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Family Notices

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BARRETT (nee Neill).-June 5, 1952 at St. Margaret's hospital to   Norma and Ron-a son (Gregory John).

BARTON (nee Mingramm) -June 6, at Wahroonga Sanitarium, to   Maureen and Frank-a son (Anthony Christopher Edward).

BRADLEY -May 26, at Temora District Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. John J. Bradley-a son Keith Arthur).

CAMPBELL (nee Cassidy).-June 1, at St Margaret's Hospital Dar-  

linghurst, to Rita and Kevin-a son (Anthony John).

CARMICHAEL (nee Cummins). - May 28, at St. Margaret's private     hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Car-

michael - a daughter (Christine Johanna).

CARRICK (nee Brennan) -May 31, at Darwin to Margaret and   Kevin-a son and daughter.

CHALMERS (nee Cohen) -May 20, 1952 at Royal Hospital Pad- dlngton, Sydney, to June and John- a son (Paul Anthony.)  

CHAPMAN -June 3, at Fairholme, Singleton, to Beverley and Ken

a son.

CLAY (nee Lord) -May 21, at  St. Monan's Cremorne, to Muriel   and Doug-a daughter (Kathryn).

CLIFF -June 4, at King George V Hospital, to Pat and Tony-a son.

COBCROFT- June 4, at Mater   private, to Jean and John of Na- rooma-a daughter.

COHEN-At Sanitarium, Wah- roonga, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth   Cohen-a son.

CULLEN - June 4, at King George V, to Jean and Moutrie-a daughter (Juliet Elizabeth).

DALY (nee Hoare). -May 31, at St Margaret's, Darlinghurst, to   Monica and George--a son (Chris- topher) .

DART (nee Johnston) -June 4, at St. Margaret's Darlinghurst to   Nona and Ray-a daughter (Eliza beth Anne).

DAVISON (nee Grenenger) -June 4, at Braeside, Stanmore, to Marg and John-a daughter (Rosalind Jane).

DE MONTFORT (nee Beattie) - June 5, at Royal North Shore Hos-

pital, to Ruth and Jim-a son (David James).

DOLPHIN -June 2, at Aloha, Parramatta, to Dora and Mick a daughter (Penelope Anne).

DUNLOP -June 3, at King George V, to Dorothy and Norman-a daughter.

EGAN (nee Doran). -May 29, al Inglemere, Strathfield, to Moya and Leo-a son (Christopher John).

FLANNERY -May 27, at Crown St. to Zena and Joe-twins, son and daughter.

FRANCIS -May 31, at Mater Hospital, Forbes, to Irene and Arthur-a daughter.

GIBSON (nee Snackleton) -June 3, at King George V Hospital, to Melva and Bob-a daughter (Wendy Gay).

GLASSON (nee Sawyer). -June 3,

at the Poplars hospital, Epping, to Jean and Douglas-a daughter (Andrea Haigh). Both well.

GRONLUND (nee Bird). -At King George V Hospital, to Gladys and Eric-a daughter.

HALLETT -June 1, at Helenie       Hospital, Randwick, to Mr. and Mrs. John P. Hallett-a daughter.

HARTSHORNE (nee Bell)-At Kia Ora, Haberfield, to Joy and Arthur (Snow)-a son.

HENDEL- May 31, at War Me- morial, Waverley, to Sophia and Paul,  

of Point Piper-a son (Anthony Charles) Both well.

KEOGH (nee Eurell)- June 4, King George V, to Dell and Paul- a son (Michael Gerard).

KEOWN -May 31, to Ann and John-a daughter (Patricia Daly).  

KITE -May 21, at King George V, to Delcia and Fred-a daughter.

LANE (nee Prentice) -June , at Margaret's private to Von. and John   a daughter (Virginia Margaret).

LEASK -June 5, at King George V Hospital, to Mr.and Mrs. M. C.   Leask-a. son (John Colin).

LITCHFIEID -June 4, at St

Luke's, to Barbara wife of James -a daughter (Jane Elizabeth).  

McCLOY-June 6, 1952, at     Womens Hospital, Crown Street, to  

Louise and James-a son.  

McMANUS, (nee May).—-June 3, at   St. Margaret's private hospital, to Emily and John—a daughter (Judith


MOLKRIDGE -June 2, 1952, at Mater (private), to Enid and Cyril-

a son (Richard Paul).

MONK -June 5, at Carinya Prl- vate Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Monk-a daughter (Wendy Mary).

NIPPERESS (nee Thomas) -June 4, at King George V, to Jack and Vi-a daughter (Vickie).

OSBEISTON.-June 1, at Wagga, to June and Douglas-a son (Phillip Douglas).

O'SULLIVAN (nee Withers) -June   3, at Crown Street, to Noleen and Pat-a son (Patrick Gabriel).

PENMAN. -June 4, at Kia Ora Haberfield, to Norma and Ernie-

a son.

POLLARD (nee Ryves) -June 2, at Royal Newcastle Hospital, to Joyce and Fred-a son Stillborn.

PYNE -June 1, at Bathurst to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Pyne-a son (Richard Alexander).

REDHEAD -June 5, at Mater Maternity, to Jean and Wallace a son (Anthony John).

RICHARDS (nee Simpson) -June 4, at War Memorial Waverley, to Marcia and Harry-a son

RYAN-At Inglemere private hos-   pital, Strathfield, to Boyd and Mar- get-a daughter.

SEELENMEYER-June 6, at St.  

Monan's Hospital, to Pegg and Hugh  

-a son.

SKILLEN - June 1, at King Georgc V, to Dawn and Robert-a son.

SKINNER (nee Ostinga). — June 6, at Royal Newcastle Hospital, to Mar- got, wife of H. A. Skinner — a daugh- ter.

SKINNER (nee Wheat). —June 4, at Denistone House, Eastwood, to Betty and Craig — a daughter (Joy Elizabeth). Both well.

SLATTERY -May 31, at King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Slattery - a daughter (Kar- lene Elizabeth).

SMITH -At Braeside Stanmore, to Jim and Thelma Smith, of Moruya -a daughter (Jennifer Mary).

SMITH-At Royal North Shore, to Jean and Hubert (Son)-a daugh- ter (Cheryl Elizabeth).

SMITH (nee Swenson) -June 2, Royal Hospital, Paddington, to Bea- trice and Fred-a son (Gregory David Swenson).

STANFIELD (nee Potter) -June 3, at Aloha, Parramatta, to Helen May,

wife of William George-a son (Ian Trevor).

STEPHEN (nee Pudney) -Mar 28, at Crown Street Intermediate, to Robert and Elsie-a daughter (Heather Joy) Both well.

STEPHENSON (nee Cody) -June 1,1952, at St Margaret's, to Madge     and Brian-a son (Anthony Wayne).

STEWART (nee Cantello) -June 3, at R. N. S. H., to Audrey and Ralph-a daughter.

THOMSON (nee Hall).-June 3, at Royal North Shore Hospital, to Joan and Max-a son (Douglas Stanley).    

THOMPSON (nee Waddy).-June 3, to Rose Marie and John

a son.        

VERNON-June 4, at Rosslyn, Arncliffe, to Evelyn (Bobby) and Bert-a daughter (Suzanne Eliza


VERNON-Mav 27, at Geelong Hospital, to Marjorie, wife of Dr. Vincent Vernon-a daughter.

WAINBERG.-June 3, King George V Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wainberg-a daughter (Nicole Kath- leen).

WATTS (nee Stevens).-May 30,   at Karoona, to Hazel and Alfred-a son (Stephen John).  


AHRENFELD - POPE TRATT,-   The Engagement is announced of Brianna, Pope Pratt daughter of Mrs. W. Pope Pratt of Chatswood, to Maxwell James Ahrenfeld, son of Mr. N. Ahrenfeld, of Artarmon.

ASHDOWN-MARCROFT - The   Engagement is announced of Norma Anne, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Marcroft,of Rose   ville, to Frederick Charles, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ash- down, of Norfolk England.

BAYLESS-McGRATH. - The En-     gagement is announced of Patricia, only daughter of Mrs. M. McGrath,

and the late Mr. M. McGrath of Bellevue Hill, to Kenneth Daniel,

only son of Mrs. F. Bayless and the   late Mr. D. Bayless, of Bexley.  

BEALE-McGOWEN - The En-   gagement is announced of Norma, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ford McGowen, of Bexley, to William John, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Beale, of Randwick.

BRIGDEN-ARMITAGE -The En- gagement is announced of Judith Ann, only daughter of the late Mrs. Mollie Armitage and Mr. Geoffrey Armitage, of Lindfield, to David Neil, third son ol Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Brigden, of Wahroonga.

BROWN-BEITSCH -The Engage-   ment Is announced of Deirdre, only daughter of Mrs. G. Beitsch and the late Mr. C. Beitsch, of Earlwood to Brian, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Brown, of Bexley North.


gagement is announced of Margaret Ann, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Wright, of Cowra, to Reginald Henry, eldest son or Mrs. V. Bryant and the late Mr. T. H. Bryant, of Cowra.

CARROLL-ADAMS- The En- gagement is announced of Gloria, youngest daughter of Mrs. M. R.

Adams, of Arncliffe, and the late Mr. L. Adams of Moree, to Peter, youngest son of Mrs. A. L. Carroll,

and the latc Mr. H.B. Carroll,of Lambton.  


Engagement is announced of Phyllis Mary, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Fairbairn of Arncliffe, to Leslie Gordon Coleman, of Wool-


COLLINS-KURTS-Tie Engage- ment is announced of Marea, only daughter of the late Mr. A. P. Kurts and Mrs. Kurts, of Vaucluse,   to Frank, younger son of the late Mr. M. J. Collins and Mrs. Collins of



ment is announced of Bettee, elder daughter of Mrs. G. M. Sisson, of Gunnedah, to David, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Crago, of


CURRY-SIMPSON - The En- gagement is announced of Joan, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Simpson, Sydney, to Phillip Samuel, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Curry  

of Bexley.

DAVIS-LOCKHART -The En- gagement is announced of Elwyn, only daughter oí Mrs. R. L. Ray- mond. of Cremorne, and the late S. Lockhart, of Albury, to Tod, the elder son of Mr. and Mrs. G .T. Davis, of Haberfield.  


gagement is announced of Noeline Hope, younger daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. H. H. Tuchin ,of Petersham, to Arthur Warren, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Donnelly,

of Leichhardt.

ment Is announced of Marcia Fay lounger daughter- of Mrs E Midg Icy of Auburn to James Henry

younger «on of the late Mr and Mis t, H Dyer of Enfield

FERGUSON-SMALES-The En gagement is announced of Elwyn younger daughter of Mrs. D. Smales and the late Mr. W. Smales of St.

