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  • Anonymous 14 May 2014 at 15:51
    I have what is called a "carpet layers compressor" as it is very easy to carry and has god and quick compression.It is powered by a 1/3 hp POPE electric motor which is the heaviest part of the machine. On the end is the small compressor which has no name only a number on the crank case. The piston is 1-1/2" in Dia with 3 compression and 1 oil ring. Can anyone give any info, on this. Thanks NZ.

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Pope   Electric Motors  



In the immediate post war period the large and rapidly expanding Pope        

Organisation decided to develop and produce a range of Electric Motors of       advanced type and quality that had, until then, been available only from       overseas manufacturers. Accordingly, a staff of internationally trained research     scientists and technicians in collaboration with the most highly skilled Australian       engineers in all fields, joined forces to produce a motor incorporating the     finest features for the widest possible range of applications. This motor    

was to be produced in Australia, from Australian materials, by Australian     craftsmen, and to suit specifically the wide range of Australian climatic and     industrial conditions.      

The motor had to embody all the latest things and performance factors     obtained to date by the leading British, American and Continental manu-     facturers, and where possible to exceed these factors. The result is a range of     motors which feature the following:—    

(1) Compactness of design jet electrical and     mechanical symmetry and balance of a higher order     than previously seen In any of the exlsiting Aust-     ralian-made obsolete and shapeless motors.    

(2) Extreme coolness of operaUon - due to the     unique finely grained cast iron body with Its deep   35 longitudinal finning coupled wita the motor's effi-   cient and robust fan.    

(3) Complete protection against entry of, and  

ravages of, dirt, dust, fluff. swarf, metal abrasives.     oil. moisture, etc., and complete weather proofing    

(4) The lowest possible operating noise level.    

(5) Outstanding perfomance coupled with excel-   lent efficiency lo give a truly economical balance     between the work done and the cost of performlng   this work.    

(6) A motor balanced in every sense of the word     balanced in appearance, balanced in performance,     and balanced dynamical!« to a degree of accuracy     far be)ond the standard previously achieved in     this countrv. In other words a motor where the   question of balance was adequately dealt with in   the laboratory, design and drawing office, produc-   tion plant and finally the test rooms.  

(7) A motor designed to take in Its stride the   unavoidable peak overloads occasionally sustained     before overload protection devices operate, and     a motor of exceptional robustness, both physical     and electrical, designed to reduce to its barest     minimum maintenance and installation problems.    

(8) A unit produced as a standard production     motor available from stock at anv Pope State     Branch and available at short notice as a flange-     mounted, double shaft extension or tropic proof     motor.    

(9) Combined «1th the Titree Phase range, a     comprehensive rante of Slnfle Phase motors       motors which have reduced maintenance problems     on Pop« Products Ltd. own Une of Lawn Mowen,     Washing Machines, etc., to a really amazing decree.     This sating factor has In turn appealed to a large     cumber of other manufacturers who are now taking ,   an increasing number or Pope Single Phase motors     into all aspects of the Industrial and domestic     appliance field.    

(10) A Single Phase motor which has proved   most satisfaclor» because of its basic robustness,     its carefull; designed and thoroughly tested switch     gear and Its ah;iit> to withstand such unorthodox     loadings as a prolonged locked rotor condition. A    

fundamental not overlooked In the original design,   b} the engineers at Pope Products Limited, was   the need to provide specific motor characteristics   for each <ar>lne application, liistead of copying     other motor manufacturers' unsatisfactory method     of producing a single General Purpose unit. As   a result Pope Products Limited offer throughout     the Commonwealth, Single Phase Motors with high   starting torques, high break-down torques, or ex-   treme silence, low temperature rise, and coolness of   operation, etc.    

2 Notwithstanding all these exceptional features, Pope Products Limited can   5 make available any of these motors from stock at each State Branch, and at     >- PRICES which are extremely COMPETITIVE with other, makes of GENERAL   > PURPOSE OPEN OR SCREEN PROTECTED types of motors. This contribution     S to Australian Industry has been made possible by the long-sighted policy of     > Pope Products Limited in producing as a standard unit what had hitherto been     ¡< high priced special supplements to accepted electric motor ranges.    

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