Camber- well, Lily Jane, the loved wife of Alfred Non-   max and beloved mother of Eileen (Mrs. R.   Mainprize), Maggie (Mrs. W. Payne), Vera, and Max. (Interred Burwood Cemetery on 15th


At rest.

PALMER.-On the 10th September, result of ac-

cident, nt 1th rchldence. ' Joelwmth House." luH brother of Mrs. James Kellv, Mrs. 3 tangier, Mrs Thompson, and George, and laurie.

* Till we meet again.

PENNY (nee Dall).-On the 13th September at

her residence, 13 Lorraine street, Moonee Ponds, Dorothy, dearly loved niece Mrs Bowtell Har- ris, Essendon; loved cousin Nellie (Mrs. Eric J Summerland, Mornington), Marian (Mrs. K. Everett, Windsor). Will, Jim. Irene.

Deeply regretted.

PLAYER.-A tribut* to the memorv of David

1a>l0T Player uy his friend at "Waiora'* Rest Home, Glenferrie road," Malvern. >

POEPPEL.-On the 14th September, -at her*res!

1 dence, "neigh," O'Hea street, Coburg, Marv

Annie, widow* of the late. Augustus Poeppel, loved mother of Augustus Frederick Poeppel, grandmother of Maud Mary Margaret Poeppel, sister of Michael Koli,,, of Eurambeen, and Mrs. M.N Manning1, of Coburg. Private inter-


Requfe-wat in pace. '

POLLETTI.-On the 13th September, at Melbourne.

Frederick Polletti, late of Bendigo, aged 84


A colonist of 70 years. Interred at Bendigo. September 15.

READ.-On the 1.1th September, at Warragul

Hospital, -Vrchihald William, 1 orine husband of L. M. Rend, and father of little Le«.

A patient sufferer at rest

READ.-On the 1.1th September, at Warragul

n-MplUl, Arcltibald William. Iove«l ROI» of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Read, 20 .Stirling street, .Kooli rray (late Bairnsdale'and Orboit).

RYAN.-At Ballindromeen. Co. Tipperary. Ire

land». Lawrence, dearly loved father of Annie, Austin street, .Fairfield. R.T.P.

SHAW.-t**i the 13th September, at Fûrenharo,

England, H-Htfe, widow of late Ciptain James Shaw, of Glartgow, and sister of Henry "ami

Howard W. Berry.

RHORT.-On tho 1-ith September, at private hospi-

tal, Annadale, Ellen A., only daughter of the late* George and Elie» Short, Prahran, and loving eHer of Herbert, Edward, and Kniest, (Pn atel.v interred.)

"Patient sufferer at rest."

SMITH.-On the 14th September, 1922, at Queen

Victoria Hospital, Melbourne, Elizabeth Wright Smith, the dearly beloved sister of Marion Young Smith, of Davison street, North Richmond, for- merly of John street, Beechworth.

My loving sister at rest.

STEPHENSON.-On the 11th September, at

Phoenix street, Maldon, John Robert, dearly loved husband of Sarah Ann, loved father of Carrie, Will, Harry, Ella, Jack, and Verna, also loved brother of Emily.

At rest after years of pain.

STORRER.-A tribute of esteem and respect to

the memory of Charles H. ("Chick") Storrer, who pssed away at Geelong, September 9, 1922. (Inserted by his fellow-workers at Henry Berry

and Co.)

TAYLOR«.-Tu token of respect oí the late Thommi

1*aj'or, who died al his résidence. "Hatton burn," HI Glenlyon roud, Brunswick, on Sep-

tember li. '

Deepl.. mourned.

-(Inserted by the emplojee» of CornweU's Pot- tery, Brumn\ic!r). <

TAYLOR.-A tribute to the memory of the late

Thromn Taj lor. who died .it hist revldeiitc, .'ilutloid-urn.'* .11 ^letiIJmt'TóUd, Bnutswick, on »th September, H>2¿ (Interred llth ItisL). inserted', by l)id fellow-vforlt«n, Olllce Staff, CornwelPa Potter}, Brunah ick.)

TtJCKRR.-At her residence, 20 Bjyles itrret,

Pariuille, Mnrj, the widow ot the late Walter (leorse Tucker, dearly beloved mother of Albert, IM'Ain, Margaret (.Mrs C. Westcott), Henry, and John, aged 7i"> >cars. NutKe of Melbourne*.