Leonards to Rowley, younger son of Mrs. H. Ferguson and the late Mr. Ferguson of Willoughby.    


ment is announced of Una, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Nichols, of Moss Vale, to Alan John, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Gard of Bun- bury, Western Australia.

GLEESON-WADE.- The Engage- mentt is announced of Norma, younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.V. J.

Wade, of Brighton le Sands, to Wil-

liam John, only son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gleeson of Portland,  

elder daughter of Mi and Mrs _

H Lucas of Lindfield to Robert James elder son of Mr and Mrs A K Hanson of Roseville

HARRIS-McKENSEY -The En- gagement is announced of Mary, youngcr daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.McKensey, of Armidale, to Albert,   youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.     R. Harris of Mosman.


gagement is announced of Margaret Edith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.   W. Warden, of Taveuni, Fiji, and Ronald George, elder son of Mrs. J. W. Harbison and the late Dr. J. W. Harbison, of Mt. Errington, Hornsby.

IIINOIEV-nODLEV -The En sagement Is announced rf Dorothv

V milled second daughtei ot Mr »nd Mis T D Btdley ol Pymble lo Robert Alan only son of Mrs R

Hindlev and the late Mr R J Hindlev of Chntswood

HING-CHING - Hie Engage

mein Is announced of Bonnie eldest .aughlei of Mi and Mrs Henry Ching of Hong Kong to Dr Des mond H ng yountcr son of Mr and Mrs Albert Hing of Vauclu e

K1NC-CHLSriK SMITH - The Engagement is anno meed of locelyn

ngcr daughtei ol Ml and Mis Cheater btnllh of Noithbrldge _ Goiuon eldei son of Mr and Mrs F Kim, of Wlllo ighby

I VNCKTN - C.ODFRIV - The Engagement Is announced ol Nan nette third daughter of Mr and Mis Waltei Godficy of Allawah lo Jatk onlv son of Mr and Mrs H Lnneken ol Earlwood

LOCH-CORI fc -The Engagement Is announced of Judith Anne youn gest doughter of Mi and Mrs C A Coipe of Concord West to Donald Kllk only son of Mi and

is T K Loch of Commeriy

LUMLEY-HOUGH.-The Engage-  

ment is announced of Enid, only   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. S.

Hough, of Roseville, to Max, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Lumley, of Wahroonga.

MrUOUGAI I.-DAI -The Engage ment Is announced between Judy onlv daughtei ot Mr and Mr

A Day ol Kingvlord and Frank second son ol Mrs E McDollgall ol Woollahra and the late Allied Mc Dougall

VlilNllRI-VI I VIAN -The En gagement Is announced ot Pamela e-laie only daughtei or Mr and Mis

s L Miman of Neutral Bay to Janies Nicoll only son ol Mrs M Mcintyre and the late Mr N Mc lntvie of Ncutial Bny

MVORN-11 ARCE -The Engace ment Is announced of Noleen Lind ni only dnilghtci oí Mr and Mis

R C Peaice of Picton to Johnl

Robet lcon eldest son of Mr and|

Mis C, F Mvors of Menvlands

NOLAN - WALKDEN BROWN -I The Engagement Is announced ol June Valcile only child of Mr and Mis R C Walkden Blown of Tast wood lo Allan Wllfied younger son

ot the late Mr J Nolan and of Mrs |

L VV comeitord of Girraween

O BRU N-HAVII ION -The En gagement Is an lounccd of May eld- est daughter ol Mi and Mia T P Hampton of Young to vincent eldest son of Mi and Mrs V J

n nr c of Gi ant lile

rVTI RSON GI VSSOP -The Fn gagement Is announced of Kola onlv daughtei of Mis D Gtassop and the late Mr Cecil Glossop of Mnnlv to John cldei son of Mr and Mrs A V Palcison of Northbridge

I rnillN GRAHAM -The Engage- ment is announced of DDiothv Jean eldct daughter of Mr and Mrs Les Graham of Maroubra to Nev

Ule Arthur only son of Mi and Mis A E Perrin of Randwick

Pilli LIPS-IIA1DON-Til» En gngcmciit Is announced of Heather daughter ot Mr and Mrs L Hay den of Oinngc to Albert Divld only son ol the late Mr A S Phil Ups mid of Mis C L Phillips

ol Double Bav

POWIS-BEVAN -The Engage-   ment Is announced of Wendy, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Bevan, of Rose Bay to Fred eldest son of Mr. F. Powis, of Bellevue Hill.

ROBERTSON -BURTINSHAW - The Engagement is announced of Elizabeth elder daughter of Mr and Mrs. J. E. Burtinshaw of Gren- fell to Peter only son of Mr and Mrs. C. S. Robertson, of Barwang Young

ROBINSON-BAIN -The Engage mont Is announced of Shirlev May oldest daughtei of Mr and Mis C H Bain of Waverley to Vlacent 1 rcdcrlck onlv son of Mr and Mrs F W Robinson of Bondi Junction

ROSS-CARTFR-The Fngage meut is announced of Margaret Sheila Celeste second daughtei of Mrs M ind the late Mr 1 N Carter, of Wninlev lo Janies Russell only son of Mr and Mrs W Ross of London

SHARMAN-MARSH -The Cn gagement Is announced of Shiric

daughtei of Mis D Marsh and the laic Mr L A Marsh of Granville lo Stanley son of Mr and Mrs p ) Sharman ol Berala

SHII ID - LEONVRIl 10NFS - The Engagement is announced ol Bervl Adele third daughter of Mrs L Leonard Jones of Willoughby and (he late Mr Leonard Jones to John rredcrlck <-nly son of Mr and Mrs J Shield of Wollstonecraft

SIMPSON-CnAUNCl -The En gagement is announced of Oenone Rosalind younger daughtei of the lite Mr H A Chauncy and Mrs Chauncy of Bilbul to Barrie Nor- man younger son of Mr and Mrs N H Simpson of Yenda

SOUT1IW OR TA-MARTIN-SMITH - The Engagement is announced of Roslyn Judith youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs H Martin smith Waverton to Ernest Kenneth young est son of Mr mid Mrs G G South worth st Briavels Glos England

SMVTII-FRANCIS-The Engage incut Is announced of Audrev Lillian youngest dnughtei of Mr« D Fran els and the Inte p c, Francis of Lnfield lo Gordon James youngest on of Mrs L Smvlh and ihe late W M Smvlh of Lulcalrn

TIMBRI I L-Al LEN -The En gngrment is announced of Margaiet

onlv iliughtei of Mrs A R Allen md Hie late Mr W £. Allen ol Gordon to Daild eld»l son of Mr and Mrs S E Tlmbicll of Rose


ment Is announced of Nedra Rich- mond only daughter of Mr and Mrs

t, J Hayes of North Sydney to Hruce Alec onlv son ol Mr and Mrs \ = Tindal or Cremorne

TRFWEEKE-COCHRANE - The Engagement Is announced of Loloma void ot Miss S M Cochrane or Mosman lo Richard Gcoige son or the laic Swllt Trcweeke or Bourke and Orange and Mrs D L Tre weeke or Lane Cove

VINCENT-SVV ADIING -The En gagement Is announced ol Kathleen

ounccr daughlcr of Mr and Mrs T G Swadling of Merrylands to Reginald elder ton of Mr and Mrs P Vincent of Auburn

VIPOND-SKIDMIORE-The En gagement is announced of Judith onlv daughter of Mr and Mrs A W Skidmore of Clifton Gardens to Alex only son of Mr H J Vipond of Darling Point ond the late Mrs Vipond

WALSH-FINDLAY The en      

gagement is announced ol Wilmet Helena cider daughter or Mrs D M FiiidHv of Nevcastle to Des mond Michael j «ingest son of Mr ind Mis C R Walsh or Hnmllton

VV EF KI S-GAI V IN - The Fngage ment Is announced ol Marie Margnret only child of Mr and Mrs T Ga! iln of Redfern io Arthur Bernard lounger son of Mrs A Weekes and the late Mr R Weekes of Redfern

W11 LS-PARTR1DGI -The En naLcment Is announced of Given

vó-ntTcVt daughtei or Mi J T Palt

ridge and the Inte Mrs Parti Idge of Cordon to Bill onlv son of Mrs Wells and the late Mr Wells ol

W lilTT-CONI ON -The Fngage

ment is announced of Margaret only diugluer of Mr and Mrs V Conlon ol Tastvvood to John onlv son ni Mr T F While ano the late Mrs White of Fpplng _

WORTHINGTON - WILKINS - The   Engagement is Announced of Beryl, youngest Daughter of Mr & Mrs   Wilkins, of Ashfield, to Edward, only Son of Mrs Worthington, of East Bankstown.


VIOSIS-FnANK -The Mniriage ol Bervl Mima eldo; daughter c1 the lntc Mr ! and Mrs li Frank of Kogarah to Roheit Reginald onlv son of Mr and Mrs Reg Moses ol Kogarah will be relebiated at St David s Arncliffe on lune 10


BARNET-NIVISON. - June 5, 1952, at St. Stephen's Church Mac-   quarie Street, by Rev. Alec Steven- son, June Mary elder daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Nivison of Mirani, Walcha to Evan Hollin-  

worth Macdonald, elder son of the   late Dr. F. Barnet, Armidale and Mrs. G. Barnet of Sydney.

ROBINSON - OTTAVVVT -April M at St Stephen s Church W11 loughbv bv Archdeacon Robinson Anne Mai y daughter of Mr and Mrs Roy Ottaway Artarmon to Arthur Henrv son of Mr and Mr« Fdwln Robinson Mortdale_


CllETSBOROUGII - SAMUELS - June 7 1927 at St Clement s Church Mosman Fdward to Dorl« Piesent address Griffith

CUNNEEN-KIRKPATRICK -Cle- ment to Ethel Irene at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church. Gunnedah   June 7. 1927 by Rev, Father Daniel Keane. Present address 62 Bonar Street, Arncliffe.

