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B.M.A. Attacked

On Benefits


Eighteen of the 23 directors of the Medical Benefits Fund of Australia were members of the British Medical Associa- tion, Senator W. P. Ashley said last night.

Senator Ashley said spokesmen for the B.M.A. were "quibbling" when they said the association did not control the fund.

"The B.M.A.'s relation to the Medical Benefits Fund is completely untenable for any honourable body of profes- sional men," he said.

Senator Ashley was com- menting on the statement on Thursday by the president of the Federal Council of the B.M.A., Dr. A. J. Collins, that the B.M.A. had no part in the administration of the fund, and on other disclaimers by the Minister for Health, Sir Earle Page, and the mana- ger of the fund, Mr. J. F.



Senator Ashley on Wednes- day said that the B.M.A., through control of the fund, could "squeeze out all oppo- sition" by refusing to provide services to any ' fund but its


Yesterday, Senator Ashley said the president of the B.M.A. in New South Wales. Dr. H. R. R. Grieve, of Earl- wood, was president of the Medical Benefits Fund, and the president of the Federal Council of the B.M.A., Dr

A. J. Collins, vice-president of|

the fund.

Senator Ashley said the register of directors at the Registrar - General's office

showed that other directors


Dr. R. H. McDonald, 135 Macquarie Street, Sydney; Dr. A. J. Murray, 149 Macquarie Street, Sydney; Dr. W. F. Simmons, 270 Forest Road, Bexley; Dr. G. L. Howe, 1036 Victoria Road, West Ryde; Dr. K. S. Parker, 33 The Esplanade, Manly; Dr. E. S. Stuckey, 193 Macquarie Street, Sydney; Dr. Hugh Hunter, 135 Macquarie Street, Sydney; Dr. M. S. Alexander, 46 Johnson Street, Alexandria; Dr. S. P. Bellmaine, 141 Mac- quarie Street, Sydney; Dr. A. W. D.' Ombrain, 135 Mac- quarie Street, Sydney; Dr. H. H. Schlink, 185 Macquarie Street, Sydney; W. R. Harrop, secretary, Hall Street, Bondi; D. H. A. Neil, school prin- cipal, 12 Gower Street, Sum- mer Hill; K. P. Storey, char- tered accountant, 45 Beacons- field Parade, Lindfield; J. M. Gosper, 5 Linden Avenue, Pymble; H. V. Budd. M.L.C., managing editor "Land" newspaper; Dr. A. E. Lee, Wickham Terrace, Bris. bane; Dr. H. W. Horn, 135 Wickham Terrace, Brisbane; Dr. J. Wagner, 239 Queen Street, Brisbane; Dr. G. M. W. Clemons, 112 Cameron Street, Launceston; and Dr. T. Gib- lin,. 176 Macquarie Street,


Senator Ashley said the Queensland committee of man- agement consisted of five doctors and a layman. The Tasmanian committee consis- ted of five doctors.

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