It I I».

WALSH.-On the IJth September, at Lewisham

pii.ate liOfpital, s>fliip\. Mary, the dearly be loied elder daughter of the late James and Honorait Walsh, of 327 Prince« btreet, Port Melbourne, and loving Mater of the Rev. Father1 T. B. Walsh. Andrew P., and Lb-ae, »Ino lo-ting aunt of Dorothea und Tom. i

It.I.P. No tlowera.

WALTERS-On Fridjy, the 4th August, Alfred  

Edward, passed away at 42 Seventh street,   Boksburg North, Transvaal. S. Africa, <lcarly loved hnrband of Helena Walters, after a long and

painful illness.

Deeply mourned b> sorrowing wife and I

daughter. | "Passed over to the Uind of Joy,

Wliere til fieri ng i« no more." I WESTON.-On the 7th September, at her residence,

"Konawindra," Yeo, Annie Mary, dearly loved mother of Ethel Weston and Blanche Shaun.

ZULA.-On the 10th Septemlwr, at Hea»e street,

QueensclilT, George, the loving husband of Raj, and loved father of Johnnj, Julius, George,

Verna, and Marie.


On Act Is. Ser. lae.

BELFRAGE.— In loving memory of our dear son

and brother, Private John A. Belfrage, who died at Geelong Camp, 16th September, 1915.

Too dearly loved to be forgotten.

— (Inserted by his father and mother, Kernot.)

BELL-In fondest memory of Lieut. S. G Bell,

4th and 5th Battery. Killed in action, France, 16th September, 1918. (K. V. N.)  

FRA-LR -In loving mcmorv of our denr «on awl

brother, L-Cpl Jack I raser, killed at Ipres loth September, 1917

A cherished niemur v of one so dear Often brings a silent tear

-(Inserted li* his loving parents, Mstcn, and brothers )

m*SHl -In loving memory of my dear brothel

I-ancc Corporal link Fraser, Ulled In action at

.près, Illili Scpleinber 1017

We keep in our memory tho love of the past,

With us It ht bright as of old

-(Inserted b> his sister Lottie, and brotlier l law, I Worrall )

GREIG -In sacred and iovng memory of uiv dar

ling litvtb-id and loving father of Guj, Lient (,uv O Greig who was killed in action at Ipres, on the 17th September, 1917 '(Inserted bv his loving wife, and dear little son )

LAUHIk-In sad and loving memory of Gunner

Fred Laurie, who tiled of wounls in France, September 13 1917

-(Inserted bj D 1-urie llunjlp )

McLENNAN,- In sad aud loving merool, of    

dear Ron und brother Angus who died of wounds received at I-ne Pine September Hi 1915 On "ried bv his loving parents, brothers, and sisters )

McLENNAN -In loving meroo . of our dear

ingie, who died of wounds received at Lane Pine, September 10, 1*>1B (Inserted bt his lov ing sister -mil brother in law, Sadie and Tom Rennison and nephews Bruce and Angle )

McLENNAN -In loving memorv of our darling

brother Angle killed in action, 1-tvr Pine Gal i poll, september 16 1915

lill tin. barrage lifts

-(Inserted bv his loving sister and brother in law Mollie and Harold Murdoch, "-iwlnej,

MORRISON -In loving memory of Corporal H

Morrison, who made the supreme sacrifice while fighting at the front, on tile 10th September, 1017 -(Mother)

"Admired and respected by everyone "-Major

1 S Dooley, OC

ROGTRS-lu niemot. of nij dearly loved and

lot Ing son David Thomson Rogers DSO, Major 8th &tttery, 1st Division, A IF, killed in action at Menin road, I ranee, September 16, 1917 also of mv dear daughter. Christina Bailey Macgregor September 14, 1921

W1 IX-I -lu loving memory of our dear son, Cap

tain Ronald Welch, who was killed In action at HITS trance, on September 16, 1916, whilst attending the wounded

"Let those who come after see to it that his

name be not forgotten "

-(Inserted bj his father and mother, St Paul's M anse, Ballan )

YOUNG-In loving memory of our youngest

son and brother, Captain Robert P Young A A M C , killed in action at Jeancourt France, on the 18th September, 1918, also his loved elder brother William Mitchell Yonng who died at Cavendish on the 25th March,  


Till the day dawns and the shadows flee away. (Inserted by mother, father, brother, and sisters (Mrs S Young).