GVTTLV- JFFFREI -June 6 1927 at St Thomas Lewi ham bv Rev Fathei John Byrne Emilv Flletn to Cerald Russel) Present address Oi amount J8 Heaslop Terrace An neiley Brisbane_


SVLTFR- HUTCHINS -lune 7 1902 at St Joseph s Newtown bv Rev Dean Slatierv Thomas James to Mav Present address 31 Highclere Avenue Punchbowl


ADAMS, Ernest Joseph. —May 30 at Tumut District Hospital after a long illness, loving husband of Hannah and dear father of Eddie, Len, Bill, and Mary (Mrs. Pike) aged 72 years.

ALAGNA Gaetano-June 5 19o2 at Crookwell beloved husbsnd of Vittoria and loving lather of Rosa (Mis F E Wyndham) Joe and Netta (Mrs J T St Leger Moss) Requlrscat In i ace

ALLSOPP Augusta Charlotte - June b 19o2 in hospital lellct c1 Edward F mest Allsopp and loving mothci of Don (deceased) Douglas Clarrie (eiccd) and Nell (Mrs Harry Mitchell) aged 80 years

BAI I larne« Edwin -June 5 19o2 at his son s residence Link View Condamine Stieet Manly V ale husband c1 the late Agnes Ellen Ball, lormerly of Gelt laiadc Manly and loving lather ot Janies (VV A ) Sid ney and George and lather In law ot Betty and Edna and loud grand lather of Robert Margaret Anne oeofteiv Suranné and Chciyl aged 75 ycais At rest

11INNS llcrtlu Isibel-JJIIO 6 19D2 at hci re Idencc Bomaderry

uelovcd daughtei ol the Jaie Mi and vlrs Keen ol Sydney and deaiiy oled si tel of Ho I Mrs Keith)

Milly (Mis Kctchmg) Haniet El«ie (Mis Atlleld) Dick, and Chaine aged 6! yen

BOYD Aid-June 5 1952 died suddenly at her home Aingarth Park Parkes beloved wife ol John Downie and dearly loved mother of Joyce and Jim (deceased)

BRADDOCK Myra Vlay-May 31 1J52 ol J8 Smith Stieet Fairv

meldon wife of the late Gcoige Henry Braddock and deni mother of -va (Mrs H Blight) Maurice and Irwin ot Brisbane aged 78 years

Interred 2nd instant Methodist Ceinclciy Wollongong

I1KANI) Waller Henry-June 4 !9o2 tsuddenlv ) st a pitvote hosp! ni Ashfield iate of J8 Park Road Vlainckville rellet of the Inte Rubv Hannah mid loved faihcr cf Ruby Kathleen (Mis Smith) lond father

n law of F-iul Albeit Smith At icst Private cremstion on Friday 6th lnst

BROWN Vllee -June 6 1952 at St Vincent s Hospita! late of IV Bernard Street Lidcombe be loved sister ol Bessie (Mrs E McKenna) Agnes (Mis V Kattc)

and Eileen (Mrs H Downes) and deirly loved aunt of Patricia and 1 rank RIP

CHAPIIN Henrietta -Jl ne 6 19D2 at her lesldei ce 17 Mutual Hoad Mortdale beloved slslei ol Jinny (Mrs Johns) Aim i (Mrs Setter) and Edith (Mrs Robinson)

and dear aui L ol Reg Gwen and Lesley agLd 74 yeais

DANGAR, Reginald Neville.—June 4, at Guernsey, Channel Islands, be-

loved husband of Beatrice, and father of Betty Reid.

DVVILS Knscinna-Junes 19o2 at 20 Garfield Stieet Flvedock Udow ol VV E Davies and dearly loved mothei of Sylvia and owen Privately cicmntcd

DFWFV Alfred-J me 5 1952 at hospital of PHam Stieet Chester Hill beloved hu In nd of Mary and loving father ol Olive and Geoff rev

aged 67 y coi s At lest For luneral notice see Ti esday s Heñid

DOW M S Charles Ltlward-June o 19j2 at hospita! ind late of Homebush aged "1 yeais

LAGI ETON Ellen Louisa -June 6 1*10- at her lcsldence bj Colin Street Cammeray dcnrlv loved vile of Horny loseph Eagleton ano loved mothci ol Ellen Mnv (Mis Thom) Gladys (Mrs Brennan) BcntUee (Mrs Nelson) den einnd mothei of Bill Marge Bcntiicc Ron and Volciie slid great grand nioihei of Annette Maureen Biuce and Kay aged 84 yeais

LGGLFTON Arthur Harold -June

19i2 at hospital mid of 2, Dorn ¡btrrct Huistville beloved hus

bind ol Emily ind dear fath« and fnthci lp law of Leslie and Lo Use of ~ iden Harold and Dorothy of _ley Gcoige and Madeline ol Hurstville Joyce and Ross of Hurst

ville Eileen (Lngland) loving grand- father of Gan Balbara Margaiet Malle and Glenn aged 60 year:

UKIN William Henri-June

19D2 al lils daughtei s residence 19 Mmshall Stieet Petersham be loi ed husband of Evelyn fclkin and loved fithei ol Rex and VVUlmur (Mrs Tolmie) aged 06 years

test Foi funeral airangcmenls sec Monday s Hci aid

I UNI ST Henry George -June

!9o2 at his íesldence deiily loved husband of Mary a Finest and loved father of Mary (Mrs Le Lou ol Adelaide) Ruth (Mis Dakers of North Queensland) Hazel (Mis W illls of Holbrook NSW ), Allan and Elsa aged lb yeal«

FRVMF Mary-lime 6 1952 a her residence 12 West Street Rus

solíale beloved wife of Huth dear mollie! of Ills Hugh Ronald and Marie (Mrs Callaghan) mo her In Inn or Mullel and Ronald and tiandiuothei ol Helen aged 56 yenis

FUII4RTON Ian Grant (Bilga

dler Aust Staff Corps)-lune 6 suddenly) at Hollywood Rcpitilation Hospital Pcith husband of Emily lather of Joan (Mrs P M McLeod 19lh N S Batt Holsworthy) Joy .....j G Waites) Sybil (Sister R ~ Fullarton) aged 5b years

GOSDEN Elizabeth Jane - June 5, 1952 of 38 Knox Street Clovelly, beloved mother of Alice and Frank Private cremation

GRVYSION Cliarlei Thomas - June 2 at Belmont late of Rylstone loved husband of Jane loving lathei of Robert Gravston (Stanmore) Lil (Mrs W Davis Bylong) Coial (Mrs 1 Maslci Mortdale) Elsie (Mrs H Tayloi Rylstone) aged 86


GREEN Margaret-June 3 1952 beloved wife oí William Frederick Green of 30 Trinity Row Bulli and dear mother of Norman ind Phil lp Higgins stepmother ol Rene (Mrs ' Reynolds) Stella (Mis Wilson) and I Doss (Mrs Shea) aged 77 vcars Cremated 4th instant nt Woronora

UAMBI IN Mary Vim Fllidliv - June 6 1952 at Jl Chatham Road West Ryde beloved wife of William dear mother of John mother in law of Sylvia dear grandmother of Elaine ant. Grahan and beloved elster of |


HANN, William-Moy 30 al

Samdon Street Hamilton beloved eldest son of the late Charles and Mary Hann formerly of Croydon Atherton Cairns (North Queensland) and fond biothcr of Veronica (de

cased) Tom (deceased) Nell and


HARRISON Mary-lune 6 1152 formerly of 44 Haig Street Went

vvorthvlUe dearly loved wife of Enoch

nd loved mother of Margaret (Mrs I I Jones) Lillian (Mrs I O Sulli an) Mary (Mrs J McLaughlin)

Elsie (Mrs c McLean) Kathleen

1rs J Remilton) and Ann (Mrs

Hm pel)

I1FNR1 lime» Augustus-June

1952 dcaily loved filher

Vera (Mis H Thomas) Jnck and

father in la v ol Hnrry Mai Jorie and Jenn nnd biolhcr of Jack Charlie mid Barney aged 68 years

HIGCINS Wllllim Lt-slle -June

1°D2 at his íesldence Omagh Hats Whistler Street Manlv dearlv loved husband of Agnes (Did) and

lathei of Pobcrt (deceased) and Marie fond Iittlel in la v ol John Rcqiilescnl In pace Privately interred

i June 5

HIGGS lillian Ada-June

19-»2 at a private hospital Summer Hill wile of Alfred Higgs and dear mother of loyce ano Donald mothei

in lar of Reginald Kidd and Audrey

is dear sister of Elsie Bill Rita .j and Esma aged 61 years Al rest For funeral notice see Monday s Herald

Hil I Rebecca lane-June

¡q-i2 ¿l hci residence 28 Churchill Avenue Strathfield dcaily beloved wife of Rowland Ariliui Ashford Hill and loving mother of Ada (Mrs a Hones) Claude (deceased) Ruth (de reascd) Jack ind Babe (Mis J J Ray) PUvatcly cicmated on Uie Gili instant

HOGAN, John. —June 5, son of A. B. and late Mrs. Hogan of Tumut,   brother of Ruth, Doone, and Mar- garet.

LVUGHIIN Kirlenc-June 4 » Pasadena, Caliiornin wife of H Sidney Laughlin and beloved daugh

of Mr and Mrs C A Vaughan of Cootamunoia

IAHLLSS Charles loseph-June _ 1912 at Sydney relict or the late Vela Ruby Lawless and dear father of Joan Betty and John aged 58

ais RIP

LEUNIG Vernon Charles-June

19ol at Maroubra beloved hus band of Margaiet and dear father of Peg Ken (deceased) and Petei (Alice Springs) ogca 60 years


IFVINS Mary Thérèse-June 19ol at bet parents residence

Waratah fatieet Sutherland dea

loved daughtei Di Bilan and Joan Levins dear s^ter of Desmond and beloved gianddnughtei or Mr

Mrs G Harnett of Cheltenham and of Mr lames and the late A* ' Norn Levins of Drummavne n

ears Dormit in pace Piii interment

LIPSCOMBE, Matthew.-June 5,  

1952, at hospital, of 168 Harrow Road, Kogarah, beloved husband of Mary Elizabeth Lipscombe, dear father of Ethel (Mrs. Miller), Mat-

thew and Harold, and step-father of   Leslie and Roy Hare, and of Vera (Mrs. Purnell) and Olga (Mrs. Ken- nedy), aged 86 years. Privately cremated June 6, 1952, at Woronora.

