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SIX nights a week on

stage in the revue, "Top of the Bill," are regarded almost as a part-time job by the two "leading ladies," Margo Lee and Lola Brooks.

Miss Lee (in private life Mrs. Frank Brooks) is a housewife by day, with her own home and two small sons, Derek and Richard, to look after, as well as radio work, to sandwich in be- tween the household chores.

Her radio parts, she says, range from Shakes- peare-she will play Portia in the "Merchant of Venice" from the A.B.C. on June 22, and the lead in 2GB's Caltex play, "A Question of Time," on June 13-to commercial radio serials. She is Diana in "Rocky Starr" and Sally in "The Meredith Scandal," and on June 17 will be heard in 2UW's new pro- gramme, "I Won the Lottery," directed by

radio actress Hilda Scurr.

Twenty - four-year-old Miss Lola Brooks spends her days, as well as her nights, at the Phillip Street Theatre, where she is full-time secre- tary. She also manages to fit in radio work she played Madame Mademoiselle in "The Provoked Wife" from 2BL on Tuesday night, and will be heard in "Orpheus and Eury- dice," to be broadcast in the A.B.C.'s classical play scries during July.

Her serial roles in. elude Fanny in "Blue Hills," and that of a two year-old baby in "Thirty Minutes to Go" from 2UW.

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