C1! VURFRS - In loving memorv of mv dear wife

and our dear mother, who departed ibis life on the loth September lull (Inserted bj her loving hu"xnd, daughters and son )

CONF -In loving mcmorv of our dear son and

broth- Rov McLaren who passed awaj on the 17th September, 1)15 (Inserted by his loving parents and bruthen.)

FOltlttSI -In loving memort of Bob, atcidell

tallv klll-d at Cowes September 17, 19!.

God is love

-(Inserted bj father, mother, sister, and

brotlier Ï

I It, ER-In memory of my loving liuthand and

father John Norris who passed away on the 17th September, 1921.

Peacefully to the unkaowa,

-(laacrted by wife and family.) t


IUIitryBUlKfON -In lo InK mcntor-r of our d'

«nn on I brother Tames Oordoti, who elieel of menlnjritiR In II e Alfred Hospital, on Seplem 1er H ISIS ogel J! vear«

Al hen our henel« ire 1 o vi ed xtjtli W-oe,

AAlieu our bitter te«rs o ortlow AAhcn ive m mrn the lost the Ueir,« Son of Afar hour

(Hollier sister« an 1 brother )

HINHACH- In loving inemorx ol our drir mother

who passed au ij on Sptemher n, Wife

Tlrough e!e_lli dil nie« fon I nitniorv clings

-(Inseríeel Is her (amil). Thomas VA), Ulla, Jol mi Anicllu, «ntl II libe rt flreenlng )

IN NI I IJ.-In foul rememliranee of mi brother

John on Hie llith «-a_ptember 1*21

Cod rt.t Illili -(A T Innell ) IOIIVS-In loung

Aim lohn« who tnikseit JGtn September 1121

creclix rnUfied

-(Inserted by her loving daughter« and «ona )

I AIIREN1 -In lot log memory of our dear sun

mid brother Hu« a ii »ho died nt Melbourne Hospital on the irth September lil"

luret n loving «weet remembrance . Of s hrultler kimi mid tme,

Te*t l token of ulfecltou

Tender kind nnd true

-(InM-rteel br losing mother lirother Jack, «liter In lav, IVA and little hut

IOSH- In sad and loving memory of mj dear

hiu-haliel und oelr eleur telther AAllllain t tij-h, who died on tlie Ililli bepunnkcr, 1D20

Deep in our heurt« there « a meinten

of le loieel une jeas-cd awav

Nilli through the long vejrs to (»we

Dult memorv will itlwuvs letu)

«vail!} IIIÍK-N« I

-(Inserted IA hi» loving wife I llrabcth lush, «on und elaugliter Herbert nnd Adah

HANNETT- In memorv of mv elearlv belote I

xvlfe Nellie viho dlcel on Uie llith Seolemlier rl921 at Albert »treel tuuliiele! (Inierted bv

her loving hukbatut Jolirt Mailnett )

Mil LI-R -In Inuug memorv ol our dear mother

who passed aw is on Hie Uth September,


Vexcelull} sleeping

v-(Itiscrleet bv her loviug tluughtcrr and «on ui

law D and AA Couclll Qneeanland

AIORTIMER -In memor) of Georgina loving

wife of -Am Mortimer mother of I loyel Daher Aid. Alarione und leshie died at Richmond September 17 l'tl I I

Though lost lu ,lf,hl lo memorv deni

-diverted lu her loving huaband anl chu

dren )

MUIXIAHA - Sacred to the Borrowing hot

cherished memorv ni I- lieu Mu I cab}., who panned awav nt Abbotsford on the eirlv eoomitig of Ure ltetli «eptember I'l-O R I I* Ute of

Garra^loyne Roval I'ark

Uöpelflsb. noble Jual and true

Right to the journée « end

Thv deed« him!) live throughout the year«,

A daughter, «islcr friend

-(>ver «¡di«, nilaeeed but lovinglv reraem berce] bv the two children, John j*aeanumd and

Marv Pirene )

OUIAAER.-lu loving memory of Mar} Ftten

dearlv Itned daughter ol Air and Mr» VA 1* O Dwxer *bt Kildi Wim uieil 10th biptembcr


I'ARKF- In loving memory of my dearvlitiabttnd

anl our dear fattier Svdney, who poaecd axvav at Trafalgar on Uie 17th September ll'l.