LOUCHE, Frances Claire.-June 6,   1152 at her residence 17 Kingsway Ci oulilla dear sister pi Richmond Desmond (deceased; F mest Grace mid Rita aged 63 yeais Privately

emated Woronora

VliCVNN Janies-June 6 1952 deailv loved husband o( Flvie VIcCarn dear fnthei ot Toni George Marie Nellie John and Alan and fathci In law ol Phyllis Beryl Han y and Arthur aged 60 years

McCAULEY Edward Keith-June 6 1952 of 36 Stewart Street Wol- longong beloved husbond ot Monica dear father of Keith David and Geoffrey beloved son ol Mr and Mrs S A Mccauley of Tattersall' s Hotel Wollongong and dear bro ther of Gladys (Mrs Vereker) George and Edna (Mrs Cosgrove) aged 36 years.

MACINTOSH Jame« Fdward - June 6 19o.! at hospital of <

Crinan clreet Hurlstone »Park dearlv beloved hu bnnd of Emma and loving lathei of Alan and Lind


dearlv beloved mothci of Illa I!

Rllcv) Tthtl (Vlrs Pooley) Arthur (deceased) Hoiace and Iris um! dearlv loved mother In low

natlus Kelly

. NFV1AN Carol-June 6 1912

Renwlck Hospital dearly beloved infant oauchter of Florence and Tei

¡ence Nevlan «nd dear sister of Mar garet and Terence aged 5 months


NORMAN, Mabel Iiobel -June 4

19o2 at her residence 66 Concord Road Concord daughter of the late M arid Mrs J D Norman and dear sister of Annie (Mr« C Henry) Rita (Mrs F Cole) R VV Norman and J L Norman (deceased) Prl

vateh cremated at Northern Suburbs on 6th June 19o2

PANTON Clara Clementine-June 4 1952 ( suddenly) at her nieces home (Mrs H P Mortlock), 77 Coonanbarra Road Wahroonga sister   of C S Panton Privately cremated.

PARKER, Joseph Leycester - June 6 1952 at St Vincent's Hospital   Joseph Leycester Parker of 8 Anstey Street Lismore dearly loved son of   Gertrude Mary and the late Joseph Parker and dear brother of Rev Fathers Bede and Augustine Parker     Sister Mary Helena, Sheila and Mary aged 41 years Requiescat in pace The interment will take place after solemn Requiem Mass at St Cathage's

Cathedral Lismore at 10     a.m. next Monday  

1MIILIIFS David-June 2 1952

Base Hospital

Ethel (Mrs Jeflcry of Toongabbie)

late of Woolaringa Big Hill aged 81 years At rest Interred Goul burn June 4 19a2

PITT, William Thomas (Bill).—   June 4, 1952, at his residence, 81a Young Street, Annandale, dearly loved husband of Mrs. Lottie Pitt, and dear father of Thomas and Emily (Mrs. Hart) aged 64 years. At rest.

R1V William John Wilkins -June 6, 1952 at a private hospital late of Coional Flats Kuiraba Road Kurraba Point loving father of Mildred (Mis Claikl Leonard Glndys (Mrs MacCready ) Reginald William and Sydney aged 87 years

SCHLFNKEK Royce Harold Fd ward-June 6 19->2 at 22 Salis bury Street Hurstville dearly loved husband ol Peace Gwendolyn Per

lings (Gncn) Sclilenkei and loved father of Barry and Grahame aged J9 jO-iis At rest

SCHOFIFI I) LIUabelh Jane - June b 1952 at hci residence Prince Alfred Street Berry dearly lov-d wile ol the late Alfred lames

beloved mother of Ken Doris "..a Grace Phillip (deceased) and Bill (deceased) aged 8o years At


SECKOI I) Fdlth -June 5 1952 _t her le'idence bZ Sydney Street Concoid loved mother of Violet Constance Jack Allan Einest Claire and Fdlth Private ciema lion cn the 6th Instant

SOUFN Jeannie -June 2 1952 relict of the late Thomas Sodcn and mother of Margaret Tom and Betty Privately ciemated at Northern

uburbs on Thursday 5th lnst

STAPLFS Anne-May 31 19j2 .t hei residence Ackroyd Stieet

Port Macquarie relict of Asa Staples and lol ed mother of Rachel James Alice John Robert Haiold Ethel Eiclyn aged 83 yeais

SW AN Margaret -June 6 1952 t her daughter s residence Wildes Meadow alter a short illness for meilv of Wollongong relict of the late William Swan and dear mother oi Alice (Mrs Dodd) Gladys (Mrs Dare) Archie Vera (Mrs Buckle)

Albert Lorna (Mis Mele) Thelma (Mrs stone) and Ina (Mrs Ryall)

In her 84lh year See Monday s

Heiald for luneio!

IVY LOR Arthur VV ¡Ulam - June 4 19n2 at Queanbeyan Hospital lite of IS Mo mu Stieet Quean bey an beloved husband of Janet and father of Myee (Mrs L Reid Can bei ra) Pat (Mrs R Cantle Quean bevan) and grandfather of Junior Teddy Graham and Pete!

lHOVIVs Vmclii maudie (nee Stirr)-Miy 21 at Temon late ol 8 Queen Victoria Street Kogaiah loi ed mother of Wallace Lesley and Steuart aged 80 yeais

TRUDE Ethel Elirabcllt -June 6 1952. beloved wife of the late Frede

lick Blid Trude For funeral notice sec Monday s Herald

TUCK Rebecca Elizabeth. -June 5 1952, at her residence, 281 Aber-

crombie Street, Redfern, dearlv loved mother of John, Vera, mother-In-

law of Mary, Eunice and Jim, in her 92nd year. At rest.

WILLIAMS Joseph -Juno  

1952 at hospital late of 129 Coogee Bay Road Coogee beloved huEband of Mnrj M E Williams and loved bl other ol Lil and Wesley Prl

va ely cremated Northern Suburbs

Crematorium June 6 1912

WORSLEV Margnret Jane-June 6 19J2 widow of Samuel J Wors

lev of 55 Trevenar Street Ash- field and dcailv loved mother of William Roy Lisle and Hazel (Mrs A Collosc) aged 81 vears At rest Foi funeral particulars see Tuesday s Herald_


ABSAIOM - Trcosuied mcmorIcs|

of my dear sister and aunt Gert Hide passed away June 10 1951

She suifered as God only knows But found sweet lest nt last

Remembered always by May and


ANDERSON -In loving memory ot deal dad David who passed away June 7 1951 Always remembered by lils daughter and son-in law Jean and Arthur

APPLEBY -In loving memory oi Nellie dear sister of Olive passed June 1951

ATKINS -In loving memory of my dear wife Hope and our mothei

Vou are always in our hearts and


ATKINS (nee Hanna) -Jn loving memory of oui dear daughter and ?aster Hope passed away June 8 1949

A loving smile a happy face

One we nil loved and can ncvei|


Inserted bv her loving mother sis ter-in law brothcis

BARRETT -In loving rnemorv ol mv darling husband Percy (10th Batt ) passed away luno 7 1944

I remember vou In silence I make|

no outward show

But what It means to lose vou |

Perce no one will ever know

Inseitcd by his loving wife Louise daughter Kew pic and grandchildren

BARRFTT-In loving memory of| de-ir dad and grandfather Percy passed away lune 7 1944

Please God take this messago to my

loving dad above

Tell him how much I miss him give

him all mv love

Always lemembercd bv loving daughter Elsie gianddaughtcr


BARRETT -In loving memory of our dear father Percy who passed away June 7 1944

Please God toke this message. To our father up above

Tell him how we miss him, And give him nil our love

Loved and longed for always by his loving daughter Lilv son In lan Syd giandsons Ern Syd

BFSuFLI -In loi lng memory of Florence Beatrice who passed away on June 8 l<14r)


Inserted bv her husband Kyrie

BOXSIIVLL-In loving memory of my dear mother Ann who passed away June " 1948 Inseiled by Ethel and Jim

CVRBERRV -7n loving memory bt Charlotte beloved wife of Walter P Carbeny and mother of Patsy (Mrs Day) Foieiei remembered

I VRFV -Fond memoiles of my dear father Claude who passed aw av J ine 7 1941 Always remembered by his loving son Hairy

CHVSEL1NG-In loving memory! of my dalling husband Ernest died June 8 1951

Vou left us suddenly your last|

thoughts unknown

But you left us with memories

are pro id to own

Inserted by his loving wife and|


CHI CKLANI) -Loving memories oil my dear husband anti our lather Victor, who passed away June 8

194-, Inserted by Bertie Eric |

Cecilv nnd Valerie

COLLINS-In loving memory of my dear husband fathci ard giand

lather Frederick Arthur who passed away June 8 IOTI Remembered bv his loving wife Sarah son Arthur dnughteis May and Iiy dauchter-in law Emily sons in la v Bob and Billy and grandchildien

CONSTABIC (nee Jackson)-Inl loving memory of oui mother Mabel died June 8 1948

The Lord took h-r

It was His will But In our heolts

the Hies on still

Inseitcd bl loving daughter Elsie ron in lan Jim giandson Ray son


CRETK -Treasured memories of 1 my dear husband and our dad John nlio passed away June 7 1949

Softly the leaves of memoiv fnll

Sadly we stoop and gather them a

Inserted by his loving wife and family Jack Doll Clive Olie Rita laughter in law sons in law and giaiidchlldren

CRI I K -In loving memory of oin I dear friend Mr J Creek Treasured menu-îles Inseitcd by Luce and Win !

