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Women's Interests On The Air

Mtebe9 That Troublesome Child

"J FEEL I shouldn't be in show business, as every

*? show-no matter how small-is a first night for mc," says Bebe Scott, well-known radio personality. "Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I either swear at them or burst into tears!"

Miss Scott, who has been in stage and radio-"for years" -started her career in Fuller's


"Wc were playing in New Zealand when the leading lady was taken to hospital, and I fell into her part," she added, "I know this sounds like a gag, but it is absolutely


It was. at this stage that "Bebe the Troublesome Child" was bom, and it is as this child that radio audiences know her best.

Recently she co-starred with Neva Carr-Glynn in "Ladies in Retirement" from the A.B.C., and will read the Tuesday Night Story "Chocolates for Mum," by Arthur Oliver-on 2FC at . 10.15 p.m. next Tuesday.

"But I talk about Bebe the T.C. as though she was my own child and not me personally," she says.

"There have been one or two terrible occasions when I have played the dual role of Bebe's mother and Bebe, and after speaking mother's lines have waited for someone to come out and speak Bebe's," she said.

.* * .

"pHOOSING Christmas1

V^Fare" will be the subject of a talk to be given by Ruth Stirling in the Women's Ses- sion from 2FC at 10.30 a.m. to-day.

Miss Stirling, who is home advisory expert at a city store, will tell what to look for in buying poultry, ham, pork, etc., and will give recipes for two different stuffings.

THE departure of tue

Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be previewed by William Clarke of the B.B.C. in the weekly feature "London Commentary," from 2GB, on Sunday. It will fol- low the 12.30 p.m. Macquarie


. * .

A HALF-HOUR'S resume

of the N.S.W. Lawn Tennis Championships will be given by Ray Connelly on 2UW at 5.30 p.m. to-day. He will also give descriptions oí the doubles semi-finals to- morrow and the finals of the singles and doubles on Satur- day.

* -* .*

THE 43,000 Argonauts in

Australia will shortly have their numbers increased by children in Papua and New


"The Argonauts' Club," heard in association with the

National Children's Session on the A.B.C., is receiving appli- cations for membership from children in Papua and New Guinea, who listen to the ses- sion through 9PA (Port Moresby).

. * .

HAS the A.B.C., during its

years of operation, fully achieved the intentions of its establishment as a service to the community?

This is one of the questions on which delegates to the Conference of A.B.C. Advis- ers to be held in Canberra next Monday and Tuesday will be asked to express their opinions.

Advisers will come from re- presentative sections of the community in all States. Among the women delegates will be the principal of the Women's College, Sydney Uni- versity, Miss Betty Archdale; the State president of the C.W.A., Mrs. W. H. Cullen;

BEBE SCOTT, who is featured regularly in the A.B.C. shoio, "Starlight Variety," with her pet dachshund, Bella. Miss Scott will read the Tues- day Night Story-"Cho- colates for Mum"-on 2FC at 10.15 p.m. next



M for Murder* is featured in three forthcoming' produc- tions from 2GB. She will co star with Abbey player, Mary Mackay, in the Caltex drama -"Birds of Sadness"-on Sunday at 8'.

On November 26 and the following Thursday she will be a panel member in "Leave it to the Girls."

* * *

RECORD Librarian at 2UE

-Miss June Rees-collat- es material for "The Synchro matic Hour," heard every Sunday at 11.30 a.m.

This week's programme will feature Australian composer, Arthur Benjamin's "Overture to an Italian Comedy," as well as works by Verdi, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin and Mozart.

I Mrs. G. L. Blyth, representing

the National Council of Women in Queensland; and Dame Mary Daly, from the Catholic Welfare Organisa- tion, Victoria.

. * .


attractions at a party being arranged by the Austra- lian auxiliary of the United Nations in honour of the New Settlers' League of N.S.W. will be given by the assistant secretary of the league, Miss Josephine Horak, when she is interviewed by Frank Legg in Week-end Magazine from 2BL at 7.15 p.m. on Saturday.

Miss Horak, who has been assistant .secretary of the league for the past l8 months, came to Australia from Man- churia in 1939. She will de- scribe the international pro- gramme and the food to be served at the party, which will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Wenkart, of Wahroonga, on November 28.

. * .

THERE were two rates for

beds in the Russian monastery where an Austra- lian woman stayed as a pay- ing guest-one for a hard bed and a higher price for a soft

one. <

"I chose the soft one, but found it only differed by the

addition of a clean linen ? sheet," says Mrs. C. Lang, , who will describe her stay at ? the monastery in the A.B.C. Women's Session from 2FC at 10.30 a.m. on Monday. Below:

WELL-KNOWN RADIO personalities, DAWN LAKE and BOBBY LIMB, who will be mar- ried next Monday, and NOLA LESTER and JOHNNY ? O'CONNOR, who will be married on December 1. They were photographed at the Capitol Theatre during the week at a jazz con- cert. All four will con- tinue with their radio and jazz work after they

are married.

A SPECIAL programme for

Lebanon's National Day, featuring Lebanese music and a talk by George Scarf, "Le- banon As It Is To-day," will be heard at 2.35 p.m. on Sun- day from 2BL.

. * .

Highlights of to-day's listen- ing for women:

2&C: 10.30, Women's Session. State Round-up from Melbourne by Margo Braybrook; 1145, Tales of Many Lands, 1 0, Blue Hills: 2 0, House whes' Choke, 5.15, Children's Ses- sion, 6.45. Stormy Petrel; 8.15, Happy to Know You,

2BL: 9 30, Kindergarten of the Air, continued by Joan Lcnnanz and Tima Flaxman. 10 0, Dally Deso (; 10.15, Sjmphony Hour; 1.30, Yonne Australia; 2 0. The Music Icncr; 3 0, Slar Artist; 4.15. The Best in Music; 7.20, Opera Curtain.

2GB: 8.45, Dragonwjck. serial; 1 0. The Mystery of Nurse Lorimer; 9.15. Front Page Lady; 9.30. Mrs. 'Obbs; 9 45, Eric Parrant's Record Room; 10 0, Housewives' News; 10.5, Your Hour of Music; 11.30, The Story of Dr. Kildare: 2.15, Our Town's Choice; 3.0, Eric Parrant Calling; 7.30, Leave It to the Girls; 8.0. Australia's Amateur Hour.

2CH: 9.30, CH Women's League activities of the social, bridge, and sports clubs in the league; 10 30, Over the Years, with Joan Read compering; 12.30, Del Cartwright


2UE: Music until 12, when serial Storm Child is heard, 3 0, Call from UE; 4,45, Rumpus Room; 7.15,

Diamonds of Death.

2SM: 9.0, Home Folks-two hours of request music and messages from Houscwucs. 4 45, Birthday Calls to Children, 5 0, Uncle John-children take part in the programme from

the studio

2UWi Serials at Intervals from 9; 5 0, Tccn.ige Club; 8 0, Alan Toohey

comperes Amateur Hour.

2KY: 11.15. Women's Session, con- ducted by Rona Wilkinson; 12.0, Top Tunes: 2.30, John Harper In jubiirbia; 3 15. Accent on Melod«, 5.0, Australians on Parade.

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