Thollgti life bring« much that allem

Aud time bring« much that s new, There i« one thiqg never alters.

That« our love dear, for von

-(Inserted bV hiR loving wife and fimilv, Alice Ula Hirolel Julia, Elsie, AVIUI« Violet,

I- rnilv and Rob )

ROGERS-In read and loving memonr of my clear

wife and our loved mother who died 17th «eptember 1114 (Inserted bv her loving hus band and children In« I-crt and Freda )

SUTH. RUANT)-jo loving remembrance of Elisa

beth 1 Sutherland (AV S S., AC«, and UPS,

Malvern >

AVRA"*i -In affee tlonate remembrance of my «tear

father who full iitdeep oje irth September. 1S20, devoted gran (lather if lean, Albert, Pearse,

and 1 na

Io live in heart« we lexve behind is not to


Always with von

-(Inserted bv lil« iovfiig daughter, I liïie )

TcOllixG -In loving memory of our clear motlter

FJl-abeth Aoung who panted awav September 16 1«*D9 also our dear f .ther Robert Young »ho pass-ad awuj June 12 l8 Vi

Ile initeel

-(Inserted bv their loving family )


CAUTO LU Mr* CArO-VíHI- and Eamijv de

Rirc <o THANK a'l rcUtnes and íncmU Jtor personal aympath. letter* cards telegram* an I "ural tribute* in tlitir recent dud trerc ivrinen t_ Will nil kindly uccrpt a_ pcr-Oiiut this acl-now-edgm-i ni oí their sine« re thank-1* 1 *D Crcmom_ street South Richmond_ __

rXAl TOW rhc Fänh\y of tlie Ute Mrv A<37.KS \J I M LOW 111 INK their maur inedia (or viHttii and m_a-iig__ . f condole» e« received duriui, tliclr recent bereave, «.nt _l**o -taff of Austin Hospital for WuHtncfK shown lh(ir dear** __

(>OOh -Mr IIKNRA CnOh >trs lAMEfe aad

-' Family wl ti io t. wier io their mauy kin I friend« their slDcen. ..HANKS for lettens carda »nd floral tribut ra dunns their regent tsad beresrve ment also the doctor.. iad nurong "taff oí the Meilwnrne Hospital for their kind -tt.nt.0P.

GVn _ -Mr -»ni Mm GKTT.« drslr tn tx\ russ

their heartfelt niAMvS lu all relnrn es and friends for kind e"pr___wnB of sj. mpathy letter» cards telefrran.- floral tributen persona. .?_?__*_ during1 their recent _ad berea. ement, especially thanking workmate» boiler yarl Newport (signal binnrti) olso pla. nute*, apri neighbours tor the r beautiful floral tributt. Will all kindl¿ accept thj. w a ptraonul _c"no"li_J'(,n__ni 72 Buckhurst street, South Melbourne.   HAltSIF. - WriTSTOM-T _ Mr* QU¥i* and

llrotloro (Mire to lïlASK all frientfa for letter* telegram- ii i j .-.?__.._ ni n Béions or tympuiii ni their recent Md be ea iraent

HpIDH.-Mrv Rilli ARO IIOIi->N^nd J'ainilj

douro tn HIANK their nuinv Infinis for Iel

ter- telegram- cardt* fierai tribut__ and personal expression- ef ympathv «Rpecn-Mlj Mr XUvi I Kennedy an 1 staff durinK tjieir recent sad berçaie mett m Cole «trect Hatcrnwitk_ KENS. D_ -Brother and of the late

lOSFIMI WHT1VM KINS1 DY desire to ex prcs-t their -taren. niANh(_ to thur relatives and friends fir their nrariv kind expressions of sym patbt personal letter*, card*« and telegrams m their recent KM! berça.ement, 4*"G Hay street Port Melbourne _ _ _

L~~AlO__.~rhc -amily of the late Mm A>.TOty\.