CURRY -Tieosured memories ol our deal mothci who passed aw-iy

June 8 19ol Sadlv missed by her|

loving sons and daughters

DAI1I) -In lovlni, rnemorv of

denr father who passed away June

8 1949

Not to dnv but eieiv day In silence we remember

Fiom his son and daughter In law Norm Barbara

DVII -In loving memory of o ir mothci Marlon Amrlln called home Juno 3 1941 Sadlv missed bl Rita Dorothv CHIT Mnurlce Betty

nviEV -In loving memoty or my dear dad and our grandpa Albert John passed anav June 7 1951 Ii Gods keeping Inselted by Freda Doug and family

DLVIPSFV -Loving memories _of|

Wal and Dad now and always and Avis

DI NNI1 N -In memoiv of

deal husband who pa sed nwav lune

8 19al A thought for to day of j memoiles sadly missed Mack

DrTTMIR-In loving memory ol our deer mothci Fin passed awav June b 1911 Rcmcmbcicd by hci loving children Ilma Phillis lim

Esme Arthur Joyce and families ]

At rest

DONAH)-Ii remembrance

John loved husband of Alice June 7 1948

DOUGHTY -Ellen (Nell) passed! away June 7 19oO Sadly missed by daughter Jeanette and Jack

DOUGHTY -Ellen Forever think- ing of dear Mrs D who passed away June 1950 Chris and Ian Kydd

LLY -In loving memory of our dear son Albert E (Billy) passed away June 7 19il Ever remembered

ever loved Inserted hy his lovlng|

mother and family

ERRINGTON -In loving

ot mv dear husband ind lather | Thomas who passed away June ti


Time n av change In manv navs

But one thing change« never

The menioiy ol those happy dny«

When ne nere nil together

Snillv missed bv his nile Hettv

and Fied Tom and Bervl Arthur |

Jovpr- and his grand hlldren

FORD-In loving memory of our] dear mother Nan» (Min) Jack I Daph Farjean


roRREST -Cherished memories of mv loving wife and devoted mother Alma Eileen who passed away June 8 1952

Peace evermore love evermore

Inserted by her loving husband and son Alan

FORREST-Loving memories of our dear mothei Alma passed awav June 8 1951 Always remembered by her loving daughtei Shirlev son lu law Vince and granddaughter Vickl

FORTUNE-In loving memory ol my dear mother who departed this Hie June 7 1944 Inserted by hei loving daughter Mary

FRASER -Treasured memories of my deal husband and our father Arch v ho passed away June 7 19nl Inserted by his loving wife Midge and sons Rodney and Terry

FRASER -In loving memory oi dear Arch who departed this lile June 7 19al Inserted by mother and father in law and John

GAMBVCC1VNI-In loving mern ory ,oI mv dear husband Q Unto who*pas ed awav June 8 1937

Not 1er to day but every day In silence v e xemembei

Iiseited by his loving wife Matilda

GARV El -In loving memory o' my dear husband nnd father lohn Charles (Jack) whom God called home June 7 19T1

How often I remember sweetheart When daylight curtains fall

These happy days which have

slipped by

When we were all In all

And as the shadows gather And night steals o er the hill

The gentle whisper oi the wind Tells me yoi re with me still

Sadly missed by his wife Irene and daughter Ii ene

GARV H -In loving memory ol my dear son Jack passed away June i 1951

Please God take this message To mv son up above tell him how 1 miss him and give him all my love For no one know« the heartache Olly I can tell

Oi a son I loved and lost Wltho t a lost fniewell

Always remembered by his loving mollier

GVRVE1-Loving memories or my dear brother brother In law and i ncle Jack who passed awav June 7 JJol We vere not beside lou to hear your last faint sigh to ihlsper just one loving word or even say goedb e Alv ays lcmem bered by his loving sister Alma and family

GILI FRTSON -In loving memory of my deal husband Harry who died June 7 U4b Inserted by Janet

GRAHAM -In loving memory of my deal brother Alfred who passed away June 6 1946 Inserted by his sister and brother ln-law Frances and Alfred Peer

GRAY-Sad loving memories of oui dear mother who left us June 8 1950 Alvays remembered by hei loving family

GREIG - In Memory of my dear husband and our beloved father and father in law Telford Gordon who passed away June 8 1949 In Bcrtcd by his ever loving wife and family Moy Don Joy and Norma

GUNNING -In loving memory ol my dear husbind John Francis

pos>cd awav June 8 19o0 Gods greatest gilt lemembrance Youl loving vile Lucy

GUNNING -John Francis beloved fnthei and fathei in law of Mairie and John Well lemembeied

HAI FORD-li loving memory ol my dear husband v ho passed away June 7 19iO Inserted by his loving wife Edith

IIVNNAH -In loving memory of my dear w lie Annie Selena who passed away June 8 19-jl Ever lemembeied bv her loving husband George Frederick

IIATHLltl 1 -In loving memory oi William Cecil passed away June 8 193b Inscited by mother broth- er Ray and family

HOAD -In loving memory of my deor husband Ken who passed away Juno 7 1944

HOPKINSON -Bill who passed away June 8 1951 Always remem- bered bv Connie and Frank

HUNTLEY -In loving memory of Dolly passed away June 8 1945 Sadly missed by husband and son Geoff and Nan

HURDITCH -To the memory ol my darling motlfi v ho lell asleep June 7 194b For ever remembered

JAMIESON -In loving memory of my dear mother Ada Jamieson passed away June 7 1951 Sadly

missed bv Jack

JEFFFR1 -In loving memory of our dear father George Henrv who pissed a lay Juno 7 1948 also our dear mother Margaret

passed «way Moy 1 1J41 Always lcmcmbercd by theil loving daugh tcrs and son in law -liff and Bill

KEW IN-Loving memories of my dear wile and mother Ruth. Naomi pa sed away June 7 1948

Passing years can neier change

Our thoughts of one so deal Fond memories linger every doy

Remembrai ce keeps you near Sadly missed by her loving hus band Roy and daughter Thelma

KEW IN-In loving memory of our dear mother and nana Ruth Naomi passed away June 7 1948

A wonderful mothei only lent One of the best God ever sent A cheerful smile a heart of gold One of the best this world did


Inserted by her loving son Alfred daught"i in law Vesta grand daughtei Loiralne

KEW1N-In loving memoir of our dear mother and nana Ruth Naomi passed away June 7 1948

Tho e who have a. mothci

Love hei while you mav

lor the world is quite another

When mother is laken a ay

Inseitcd by hci loung son George daughter in lav Nellie grand on« Leslie and Bilan

I FELD-Loving memories oi niunima (AdB) and Val to diy al

nays longed for by their loved ones left behind Tliel

LL I HIT -J me 10 Deep In mv tica it you v ill always remain deal Max Mothci

MCCORMACK-In loving rnemorv of my deal friend Rose Gone but not forgotten by Mrs H Springall

MCDONALD -In loving memory ot my dear husband who passed away June 7 1950

Deep in my heart you will forever be

Inserted by his loving wife Sus

MeDONALD -In loving memory ol my dear dad and grandpop

Always remembered

But miss you always

Inserted by his loving daughter and granddaughter Carmen

MCDONALD -In lov ing memory of our dear dad who passed away June 7 19o0

Not Just to day but everyday, In silence we îemember

Inserted by his loving son Frank Lily and Princesses

MCDONALD -In loving memory of deal dad who passed away June 7 19o0

May he rest in peace

Inserted by his loving daughter Rita Geoige mid boys

Míe INNIS -in loving memory of my dear nile Miry Elisabeth passed away June 7 1950 Sadly missed by by 1er loving husband William

MacINNFS -In loving memory ol my darling mother Marv who de parted June 7 19 IO Sleep ever lasting sleep Alvays remembered by her loving da ghtcr Maisie Dick Beveilcy and little Dicky

MacINNFS- A tribute of love to the memory of my dear mothei Mary FUrabetli passed anny June 7 1950 Inserted by her loving son John

MacINNFS-In loving memory ol my dear mother and grandmother Mary Ell7abeth nho passed away June 7 1950

To dav brings back memories

Of a loved one gone lo rest

And those who think of her to day

Are the ones who loved her best Alvnvs remembered by her loving daughter Sylvia and grandson Allan

MaelNNES -Treasured memories of my dear moth*- Mary Elizabeth and our nana

Looking back with memories

Along the path she tiod

We bless the veais we hod with her

And leave the rest to God

Ever remembered by Happy Peg and family

MacINNFS -In loving memory of my depr mother and grandaiolhci

passed away J ne 7 lloO Forever In o r hearts Inserted by Jean and lomlli

MAGNUS-In loi ing rnemorv of cur li isbnnd and father Nathan June 7 1946

MVGNUS-In loving memory of our deni son and brothei Nathan Joseph I o i assed a v av June 7 1940 Inserted by his loving father moiler and brother David

MVRRIN -In loving n emory of my dear husband John Aithui who passed awav In England J me 7 1950 A tho iglit for to day a memory


VIARRIN -Everlasting memories of mv dea lather Sadly missed hy Mabel son In law Eddie and grand children

MVRRIN -Treasured memories ol my dear father Ali ass remembered by Glodis son In law Len and giandrhl dren

VIARRIN -Fond memories of dear dod passed awav June 7 1950 Always remembered Doris Alf Aithir Elsie Bill

MEAD -Treasured memories of mv dear h isbnnd Leslie who passed ovas June 8 1946 Fvcr re

memberod by his loving wife Olive

MILI s-In loving memory of n j dear wife ond our denr mother In sorted by loving husband Cliff and


VIII ES-In loving memory of my dear sister Eileen who passed awav J me 8 1948 Inserted by her lovii g mothci

VIILFS-In rving rnemorv of our dear sister Eileen who passed awav June 8 1948 Always remembered by MaiJone and Johnny

VIOCKE1T -Loving memories ol

mi m Elizabeth died 1940 Thelma .