I Al Oil debire to tender their "inter

THANKS for nil kind niesAigeH and floral inbules in llicVr recent -_u_ I ereavement -0 Cunningham st- South "Yarra_ ___ __ _

MOICG __. - The -Vmily of the Ula firs M II

MORGAN dejire to expresa thiar Hinrere III ANKS to relative- and friends for letter" Ule tramc tardu and per_or_il expressions f BJ ni

l».hv in thdr utent »ad beren\ement 13_ I irk street __Parki ¡Ile__ _

MIL (. L iWLOK and Si ter» desiri. to exprefi.

their sincere _H\NhS to rtlatnea and fnend« fir th ir mam kind ixprcotlous af tj-mpathv in their recent had bireu\ement (ii- Duwuou st

\\cst Hruiunvick __ __ MR I an I fc, TID1) <k_ire to expre«; their t_n

icit I1IANKS to alt kind fríei da for lwinff s\ m pa tin ex]>iei_ied in t el efe ra m v l.ttcru csriU tnl ptraonul % isltt» duriujr tlw recent bereavement of oír dear mother >9 Higli_-tr_et \orUi_.otc___

Mit. anl "n. 0 Donnell Jnd Tanulv doirc to

THANK their maru friend» for personal sym patlty leiten _nd t-legranw in their tcul lwrea\e rotni ill Marine piride ht Kïldt _^_ MIIS FAJ.QLHAU .nd Vamil> deaire to expreM

their nucere 171 AS Kb to rciaOota ind friends for kin i expressions of fvmpathv Ictten. cards

tc'cfiTims tn I floral tnlmtea in their recent beTeftvement c.peciallr thankinK Mr ïïert tlaincs nnd Mr ï vanP for their kindness and attention Will all a-tept this ti our sincere gratitude ""1 J »lince, street^ ('arlton_ M ItS W 1 SIMMOSU^ Kanrnxkhurn ami> deaire to t_.pre_a "mcere T1ÏANK8 to many friend- for l*md _xprladons of _ympath_

floral tril utes, leiten, card« and tel_frram" m their -c-cei.t _ii 1 ereaV-nient e£p_-i-lij tlnnkiiiK Mr F Al Jones, Mr II I lllond and Mr Witsou (S M ) Will ill klîrth accept this intimation of their cratltude _ ______ _ MH^ I»r*TritbOS nn i TamlH Ti Tree Crib

1 o 11 wish to tender their hrarlfelt THANKS ti relvti.o-H and kin I triend_ ior letters tele grain f card txpre^sioii-t of pynipatliv and floral tributes <_,peci_]lv Ket Craijf Mr K. I Stranger aud Dr Bi-khart for p.neomil \i"iU and kit i at tention during their sad _bcre ivement.

MitS SIM "SOI (»MON Furls-court Carhak

stre_t St Kilda wi_he_ to convev lier «in cere WANKS tu all rclutlons and friends fur ti eir klrtfl simpathv lu lier reretit mid bereave ment ^_____ _

MitS C b ICilpatrlel and tarndy wiah~ to

TI.ASK all rclatt.r« fncndf and the Syora children f>r letters cards tc.e-g.ajii- floral tn h. If s an J expreí-íiona of _ymp«tbr in their recent .» t __

NEILSON - Mr and Mrs N. Neilson and Famlly -~.~ tender their ancere nîA_ÎTCS to all relitions nnd kind frítnd*» for telcgramp letters, canis and florjil tnbites m tlwir re_ent sad b-revvemett

Mount Lomond, Baringhup East.      

NOHÎ E.-The Iamil> of the lite AftC-ITtUCtt

NOBI E dosire to tender their sincere THAKKS to frienls for letters telcfrrant- eird-< floral tributes, personal exprcsiuons of -vmpatlty in their recent sal bereavement Lnmskillen 68 rdin

burgh street. Burnie._ __ ORDibH-Mrs"? A\ ORUlSII and Daughters

desire to conity their sincere THA-iKS ta all fn-nda and relative- for their kind cxpref-ions of Fympatbi letters cttrdet teletrranu floral tnbotts and pei-ona. vuuts in their nad bcrca/e ment, e»p-Ciallv tliankjtiff tlve emplojrre_ of Mac Iclloii awl Co Prahran Will all "md friends pletF- accept Uns intuuation of their dvepint frfttitnde as it in impossible to thank each one ndlvidualb tnxac 19 Beena avenue Mur Tumbcena._ _ RICUAHD-T^fr and Mra. I S RIOHXTT6S~añd

Fnmilv dcHire to TIIANK theil manj kind friends for letters telegrams kind P-rwûnal ex prenions of sympa tin in their recent bereavement

IMca-C accept this as a per-ronnl aclcnowledffmeut oMhefr frntttude " Pucajivcnue East Malvern

BOBFItTS.-The~ Widow of the late Wir UAH

ROBFItTS desireH to THANK h«r m**y reta tlvcfi and friends for tlieir kind exprrssion» of i¡> m pathj, letters, cards teiegrantfi per-ooal vlrati and beautiful floral tributes dim np her recent sad "erenement espcciadlj tliankinp Hev Dtmcan, Reeves Dr . grvn Jones lte r Williams Rev 1 W Joue-t «nd Dr Dunstan for their kindness to her dear husband V.ÜI all kind friend« p.eane accept this intimation li Kdwarl street Klstern wick_

in sincere THANKS to all kind friends for t-.-frr"nn_ letters Ate in their retent "orrow Will all friend- please aecept tins mt! matioti Aylesford Cunningham tt S North cote_ ,_. _

?íjliTTON -Mr JO!l\~^JT?10K""_n_ t-'amiij atti

(O cereh THANK their manj friends for their kind expressions of .¿mnathy, letters carls tile tloral tributes and personal visits in their r;ad lerca.einenl M irene Karma _\rnue Last MaHcn_ TH. FamiU of tie late Mrs _ 1» Ucnder

(relict of the late Mr Ilenn Hender) of Uroomfteld desire to return THANKS to their relative« ind friends for ti e many kind attention*

..sits« telegram» cards «nd floral tri butes and personal exproprions of sympathv during their rccenf sad bereavement^ _

TH> 1 umlh of the late Mes ALICE SMUT"

HURST returji their heartfelt THANKS to their many kind relation and friends for tele

grama, letters, and Qoral tributes recrired dnri"_; their recent sod ber_-vem_nt. Will all plea_ accept tbtt taU_»t_ûn of orar -tefut gratitod-i


UnuK.-Sïr. and Mr«. AV. S. TJRF.N, of Maldon,

ami Rev. A. and Mrs. liglovv, Northcote, sin- cerely TIIA.VK ihicr many friend« for llielr kind expressions of tyinpathy during llielr recent soil bereavement. ___ __ \Ani:<iMAK.N".-Mr«. AA'IKGMASN und Tamil}' '» dulre to exprès« their «iucere T'.ANKS tu the many ltind friends. uLo the cnn-,1 ruction stntT« of the .Central and Collingwood Telephone Ex changue, for llielr letters, tele'greeui», llcnll tri luile-s, nuil me-fiige'« of «}iniiiitliy received iliiriug their . recent bereavement. 1-0 l'itïroy street,



BAI.K.-VClic Friends of Hie late A.NNIH ELIZA«

IICTH HAM. are it-peelliilly invited lo lol' low her remains to the« place of intern-enl, the

Fawkner ('emercrv.

'Hie ftnieral will leave IKI (lins« street, liejsendon, THIS DAY. at 1.80 p.m. (Per motor.) "

JOSEPH ALLISON, I'ndertakcr, Errol street, North Mclhminie'(Iel.. Teil. Cent.)«. Moonee Pond« (Iel. .lil Atcol)! and Sydnc} -road, N'ortll Bruns- wick (tel.-KO Brunswick). _ .__

BliTIIP.I.'li.-The FriomlsT'orMr: and1"Jin. A.

IHiTllKl.e. are resiieclfully. invited to follow the« romain« of their dearly-loved, only son. Abra hum (Sou),_ to the place of Interment.ill the Mel- bourne General Cemetery, '

-The funeral Is appointed to leave their reed dence, lill Spensley .street. Clifton Hill, on' Mon- da -, ,18th .September, at I! o'c-loik.

HKNRY J" II. IJKAYIS. Undertaker, John-ton

strea.FIOro.vjJIIghjitrett, .N'ortlieoie.__ (¡",111.)

B" ItOAV-V.-'llie" Frl^nd-Tof the late Air! 1.VJI.MA.M

IIROIVN aro.respectfully Informed that lila remains will lie, privately interred in Hu« Foots cmv -Cemetery.. .' ? .

'llie liitienel is"appointed to move from lils rosi dence, '«Anadia,'.' 101!. Droop street, Foottcray, TillS-DA A" (Kallinta)«, Ililli Scptembel), at S.«

CT,ÁA\-Friend«,of Mr." and Mrs. F.-AV. CLAY

are respectfully Invited to follow the re uialnfl- ol' their- dearly-loved daughter Kate lo Hie Melleourne General .Cemetery, Carlton.