Ted and gills '

MONTGOMFRY -In loving mern ory of my deal husband and father Allen Inserted by his wife and family

MONTGOMFRl -In loving mern orles of my dear son and brother Al lan who departed this life J mc 7 1946 Always remembered by his mother brothers and sister

VIOODFV -Passed away June 7 1951 Ivy Adelaide A good mother and loving wife loved by all who knew her Is remembered by all Her loving husband daughters sons In Ion and grandchildren

MOXHAM - Sad but loving memories of Charles my dear hus

band father and grandfather who pa s*d an ay June 8 1951 Always remembered by his family

MURRAV -In loving memory of i.ur dear mother Marv died June 7 1945 Sadly missed by son Jim daughters Lilv Marv and Rita

NLWION- In lovlrg memory ol Nell a loving mother and deal nile oi Joe loving sister of Lizzie and fnmilv Called to rest June S 1947

OVFRVII -lieasired memories of n y deni h isbnnd and our father Fird pissed a ay June 8 '9i0 Aliays lemembered by his loving wife Fva sons Graham Peter

rVLLFTT -Treasured memories of

a beloved husband Ronald James li died June 7 1951 Clare


PARKS-In loving memory of Frederick Bowen who passed awav June 8 1950 Alnavs remembered by his loving wife daughters sons In law and grandchildren

PEVRSE -In loving memory ol my dear husband Oliver who de parted June 8 1944 Ever remem- bered by his laving wile Alice

IOTTS-In loving -«"cry ot our deal mott cr and sr«-nd nothei Ella Bcalrlce who paesed avay Jtne 8 19ol Sadly missed by her daughter Jean son in law Ron and grand children

POTTS-Loving thoughts dear Ella we will alvays remember Sad ly missed by John and Hilda

PRICE -In loving memory of our sister Ada Elizabeth called home Juno 8 1951 Always remembered by Winnie John and family

PRH STI EY -In loving memory ol my dear wife and our mother Effie who passed away June 7 1951 Too dearly loved Io ever be forgotten In crted by her loving husband Cec daughtei Eileen son In law Ho ile

PRUSTLFV -In loving memory of cur dear rrother and nana who fell asleep June 7 19ol

Whatever else we fall to do

We never fall to think of you

Inserted by Fiauk Marjorie and family

IRIfcSTLEY -In Jovlng memory of cl r dear mother Effie who passed av iy June 7 1951 Al ays re membercd by Cecil and Joan

FKIFSTLV -In loving memory of dear mum and nanna who passed away J ne 7 1951 Remembered by Bill Ethel Eileen and Don

PRIESTLEY -In lovlnt, memory of mv dear sister Effie who passed awav J me 7 1951 Sadly missed bj Chrissie and family

FKILSTLE1 -Tieasured memories of o ir dear sister in law Effie fell asleep June 7 19ii Always le

membercd by Nellie Alice and families

FIUTCHV.RD-In loving memory of my dear Mother Emily who pass

ed away June 7 1949 Inserted by her son Victor

TURKIS -Sacied to the memory of our dear father father In law and giandfather Herbert Always In o ir memories Inserted by his lei ed ones John Mavis Judith and Peddler

TURKIS -In loving memory of my dear father and father in law Herbert who passed away June 8 1S47

His memory a treasure

His loss a lifetime reglet

Sadly missed by his loving son and daughter In law Reg Phyllis

RICE-In loving memory of our dear mother Martha Rice who pa"scd away on June 7 19->0

God sa v how yo i had suffered

He knew yot had had your share He gently closed your weary eyes

And took you in His care

Inserted by her loving daughter Alice Mullholland and Donald and Harold McKenzie

R1CF -In loving memory of my dear mother Agnes Sadly missed Inserted by loving son Tom Rush


RICHARDS-Loving memory of my deal friend Ted

We mention your name

Speak of you often

God bless vou dear Ted

You are never forgotten

In ertcd by the Morris family

ROBERTS -In loving memory of my beloved wife and o r deal mother Malgar« who passed away Jine 3 19ol

What vouid we give to see vou smile To Inlk with yoi and laugh a vhlle To be together lu the same old v a¿ Would be out dearest wish to day

Always lemembcred b/ het hus band Roger and children Mick Rou and Jack

ROBERTS -In loving memoiy ol our dear sister Margaret who passed away June 8 19al

To day brings back sad memories

01 R loved one gone to test

And tho e who think of her to day

Are the ones who loved her best

Always remembered by her loving sisters and brothers

RUDD -In loving memory of our dear dad and grandfather Norman Idward who passed away Juno 7 1950

You left us all BO suddenly

Your lost thoughts were unknown But you left us loving memories

We aro all 60 proud to own

Inserted by your son Norm daughter-ln lan Peggy grandchll dren Lan ailie and Garv

RUDD-In loving memory of our dear brother who passed away Juuc 7 1950

A wonderful brother only lent One of the best God ever sent

A cheeiful smile a heart of gold One of the best this woild did hold Inserted by his loving brother and sister in law Wal and Els

SMITH-In loving memory of our dear mother and nanna Ethel Edith who passed away June 8 19ol

God has you in His keeping We have you In our hearts

Sadlv missed by her loving daughter son and giandchlldren Judith and Cheryl

SMITH -Fond n emories of my dear brother Sid Always remem bcrcd by Amy and Fred

STAPLETON -In loving memory of dear mother who died June 7 1949 Still a living memory

STFVFNS-In loving memoiy of our dear father James H who de parted this Ufo on June 8 19ol at Mortdale At rest Inserted by his loving children and grandchildren

ST GI ORGE-In loving rnemorv of my dear wife Ann who passed awav June 7 1951 At rest

SUMMERIIELD-In loving mern or of my dear mother Alice who passed away June 7 1951 ^adly missed Inserted by Perce Myrtle Ernest

SWFFNE1 -lu Irving rnemorv of nur dear mothei Mary Ann who departed this life June 8 1948

Memories sveet of one so dear

Treasured deep riom ¿esr to year Inserted by her loving lomlly

THOMAS -In loving memory ol mv dear wife Marv who passed away on Ihi« day 1950 Inserted by her loving husband Jimmy

THOMAS-In loving memory of dear Mum and Nan who passed away June 7 1950 Always in the thoughts of her Family

TOI LIS -In loving rnemorv of mu deir brother passed avvoy June 8 1947 Always remembered by his sisters

VANDEVTTDF-In loving rnemorv ol Ethel May who passed away June 8 19ol

God watched you as you suffered

He knew you had your share He gently closed your eyes

And toe- vou in His care

Inserted by her loving husband daughter TX-ss son in law Keith and giandson Allen

WALKER-In loving memory of our brother Alan Keith passed away June 7 1951 Sadly missed Oreta Oscar

W L VRMOUTn -In loy lng memory of our mother Eva Hannah also Joe Remembered by her family

WHFELER-In loving memory of a deir nnd loving husband who pissed a ay luno 8 1910 I think ol you in silence

With a heart that is sincere And cherish all the memories

Of the days when vou were here Sadly missed by his loving wife


VVHFFLFR-In loving r emory of oui den father and grandpop W11

Ham Thomas Wheeler whom God called home June 8 1950

A loving fothci

A wondeiful friend

Sadlv missed bv Ruth Merv Col leen Ross and Keiry

Willi-Ticasuied memories of m dear biother Will whom God colled home June 7 1945 Remem bered always by his sister Vic


WILKINSON-Passed away J me R 1948 Frederick Kelso Loving memories always from his wife Mavis Mervyn Shirley Jillian

WILKINSON -In loving memory of our dear biothei brother in law and

incle Frederick Kelso who passed away J ino 8 1948

Gone but i ot forgotten

Inserted by his loving brother Arnold Kathleen and Jack

WOLFr -In loving memory of my deat husband passed away June 7 1950 .

I miss vour kind and willing hind

Yo ir fond ind earnest care

Our home Is dark without you Will

I miss you everywhere

Inserted by his loving wife Ellen WOLII -Loving memories of our dear father who passed away June 7 19 0

We miss your guiding lund

Inserted by his loving daughtei Lottie Ron aid grandchild! cn Ronald and Kenneth

WOLFE-In loving memoiy of our father and grandfather who passed awav June 7 19i0

Things have changed In many


But one thing changes never

The rnemorv of those happy days When wo were all together

Inserted by his son Will Olive and grandchildren

WOIFL -In loving memory of our dear friend Mr Wolfe (Bill) who passed away June 7 1950 Inserted bv his dear friends Hughie and Man

II METTE-In loving memory of mv dear son and our brothei Teddy who fell asleep J ine 8 1915 Sadly missed bv his loving mother sisters and brothers

VLMETIF-To the memory of mv darling brothei Teddy who fell asleep June 8 1915 Inserted by lils loving sister Helene Fred and family_


IIARKIY- in ovlng memory ol our dearl loved son brother and ncphci Maurlee Alan NX9627 Bth Division died POW Japan June 7 1945 Sadly missed hy mother brothers uncles and aunts

BVRTLFTT-In loving mernoo of oui dear son and brothei Spr Clyae (Charlie) 2J Fid Cov A 1 F who passed away June 7 1947 l'cpat ia tion Hospital

We remember you In «Hence

We make no outward show But what It meant to oso you

No one will ever know

Bo sadly missed by his lov ng father mother brother Fred uid sister Marion

DOUST-In loving memory of our »ldest son and brother Raymond John died POW, Malaya June 7 1913 Ever remembered by mother and father Heather Keith and Barry

DOW NFS -In loving memj'y of lur son Corporal Raymond ins-rlcd by his father Arthur Downes

IUDD -In memory Albert Sel wyn killed Messines lune 7 1917 Inserted by lils loving mother and


IAWRENCF-In loving memory or Albert killed Tobruk J me 7 1941 Ever remembered bv mother father and brother Norman

PFARLF -In loving memory of mv d-»i husband and our dad Cpl Leonard Pearce killed In actlcn Tobr ik J me 7 1941 Alwa « le membercd by his loving wife «nd family


PEARCE -In proud but sorrowfu1 memory of our dear brother and uncle Cpl Len Pearce 2/4 RAE Killed In action Tobruk June 7 1941 Vin Nell Tony and Denise

P11AIK -In memoiv of Jack my son aid our brother died at Darwin June 6 1941

Mum aunties BUI Bertha

KUSbLLL -In londcit memory ol F Sgt Maxwell Kemp Russell (air observer RAAF) who lost his lile while serving with 24 Squad ron 1942

A silent thought a secret tear Always wishing you were heie

Inserted by his loving mother and sister Joyce

KIAN -Loving memory of darl ing son Jack died POW Sanda kan June 7 1945

His memory a treas ire His lo s a lllc s rccret

Always remembered by his loving V VRRIE -NX27137 Gavin died POW Borneo Always lemem bered mate Hilda

WILDER -In lev lng meinury of m beloved son VVarwlck (E VV ) vho died whilst POW Japin June 8 1945

In the garden of memory I am beside you

Inserted by his loving mother _


Mrs A DAILLY and san SYD NEY ot 484 Darling stieet Rozelle wish to express their deep APPRE CIATION lor kind expressions oi sympathy floral tributes cards and telegrams tcndcied to them by rela

tlves lrlends and neighbours it the time ol their recent sad loss of their beloved husband and father Please accept as our personal thanks

The RELATIVES of the late THO MAS CURRY desire to express their sincere THANKS to relatives Iriends and neighbours for kindness and sympathy in their sad bereavement Please accept this as our personal thanks