The Funeral leave« their residence, 511 Dore-us street, South Melbourne, THIS DAY (Saturday), at 2.'30 p.m.

JO.VKS IIHÛS., Underlakers, II)'! Lonsdale st, " Melieotlrne,_onel milmrbs. Tel. Cent,,sen.

CHAAVFOHI/.-Friends'iif the late 3lf.~ AIJUXXX

DKR CH.AAVFOUD are respeetfully invited to follow hi« remains to tin; place of interment in 'he Melbourne General Cemetery. "

The limerai is appointed to leave his residence, M Regent street, Fitrj-oy, 'PIUS DAY'(Saturday, lGth Sptemlier), at half-pant 2 o'clock.

I1F.N1IY J. R. 1.EAV1S, Kndcrtalccr, Johnston hlTcet- Fitzroy; lllgle street, N'orthcote. Tela. Ccjit._ll«0,_\oj__leote 0711._ GAHÄN.-The Frirnils of the lata-Uní. i-LB-í

BF.TII ? GA1IA.N" are respectfully invited to A- her remain« to the place« of jiitvnneiit, the Meltioume General Ometcry, Carlton.

The« funeral will leave« her late residence, 33 Duke street. Ahbotslorei, THIS DAY .Saturday, 10th Sep tember, 1932), at :i,S<i o'clock p.m.

JOHN A1JJ80N. l'nelertaleer. head office, Rich- mond North. Tel«, Cent. J10W and «¡03S, Bruns wick.r-a.,_:________ JRAVKL.-The Friend« of Hie fat«- Sirs ALEVIN

DRINA JKlYKTi. widow ol the late Edward Jewel, are respectfully informed that lier remains will lie iiilcrrejl in the Old HaUarut Cemetery.

The funeral* will leave Messrs. K. Durne« and Sous* private mortuary, It AnnsUong.«treat, llal larat. THIS DAY (Sarurdiy, the mth Irrst)

l-l Armatremg fctreet,

MOIINSEA".-Tho Friends of Mr. JOHN" MOUN

HKY are respectfully inviteti to follow the remain« of hi« beloxèel wife. Catherine, to the place« of interment, the .«.rabury Cemetery.

The limerai i« appointed to move Irom bl« resi- dence. Macedon street, funtmr), THIS DAY, at

3 p.m.

S~AlITfi.-ThT Kriênd«^t~lhe_latF"Misk_F,Û7jA

BBTH AfBIGHT SMITH. o[ King William street. Fltrroy (formerly of Ileeclnimrtj.). arc re- spectively uutided that her remains -evlli be In- terred in Hie Coburg Cemetery.

The funeral I« appointed to leave _S Tltyth street, Brunswick. THIS MORNING (Saturday, leith Sep- tember. 1922), at 11 e/lock.

CUAK. P. FRILAY, nil Miburbs, Funcral Direc- tor, -eSJII.Aih street, Bniiwivlcle__Jlrims. -Ila.

rillJCKF.R.-The Friends of" Um late" Mrs. iflRY I. TUCKER are rcfepeetfully invited te» follow leer rennlns to the place of intecinen*, the« Mel- bourne'General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave her late residence, 20 Hayles street, Pnrkville, THIS HAY .Saturday, 181h September, 1022), ni ').:«. p.m.

JOSKP1I ALLISON, . I nelertaker. Errol street, North Melbourne (Iel. 7.1 Ont.); Moonee Ponds (tel, «g1 Ascot); an__8vt_iic-^road,_North Hwk._


her remains lo the place of interment, the .Mel bourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

A.reejulem liiasa will lie celebrated lor the re- pose' of her soul at St. .lOhCph's Church, House street, Port Belboirrne THIS MORNING (Satur day, the inttO. at lO.'iO a.m., altor whicli the cortege will proceed to Hie remete.)-.

A. A. HIJÜGHT PTY. LTD.. Funeral Director«, 1SS Flinders street, Melbourne. 'Phone 410 or


COHEN. - The Consecration of the Tombstone of

the late Joseph Cohen, of 80 Wellington st.,   Collingwood, will take place at Fawkner General

Cemetery on Sunday, Sept. 17, at 3.30 p.m.