Miss 10AN JENSEN 75 D rgl an Street Glcje wishes to THANK le latlves and friends for kind mc

sages of sympathy ond floral tilb iles in the recent sod loss ot her deal fiance Danny O Shea Please accept this as my personal thanks

Mrs MAY WATSON wishes to THANK relatives iriends a d i Ugh hours for floral tributes and exi rrs

sions ol sympathy in her recent sad bereavement Please accept this as mv personal thanks

Mrs C JONES of Drun-moy le loving mother of Sydney Walter ex presses her sincere THVNKS to rein lives and friends for their kin! sym palhy and letters In 1er sad loss

Mrs BEATRICE GOODE RON JOY and JOHN wish to express their heartfelt THANKS to all friends and relatives for the kindness shown to them in the recent sid loss of a beloved husband and father As the addresses of manv who sent floral tributes tetcgiams letters and cards ar- not known please accept this as our personal thanks

Mrs CATHERINE KERR and FAMILY THANK oil friends lor ex pressions of sympathy in their recent

ad bereavement

The FAMILY of the lote MAR GARET ROURK» of 7 Hillvien Street Sans Souci vvi h io convey their THANKS to all iriends for the messages of sympathy In theil iccent sad bereavement

Mrs OLIVE KEATING and DAW») 35 Llandaff Stieet Bondi Ji nctlon sincerely THANK friends relatives Partially Blinded Soldicis Associa

tlon Thirty Niners 2/4 Bitt tor floral tilbutcs sympathy in their re cent bereavement

Mr SEPTIMUS JORGENSEN Nor nbeen wishes to THANK relatives and lrlends for floral tributes and kind expressions of sympathy in the loss of his sister

Mrs LINDA MARTIN and FAMILY wish to THANK all priests friends and neighbours the nuns and staff of Sacred Heart Hospice for Masses prayers wicaths telegrams and cards and kind expressions of sym pathy in their sad lo s of husband

nd father the late James Bennie Martin .

Mrs RIDDETT wishes to THANK|

friends for cuds letlcis floral tri

butes for her lato brother John|

Loftus of Deewhy


7 Twecdmcuth Avoine Rosebery I lBh to THANK all relatives friends]

_nd neighbours also directors

stan of Otis Elevator Company Pty

Ltd for cuds and kind expressions of sympathy in their recent sad be

movement A Epceial thanks to the Doctor Slslcr Torgctt Mascot District vmbulance and tho staff of Prince Henry Hospital for services rendered Please accept this as our 1 ersonal thanks


to THANK relatives and friends for their kind expressions and floral tributes and sympa hy In the sad loss oi her husband and their rather

Mrs GWENLEEN NOLVN Vlctom I Road West Pennont Hills wishes to]

THANK relatives Iriends

neighbours ior floral tributes kind

ness and sympathy In the los° -'

her dearly beloved Husband LANCE j

and devoted Father to Alan Denis Gregory and Wayne As many ad

dres es are unknown please accept this as our personal thanks

M, and Mrs R INNES and FAM . ILY slnccrly THANK all relatives

aid friends for kind expressions of| sympathy and floral tributes tele

grams and cards in theil recent sad

bereavement In the loss of their dear| son and brothei Jamtv Innes

Please accept this as our personal]

than! s

The FAMILY of tho Hie GEORGE MORTEN EDSON of Balmain wish to THANK relatives and fiicnds for their kind expressions of svinpnthv

cards floral tiibutcs in their recent |

sod bereavement

The TAMILV of (he late ALFRED MARSHALL wish to THANK their

kind rclatlics and friends for their |

floral tributes and expressions

sympathy in the sad loss of theil

dear fathei Please accept ihis as|

oui personal thanks

Mrs CRAGGS of Sailor Biy Road Northbridge wishes to THANK relatives friends and neighbours ior their kindness and expressions of sympathy in the sad loss of her dear husband Please accept this as mr personal thanks.


ALAGNA -The Relatives and Friends

or the late GAETANO ALAGNA of Bigga are kindly Invited to attend his Funeral to leave the Funeral

Chapel of Andrew Kennedy 436

Anzac Parade Kingsford This Sat

urday at 9 15 am for Catholic

Cemetery Rookwood Req item Mass|

has been celebrated at Crookwell


Funeral Director 436 Anzac Parade ]

Kingsford FFJ880

AILSOPP-Tile runeral of the latel


fcOPP of Willoughby will leivcl Frnest Andrews Chapels Corner|

Pacific Highway and Thomas Street

Chatswood This Day after scrvice|

commencing at 11 lo am for the Northern Sub irbs Crematorium



BALL-The Relatives and Friends of

JAMES EDWIN BALL arc kindly in vlted to attend ills Funeial to lei

Our Píllate Chapel 32 Svdnev! Road Minlv This (Saturday) |

Morning after a short service c

mencing at 9 15 am for Manly I Cemetery


32 Sydney Rd Manly N.U4529

BINNS - The Relatives am Friends of the lite BERTHA ISA BEL BINNS of Bomaderry

invited to attend hei Funeral which

v ill leave the Funeral Parlours of]

H N Olsen Sutherland after ser

vire commencing at 9 30 a m Tliis|

Day for the Woionoin Crematorium


Sutherland ai d J J MULLER


runeral Directors In coni mellon

Bl UNDI LL-Tho Funeral of the!

late Mrs EVELYN BRIDGET BLUNDELL of Kirribilli Avenue and late of Canberra will leave the Star or the Sea Church Kirri

billi This Day saturday at 9 45 a m foi the Catholic Cemetery Northern Suburbs Requiem Mass

will be celebrated for the icposc|

of hci soul at 8 JO this morning

WHELAN and GLACKEN A F D A 263 Miller Street North Sydney


BOKGVLVN-The Relatives and] Friends or the late FOKKO HERO

BORGMAN are kindly invited to|

attend his Funeral to leave

private chapel 59 Parramatta Roid Annandale This Morning at 9 TO o clock for the Presbyterian Ceme tery Northern Suburbs


59 Parramatta Roid Annandale Phone LA2777 (4 lines)

BROWN -The Relatives nnd Friends

of Mr and Mrs 1 McKenna Mr and Mrs V Kalte Mr and Mrs H Downes and Tamils and Mr T

Davis are invited to attend the|

Funeral of their beloved sister Aunt and Friend ALICF BROWN

to leave the residence 15 Bernard|

Street Lidcombe This Morning

IO o clock for tho Catholic Ceme tcrv at Rookwood


97 Rawson Stieet Alburn UX72611

liURKF - The Relatives and Fricnds|

of Mrs Margaret B rke ond Familv

are Invited to attend the Funeral! of her dear Husbn id and their Fathei CHARLFS THOMAS BURKE of 7 Pilace Street Peter shim to leave St Thomas Church Lewisham This (Saturday) Morn

lng at 9 45 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood


13 Norton Street Leichhardt

LM199 i

CHAPIIN -The Relatives and!

mends of the late HFNRIPrTA CHAPLIN of 17 Mutunl Road , Mortdale aie Invited lo attend hei |

Funeral which will leave St Pctei ' Church of England Mort s Road Mortdale This (Saturday) Morning

after seriice commencing at 9 15|

o clock for the Crematorium Woronora


Rockdale end Hurstville CREG VN -The Relativ es

Friends of the late Mrs ELIZABETH CREG AN are kindly Invited

attend her Funeral to leave Our Lady of the Rosary Church, Ken slngton This Morning at 9 30 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery Botany Requiem Mass v 111 be celebrated This Morning at 7 30

o clock


59 Parramatta Road Annandale Phone LA27-7 (4 lines)

DANIELS-The Relatives and   Friends of Mr W Daniels and  

Kathleen or 4 Dorothy Street   Wentworthville, are respectfully in-   formed that the Funeral or his dear   Wife and her loved Mother, MARY

ISABEL will leave The Parramatta

Funeral Home, 32 Darcy Street Parramatta This Day at 9.30am,      

for the Presbyterian Cemetery,

Rookwood. A.F.D.A


DOWNES-Members of the Gallip- oli Legion of Anzac« Club are In

vltcd to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed member CHARLES EDWARD DOWNES to leave Wood Coflill s Chai el 810 George Street

Sydney this Saturdav morning at 10 o clock for Church of England Cemetery Botany

J BIRNIE Secretary

DOWNES-Members of the 1st Battn A I F Assn arc Invited to attend the Funeral of their late esteemed Member CHARLES EDWARD DOWNES to leave Wood Cullin s Chapel 810 George St Sydney this Soturday at 10 a-n foi Church of England Cemetery Botany


1)1 HALL -The Rclnthes and Friends

of the late FLORENCE LOUISA DYBALL of 15J Anioo Parade Kensington arc 1 lndlv Invited to attend lier Funeral to leave the Funeral Chapel ol Andrew Kennedy 4J6 Anzac Parade Kingsford This Saturday at 9 30 o m for Church of England Ccmeterv Botany


runeral Director 4J6 Anzac Parade K ngsford FF3880 EAGLETON -The Relatives and

Friends of Mr Henry Joseph Eagleton and Family are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of his dearlv loved Wile and their loved Mother Grandmother and Great grandmother ELLEN LOUISA EAGLETON to leave oin Funeral Home corner Miller and Falcon Streets North Sydney This Satur day nt 9 JO n m ior the North cm Suburbs Crematorium


_N.B1100 Hld XB4237_

EGGLI TON -The Relatives and Friends of the late ARTHUR HAROLD EGGLETON ire kindly invited to attend his Finenl to leave our Chni el 1 Cairington Avenue Hurstvile This Saturday

after seivlcc commencing at 10 15 a m for Church of England Cemetery Woronoia

ERNLST-The Relatives and Friend

of Mrs Marv G Ernest and Family are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of her dearlv loved Hus band and theil loved Father HENRY GEORGE ERNEST to leave the Methodist Chinch Myahgah Road Mosman This Saturday

after service commencing at 10 IO a m for tho Northern Suburbs Crematorium


TRAME-The Relatives and Friends

of Mi Hugh Frame and Family ol 12 West Street Russelvale arc kindly invited to attend the Fune ral of his late beloved Wife and their dear Mother MARY which is to leave Coles Funeral Parlours Bulli Tills (Saturday) Mornli g alter service at 9 30 a m ior the Woronora Crematorium Bus pro vided

A S COLD Funeral Director

HAMJ1LIN -Tho Relatives and Friends of Mr W Hnmblln a id Family are Invited to attend the Funcial of his beloved Wife and their den Mothei MARY ANN FINDLAY HAMELIN to leave our 11ivotc Chapel 435 Nei Canteibmy Road Duli Ich Hill This (Saturday ) Mon lng aftci a service commrncln

it 10 JO o clock tor the Rookwood Crem itcrlum


Dulwich Hill Terminus

Phone LMlb~6 LM14oB 9

II VRUISON -The Relatives and monds oi the late Mrs MARY HARRISON aie respectiully ln iormed that her Funeral Is appointed to leave The Parramatta Funeral Home 32 Darcy Street rirramntta This Diy alter a service commenc- ing at 10 Is a ni lor the Rookwood Crematorium



HORVN-The Relatives and FYlcnds

oi the late EDWARD THOMAS HORAN lato of 117 Hin thorne Parade Haoerficld aro Invited to attend his Flmeral to leave our Chapel 810 George Street Sydncv _.._.. .- Jor

JOHNSON -The Relatives and Friends of the late M s EMMA JANr JOHNSON are kindly Invited to attend hei runeral to leave our Funcril Home 24 Enmoie Rond Ne i to an This Morning after Scr vice commencing it J 20 o clock foi the Independent Cemetery Rookw ood


24 Enmore Roid Ney town Phone LA2777 (4 lines)

KNOX -The Funeral of the late THOMAS WILLIAM KNOX of 11 Crovn Street East Sydney will leave Our Chapel, 810 George St

Sydney on Tuesday June 10 at 10 JO a m for Church of Eng land Cemetery Botany

LEIGH -The Relatives and Friends of the late STANLEY FRANCIS LEIGH are invited to attend his Funeral to leave our Chapel cnr   Orchard Road and Brown Street,  

Chatswood. This Saturday after service commencing at 10.15 am     for Northern Sububs Crematorium. WOOD COFFTLL LIMITED Sydney J T COCK and SONS Parkes.

LEUNIG -The Funeral of the late VERNON CHARLES LEUNIG oi Maroubia v 111 leave the Funeral Chapel ol Andrew Kennedy 1J6 An ac Pande Kingsford This Sitiudav aftci soivicc commencing at 10 !0 n m for Elstern Suburbs Ciematorlum


I uncrnl Director 4J6 Anzac Parade Kliiksfoid FF3880

VIcCAULLl -Hie Relatives and Fllcnds of the Family of the late EDWARD KEITH MCCAULEY / J6 Stewart Stieet Wollongong arc kindly Invited to attend his runeial

vv litch Is to leay e St Michael t Church of England Wollongong This Saturdav alter service at

pro for tho General Cemetery Bulli

A S COLE Funeral Director

VIcKEKVEY -The Relatives and]

Friends of the late Mrs ANNETTA McKERVEY late or Grey s Point Sutherland are kindly invited to

land This Day at 10 45 a m ... the Catholic Cemetery Woronora H N OLSF N and CO A F D A

Phone LB2396 Sutherland

MACINTOSH -The Relatives and Fi lends of the late JAMES LDWARD MACINTOSH

Cilnau Street Hurlstone Paik are]

invited to attend his Tuneial ti leave Geo Andreis Funeral Home

J7 Liverpool Rond Ashfield This Day after service commencing nt

10 10 a ni for the Creinitoiluni|

at Rookw cod


217 J Liverpool Road AshiHd , Viol 11 R -The Relatives mid Friends

or Mrs Minnie Gertrude Moller ]

of 5 Gordon Street Bilghton le Sands Mr and Mis Leo Miyhew

Mr and Mrs Walter May and,

Famllv are invited to attei d the Funeril of her dcaily beloved

H isbnnd their loving Brother |

Brother In lan and Uncle

WALTER to leave the Metropolitan]

Tunernl Home Rallnav Parade Burvood This Day liter service commencing at 8 45 a m ior Woro non Crematorium



R llnav Pirnde Bur ood UJ2178 91 MULLIN—The Relatives and Friends        

of the late MRS BRIDGET LOUISA MULLIN are kindly in- vited to attend her funeral to

leave Our funeral Home 121 Raw-

son Street Auburn This morning,  

at 10 o'clock for the Catholic |   Cemetery Rookwood.


121 Rawson St Al burn Phone LA-777 (4 Unes)

NF1I VN -The Helnllvcs and Filends|

of Mr and Mrs T Ncylan Mm

garet inri Tfienee arc Invited to!

attend tho I uncral of their loved Diughtcr and Sister CAROL NEVLAN to leave St M irk í

Church of England Granville This! Diy aftci ft service ccmnioi clng nt|

9 li am for ihe Chinch of Eng lind Cemetery Rookwood


enr South St and Diamond Ave

Granville UU15JJ

PITT.—The Remains of the late Mr.    


were privately cremated at Rook- wood on Thursday Afternoon, June 5, 1952.


13 Norton Street, Leichhardt.


QUINN -The Remains of the latcl


vatelv lnteriod In tho Catholic Cemetery Botany on Thursday Morning June D 1952


1J Norton Street Leichhardt


RVT-The Relatives and Friends of I


KINS RAY aie invltcd_to attend|

his funeral to lcive

di en s Funeril Chapel 42 44 Wal ker Street North Sydic This Du at 9 15 a m for the Northern Sub urbs Crematorl im



Phone LA2B7T etc

Rl VDING - The Relatives and Filcids of Mrs Sarah Readmit and Family are kindly invited to attend Lhc I merni of her dearly loved 11 isband and theil dcai Father ALBERT READINC to leave Our Funeinl Home 121 Ravson

Aub irn this moining after ser

vice tommencing at 11 o cloek for[

the Crematorium Hookv ood


121 Rav son St Auburn Phone LA2777 (4 lines)

RI VDING -The Relatives and rriends of Mr and Mis William Rcadlm, are kindly Invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved Father and Father ir law ALBERT READING For details seo above notice

RonFRTS-The Relatives and! Friends of the late Ml s CATHER INL ANN ROBERTS arc kindly in vltcd to attend her Funeral

leave o ir private chapel 59 Par

ramatta Road Annandale This!

Morning at 9 lo o clock for the|

Catholic Cemetery Botany


59 Parramatta Roid Annandale

Phone LA27/7 (4 lines)

SCHLENKFR -The Relatives and Friends of the Inte ROVCE HAROLD EDWARD SCHLMJKER are kindly Invited to attend his Funeral to leave our Private chapel 2 Cor

rington A enuc li trstvllle This Morning alter Service commencing at 10 45 o clock for the Cremator

LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LTD 3 Carrington Avenue Hurstville Phone LA2777 (4 Unes)


SCHOFIELD-The Relatives and| Friends of the late Mrs ELIZA , BETH JANE SCHOFIELD of Pr nee Vlfrcd Street Berry are Invited to

attend her Funeral which will leaie|

St Luke s Church ol England

Berry alter scivice commencing at 1 30 p m This Day Ior Hie Berry Cemetery


runeral Director Nowra

STONE -The Relatives and Friends

of the late Mrs MARY ELLEN STONE are kindly invited to attend her Funeral to leave our private chapel, 59 Parramatta Road An

nandale, This Morning at 10 0 clock for the Catholic Ceme tery Rookwood


59 Parramatta Road Annandale Phone LA2777 (4lines)  

STRANG -Relatives ni mends oil


STRANG are Invited to attend his]

runeral to leave Bruce Maurer i parlours 281 Pacific High v ay Crow s Nest This Dov (SaturdT)

after Set vice commeneing at 10 15 a m for Northern Suburbs Crema torium

STRANG -The Officers and Brethren!

01 Lodge Vaucluse No 2b0 U G L | of N s VV arc Invited to attend the

Funeral of their esteemed into Bro , HERBERT WILLIAM STRANG to leave Brice Maurers Chapel 281 3



SUMMTRS -Tho Relatives andl Fiiend5 of Mrs Hope Summers ol 45 Wolseley Road Mosman are in

vited to attend the runeral ot herl deailv beloved Husband JOHN HENRY which will leave

Clement s Chi rch Raglan Street

Mosman This Day (Siturdav ) alter scivice commencing at 9 30 am for the Northern Suburbs Crema toi lum


263 Miller St North Sydney


SUMVIFHS-IodgeRS croplcv No

820 U G L ol N S VV -The Officers! and Brethren oi the above Lodge aie Invited to attend the Funeral| oi their esteemed late Brother

JOHN HENRY SUMMERS Tor| particulars see lamlly notice Ne regalia JOHN F MARTIN W M E I SMITH Secretary

TOUT-Lodge Jethro No 443 U G L ot N S W -The Officers and Brethren ot the above Lodge .... requested to oltcnd the Funeral ol their late Brother THOMAS JOHN TOUT to leave fat Matthev s Church The Corso Manly This (Satirday) Morning after a service

commencing at 11 15 o clock for Hie Church or England Cemetery Manly Regalia at Cemetery

A T Auld VV M

E J Jordan P M Secretary

TUCK. -The Relatives and Friends

of the late REBECCA ELIZABETH TUCK are invited to attend her Funeral to leave the Private Chapel ol Motor Funerals Limited 30 City Road City This Morning after a service commencing at 9. 15 for the Waverley Cemetery.

Tele M627

WELLS-The Relatives and Irlcndsl   oi the late ARTHUR (BOB) WELLS

late oi Auburn ale kindly Invited! to attend hi" lunera to leave my Private Motluary Chapel 2a Vuburn Road Aubun This Day al 9 lo a m Ior the Independent Ccire tci Rookwood


Director 2a. Auburn Rd Auburn


WHITFIELD - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. J Pig- ram, Mr. and Mrs. K Smallman, Mr. and Mrs. W. Walsh, Mr. and Mrs. G. Walsh and Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh and their Families are

kindly invited to attend the Funeral

of their dearly loved Mother,  

Mother-in-law, Grandmother,    

Sister and sister-in-law, Mrs. JEN-     NIE WHITFIELD; to leave our Fun eral Home, 24 Enmore Road, New town This Morning at 9 o'clock   for the Crematorium, Rookwood.


24 Enmore Road, Newtown Phono LA2777 (4 lines)

WHITFIELD -The Relatives and Friends of J. Whitfield, V. Liddell, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Mr. and Mrs.   Kain are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear Sister-in-law     JENNIE, This Morning at 9 o clock for Rookwood Crematorium.

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